Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Period

While exploring the PERIOD sim, I entered a store named, Last Period. Here are some of my finds.

I must say, I was quite impressed when I put them on. This first one is called Bloody Cake and I won it by completing a puzzle and matching the image to the one shown. You get about 50 mins to do it.. not so bad really. It's quite "Alice in Wonderland-ish". All the prim pieces are scripted with resize.. makes my life easier.

last period

This next one is a group gift that is out, put on the store (group join is close to the gift) group tag and hit the box with the 100 person gift title. Again, all the prim pieces are resize scripted.

last period 2

And the last one is a lucky chair win from Last Period.

last period 3

Not only are there lucky chairs but there are also camp chairs there. So take some time and visit Last Period... and explore the sim.

Other Credits :
1st image :
Hair : Mikan, might not be available as a gift anymore
Skin : Atomic Bambi at Le Cirque 50L (previously blogged)
Shoes : Ezura (not free) 388L

2nd and 3rd image :
Skin : Cupcakes group gift 250L join fee

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