Friday, April 2, 2010

D&V Creations 60L sale 3/4 Apr

Luxurious study from D&V Creations for 60L. Veronica is at it again, can you believe you get this 8 piece study for just 60 linden? I know, I can't either! You get the great large book case that has books, candle holders, and even a telescope, also the really awesome angel art, the 5 photo frame set that lets you add your own pics, a very nice deep brown coffee table with a silver base, the really cool anchor art, a round area rug with an elegant pattern, and two modern but comfy chairs made of deep tweed and metal with throw pillows that each have 9 mixed male and female poses. So sit back and relax, chat with a friend, read a book, or just pass the time in this lovely room.

And isn't that subtly, two toned, wall paper sumptuous? *whispers a hint* Look around D&V and you just might find more like it. This is my new favorite room, not only does it have lots of books which I loooooooooove, but these chairs are big enough to stretch out in, and even comfortable enough to fall asleep in with the latest romance novel putting sweet dreams into my head. *yawns and stretches her limbs like a cat* Hmmm, maybe just a quick nap before heading to the club. *falls quickly into her dream, at the club with the music and bodies thumping, so many bodies crowding on the dance floor she feels like she will be crushed until arms move around her waist and whisk her to safety, hitching her easily up onto a white horse and ridding off into the night*

I don't know how you could pass this up for just 60L, so I'll see you at D&V Creations.

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