Friday, June 13, 2008

ICEY coolness

Hi all, I have missed you all and am glad to be getting this post out. Sorry again that it has been so long but what can you do?... So without further delay I am going to dive into my latest find... I got a tip about some great freebies at ICEY. ICEY is a project by a Real Life Fashion Designer..cekin Karas. Totally new and only 1 month old shop will refresh its collection Monthly . There are many great casual pieces and the best part is there was nothing I saw in the store that was more than 150L. My kinda place!! They have some nice shoes that start at 60L, and looks like they are setting up to add more things. When I talked to cekin she said that there would soon be hairs and all kinds of goodies so be sure to check back often. Also I found these great pussycat lashes for 65L so I had to pick them up. She has 2o new outfits that will be comming out soon and is planning to have a fashion show sometime in July. This is one to watch out for.

Among some of the goodies I picked up were these knit pants that were 1L , also the shoes were from a box at the door for free. Here I have them with the Torrid wear double strap tank--at 20L for a pack of 5 it is a real steal. All the hair in this post came from a hunt at House of Heart that unfortunately is now over but they have them quite often so keep an eye out. Shown here is the Tuli in berry. Tillie's Spectacular Light Goggles (red) actually came with Tillie pose stand I bought... best pose stand in the world it also comes with a standalone hud that makes it easy to use your poses in places where you cannot rezz a stand. At 600L it is a deal for anyone that has need of a pose stand.

Another great find and my personal favorite from the shop is this awesome retro dress. I love the colors and the detailing around the bewbs. When I got it I put it on immediately. The Strappy T-Straps (brown) shoes from ETD discount section for 25L were perfect for this and also that skirt I got from here. The hair here from the House of Heart hunt is Ginnifer in platinum. When I was at the hunt also picked up these great dollarbie earrings and necklace from Kess Kreations . They are color change and give the options to change both the stone and the metal. So gives you many options to make it a good fit for a lot of outfits.

Last but not least is the spring skirt that was also in a box at the door. The entire skirt is prim. I love the way that it moves. Here I have it with *NB* Relaxed Strappy Tank: Mud (Free Item of the Week) (not available anymore) and Calina The Noble in brown from the House of Heart hunt.
I have on the *Beauty Avatar*SELKIS GIFT - Natural Skin( no longer available) , the pussycat lashes from ICEY 65L and my new eyes Natural Serie hazel acqua 8 from EDDESIGN body shop, 180L. in all pictures. The eyes have several prim options too such as sparkle and natural shine. Also all pics were taken on location at the ICEY store. Definately worth the time to check it out.. Enjoy!!



Natural Serie hazel acqua 8/ 180L
EDDESIGN body shop - Tyrone (173, 158, 22)


ICEY pussycat lashes, 65L
ICEY shop, Argon (35, 20, 21)


*Beauty Avatar*SELKIS GIFT - Natural Skin, 0L
*Beauty Avatar* SKINS SHAPES, World of Beauty (128, 158, 24)


*KK* Solitaire Earrings Dollarbie 1L
*KK* Solitaire Necklace Dollarbie 1L
KessKreations, Hale kuai (86, 196, 21)

Top Picture


Tuli - berry 0L /hunt gift
House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)


Tillie's Spectacular Light Goggles (red)/w stand 600L
Tillie's Shop - Roma Antiqua (42, 15, 24)


*TorridWear*-Double Strap Tank (PS)/20L
TorridWear, Chartreuse (159, 65, 21)


ICEY knit pants/ 0L
ICEY shop, Argon (35, 20, 21)


ICEY open wheel shoe/ 0L
ICEY shop, Argon (35, 20, 21)

2nd Picture


Ginnifer - platinum/hunt gift 0L
House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)


ICEY retro dress/ 0L
ICEY shop, Argon (35, 20, 21)


ETD Shoes: Strappy T-Straps (Brown)/ 25L
ETD - Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (128, 128, 32)

3rd Picture


Calina The Noble - brown/hunt gift 0L
House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)

*NB* Relaxed Strappy Tank: Mud (Free Item of the Week)/ 0L
*Nuclear Boutique* Radiating Sty, Archipelago Wild (192, 76, 40)


ICEY Spring Skirt/ 0L
ICEY shop, Argon (35, 20, 21)


ETD Shoes: Strappy T-Straps (Brown)/25L
ETD - Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (128, 128, 32)