Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ray Skin

Ray Skin is a place I have been meaning to post for the longest. Soooooo many goodies here too many to list. There are clothes and other neat things like hair and poses. Also lucky boards all over the store and even one whole wall of them. This place is well suited if you need something for a younger avi, but many of the things can be adjusted to work for grown folks too. Be sure to go and check it out and be prepared to leave with many awesome gifts.

Something new I found on this trip was this adorable Garden set. It comes with all that you see here. Sweet crocheted babydoll vest with laces with a bikini top so that you don't show too much. Beautiful flowing maxi skirt with petticoat and cute little flower scene on the front. Clunky Eco belt with sweet heart-shaped link chain accents. It even comes with this great hat hair, big straw hat adorned with pretty flowers, strawberries and even pear-shaped diamond charm, on top of hair that has been pulled into 2 small buns and soft tendrils falling all around the face. As if that were not enough it comes also with this supa backpack!!! How cute. This complete outfit will set you back 1 whole linden.

Here I am showing it with the Jessica skin by Apple May. This brand new skin line was just released and, is now on sale. So you can see how great it is, there is this wonderful 10L gift skin that comes in all the skin tones with nice neutral make up. Perfect with this natural kinda look.

Enjoy these great goodies and thanks to the awesome designers that are so good to us!! See you in the sun

Marg xxx

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iconically Sexxy Hunt

Starting with this lovely exotic sol skirt set from Indyra designs. Corseted top with dainty laces and sheer puff sleeves, paired with this sexy sheer skirt with graduated shading. Perfect to catch that last warm days of the summer before fall arrives.

Other hunt goodies include this incredible Audrey skin from Tuli!! I love the soft subtle shadings and all the wonderful new things Tuli Asturias is doing with her skins!!! Also sadly the last of the Gina skins are gone from The Dressing Room, but the silver lining is she is now going to develop Gina into a full blown line. YAY I cannot wait to see it.

Wrapping up this look is Aimesi Eyes also part of the Iconically Sexy hunt. This gift comes with a great skin also (not shown), these great eyes are not your usual blue peepers. they have a beautiful range of blue colors and great little flecks of other colors. Definitely worth the time to check it out.

This hunt will run through the 31st of Aug so you have a few more days to snag these goodies. Just find the little black boxes all around and make off with some a1 goodies. For more info on this hunt click any of the signs at the Icon complex or check the Freebie Fashionista's group notices for nc with all participating stores.

Hair: D!va Chiharu" (Rhodolite)- 5K group gift- free but requires group tag for fatpack


Shoe Show by Marg Dufaux

I love shoes!!! I even have a rl thing for these little jewels, so I am excited whenever I can get my footwear fix . Thanks to these great designers there is a way to get some super awesome shoes without breaking the bank. Even though 30 Helens agree...

Maitreya- One of my all round favorite shops. Along with some other great stuff , there are some awesome shoes. Let me state for the record I recently hurt myself at the great 50% sale that is now over, but don't despair you can slap the subscribo and not only will you know the next time they have a great sale you will get this super awsome gift of classic pumps in 15 colors. You read that right!!! These are a classic staple of any lady's shoe collection. Here I show them in Fuchsia, but they have all the basic colors and you cannot live without these!!!

N-core- Also another great shoe maker showing the grid some love with their great group gifts. There were several things I could put up to post but I am showing these cute boots with legwarmers, great for the upcoming fall season. These boots as they are, make an awesome gift , but when you consider all the options that come with these boots like color change everything, soles, laces, lace eyelets and the legwarmers. Also have the option to wear then without the leg warmers. Be sure to get these for all your fall looks.

Shiny Things- These super cute Zimmy flats in faded denim are a great casual shoe when you don't want to wear sneakers and need something that is fun and cute. These babies are also a group gift. Join the subscribo or the update group and walk out with this awesome gift. There is also a discount room and some great boots, so be sure to have a look around. Worn here with cute cuff socks by BOOM

Stiletto Moody- Currently has out the Bare Lana Anniversary shoe for group members. Just join the group and get this sweet gift from one of the best virtual cobblers in sl. Not sure how much longer this will be out so be sure to swing by and pick up this little goody and check out the shop and see why these are some of the most sought after shoes in sl.

With all these great goodies for you feet, you are prepared to hit the streets in sl with your dogs riding in style!!!

See you around the grid


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sad flower and runny mascara

Sad flower and runny mascara 1

What a week *sighs* I bought the wrong hair (which is very lovely actually and got a full refund from designer, how amazing is that? Thank you Anywa). I cried so much my mascara was running all over the place! I needed more mascara alpha layers, as you do, thank you Iris! Then I was given this gorgeous dress called 'La Fleur Triste' (the Sad Flower), thank you ColeMarie *sniffs but smiles at the great stuff I collected* I sincerely hope I recover from all this drama ;-)

Close up of the skin and mascara:
Sad flower and runny mascara 2

Hair: Yuki @ AY.LinE (L$100, she's got lots of group gifts in store)
Skin: Belladona @
MiaSnow (Free from Lucky board)
Mascara alpha layers from Iris Ophelia on
Xstreet (L$40 for 5 layers)
MiaSnow (MM board previously blogged)
Dress: La Fleur Triste @
Soleil (L$200, lots of goodies in store)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happier than a bird with a French fry

Happier than a bird with a French fry

I found this little jewel on Xstreet desperate for new alpha eyelashes and am I happy or what? You get those 5 layers for only L$40, a-ma-zing! My personal favourites are the lashes and the lipgloss, however, you can only wear them together if you're on Viewer 2, and I'm not... as I love my friend LGG's new clean and safe Emergence viewer (no dodgy business there, however it's only for Windows users). The Imprudence viewer team is working on their multi alpha layers too apparently... The amazing eyes are from MiaSnow's MM and come in 7 amazing shades, this Rainbow one is my favourite. Now you understand why I'm happier than a bird with a French fry.

Alpha Tattoos: 5 for L$40 on
Xstreet (Thank you, Iris)
MiaSnow's MM board Soul Windows Eyes (Free)
Little Heaven (Free, old camp item)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fresh Sim Opening!!!

There is a new sim in town!!!

It is the Fresh sim and it is the new home of Fab.Pony and Aleida's main stores.

The FresH sim opening weekend of August 21-22 will feature live electro, 80's and house DJ performances throughout the opening weekend on a fabulous dance area, along with NEW RELEASES from both Fab.Pony and Aleida fashion labels, plus Newly Discounted Freebies, and Outlet Store carrying discounted items. And bring your friends - ferris wheel, games and raffles included at this weekend's fun and fashionable event.

Both Days the fun starts at 2pm slt and ends at 10pm, so please stop by and enjoy the fun. Look for more posts about these great designers and this exciting new sim!!!

Dufaux out!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dreaming in Chakryn Forest
... and more Platinum Hunt prizes...

Dreaming in Chakryn

Do I really need to explain why I adore this dreamy, gorgeous dress? My friend Dream would love it to bits... I hope she will return to SL soon to get it *smiles*

Agnes Finney (L$10 Platinum hunt)
Skin & Ears (previously blogged):
Mynerva (L$10 Platinum hunt)
Hair: Princess @ ChiChickie (Subscribo gift, fatpack)
Tattanooga make-up layer (free gift in make-up shop)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monsoon Wish Jars

Wish Jars

Using the Monsoon Wish Jar is simple. Just type your wish onto a note card in your inventory, and drop it into the contents of the good luck wish jar. Now your wish has a virtual presence - one shade nearer to reality; and untill they become reality, let the wish jar keep your wishes while beautifying your second life home, temple, or garden. Some extra information: The japanese kanji symbol on the jar means "happiness". And it's completely Free! *huge grin*

Dutchie's Weighing scales

Too much curry

Back from a long weekend in the lovely North-East of England. Butter chicken curries, authentic fish and chips, 'lemon top' ice creams, YUM! Time to weigh myself... Come on Claire, hop on it... *reads result with fear*
[6:11] Dutchie scale: Claire Soderstroms height: 1.972678 cm
[6:11] Dutchie scale: Claire Soderstroms weight: 58.122510 kg
[6:11] Dutchie scale: BMI: 18.260240. You are to thin.
I LOVE SL, don't you? *winks* I love the fantastic free gadgets even more :-)

Dutchie scales: FREE subscriber's gift. It tells you weight, height and BMI.
Thanks, Froukje, I love your
blog too. And thanks to my friend Joop, I had to weigh myself in his bathroom as I don't have one. Dank je schat.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Piece of Candy + A&A +Razanova

Just a quickie post to share some great goodies!!

First up this cute one shouldered knit Mellie dress in green, the 1st Aug group gift from A Piece of Candy. If you would like this hot little number that comes with this great waist cinching thick woven belt, then head on down and slap the subscribo-matic and check out the history for group gifts, this one is maked Aug 1st, but be sure to snag the others in there too. If you are new to the group there is a nice little classy dress you get just for joining. This is just a taste of the goodies that Candy Enoch lavishes her group with. She has some really affordable clothes, skins and a discount room loaded down with goodies to help newbs or just someone that loves a good bargin.

Next up this sweet Brigitte- the wildest group gift skin from Razzanova. The skins from this fairly new shop just keep getting better and better, this one being evidence of that. You can posses this little jewel by joining the group for a whopping $2L and you can pick this and several other nice gift skins up at the store. Also if you are in the group she sends out lots of great skin goodies so if you like the skins be sure to hold on to that group. I really like the red lips and sweet little beauty mark right by the mouth.

Topping off this look is Nani Hair in Fire from A&A. There is not much these ladies cannot do! Makers of this great hair as well as many fun and useful items, like the A&A Inventorybutler Closet (tm). It is a cool closet that looks like a mirror, it is menu operated and it holds pics, an easy way to get inventory numbers down and store things you don't use very often or protect items by storing them in-world with this closet. Many gifts and goodies to be had, The hairs they make are very popular with many women across the grid. So come and see what the fuss is about and pick up some goodies!!!

Last but not least wrapping up this look is this cool Dead Fish necklace and earrings from Dark Mouse, only 1L but worth soooo much more. One of many great 1L goodies that are on the wall outside the door of the shop. Be sure to go inside and have a look too. The jewelry is so nicely made with lots of yummy details and great designs to go with all kinds of outfits from formal to casual wear. Feast your eyes!!!

That is all for now..... enjoy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ganked again!

Ganked again!

I've been Ganked again! Have you ever seen such amazing jewelry! And I haven't taken off my Orchid Petals or my Mynerva skin yet (Platinum hunt blog) Well, can you blame me? *smiles* I am however not disclosing picture location this time, I'm still too excited about it. We love Ganked, previous Ganked blogs here.

Necklace, Earrings and bracelets:
Ganked (Free from Midnight Mania)
Blue Orchid petals and thong:
Aqua (L$99). Exclusive to Xstreet actually, get it here or TP to the shop for the info.
Mynerva (L$10 Platinum hunt)
YunA's Hair (Free gift for shop opening) Thanks Elfie for the tip!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Petal Power

LOOK WHAT MY FRIEND ♥ ELFREDA QUAR ♥ GOT ME!! *Trying to blog without screaming with joy* Great gift, the flower petals are naughty but pretty, it's a fatpack including matching thongs with Blue Orchids, Daisies, Pansies, Pink Tulips and Red Roses... Combined with the Mynerva drow skin from the Platinum hunt, I'm in Swoon heaven... For more Platinum hunt items, check out Catherine's blog.

Platinum Blue Lips

The 'blue' look:
Blue Orchid petals and thong:
Aqua (L$99). Exclusive to Xstreet actually, get it here or TP to the shop for the info.
Skin and ears:
Mynerva (L$10 Platinum hunt)
YunA's Hair (Free gift for shop opening) Thanks Elfie for the tip!
Dark Mouse (Free from Lucky chair)

Platinum Red Lips

The 'red' look:
Red Roses petals and thong:
Aqua (L$99). Exclusive to Xstreet actually, get it here or TP to the shop for the info.
Skin and ears:
Mynerva (L$10 Platinum hunt)
YunA's Hair (Free gift for shop opening) Thanks Elfie for the tip!
Dark Mouse (Free from Lucky chair)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elated with (Elate!)


'Elate - verb - to fill with high spirits, exhilaration, pride or optimism.' And that's exactly what Kellie Iwish does. I bought her Tree Skybox a while back after falling in love with it (who needs men when you have such skyboxes *giggles*). Kellie has redesigned her sim recently and giving away this adorable summer dress. Go get it, it's extremely cute. And I dare you not to look at the skyboxes ;-)

(Elate!) (Free gift)
Vixen (Free from Lucky Chair)
Belleza (Group gift last year)
Donna Flora (Dollarbie)
Tree Skybox:
(Elate!) (L$850 and worth every linden penny)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Platinum Hunt

This look was created entirely using the Platinum Hunt items... 40L creates :

Hunt starts on August 8th !

plat 5

Gown : Swansong
Jewlery : Fusion

Take a look up close at the skin from ISPACHI, hair from EXILE

plat 6

Platinum Hunt + Magika + Rockberry + T-Junction

The Platinum Hunt starts on August 8th... you can find items from top designers for only 10L.

The hair in this post is from Magika.. she also has two hot new releases.. as well as item in the Platinum Hunt.. it's actually a full fat pack for only 10L !!

The skin is from Rockberry - Platinum Hunt (you get a bikini as well as light, dark, natural and tan as well as the cleavage options) Only 10L !!

Bikini - Platinum Hunt fatpack of 3 colors by T-Junction 10L

plat 1
Above Hair : new release Magika Heather 199L per color pack
The cool thing about this hair is that the strands with the beads are color change as well as the beads themselves !! With a few clicks you can match your wardrobe !

plat 2
Above hair : Magika new release Joy 199L per pack

plat 4
Above Hair : Platinum Hunt, only 10L for the fatpack !

plat 3
Above hair : new release Joy 199L per color pack

Fishy business

Feeling fishy today *giggles* and guess what, all of the avatars blogged here are FREE, from the shop at Grendel's Children, where else? Oh and, they are fully animated avatars and not floating fish (like you ones you get from 7Seas), just to avoid any confusion. I think what I love the most about them are the AO's, so realistic. Here is the TP point to the shop, if it won't let you TP directly, head for the second floor, in the section 'Aquatics'. While you're there, go get the other Freebies on ground floor and go explore the sims below, they're breathtaking (I used this location for the ProPosers hunt blog). In fact, put yourself on Busy mode and come explore this wonderful place for a few days...

Here we go, please note that each avatar comes in different colours (and they are modifiable if you want to add your own personal touch), I had to pick a few. Starting from the top:
- Large Koi (kohaku)
- Avarian Jellyfish
- Deep Sea Siren (dark blue)
- Goldfish (Calico fantail)
- Jellyfish avatar

Koi carp


Deep Sea siren



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I feel Pretty!!

I feel so pretty and how could I not when I can look like this all for less than 50L total.

Lets start with this yummy dress from Cupcakes, The Princess Dress totally lives up to its name with the soft color, classic strapless sweetheart neckline, and the rich but delicate accents setting it all off. It is well worth the 25L you have to spend to acquire this this sweet little gem. It is located in the cupcakes discount room and if you have not been before you are in for a real treat. An absolute must for a lady in sl on a budget. Awesome selection of regularly priced dresses that are really affordable too. Do check it out!!

Diamonds are universal and can make even the toughest girl feel like a princess. Not many do them better than Alienbear . You can get iced out in this lovely 2006 alienbear Design 10L diamond set for a cool 10L it also comes with an extra set of earrings and a ring (not pictured). This set is only 10L and is 4 years old but has all the great attention to detail that I have come to love about her jewelry. When you get there right inside the door there is an entire array of some great jewelry and gifts from 0L-20L. This stuff is so nice I wore one of these sets on my wedding day!! She also has lucky chairs inside the store and a members only selection of gifted jewelry. Have a look around and prepare to be amazed.

Tying this princess glam look together this classic upswept *DarkerSide* Vintage hair shown here in black with beautiful color change flower only 1L at Savoir Hair and Brigitte - The Wildest 2 (Group Gift) skin from RazzaNova. This lovely tan skin with great dewy makeup is free but it cost a measly 2L to join the group that gifts awesome skins regularly. Be sure to pick up the other great gifts while you are there.

Go girl!!! Get your glam on and see you around the grid !!! Mxx

Granny Claire goes shopping!

Granny Claire goes shopping

We all feel old at times, I did today, but I still went shopping and headed for my fave retro shop Artilleri. I remember buying this fantastic bikini after seeing it on my friend Whirly; it does look better on her but then she's a young pretty thing. The avatar from Baiastice is simply fantastic and totally free, hair, shape and skins, and comes with a complete closet with lots and lots of outfits and jewelry. Love it. Makes me feel young and trendy again! *toothless grin*. Check out the 2 skins, top one without make-up, bottom one, with.

Hair, shape, skins and cane with AO:
Baiastice (All of it FREE, boxes at the entrance of the shop)
Outfit: Jeanette bikini @
Artilleri (L$150)
Heart glasses @
Kumaki (Free on lucky board)

✰ ✰ ✰

Granny Claire goes shopping

So many glasses, so little time... If you hit the Artilleri subscribo (behind me on the left) you'll get those cute glasses. The black ones come with the Baiastice package, aren't they great?

Artilleri glasses:
Artilleri subscribo (Free)
Baiastice glasses:
Baistice Grandma closet (Free)
Hair and swimsuit:
Baistice Grandma closet (Free)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Insanity + Fierce + Glam Affair + FabPony

Creative Insanity has the most, well "creatively insane" AO's on the grid and the Mime OA bring a smile to my face... always.

Here are some images I took with the AO... so fun !! Drives my friends insane.. LOVE IT. :):)


The outfit is from Fierce and purchased with a 500L gift card I won on the MM board, so FREE, yay !!

Hair :
FabPony previous Dressing room event
Skin :
Glam Affair previous hunt gift (I love the red lips !)





Ezura + W&Y + Mynerva

Ezura has new gifts for her VIP's on the second Floor !! (Group join is free)

In the Lucky board Nebulous Erotic

ezura 5

And the VIP gift board 1L is the Lingerie in Black.

ezura 4

Hair : W&Y 200L
Skin : Mynerva Summer of Love exclusive

Fashion Rehab - Back to school

Fashion Rehab has begun. This months theme is Back to School.

For those of you who missed my previous post about Fashion Rehab, find it

Here is a little of what you can find sample of the items you can discover :

Slash Me Poses a great set of poses (including a rope and dodge ball pose props)50L
Necklace :
skream! Girly Whistle necklace : 25L
Outfit :
Ayumi Gym Class in red 25L

Fashion rehab 1

fashion rehab 2

Participating stores this month with exclusive items that are no more than 300L :

My Ugly Dorothy

NOVA his & hers beachwear

Snowball and Pizote

Snowball and I wanted to show you the very well made Nova beachwear, it's a profile pick award. It's totally free. Let me recap how to do that:
TP to the shop
2- Enable showing profile in search
3- Make the shop a new PICK in your profile
4- Wait 24/48 hours until the PICK is in LL systems
5- Go back to the shop and click on the board to get the prize

We then went to the
Volcan Tenorio area in Costa Rica and Snowball made a new friend, a cute but fierce 'pizote' (some sort of racoon).

On Snowball:
Hair: Reed @
Uncleweb studio (Free behind the reception counter)
Skin: Sawyer @
Redgraves (L$990)

On me:
D!va (Free group gift)
Skin: Leticia @
Redgraves (L$990)

Oh and I'd also like to mention that Snowball is a candle artist in RL, check out his gorgeous candles! If you want to buy them, I'm afraid you will have to go all the way to the
Salamanca Market in Hobart in Tasmania. It looks like a great place, I've started saving my real money *chuckles*

Snowball's DBS Creations

Monday, August 2, 2010

'You kiss by th' book.'

'You kiss by th' book.'

Met a lovely little Japanese lady earlier, Kasa Voom (check out her fab blog), who told me about this a-do-ra-ble kiss tattoo freebie. I then rushed to my sweetheart's home but he wasn't there. Slipped on my cutest undies and now waiting for him in his favourite armchair. I hope he makes it home soon.

Kiss Tattoo:
Kuro Usagi (Free box at the bar)
W&Y (Free from lucky board)
Skin: Embrace, glow darkness @
Cupcakes (L$800)
Sweetheart undies:
Passions Designs (Free)