Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to Party!

It's party time! ALB Dreamfashion celebrates the redesign of the whole sim 1st of March with a whole day of partying. There'll be LIVE music all through the day plus firework and tours, full program can be found here => X :) It will be a day full of music and colour, that's for sure! Knowing Ana, there will be gifts as well *nods nods*

ALB Opening 1

And why am I so happy to promote this event? Well... you should know by now I've got a particularly soft spot for ALB Dream fashion and will do what I can to help AnaLee Balut's creativity flowing. I like wild design and rich and detailed textures and her clothes keeps me happy with such.

Like these two, presented here... Above parts, and only parts, of the Rosalyn Dress (Thank you Ana!). There's a corset, bustle a la burlesque, top and sleeves included in the outfit. This is but my choice of the riches. Somewhere among the loose whisps of the hair is the black feathery plumes that comes with the mask, also part of the Rosalyn. I like the contrast created by the stark colour combination of the colours and the softness of patterns and motives.

Make up: 'Old' BodyCross and AstroGlam from Nuuna
Hair: ARK554 from BooN  
Boots: Flora boots from Lassitude & Ennui

ALB Opening 2

I hope the bare chest doesn't offend anyone... you'll just have to suffer for my art so to speak. The composition accidentally came out too good to miss. Let's say I'm wearing my male nipples today *nods nods*

The Santina 'dress' is very different colour wise, earth married the rainbow. I wear the included Santina corset quite often with other things. In this outfit, the full corset and pants are combined with brightly coloured and lacy flexis. Again, I've skipped the top bit... it's very fem, nice but totally fem. 

Hair: One of the new colours of Lotta, available for La Venta Eventa at Discord Designs. They are fabulous so I hope they'll be continued.
Necklace: From free african male outfit at Peace and Lol 
Thong: Sockers ringed, 'old' from Jungle Wear

These two outfits are totally carnivale and mardi grass in one sweet go! Thank you AnaLee Balut!

Photos were taken in some sweet corners I found on the sim. 

March 1st... that's sort of REAL SOON. Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Aesthetic Value


Aesthetic Value the very newest release from Finesmith Designs, shown here in Earth comes in 6 decadent colors. Yula Finesmith has a real passion for jewelry design and it shows in the thoughtful design of this set that features big stones and intricate metal work. This gorgeous set includes a necklace, earrings, ring and  bracelet, it is sure to add sophistication to anything you wear with it.


The necklace is beauty coming and going. Here is a shot of the necklace from the back, the details are amazing.

Here you can see the details of all the pieces, Thanks for Kurenai Jun for these awesome pics if you want a better view of these you can see them individually here 

If you love fine jewerly Finesmith Designs is the place for you. Stop by the store and see her full range of designs and pick up a gift or 2.

Hair: Sky Everett Designs
Skin:Al Vulo! 
Gown: Bliss Couture
Jewelry:Finesmith Designs Thanks Yula
Nails: Virtual Insanity

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Things and Lashes

Hello again :) Today I would like to do something different. Something small and quiet without too much stuff and business. Something small and intimate. So what about just some close ups?

N@N@ is a little store which is worth keeping an eye on, I've discovered. Actually it's not THAT little, it's three stories and actually rather big. It's filled with a HUGE collection of eclectic jewellery. A lot of it is outright quirky as well. 

The compact walls of vendors can be daunting, but a careful browse can reward you with that unique set or piece that will set an outfit just right or excite the mind. It's an interesting place, to say the least.

The top floor has only 10L items plus a lucky chair. Oh, don't forget the free gift on the middle floor... there's a pair of VERY interesting ear rings on offer atm.

Of Things and Lashes 1

There's also always special offers on the go. This Projections set was offered, limited edition of 100, for only 10L. I think it looks Art Deco or even Futurism to the 'wow!' level and I simply love it.

Projections is now available among the new releases at full price... but there's another design on offer now for the same price. The special offer board is on the wall just inside the door.

Of Things and Lashes 2

Since I'm up close, I'll just continue. First, please welcome another of my custom skins from Blush. Still based on the Elle, with body shading done especially, this hue was inspired by a talk about androgyny and angels. Pretty, eh? I have actually worn it in a couple of other posts, but not said anything. And hush, yet again, if you're relying on customer skins, a new one is a big deal. Thank you Marie, for taking on this job :)

The gold/green make up with it's soft lip stain is the Verde Otoro Makeover from Mock I got it in a hunt Mockie had a short time ago, but it has actually just been released in the store... a few minutes ago XD

The fluffy Catwalk Lashes Twinkle with their white details is from the latest group gift at Miamai (50L join fee). They're mesh and easy enough to adjust so even I can do it. Real close up they have these fine scrolled white lines, but from a slight distance there's just a faint cloud of little white dots... a very nice subtle effect against the softness of the make up. 

Pretty things, eh? Take care all and have fun :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eluzion of Hearts Ablaze

Eluzion of Hearts Ablaze

Hello all, I just wanted to remind you about the Hearts Ablaze Hunt that is going on now until March 3rd. This hunt put on by the Greatest Love group features lots of great goodies and gifts from all over the grid. Such as this smokin' Akasha dress by Eluzion. This hot little mini dress features a halter neckline with great ruching and hearts trailing down one side front and back. This dress also features 2 skirt options. Make sure that you pick this up before it is gone.

Eluzion of Hearts Ablaze
The WhyMe Hearts skin  is Modish's offering for the Hearts Ablaze Hunt . I really like the make up details around the eyes and the soft glossy look of the lips. These are just 2 of the wonderful items being offered by over 100 different content creators. You have until March 3rd, so don't miss out.

See you around the grid

Hair:  Lamb
Skin : Modish
Dress: Eluzion
Necklace: Phresh

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Allure of Luxury

Darwin was wrong me thinks... Humans didn't evolve from monkeys. With our love for shiny things, it's obvious we evolved from magpies *nods nods* Why else would glitter and colour be so fatally attractive that peeps have died for it? Ever seen a monkey hoarding shiny things? Nope. Magpies I tell you, MAGPIES. *Taps hir nose knowingly*

I even feel like a bird in this stuff. Not so much as a peacock, the colours are wrong and my butt isn't THAT big, but as one of that alluring fem variety.

Just as I had found and picked up my jaw from the floor after exploring ALB Dream Fashion's Muse in my last post, AnaLee put out this month's (February) group gift (1L) for men, Sahid. It's an indian prince costume, I think, and it looks great on the male model. There's turban with feathers and all and quite a few alternatives how to wear it. HOWEVER, you actually don't have to be a male model to wear it, the freedom in the outfit is open to umteen possibilities for any gender and profession.

The Allure of Luxury 1

The textures are rich and luxurious, as you expect from Ana. My mind went BANG! when I tried it on together with the WomenStuff Hunt item at Finesmith I'd picked up on my little collecting-shiny-things-round.

The mint coloured jewellery Leatetia set brought my associations to the patina of the old copper roofs of the 'old world' and I lost myself  in the scrumptious elegance of the Edwardian period of the early 1900s. The long shank version of myself added to this fantasy and suddenly I lived in european exoticism surrounded by hand stitched clothing covered by delicate embroidery and precious stones. Cultural imports from all over the world fusing into something very special and very western. Shhhh.... this is SL and no hordes of exploited workers are needed to keep this illusion alive. SL is guilt free luxury, and, in this case, plain free.

The Allure of Luxury 2

The whole outfit is designed to be used with a system skirt part and without that bit, some extra bits are needed to cover up the slight gap between pants and top. I added the rose Snake Belt (ALB Dream Fashion) and a modded Harem Sach (Ladies Who Lunch) for some matching effect around the waist.

Tan Miss Highlands boots comes from Lassitude & Ennui, hair is Kimba from Alli & Ali.

The Allure of Luxury 3

Another option is to turn the Sahid outfit into a stylish dress of the period. The only things that has been changed is the replacing pants with the full length skirt option and squeezing into some other boots, here the colourable version of the Laced and Strap Heels, Blackburns on the Marketplace. 

Result? I'm happy... hope you are, too :) And.... AND... I just realise I'm in my first dress since I started blogging! Woohooo!

Anyway, take care and have fun :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just a quick post to share some sweet things from a couple of my favorite places.. Like this sweet Valentine's 2012 Lingerie Gift by Insolence, free in the store or on market place for a limited time so please get yours now before it is gone. Camilla Yosuke has a real gift for making some of the best lingerie in sl, and it shows in this set. I love the soft colors and simple accents, the kinda lingerie that makes you feel pretty even if no one else sees it.

Also very sweet this Milena preview skin from Mynerva!! Yes Mynerva is back. After a long break to get some things in order Rhapzody Wilde and the crew are back with a preview of the newest skin they are working on. I love the fresh face look of these skins, they are some of my favorite in all of sl. Right now in the store get this skin and a couple of others along with some makeups as a group gift. The group is not free but for 50L, a good investment, even if you leave the group this skin alone is worth that and even more. If you stay in they are good to the group and you can look forward to many other awesome gifts.

Also big thanks to incredibly talented friend Kurenai Jun for posing with me for this post!!

Well this was a short one, valentines is over now but you can still feel the love with these generous gifts!! Get out there and check out these amazing shops!!

See you around the grid Mxx

Hair: Truth
Skin: Mynerva
Lingerie: Insolence
Shoes: GOS 
Pose: Glitterati 

Saturday, February 18, 2012


ALB Muse 1

"I take a bottle of wine and I go drink it among the flowers.
We are always three... counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon.

ALB Muse 2

Happily the moon knows nothing of drinking, and my shadow is never thirsty.
When I sing, the moon listens to me in silence. When I dance, my shadow dances too.

ALB Muse 3

After all festivities the guests must depart. This sadness I do not know.
When I go home, the moon goes with me and my shadow follows me."

ALB Muse 4

Lyrics: Vangelis version of Li Bai's (701-762) poem 'Drinking Alone With the Moon'

Pants and wrap/headdress/shawl/beautiful embroidered see-through thingie (modded): Muse Pants Dress, ALB Dream Fashion. The pants are an integrated part of the outfit. Thank you, AnaLee Balut!
Hair: Coop, Tukinowaguma
Makeup: Fae-rly Uncertain Scarepia (impulse group gift) with Exotica eyeliner, MOCK cosmetics
Jewellery: Wanderer - Oak, League
Piercings: Classics, iPoke - JOJH, blogged in my last post
Corset: Santina Silver Corset, ALB Dream Fashion
Sach: Harem Sach, Ladies Who Lunch
Sword: Guardian Sword (unscripted)Ani Aunerfal. Only available on Marketplace, 50L
Slippers: Mojari slippers, Lassitude & Ennui

Photos taken on ALB Dreamfashion sim, LAMU Island.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Jick AND Jall Hunt Part 2

Back again with more goodies from the Jack Or Jill Hunt. Should do some stuff in FL really, but don't seem to be able to push this aside... so here goes...

Recap of hunt info for those who didn't see the first part:  Lasts to 29 February, obviously this year. Organised by Deprived Nation (sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, KKMAD and American Bazaar) and using Razorblade Jacket  as a starting point. From there, the paths diverge as boys and girls follow their own independent trail through 50 odd stores each. It's well organised with an online SLURL and hint list. *Breaths out*

Last time I kept within the gender borders. After publishing that lot I threw myself straight back into the pile without regard for 'gender' to see what else there was... sligthly worried, since I had already ticked off some nice items :P

Any fears of running out of blogable stuff were, however, unfounded. Yet again, the following outfits are made up ENTIRELY of hunt items, so, please, be kind.


(Look at the mad squint in the full figure... XD. Couldn't get close to it without loosing it, unfortunately.)

Hair, hair base included: #34 Raw House
Eyes, both hypnotic, animated prims or systems included: Different colours gifts in both paths: #50 Birth, #12 Birth
Eye make up: #24 Amacci
Lip piercings: #33 Sour Pickles
Ear piercings: Modded from lip piercing. #49 Sour Pickles
Tattoo: #17 Fe
Tee: #40 Onyx Wear
Skirt: Part of pretty dress. #18 Leri Miles
Pants: #32 DROP
Heels: Red version used in last post. #25 SAKIDE

Lip colour: Goth black, smeared (A:S:S, not free) over Lilac Prom night Lip Balm (Mock, free sample).


Eye jewellery/piercing: #14 A:S:S
Tattoo, including make up: #44 Hysteria
Necklace: Fem versions included. #07 KOSH
Suspenders: Male gift is included with fem. #46 Xplosion
Nails: #27 Croire
Pants: Another item from this excellent gift. #25 SAKIDE
Heels: #37 Sweet Antidote

Observe that the 'male' suspenders are used with 'fem' pants... the ONLY pants in the hunt I could find that fit. See? Gender blurring is the best! ;) 


Sun glasses: #18 Sin & Virtue
Jacket: #44 Gabriel
Jumper: It's male and PINK! Included pants blogged in last post. #02 Shiki
Jeans: #29 Travesty
Boots: Gift for genders versions of same. #45 Loordes of London, #16 Loordes of London

Doh! An all 'male' one... didn't notice that until now. 

Hehehehe... I've sort of hopping from one stereotype to another here. After the first two rather dystopian characters it was time for the last outfit which required an out door setting. I found myself muttering 'prat', preceded by some G-unfriendly adjectives while contemplating this figure. Hir more wholesome complexion and wotnots and clothes suggested hem as one who's been benefitting from the surrounding environmental degradation. Well, there you have it, both gender and class war in one single hunt... not bad.

Two top poses are from Momomuller or 3M, bottom AO stand, Oracule

That's it from this hunt. I've got five decent complete outfits plus some real keepers, that a high score. The Jack or Jill hunt will therefore have to be declared a real success... even if the name is obviously a spelling mistake and it's really called the Jick AND Jall hunt. 

Photos were taken on Virtual Decay


A Meeting in the Ladies Room

Meeting in the Ladies Room
When my good friend Andie called me for a ladies night out how could I say no? We all know how it is when you need to freshen up a little and this Girls @ the club prop by [!ZOOM] for the Proposers Expo, going on til Feb awesome. It really makes you feel like you are there.

Meeting in the Ladies Room

It come with poses and make up for you and your best friends.Check Andie out putting on her mascara. She has to look her best for Raz!! If you want to know what she is wearing in this or just want to see her awesome blog with even more goodies from the Proposers Expo check it out here. Also another thing I really liked about this set is that it lets you shoot from both sides. These last 2 shots are taken as a reflection in the mirror. So well made and just plain fun!!

Meeting in the Ladies Room

The Proposers Expo is an event that is going on until Feb 25th. There are over 80 pose creators participating and all have at least one item out for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit Autism Society of America. 1 in every 110 babies will be diagnosed with this very serious condition so chances are that most everyone has been or will be touched by this at one time or another. So show your support, and make the world a better place by SHOPPING!!!

See you around the grid

On me
Hair: D!va
Skin: PinkFuel
Dress: Glue Ink
Tat: Felicity 
Nails: Finesmith Designs 
Shoes: MStyle

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Jick AND Jall Hunt Part 1

Hiya, been a few days since the last post. The Jack or Jill Hunt started and by it's very nature, it was a real MUST for me.  Being a Jack AND Jill by nature, I had a few stores to visit, which is why I'm running a little bit slow.

Quick run down on the hunt: Lasts to 29 February, obviously this year. Organised by Deprived Nation (sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, KKMAD and American Bazaar) and using Razorblade Jacket  as a starting point. From there, the paths diverge as boys and girls follow their own independent trail through 50 odd stores each. It's well organised with an online SLURL and hint list.

It's the 'or' in the title that kicked me into action... Why this constant choice between fem or male... what about 'both' and 'neither'? *Feels the two boats under my feet quickly drift apart and, without middle ground, falls splash in the wet* Anyway, there's not much else to do but to take a ride in each boat in turn and see what happens.

I thought that for this first instalment, I would focus on stuff from a strictly 'correct' gender pow. For a second, why not revisit all the stuff and explore gender blurring?

Jick AND Jall 1

The first two outfits are made up ENTIRELY of hunt gifts. This always includes a certain amount of 'make do with', so please bear with me ^^

Hair: #01 KMADD
Sweatshirt: #33 Goth1c0
Tee: #50 ShirtShop
Double Belt: Mesh. Comes in three sizes and colour change options. Doesn't matter how much I like them, they're still way too large. They are goodies, however, and I want to include them. #09 [JP]:dsg
Jeans: #25 Lash-Ware
Sneakers: Vintage comics print. #19 AsYLUM

Jick AND Jall 2

Sun glasses: Mesh. #37 Kumaki
Piercings: #49 Sour Pickles
Scarf: #05 Just You Jewels

Jick AND Jall 3

From the fem path:

Hair: #09 JeSyLiLo
Make up: #11 Loulou&Co
Moustache: From male path. #42 Jaryth's Barber Shop
Hoops: #02 Apple MayDesigns
Top: #43 Xplosion
Tattoo: #26 Endless Pain Tattoos
Skirt: #07 Sassy!
Shoes: #25 Sakide

*Clears hir throat* I laughed, too, seeing myself like this and couldn't resist digging up some old body hair. BUT, there's a serious point here.  A woman can slip into male clothes and no one bats an eyelid. If anything, she just look 'de-sexualised', see top outfit. BUT, a man attempting the reverse becomes a joke. A little thought for everyone: IF there's gender equality now as political correctness will have it, why hasn't this relationship changed? My thought is that it proves nothing has changed, we're still as mired in an unequal power relationship.

Comments welcome and will be answered as thoughtfully as I can. Comments like 'faggot' will simply be ignored but kept since they prove my point XD

Jick AND Jall 4

ANYWAY... back to CLOTHES! I NEED something strictly personal to end this first instalment.

 If I was to choose a favourite from this hunt, it would be a pair of tweed pants (#02 Shiki) with a yummy rich herring bone texture. MORE... they are fully mod, which I just love. A couple of minutes work produced these shorts, already a loved garment. Thank you Shinichy Mathy!

A last few items from the hunt:

Fedora (with hair): #10 Amacci
Piercings: #03 iPoke
Bracelet: In all three outfits. #48 Lil Bitz
Ring: In all three outfits. #41 Barbie Bitch
Nails: In all three outfits. #04 Virtual/Insanity Yup, it's guy stuff ;)

Non JOJH items:

Recycled necklace and boots: Both from DECO, a small store into which I've poured some lindens
Spiral necklace: ADDW Hunt,  Just You Jewels
Tattoo: Opening gift, Vestigium
Socks: Izzie's - Garter Socks, handy fat pack (27 colours, 270L) bought on Marketplace

The end of the first part. Hopefully I'll be back with the second before the hunt ends. Hope there's something here to inspire you to do the hunt... BOTH paths.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh Hai Guys!
Missed you Lots!
Envy Designs released a new Mesh line of dresses and I wanted to show you the latest gift you can grab at the new mainstore!
Envy Designs Luna Dress Mesh
Luna Hearts is available in Red and Pink in a special pack for
you guessed it....Valentines Day!
Love the hearts and it even comes with matching necklaces!!
Envy Designs Luna Dress Mesh
My Poses were a gift from Xanthe Audeburgh of CS Shapes for the WomenStuff Hunt!
I suggest going and grabbing this up if you can before March 3rd, they are great!!
Happy Valentines Day to all the Love Birds :)

Dress 1: Envy Designs - Luna - Free Group Gift
Dress 2: Envy Designs - Hearts - 99L Dual pack for Valentines Day
Poses: CS Shapes by Xanthe Audeburgh - For WomenStuff Hunt
Skin: Al Vulo - Polly
Hair: Truth
Boots: SLink - Whitney Boots

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Thin Line..

A Thin Line...

 Isn't is funny how the very same people that can make you feel the best can also hurt you the most. I suppose that is why it is said that there is a thin line between love and hate. That sentiment is expressed clearly I think by this Sometimes I Love/Hate You Tattoo by S (and) P available now at Perfect Wardrobe for a cool $90L. Also a super find this LoveMeSweater by paper.doll here in hot pink but a gift in 2 colors for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt going on until Feb 15th. While you are there check out the clearance sale going on at paper.doll , some really awesome stuff $50L and less. The Alyx Skin here in Nice a gift from Pink Fuel for the with love hunt, was a surprise to still find it out, if you get there before it is gone you can scoop this up for just $10L. Wrapping this up my new favorite shorts the hipster jeans shorts from NV Madworld this new to me shop had some great things, a couple of gifts and even nice stuff for the guys!!

A Thin Line...

The End.... lol
See you around the grid Mxx

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: paper.doll
Sweater: paper.doll
Jeans: NV Madworld
Tats: S (and) P

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Insolent Hearts Ablaze

insolence- joan

Lingerie is big this time of year. So it is no surprise that you will be seeing it all over the place for a while. That being said what better place to start than with this amazing new Joan set by Insolence. One of my most favorite shops in all of sl, Camilla Yosuke's soft, feminine designs and rich textures have made her a personal favorite of mine since I started. This basic corset and triangle panty set is made with the finest lightly embroidered satin accented by delicate hand made lace. The details are divine as seen in these stunning pictures ( above and below) by Kurenai Jun. To get a better look at this picture so you can really appreciate it click here.

Also very detailed, this dazzling burning heart necklace by ChaosPanic&Disorder, has fine metal scroll work sprinkled with crystals, surrounding a gemstone heart. It's exquisite design further accentuates the finer points of the lingerie. A gift for the upcoming Hearts Ablaze Hunt, going on Feb11- March 3rd. Brought to you by Greatest Love featuring over 100 generous gifts from talented content creators all over the grid, it is not to be missed!! Find out more about it here

Insolence- Joan

The finishing touches are this soft, romantic Pom Pom Girl hair from Pomme D'Amour  (subscribo gift) and sweet HappyValentine group gift skin from Jesylilo (free to join) with classic vixen red lips. Red carrying through to the Solid nails by Finesmith Designs and my ever present and trusty GOS Pimp your Pumps.
Last but not least I have to mention World's End Garden, the ethereal backdrop for this post. Always changing and lots to see. Well that is all for this time. Thanks for reading !!!

See you around the grid

Hair: Pomme D'Amour
Skin: Jesylilo
Jewelry: ChaosPanic&Disorder
Nails:Finesmith Designs
Location: World's End Garden

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something old, something new...

...... nothing borrowed but a lot of blue. sYs has put out their new group gift so it's time to create a little story again. Even if it's not always apparent, creating outfits is the creation of a narrative, a story. In SL, the story can be set in some real exotic place that's sprouted out of someone's imagination creating a bigger story still. The pure wonder of that, too often forgotten, fact hits me big time in moments when whatever creates a crack in the numbed state of everydayness.

The gift mentioned above is the pair of the blue version of the DOOM boots which are a sYs new release. i.e. other colours are available in the store. Fortunately the resulting outfit made me feel rather on top of the world, otherwise I would be rather shaky balancing this precariously close to the edge trying to look cool.

Something old, something new... 1

I do not know if it's by accident or purpose the blue version of sYs' new FATALE leggings are up for only 1L. A lucky find if ever there was one whatever the reason. There's a yummy choice of intricately patterned leggings and if you, like me, are a lover of fancy pants I recommend you go and have a drool. The hair is a modded Marlon, one of the new releases from CheerNo, not free.

Something old, something new... 2

The rest of the stuff is 'old', meaning that even if I give the SLURLs, I can't swear the stuff is still available. Top comes from Diram's Cassie outfit (belonging leather jacket blogged here => X) while the cropped jacket... sweater... hmmm... a great bulky crop whatever with topical shoulder pads comes from the Dancing in the Dark outfit, a past group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The sky blue tie is part of an extremely useful and attractive fat pack of 14 different coloured flexi ties, The Tie, from DCNY which is available on the Marketplace for your convenience. 

Well, that's it really. Poses are my own and the location is Bladerunner City. Take care and have fun ^^

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Just a Pretty Face


This lovely skirt set has the soft feel of angora with classic simple styling. It is a group gift from Aso!. Join the group (no fee) and find it in the notices before it is gone..


The Corinna skin group gift from Al Vulo!, provides the ideal base for this classic look. I love the parted lips ,and the make up just seems to pop. These Dorthy Cat Eye Glasses from PurpleMoon are are so detailed, and really add to the overall look. It is a gift (#7)  in the cherries on top hunt that is on until Feb 15th. There are 10 Cherries hidden all over the shop. You can pick them up for free and they have some gorgeous shoes and jewelry as well. Don't miss out on these.


 Oh and let's not forget to mention, the styling of this outfit is simple but it does have some nice accents. Such as this bow on the back of the sweater. Further accented by the pretty please hair from Shag, a very generous gift you can pick up from the subscribo.  The Gos pimp your pumps- point platform shoes are a fantastic staple for any wardrobe. I can hardly take them off. They are color change and have a choice of accents including this heel bow and others. Not Free but seriously worth every $L. Check them out on the  market place and you can see my review of these. Everyone should have a pair of shoes from the pimp your pumps line.

Well that is my post for the moment and I have more to come.... Good to be back and see you out there on the grid.


Hair: Shag: Pretty please ( subscribo gift)
Skin:Al Vulo: Corinna - love motion Group Gift ( free to join)
Outfit: Aso! Dot knit Grey ( free in the notices
Glasses: PurpleMoon Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses Cherry/Brown ( Cherries on top hunt through 15th Feb)
Shoes:Gos Pimp Your Pumps - Point Platform ( not free but trust me you NEED these)
Nails:Finesmith Designs Solid
Poses:Blah ( jack or jill hunt)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The sky's the limit

There's a few days since I published something. Spending so much time and effort with other people's creations is infectious. I've been bitten by the build bug and been busy busy busy.... Packed my Lego and headed off to the nearest sandbox so to speak.

Right now, I'm caught by the lure of big, bright and colourful. Think large plastic pieces. It was the piano rings two posts ago that caught me, I think. Inworld, where everything is just pixels, why do we stick to 'precious' materials? At least that's what I asked myself after finding this heap of goodies.

The sky's the limit 1

You might not be too surprised that I found it at CheerNo. They've put out some collections of outfits for only 99L each that includes some real beauts - never before has Lego had this allure. The finish might not be top notch and the prim bits un-neccesarily script heavy, BUT, disregarding my nerdy combo, they all have the fresh edge that's the brand mark of this store. All male, gutsy such, and anything but mainstream. 

The sky's the limit 3

The bright colours and low prices meant me going sort of just adequately mad. The Lego necklace is from Cubolandia, as is the bucket with Lego in the top pic, while the glasses and (hinted) tee was picket from Retrage. Finally, the Lego pants in the top pic is found in the Form outfit. All these from the Montage collection.

The red CYBERline.AcceS:USB#45 is one of several necklaces using cable and chains that's available separately in the outlet now. They seem to be old stuff that's out of retirement, pardon me if I'm mistaken. 

The Jesus Heart and the Egg (featured below), on the other hand, are both new releases. The heart is sort of timely considering THAT time of THIS particular month and despite my general hostility against religion, I find this piece hilarious.

The sky's the limit 2

The TOLEDO vest is CheerNo's offer in the present round at TDR. I know now what the bodyPOP I bought last year has been waiting for ^^ (No longer available.) Hair is one of their new releases, Marlon.

Last details from other stores:

Socks - Argyle Socks with Suspenders. Classics from Pig. Only available on marketplace now
Shoes - Soubresout by 2g
Ring - Pac-Man from yoyo9

Something for the weekend

It's the weekend, so it's time to put on some lipstick and find a party! Granted, I'm not especially familiar with make-up so it's not the neatest lipstick you'll ever see, but the stubble made a reasonable guideline so not too bad. Lucky for me it's Mardi Gras time and anything goes, so once more I can unleash my inner beauty and hit the town.

Yep, that's the theme for FLUX this month so it's time to party, and thanks to the good folks at 22769 I could have some sparkly fun. And feathery. And... well, maybe it's best to let the picture do the talking...

Mardi Gras Time

Sure, it's a dress. But look at it sparkle! Honestly, who can resist the sparkles? It's like I ran naked through a sequin factory - and then went back with a dress and a pot of glue. And a pair of scissors too because boy does that dress have a slit for some thigh flashing. Luckily the outfit comes with a mask too, which is very handy because you want to stay anonymous while plucking all those feathers from some exotic bird. I have no idea what type of bird it is, but I'm guessing it's rare and you won't win friends with some people by making it bald. Although Mardi Gras is mainly in warm places so maybe it's not too bad.

Now 120L will get you that dress and mask, with all the sparkly tickly trimmings. But no footwear. Which is a crying shame since it really is crying out for some sexy legwork. Luckily though, you don't have to go too far. Well, actually you do since you need to go all the way back to the real 22769 store, but you don't have to spend any more money since they have pink crocodile skin boots as a hunt gift! Grab a hint from the wall near the landing point and get looking because really, you need crocodile skin boots! Or, spend an extra 190L and buy them in a range of colours. Or, still spend the 190L and get them in black snakeskin which is subtler and just as cool.

Reptile Bootie

See, my able assistant is not just there to provide you with a better view of the feathers, she provides some contrasting footwear fun too!

So there you have it, not just sparkles but skin too! And weirdly for one of my posts, only about a third of it is actually mine... I guess I must have a fever... Mardi Gras Fever!