Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fashioncentric Hunt

The Fashioncentric Hunt starts on April 1st, please visit the official website for all the LMs, details and special information.

From hunt :
Dress : Indyra Originals FREE
Bracelet : Bliensen & Maitai FREE
Shoes : part of a hunt outfit from Sakide FREE

Other :
Skin : Mynerva
Hair : 69
Pose : BENT.  not yet released

Friday, March 30, 2012

Echos in Time

Echos in Time

A quick post here. I would like to show you this Grazioso Corset Dress by Echo. I LOVE this dress. Only $100L available in 6 gorgeous spring tones. The tailored corset with sweetheart neckline, deep cut in the back with classic high cut leg. Sweet baby-doll skirt comes with several options, you can have a black or colored belt on a solid or sheer baby-doll skirt. All for $100L. Many reasonably priced quality items in this shop including some furniture.

Echos in Time

The best part of the Grazioso Corset Dress is of course the corset. If you look very closely it has some very fine detailing the seems, the panels and the various fabrics. The textures are amazing. It is very well done.

Echos in Time
Adding to the delicious drama of this look Linn-Darkness skin from Glam Affair. Their contribution to the latest round at The Dressing Room. Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] from Hebenon Vial, was only $30L and it has color change and some options for the clock medallion. This shop is closing soon and everything is $30L for now. So be sure to check them out soon. That is all for now. Dufaux out !!

Hair: Boon
Skin: Glam Affair
Dress: Echo
Necklace: Hebenon Vial
Nails: Finesmith Designs
Shoes: Bax Coen
Poses: Eternal Dream
Prop: Exposeur
Location: free photo studio at Dulce Secrets

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Burst of Sunlight

The MeansWear Fashion Week (MWFW) is in full swing. Designers presenting their spring collections with daily shows and parties galore fills the air with the sense of festivity like scents from spring blossom.

As with this season, it would seem that one of my pet peeves can safely be discarded... YAY!... just to be replaced by another... NAY!... Well, life is no fun unless you can gripe about something. *Pets hir little menagerie of peeves with great fondness*

The good news is that skirts for guys have made it onto the SL fashion scene with something of a bang... or at least with a little poof XD The bad news... bad new for me that is... is that they're all mesh and thus beyond my shape. But at least the skirts have arrived and even if I can't wear 'em, they look goooooood! The same is unfortunately true with a lot of the freshness, as in all the bright clean colours that makes some collections sparkle. Again the 'unfortunately' only from a strictly personal perspective of course. Hehe, I'm not complaining REALLY, saves me a LOT of lindens that does... until those deformers arrive.

A Burst of Sunlight 1

However, I refuse to go miserable until mesh catches up with my vanity. System layers and prims offers an edge which still eludes mesh as well as the 'traditional' colour and glam. While male fashion is still dominated by subdued colour schemes, I found some real sparkly treasure in amongst the spring has sprung that made the woes above irrelevant. 

Todays colours are red and gold...

Faster PussyCat is no stranger to male glam, as in the new COEUR Urban Pirate Jacket (MWFW stall) above with a gleaming red and gold shirt underneath. It has been joined by Egoisme  that has entered the andro scene with their latest releases. The Golden Solitude Pants is part of their new elite group gift (pret-a-porter store, joining fee applies but membership also gives substantial rebate on other purchases).

Literally topped off with the awe inspiring rigged mesh dreads, BMB103,  from BooN

A Burst of Sunlight 2

The Golden Solitude Tank, also from the Egoisme group gift, makes a marvellous starting point for an outfit in its own right. Lacy tanks of different colours is one of the corner stones in the new collection so stay tuned. 

Faster PussyCat again provided the jacket, the Velvet Elvis "Rising Sun"Biker Jacket, which part of their Neo-Geisha collection. Even the glitch jacket is mod so this beaut can be made to fit anyone, insert reasonable disclaimer here .....  The Acellini II pants, very simple but colourful, were picked up at RFyre's stall at MWFW.

Pose in top pic is from Momomuller, bottom Del May. Accessories comes from all over the place and raked up from the depths of my inventory.

The reconstruction of the chinese terracotta warriors provided the setting for the photos. Any perceived visual puns are fully intentional. Not simply is this an awesome spell binding build but it's also a rather sobering experience as it is a monument to one man's 'lower vibrational frequencies'... just about the only things this guy took with him when he finally died.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Untitled #3... or Donkey vs. Human

Some time ago I was talking about the donkey tour and associated gifts that was put out for the re-opening of ALB Dreamfashion, Lamu Island, in the very beginning of this month. (They are still out btw.) While prattling away I had a glimpse into the folders and saw donkeys of all things. I did mention those in the chat and added '... if one would ever be in need of one'. A friend replied 'well, you'll never know'.

And would you know?


It seemed a good accessory to some riding inspired gear as they are not very high to climb up on, half pint sized as they are.


Truth to be had, however, donkeys have an un-deserved low social standing. A 'poorer' cousin to the noble horse, the lives of whole families may rest on their scrawny backs in the 'developing world'. Over worked and too often underfed, sick and maltreated, they deserve to be celebrated and not ridiculed. Often  the poor things are lifted high in the air when an overloaded and unbalanced cart tips backwards. The last statement is true, even the 'often'.


Anyway, back to clothes... During the last WomanStuff Hunt I, like everyone else judging from the blogs, picked up the hunt gift at GizzA which was an exclusive colour of the Fluffy Dress. This particular colour might not be available anymore but five other colours are, even if not for free. I love the cut of the top and collar. It goes as well with high waist pants as with the belonging skirt prim.


Together with the Minnutary Pants from LeLutka and the unique Mon Tissu's Provence Riding Boots I got this retro inspired outfit which I keep changing back into. The boots comes in small fem size. They are fully mod but are challenging if you want/need to change the proportions. The belt is part of the dress top.

Three top poses are my own, the bottom one is my AO. Photos were taken among the local donkeys in the town of Lamu Island.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Rockstar pt Trois

Rockstar pt Trois

It is I again with yet another chapter to the rockstar epic.This time I come with the sensuous but dangerous Tough Girl dress by Retro . A simple sexy mini dress but with some rocker style. Spiked military-esque shoulder pads with dangling chains and thick spiked cincher belt give this dress a cool 80's punk edge. The Rock Pochette, silver and gold studded, clutch by I LoveFashiOn  seemed like it was made for this dress. Both now available in the current round of Stuff in Stock

Rockstar pt Trois

This striking Miss Aries skin by cStar Limited is awesome gatcha prize. Once a month a new skin is released on that day these amazing quality skins are only $10L a play on the gatcha and everyday until new skin comes out it goes up $1L each day. Transferable so you are able to trade if you luck is not so hot on the machines. The skins are available in 4 different skin tones and 2 make up options. Also there is program for them to buy their skins back from you, details available at the front desk in the shop. Fusion hair by Yasine Hair Styles, has a definite edge with its wispy razor cut look and shaved side,  another goodie from Stuff in Stock.

Rockstar pt Trois

Here I show it with the Spiral Poem Etched HB by , part of the newest collection at BDE. It comes with black and tintable version.I could not get as much detail as I would have liked in the pic, but I hope that you get the idea. A cool way to add something different to any hair that would call for a hair base. Well that is all for this round. Get out there and grab these awesome deals!!!
See you around the grid

See Also Rockstar & Rockstar pt Deux for more great items from these events

Hair: Yasine Hair Styles now at Stuff in Stock
Hair Base: Shapespeare now at BDE
Skin: cStar Limited
Dress: Retro now at Stuff in Stock
Clutch: I LoveFashiOn now at  Stuff in Stock
Shoes: [Gos]
Pose/Prop: Diesel Works

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rockstar pt Deux

Rockstar Pt Deux

Hello, I am back with more rocking goodies from Stuff in Stock, like this Rock n Roll shirt by Piccara. Simple black cropped tee with great Rock n' Roll graphic, a essential addition to any rockers wardrobe. Also from Stuff in Stock, these smokin Rock Skullies heels by Sugar, platform pumps with color change base and RockStar skin from WOW, it comes with 2 versions, one with running mascara. At Stuff in Stock you can scoop up these things and a whole lot more all for $80L or less so don't miss out.
Rcokstar pt Deux

Rounding out this rockers look are awesome fishnet leggings from Zenith, I love the ties on the sides. Inem hair from Mirai, crazy and sexy this hair screams rockstar.  Just A Fairytale tattoo by FairytalePimp is an outward manifestation of rocker angst that you can see in these Hazel Blue- Naturals eyes by Technolati. Anya bangles by Sigma and SugarCat nails from Mons are the finishing touches.

I would like to mention that these pics were taken at the free photo studio at Dulce Secrets. There is a huge building there with every kind of photostand and an amazing selection of the best props including this awesome Polywall from Diesel Works, there for you to use for any picture you may need to take, check it out !! Thanks AnneAlyce!!!

For more rock style check out Rockstar

Hair: Mirai
Skin: WOW - Stuff in Stock
Shirt: Piccara-Stuff in Stock
Tat: FairytalePimp Free gift on marketplace
Bracelets: Sigma
Nails: Mons
Shoes: Sugar- Stuff in Stock
Eyes: Technolati 1L Promo on marketplace
Pose/Prop: Diesel Works

Monday, March 19, 2012

The sun rose

I'll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time.  
~Emily Dickinson

I'll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time.  ~Emily Dickinson

Credits :
Hair : [e] (not free)
Skin : Bonne Chance - Free lucky board

Blouse : Bonne Chance - Free lucky board
Pose : BENT! - Free check group notices (The group is free to join until April 1st)

The Fresh Unknown Hunt

Ok, ok, ok, ok.... I'm SO out of my depth... but I really, really, REALLY want to tell you about this.

I hold the support of new content creators in SL very close to my heart, so when a hunt like The Fresh Unknown Hunt (TFUH) comes up that only features new stores, they are a must for me... When I don't miss them that is... I'm just realising I've missed one or two... ^^

Anyway, The Unknown Hunts takes the hunter to stores that's been up and running just for a few months. All the ones included in this one opened after 1st November 2011. That's newness squared!

New Hunt 1

The original list consisted of 36 stores minus a few that have dropped out. That's why I won't say where each of the items comes from... the hunt is small enough to finish in a day or two and I hope more peeps than me are interested in supporting new talent and visit them ALL. It's worth it.

New Hunt 2

Everything except the plant beside the couch comes form the hunt, even the poses. There is a bias towards women, as always and as you can see, but guys aren't completely neglected.

As far as I know, the hunt is on through March and hints and the list of participating stores can be found here => X. The hunt items are 1L each, a cost I don't mind the least in a hunt with this purpose :)

Happy hunting, as they say!

On my part, I'll go in search for some decent wall paper for stuff like this...

Sunday, March 18, 2012



Busy time with so many good things out there to tell you about so I will get started. The newest round of Stuff in Stock is about to begin March 19th. The theme this time is Rock Style and it is chock full of great items that are $80L and less that will help you to channel your inner rockstar. In this round you will be able to pick up these smoking Rockabilly pants from Tea Time, the leopard print, contrasting pockets, and rock n roll skull graphic screams badass. Also RockChica Skin from Av!Sage with great thick doe eyes liner (2 versions one with running mascara) and gravity defying Foxi hair by Tamless in Goth tones takes the rockstar vibe to another level. 


With it's sexy rocker edge this  Braced net top from The Sea Hole, the current group gift at Collabor88, has rivets and sheer netting that is just the right thing for this look. The finishing touches are simple silver tassel Never earrings by BenS Beauty and  these Chopper motorcycle boots from Drakke Designs, with the clear heel, and detailed charms. Both are gifts for the upcoming Fashioncentric Hi-5 Hunt  that will start on April 1st. You can find out all about it here. This is just a little of what these great events have to offer. Stay tuned to see even more from Stuff in Stock and Fashioncentric Hi-5 Hunt.

See you around the grid

Nails:Virtual Insanity
Tat: catatstrophe.
Poses: Frooti , Maitreya

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Persuasive Colour

Hiya, a little quickie about goodies, but then... hey!... I only do goodies, no? *dives behind the sofa* I suppose that ALB Dreamfashion group 'monthly' dollarbies have become a staple for me. They most often includes something real yummy and it's always a big excitement when the call comes: 'New gift out! Come and get it!' Then of course there's the polite wait a few hours to not appear TOO eager *face palms* Then, of course, it's show and tell time...

There are gifts for both men and women, but whatever the gender, they are usually like candy, rich and sweet. This group is one of the most generous ones I'm a member of... and no, AnaLee Balut hasn't paid me to say this, promise. I'm just a genuine passionate fan *grins*

StarScreamer 1

I blogged the latest gift (dollarbie) for men here => X, which is still available. This time it's the ladies turn. I'm just wearing a few items from it and the words of the month is mesh and mix and match! It's a collaboration between Ana and her daughter, ShuShu, who's real busy learning mesh. Beside a colourful sunny shorts and top set, there's a mesh short dress, the jacket above and the boots... Oh, don't forget the boa. I THINK that's about covers it. They don't claim the results are perfect, but with the textures... yum yum! There's plenty of different sizes for the mesh items, there're sizes that fits even me. 

As you can se, I've rather limited myself above... but this is my 'andro choice' even if I wished I had bigger boobs so I could wear the dress. The jacket is wonderfully 'unisex' and the textures of the boots were just too much... I HAD to wear them... even if the fine heels does give the visual impression of struggling with my mass. 

More good news... Ana has put out all her yummy leather pants from the last advent calendar I blogged about during the holidays. They're on sale separately and very decently priced. Those with the cutouts as well... For the ones who don't know what I'm babbling about, you can see these scrumptiosnesseshere => X.

Photos taken on a visit to Spirit, show casing the rather 'unusual' natural history of Claudia222 Jewell on Art Screamer. Poses by Davinel and Momomuller. The long leather and bead necklace, Pocahontas, comes from Chop Zuey.

StarScreamer 2

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

D!va Daisy

D!va Daisy

Hi all!! Just a quick post to show an absolutely adorable and generous group gift from D!va. To celebrate an astounding 30,000 members they put together a sweet gift package. BTW the group is free to join and gets gifts regularly. The package includes a fatpack of  Diva2  hair that has a ton of options. You have the option to color change all the different flowers, put them on and off and also has a fun wig option to make the hair just a little bigger. You can see the wig on option on my good friend Andie Lavender. It also comes with this scrumptious dress that is covered with sweet flowers, also color change, with both long and short options. It even has a separate head dress of just the flowers alone for the hair so you can wear it with other styles as well. A fantastic gift by any standards so don't miss out.

That is all for now...
Dufaux out!!

On me

On Andie
Skin:Glam Affair

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Untitled #2

Luxury, luxury, LUXURY! I'm still trying, however ineffectively, to sort out my inventory. Here's another look with stuff that might not be amongst the newest on the grid anymore. It's probably well known as well but, if not, they deserve some attention.

Untitled #2 2

I have been a bit slow in discovering LeLutka outside the hair department, but better late than ever as they say. It has been a great experience. The textures are like rich water colours on quality paper with that distinct wonderful feel of the handmade. Scrumptious.

The discovery of the Irinushka Bolero, brought out some other favourites of mine. I've blogged Gizza's male Rococo Shirt before and to some extent this is a repeated look. This furry little bolero, not much more than sleeves, recreates it completely, however. 

Untitled #2 1

The Velvet Elvis Paisly Pants (just had to type it all out) from Faster Pussycat slips right in as well. Hair  from BooN, GGL309

The result is very romantic and old-worldly aristocratic, just the thing to use as cover to explore Venexia. It's a stunning build reflecting the idea of Venice in a way I doubt the real thing can offer. 

Venexia is a role play community, but visitors are very welcome. A three day 'visitor pass' can be collected which permits tp to the surface in an out of character role. It's well worth the visit but be respectful, dress to melt into the scenery and don't interfere in any rp. Also, I advice to leave before sunset. *Wipes the blood still running down my neck* The mosquitoes are dreadful.

Monday, March 12, 2012



With the weather starting to warm up it is a great time to be outside. I enjoy blowing bubbles in rl so I was thrilled when I found this great bubble soap gift from Blow Up at the Whore Couture Fair.The Diamond ring by Twins Fashion is a also another awesome gift from WCF.


I know you have seen this adorable Polka Dots Blouse by Piccara all over the blogs and it is available now at the Stuff in Stock discount shop. This shop has some real bargains nothing is over $80L. Last but not least this smexy Linn skin from Glam Affair now at The Dressing Room. Something completely different for me but I really love the make up and the smoldering chocolate tone of this skin. This was just a super quick post, but there will be more to come soon

Ty for reading and see you around the grid

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Glam Affair
Sweater: Piccara
Skirt: Cynful
Stockings: Cynful
Bubbles: Blow Up
Ring: Twins Fashion
Nails: Scrub
Boots: J's 
Pose: Frooti

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Weekend, time to kick loose and relax a little. My partner is away for the weekend so I'm left to my own devises. Not to fear, though... I found another dance partner. She was a bit on the thin side and didn't speak much, but the evening was amicable enough.

Maybe she was schtumm with my gear. You see, I've found the perfect andro solution for formal wear *nods nods* I found a little giftie at G&T Creations on my way home from work as they say.

Interlude 1

Ok, so the tux is supposed to be for men and the dress for ladies... or is it the other way around? Anyway, I liked the idea of a jacket together with a close fit long skirt. Here I needed to use the glitch system skirt, however, which might be a bit unfair of me. You can get an idea of the big prim skirt by looking at the texture of the big bow.

Interlude 2

The Darling Ms. Betty face can be found at Ms Shippe's Studio and is a good natured laugh. Vanity Hair's 60 Linden Weekend offer dropped into my inbox JUST as I was contemplating my hair. The Babette with its 'hair boa' is simply perfect.

The pose is my own and my sweet dance partner is a modded version of one of those little usefull things you stumble across on the marketplace, Wearable Skeletons by Creative Prims (95L). 

Photo location is Rebeca Bashly's contribution to Invisible Cities, Lea15.

And the music that inspired me (the best sound version I could find):

PS. I need to inform you that some of my posts will contain material from the sims where I work now. This is a bit of a moral dilemma to be resolved. I'm not interested in selling out so I'll be upfront and hold back on false superlatives. I trust you're smart enough to judge for yourself if something is worthwhile or if I'm talking crap. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Doh! The life and tribulations of a shopaholic! Heee... wanted to sort my inventory out a little, it has grown with a worrying exponential trend lately. To avoid filling it even more, I thought of an outfit with what I've already got. You know the idea and you know what happens. You wake up some time later with some few thousand lindens less and a fresh pile of stuff to unpack. Of course that item needs that, which would go perfect with... now, where did I see it? *face palms*

Anyway, it's all in my inventory now, so in THEORY I didn't stray. 

A short time ago, Faster Pussycat released their Neo-Geisha collection, a rather wild heap of clean cuts and fresh colours... with some extrapolation thrown in for good measure. 

Untitled 1

The Geisha Glitter Bodysuits evokes a bit of a 'need' response for sure. The texture ranges across a spectrum that are quite intoxicating. This red one has colour details ranging from yellow to blue, evoking the glittery reflections of a busy city street at night. The lack of outright fem chest shading gives it a tick in the andro potential box.

I matched it with the sort of new release from Vanity. The Potion updo is fem, of course, but I can see a visual association with the flair of renaissance male berets. Most definitely a tick in the andro box IF you're ever in need of an updo.  

OK, so both these are fem... the tulle around the neck is, however, NOT *sticks hir tongue out* It's from one of the older collections from CheerNo, Deuil - Mortifera and totally male. Looks a bomb, but unfortunately it's a bit script heavy without a kill option, which makes it a bit of an indulgence. Still, a HEAVY tick in the andro box.

Untitled 2

If you suffer from any form of foot wear fetish, you rapidly start to recognise the sculpties used and in most cases shopping becomes an assessment of the personal twists of the designers using them. I don't mind the least, but my attention goes red alert when something different turns up. 

Like these new release Vogue ankle boots from sYs. Solid but still with some elegant line work. It's mainly the platforms that give them their height, the foot sits quite comfortable in them. Very different indeed. Comes in a range of colours and with or without spikes. I recommend you check them out. The skin tone in the cut outs is easily customised with an easy to use hud. 

The massive ring comes from the Bleeding Mars set, Chop Zuey. The stone texture is animated, a valid alternative to the plastic look that so easily happens with large 'precious stones'. It glitters away and actually manages to capture some of the fiery nature of a cut gemstone. 

Pants are my old favourites from Niven, Monocrome II - Yaza Pant.

Untitled 3

I was a bit concerned about the predominance of fem stuff in the outfit and in my pursuit of finding suitable MALE poofy pants, I came across Gizza's outlet. I kept my fem Niven pants on and, there you go, another outfit happened instead... featuring another pair of fem poofy pants :P

The Shalvar outfit comes in that vivid silvery grey I can't resist. Matching soft mesh Suede Boots are the latest group gift from COCO. I'm real happy to say that for once, a mesh item fitted me... or rather... I fitted a mesh item. They are beautifully sculpted with mouth watering textures (What else? It's COCO). Two different colours are included as well as rigged and... un-rigged (sic?) versions. True MUST haves and you can't beat the price.

Untitled 4

I also picked up the scarf from the outlet. Hair is a new release form Maitreya, Nadja. Bracelet is an old group gift, or something, from Miel.

Photo locations are Markus Inkpen and Romy Nayar - Leona Khia - Ux Hax's installations at Invisible Cities on LEA15. It's great that LL advertises these places on the log in screen. However, they do tend to attract a certain 'clientele', I've discovered. Glammed up with frills and wotnots even I get my IMs filled with those legendary 'Hi'.  What a grim pleasure it is to be able to reply 'sorry mate, not a woman'

There're you have it... 'til next time, take care and have fun.

Bloody Valentine

Wedding event full shot

Well if you have not heard about it by now the Bloody Valentine Horror 2012 is just about to an end. This event features an interactive adventure as well as a special market place area that is set up with some exclusive items just for this event. Drop is one of the featured designers and they offer this special wedding set at the market. So sweet, you can get the dress, with veil (not shown) or the full suit with pink tie with 2 options (open tie not shown see Sweetness) . I love the soft coloring and ruffles on the dress and the men's suit has great cuffs and also subtle pin striping. You have the option also to get trans or copy versions so they would also make a great gift. The market  has every kind of item, much valentine themed or special couples versions. So please take time to check it out.
Besides the market you can take an interactive journey to help a long lost friend  by making your way through this town and collecting pages from a journal and helping the people of the town. You help save the day for your friend and her love earning an awesome gift at the end.  The town is great looking and there are many cool surprise and twist along the way. The gift also by Drop has something for men and also something for the women. If you would like to know a little more about the event check out my post here on it.

Well better late than never. You have until March 10th 7pm slt  to complete the journey and visit the market, don't miss out on wonderful event and experience.

Wedding event close up
Thanks to Kurenai Jun for posing with me and taking these pics. If you would like to see more of his work you can check it out here ...

Hair: Truth 
Skin: Mynerva

Dress: Drop 
Shoes: GOS 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spanish PurpleMoon

Spanish PurpleMoon

Poulet Konenkamp of PurpleMoon is fabulously creative and generous. Besides always having an assortment of superb items on sale, she showers her group regularly with marvelous gifts. You can see previously blogged PurpleMoon group gifts here. The Spanish Lady Gown is a group gift to mark 12K members in the PurpleMoon Group. This group is only $50L to join. That is an amazing deal as just one gift alone is usually many times that in value. This full length gown is just a little taste of what you can expect.

Spanish PurpleMoon

As if this gorgeous gown was not enough she also sent out this stunning Tears Me Not, ruby, onyx and diamond jewelry set. This high fashion necklace and earrings set is made up of a delicate design of tear shaped jewels echoing the tones in the gown.

Spanish PurpleMoon

Adding to the subtle drama of this outfit these La muerte psicodelica nails by Scrub, available now in the newest round at  Stuff in Stock You have another week or so to pick these up. I love the intricate design on these nails with loads of astounding colors and details. Be sure you pick up these goodies before they are gone.

See you around the grid

Hair: Sugarsmack! 
Skin: Glam Affair 
Poses: Diesel Works 
Location: DeePosed  

Special Special !!


I have been eyeballing these special edition Didi pumps by Mstyle for a while. These decadent hot pink and black peep toe pumps with studs are currently being offered for half price when you get the code from Mstyle's Facebook page. I like that you only have to tint the toes and it makes skin matching a snap.

When I got these pumps I immediately thought of this sexy limited edition Chastity lingerie set from BlackLace. This special hot pink and black version was made for a round of the TOSL . I love the details on this set the sweet prim lace and bows, it also comes with other options (not shown), like stockings and a skirt you can wear with it as a dress. Unfortunately this color set is no longer available however you can still get the set in a few other colors.


Wrapping up this look is the March Group gift skin from Filthy, sexy WMO003 hair from Boon and  La muerte psicodelica Nails by Scrub. now available at Stuff in Stock!!

Enjoy these goodies and see you around the grid

Pic 1 DeePosed  
Pic 2 Bent!
Prop w/ last pose: LostAngel Summer Ottoman  multipose

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battleship hair From Vita's Boudoir

This amazing hair from Vita's Boudoir will let you fly with your imagination and your hair as well. this is why i have to say I simple love Vita's she use all the things in this world to make a couture item that you can use to be the one will make head turns to see you when you walk in a room.!!


                                Vita's Boudoir


Spring Fairy-Gardener Needed its one of the newest additions on the already amazing couture sets from Vita's Boudoir. 
This floral set come with hat and chest attachments to cover just enough to let the rest to your imagination.

                                             Vita's Boudoir

Monday, March 5, 2012

Love DOES grow on trees

Now when Valentine's Day is well out of the way, I feel free to talk about love. Valentine always upsets me for some reason. Every day is a celebration of love, shouldn't need especially allocated ones.

Love Grow on Trees 1

After all, love is the only emotion that really exists. They say all emotions are rooted in either love or fear. Fear has the same relationship to love as darkness has to light. Since darkness is nothing but the absence of light, fear is nothing but the absence of love. Logical conclusion, love is all there is. *nods nods* 

Love Grows on Trees2

This wasn't really what I wanted to blog about, really... but when faced with Love doesn't grow on trees, you sort of can't help yourself. I don't have a clue how profound Yula Finesmith wanted to be when she gave her striking organic set this name, but I enjoy it twice over because it makes me think. 

I hope you notice the face ornaments. They in particular creates the feeling of these pieces not being worn but actually being one with you. There's a feeling of pure life force in them.

Love Grows on Trees 3

I guess you could say I find these pieces inspiring *grins*

Love Grows on Trees 4

Maybe it's something new being added to our drinking water, but I have this definite feeling of an imminent change and I personally can't wait to see what it is. Maybe it's love *smiles*

Other stuff:

Horns: Aries Horns, Illusions (colour change)
Hair: Lotta, special colours for LVE, Discord Designs... I love love LOVE 'em!
Eyes: Satyr eyes (Ice), By Snow. Bought on Marketplace.
Makeup: Eyeliner from closed store over Bodycross Makeup, Nuuna, special for the past 4.44.444 event, no longer available. I'm getting old!
Thing: Sockers ringed, Jungle Wear. Purchased on Marketplace.
Nails: Unisex short nails, Mandala (hud with shape and many colour options)
Satyr legs: Old hunt gift, Gilded. A couple of colours available in the store.

Props and poses my own. Photos from Primtific Island

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Sea Hole Lightning Wish

Sea Hole Lightning

In some parts of the world it is starting to warm up and spring is just around the corner, along with the confused temperature it makes for some hellacious storms. One such storm came across our dear Drinkenstein Sorbet down at The Sea Hole. I am not sure of all the details but I know that her minivan will never be the same. So to take the attention from that she is having a $50L lightning sale. Until March 6th, there will be one item from each set in her shop set at $50L. Each one will be marked with funny little marker that looks like minivan getting struck with lighting. As well as a gift out in the shop. This Savage Garden Dress in plumb was just too sweet to pass up for $50L. I will blow this dandelion and make a wish for Drinkenstein to get back to normal asap.

Sea Hole Lightning

Speaking of wishes, I LOVE This adorable Three Wishes necklace by Miao. It is tiny but the details are astounding. A simple chain with a tiny jar that holds 3 tiny dandelion seeds aka wishes. It also has color change metal so it will be sure to go with anything you want to wear it with.You have til midnight March 4th to get this at a special price at the current round of Disco Deals. So if you want this you will want to get down there and snap it up now. There is also a demo available.

Sea Hole Lightning

The Savage Garden Dress has this version in plum as the $50L item for this set. I really like the neckline details. Low scoop neck that has lacy peek-a-boo details in the front, cutting down low but not too low in the back and has the great tie on the belt. It is great dressed up for a more classic or vintage look, however it is very sweet and also lends itself just as easily to more casual looks as well. All kinds of good stuff in every range of style at The Sea Hole so run down there before it is over get your $50L shop on!!

See you at The Hole!!

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Mother Goose's  $1L
Glasses: Miel
Dress: The Sea Hole
Bracelet: Icing
Necklace: Miao
Shoes: Robin (Sojourner) Wood's AV Store