Thursday, March 31, 2011

MIX & MATCH Hunt Sneak peek (4/?) + Surprise!

Hello!! Are you wearing your running shoes to start this hunt? XD Here's another preview so you can get excited with me!

I'll begin with the surprise cuz I can't keep such a good new for myself... Alexandra Barcelos owner of FILTHY Skins have already put April's group gift for girls and boys also :D Isn't this skin gorgeous? I had already took a pic with this outfit and jewelry but wanted to take another one with this skin and this is what I'm finally posting cuz I L.O.V.E Filthy Skins BIG thanks!!!

Jewelry set is the hunt gift from Ear Candy, colors are soft, girly and cool, reflects nature and spring, thank you Maeve Mortlock!. Printed peasant top in green by Project Kiwi, I was lucky to find out about this store doing another hunt and I always come back to see what's new, cool stuff ppl!! Thank you Minami Susanowa!

I'm a princess! Heck yeah!!
Thanks to Calypso Clip owner of Nemesis that gave me the most gorgeous tiara ever!!! Yay! I matched it with this AT dress which is ONE of the gifts this store has for the hunt, others are a skin and a shape, what a good deal huh? Big thanks to Anna Tison!! This dress looks really good and can be used in a tube skirt mode also!! I'll bring another post as soon as I load the pics to flickr lmao Take care!!

Mix and Match Hunt + Pose Fair!

{S} Spring Calm+Exposeur Prima Donna Pack
The Mix and Match Hunt starts April 1st!!
I love this Spring Calm Outfit that you can get at {Silenced}. Its just oh so comfy and springy!
{S} Spring Calm+Exposeur Prima Donna Pack
The poses Im using are from Pose Fair which also starts tomorrow!
Exposeur Prima Donna Pose Packs give you a wide range of sometimes sexy sometimes demure poses that are perfect for any shots!
KA'Z + SocialANGTz
The hunt gift from KA'Z Fashion is this pretty little purple Rosie Mini Dress.
And I used poses from SocialAngtz at the Pose Fair to show off my new curvy new Sienna Shape I got from CS Shapes By Xanthe Audeburgh - her generous gift for the Mix and Match Hunt!
KA'Z + SocialANGTz
Watch this Space for Official SLurL for the Pose Fair 2011!

Skin: Laq
Hair: Elikatira

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MIX & MATCH Hunt Sneak peek (3/?)

It's me "again" lmao! But don't hate me I have gifts for you yay!!! Expectation for this hunt is growing so take care and good luck with lag, don't wear too much prims or ao's or whatever that makes you laggy... it helps YOU and other ppl that wants the prize as badly as you do :D Sometimes I don't even wear shoes lol, so, if you see me one day and seems I grabbed the first thing in my closet, that means I'm doing a hunt haha.


Katy top in purple by Just Me, looks sexy and actually you don't need to add a necklace so less time to get ready for a date haha! And purple is one of my fav colours *extra points!* Thank you Typha Bailey

Bottoms up jeans in fresh lavender by HolliPocket (come with prim cuffs I'm not wearin) I like my pants to look skinny hehe, and just a warning wear underwear!! hahaha I love the color and the design of the fabric, look closer and it's not plain, so thank you Holli Thespian!

Sakura tattoo by Legit, I'm half asian and I have a thing for sakura flower so I gotta love this tattoo!! Plus it looks really cute, big thanks to Misha Preiz!

In love tonight tattoo by Be-Lo.Te, I'm a romantic girl, this tattoo reflects that side of me, and the font used in the tattoo is darling! Thank you Bel Rain!

Thanks to my SL Viewer 2 I can add multiple layers so I'm happy to match this look with my doll lashes by [a.e.meth], tattoo layers have solved my SL life, I swear I can't edit any prim lashes so thank you so much Aemeth Lysette for making this gift on tattoo layer and prim also.


Through this whole post I've felt very feminine and what's better than a smexy lingerie set to keep that feeling up? And the color is just perfect!! Hurray for Sophistishapes and thank you Sophia Rossen for making us look gorgeous!

Wow, I have a lot more to blog but be patient, have a good night (or day lmao) I'll be back kisses!

MIX & MATCH Hunt Sneak Peek (2/?)

Hi!!! You can't imagine all the great items this hunt is giving away, all are unique and I want them all that I'd like to have many hands so I can take many pics and show you more lol. But don't worry I'll blog as fast as my laptop and SL allow me lmao Now let's move on to the prizes!!.

I would call this pic: "I'll be your light" XD Remember my last post about Adoness Hair? Well this is the coffee color type AND the matching wings comes with it too! (the black hair has pink matching wings btw) And when I turned on my "high" graphic preferences on mi Viewer 2.6 (or something like that...) the wings seem to bright harder, which made me change all background to black XD.

Thanks to DreamScape Inc. for the matching blue outfit and pumps (i love this kind of pumps and I didn't have that color!! so yay!!) And if you try on the pants don't think you're the only one that carries them unbuttoned they are cool like that! lol! Thank you Pinkah Breen for making this gift for us!

OMG I haven't realized until NOW that I'm tipying this that both photos have butterflies on it! LMAO!! So related pics hahaha This Coca & Wolf skin called Antagonistic Decent is simply gorgeous! I wanted to lay on a green grass all naked... ermm ok no I won't go around sl like that (I remember last time I arrived to a PG sim all naked by mistake... I still blush hahaha)Anyway thanks Coca Faxel for such amazing gift! (there's also a shape inside the giftbox I'm not showing)

Big thanks to Samia Bechir from Attitudes for the Lourmel lingerie set, really made me feel all girly and sexy rawr!

Here's a close up of the skin, that I matched with this brand new Emma hair by

Milana (Thank you Asuka Martin!!!)

I'll bring more stay tuned!!

New Product - SL HANDS - Men & Women

Aww, I wanted to get this blogged for you all yesterday, but we had a power surge and my computer died. Now I have a new one and I'm back in business...yay! Since it's short notice, I didn't have time to take personal photos. But I hope just getting this amazing new product out to you makes up for that. *smiles*

Piece of mind is debuting a new product in Second Life, avatar hands! That's right, you don't have to put up with hands that do nothing anymore.
These are only in the LOW Sale for 150$L until midnight Thursday, March 31st. Then they go to their regular price.

Here are a few words from Jewelia, the owner of Piece of Mind, about this new, wonderful product.
"These are a new product in Second Life & we are proud to carry them here at Piece of Mind! There are more gestures available in the shop & they are for both Men & Women!
They come with a HUD for skin adjustment, plain manicures, really pretty nail colors, 2 bangles, and alpha's.
I have solved one of the issues of you losing your foot alpha when you add another type of alpha such as our smile alpha's. The textures are rich and they look real!
In this Isabella avatar kit, I have also added more alpha options so you can choose what works for you."
Photo removed due to storage issue.

I know lots of people that talk with their hands, and now they will look great while you do. *winks* Don't miss this amazing sale offer! Jewelia also has two skins in the sale this week, check them out HERE. And be sure to visit the LOW Sale Blog for more great deals. There are so many nice things, you could go

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MIX & MATCH HUNT sneak peek (1/many XD)

*Andie plays drums* YAYYYYY MIX & MATCH HUNT it's almost here!!! And designers have been so kind that have let me take a sneak peek *grins*


April Dress by Nemesis. The combination of colours is so cool and screams spring so badly!!Big thank you to Calypso Clip!

Psycho Classic Pumps by PsyChoTroPia. I went to visit this store two weeks ago I think and I saw the photo of the prize and I just thougth "I NEED THOSE PUMPS!" so thank you Janire Coba!

Nerida hair in black by Adoness, those butterflies melted me! Thank you Cruella Pennell!

Vintage birdie table by La Flat (Come with a wearable bag that looks like the one on the table). Gotta love vintage!!! Thank you Posie Cheng!

Spring topiary decor by La'Licious, perfectly matched the scene! Thank you Amaliscious!

Here's a closeup of Nerida hair the little butterflies look really cute!



Blossom dress by Sassy!, I ADORE flower texture clothe XD so thank you Ivy Burner!

And couldn't make these pics without the model poses that are Magnifique gift for the hunt (5 poses just showing 2 here) thank you Scarlet Chandrayaan!

Before I go I also want to thank Avy Fhang, missqwerty Pevensey, Rayne Iali, Jodie Szapira, AzaliaTsutsuji Bosatsu and Crimson Melodie for making this hunt posible!! BIG HUGS FOR YA!!!

I'll be blogging more tomorrow, Teena will show us a bit more also so stay with us!!

PS: Remember, you'll be looking for a pink flower.

You asked me... A Love Story.

You asked me...

I got a tp from G(Gavin) at SLexy Fashionista to hit a lucky chair, when I got to DEF! I totally didn't realize what a cool shirt I was getting. This shirt has a bleeding winged heart with ribs and reads "You asked me to love you & I did". I found it to be a perfect match with this Skye-Cruel Secrets- Chai skin I snagged at Pink Fuel, I couldn't resist it for a little drama . Pink Fuel has select skins on sale for just 100L a skin tone and less than 1k for the Fat Pack. This RinII hair from Esk-Imo was on sale at the Help Japan! event. That runs for a few more weeks. Also from the Help Japan! event this sweet *save japan skirt from BRB., it has sheer overlay with a little sparkle to it, very princess-like and adds a little more softness and fun to this look. The cage boots in grey. I got from [m] Magnifico in the euphoria hunt that runs til April 11th are perfect thing to tie it all together.

You asked me .... Love Story

This next look was inspired but these new clothes I picked up from Toxxic Designs. The Love Story shirt that features this awesome stitched heart design is body hugging and comes with the great belt, here I paired it with some black capri pants. This is a great little shop and I got the whole outfit for less than $200L total! When you go check it out be sure to pick up the gifts and hit the MM for some more great goodies.

Love Story

My favorite part of this outfit are these awesome BeeBee Boots from SLink. Leather and suede with great details, they remind me of everything I love about shoes.

Love Story

Rounding the look out this lovely Michika hair from D!va is so cute and light, all the proceeds from the sale of this hair go to benefit the Japanese Red Cross. D!va also has some great group gifties and lucky boards galore. These awesome Swank Glasses-Cherry by Deco were part of a really awesome past group gift, but they are still on sale in the shop. I added lipstick from Cheap Makeup to this Pacific Crisis skin from Dernier Cri that was previously blogged here.

All the pics in this post were taken at my new favorite hang out Cup of Goodness coffee house. Read more about it here !!

See you around the grid

What's going on at Sweet Bites?

As I told you before Mix & Match hunt starts in two days yay!!! On April 1st, stores LM and hints will be revealed HERE.

By now I want to show you Sweet Bites gift for the hunt:


AND BIG NEWS!! Sweet Bites has just reopened so ALL ITEMS in the store are 70L each!! all kind of cute/good skins are 70L!!! Thank you Rebu for this!

Take this limo ladies! SWEET BITES

Fierce Designs for Mix & Match Hunt

Hello! Mix & Match Hunt starts this April 1st and during three weeks you can get awesome prizes related to Spring, fresh and colourful! One of the stores participating is Fierce Designs, and thanks to Sally Soleil I can show you the gift called "Bunneh love" which is a darling dress that can be used as a babydoll too XD and you can play with the little basket and bunny also XD
So you're all informed now lol, visit FIERCE DESIGNS this April1st to get this prize and look around to find cool customes and other outifts XD (MM boards also available!)

Because I am Hooked

So keeping in mind that I am in fact a grown manly man, and not a pre-teen girl at a Justin Bieber concert, I just logged in and found myself positively giddy! Giddy I tell you!

Yes, while I was offline Travis Enchanted of [BAIT] sent out a notice telling those of us who are Hooked (yep, the group tag) that the new group gifts were out. Which is always cool, but right at the bottom he said something magical. There, in the lobby of his store, I would be able to find a free "Yoda is my DJ" tank!

Yoda is my DJ

Can I get a group w00t?

Okay, so reality hits and as much as that excites me I realise not everyone is as geeky as I am, and in fact many people here are not as male as I am (although I would say it should be fine for everyone) so I figured I should include something for the ladies. Lucky one of the four (yes four) group gifts were activity pants!

Activity Pants

Although I'm not entirely sure what activity you can do with such little coverage, I went to a skate park and feared for my creamy soft skin if I fell off!

Manly remember!

Glitterati for Pose Fair

Hiyaaaaaaaa!! Pose Fair 2011 will soon open its doors to all SL Community as Teena posted HERE, and from all wonderful designers you'll find there, it's a pleasure to be blogging about these Glitterati poses you'll only find at the fair: Let's see "Wrestle", I'm like saying: "Over my dead body!! you ain't going out without meeeeeeeee" and he's laughing, thinking "This little girl thinks she can handle me, so naïve" LMAO
GLITTERATIPOSEFAIR2And this is to awww hehe, it's called "Affinity", no words needed...
Thank you Katey Coppola!

Addicted to Envy!!

Addictive is the new Mini Dress at Envy Designs!!
Envy Designs
Envy Designs
Envy Melody has given us this very sexy little mini in Aqua as a group gift free!!!
The Choker Necklace is also a little detail that she included with this outfit!
LOVE it!!!
Envy Designs
The poses I am using in this post come from Bent! by Catherine Fairport!
Perfect mix of sexy, cute, and sometimes quirky is why I absolutely adore these poses!!

Hair: Elikatira - Mood
Skin: Laq - Illeana
Shoes: SLink - Cassandra

Angelwing Spring Fairy

Angelwing will be at Fantasy Faire, the event opens on April 2nd and runs until the 10th.  This beautiful Spring Fairy will be there in other colors.

The blue version I am wearing will be in a store hunt at Angelwing. More information will be sent out regarding the hunt in the inworld group. Also, an exclusive purple version will be auctioned off for RFL.

The wings are just spectacular and involved some very delicate prim work.

fantasy faire Angelwing

Visit Angelwing

Hair : Shag
Pose : BENT!  exclusive to Glance Front Row RFL (four never to be sold again poses for 50L)
Skin : Mynerva

Chocolate Chapstick

It started so well, group chat was full of gifts and boards and people were happy.

And then came chocolate.

Honestly, it just slipped out accidentally, and then... Next thing I knew I was in some chocolate chapstick fight, well, maybe not fight, there was lots of friendliness happening, but the consensus was I was getting painted in chocolate chapstick. Which required me naked. But I could leave my hat on after some appeals.

Chocolate Chapstick

I swear, I didn't mean to start trouble... it just follows me around the group!

Monday, March 28, 2011

H.E.D Goodies + some nice freebies!

Hello!!! How are you all doing? I'm fine and nop, I'm not gonna show you more kidnapped boys ough~barely dressed~cough (however Flash no matter how far you run YOU'RE NEXT! muahaha j/k!) Ermm let's go back to THIS post lol, I have to thank Lyllianna Mccallen owner of H.E.D cuz her "I'd like to buy a vowel please" shirt made me laugh for a while lmao. All her new shirts are cute and looks yummy with these cupcakes in the middle, so go and take a look around her store!
I ALWAYS visit the stores I post about and that's why I can tell you at H.E.D you'll ALSO find three lucky boards, a FREE present, a 10L sale wall (with male & female items) AND these COOL SHIRTS that I've already mentioned before.
ANDDDDDDD last but no least, all the skinny pants, shorts and scarf are FREE and you can read the credits HERE. Hugs!

Zenith +Diamond is Mine2

The Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 is still on until April 11th so grab some goodies while you still can!
Zenith put the Lorena Blouse out for there gift and its just sooooo pretty and girly and yummy!!!
I paired it with the new H.E.D. Rolled Capri Pants in Beige and the SLink Achilla Gladiator Sandals for the perfect Spring look!
The new Skin from Laq is just gorgeous and I thought this makeup just went so well with this look for today!
Laqroki Skin

Hair: - Cassie - Not Free

We don't need no education!

Group chat today involved many language lessons, and then Ms Gothly schooled me on cow based puns. All in all it felt like I was learning stuff! So I decided to get all studenty. I ran to Sleepy Eddy and grabbed the stripy cardigan, over to SF Design for a cap and long hair (well, it's long for me anyway), some cargo shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals from my inventory... and then I wandered lost for ages trying to find somewhere to take a photo.

Wow, possibly the quickest styling I've done for the longest search for a photo location. Urgh! I've been "improving" my PC so everything runs slower too (hence me hiding from Andie's camera lately). I'm a genius! Anyway, here's the snapshot:

Back to School

  • V-neck stripey cardigan (unisex group gift from Sleepy Eddy)

  • Canvas cap with hair (25L Monday Mania at SF Design)

  • Black Cargo Shorts (on sale ages ago at Valiant)

  • Creme Polo (from art ME fashion I think it's an old hunt gift)

  • Eartshine sandals (grabbed in one of the frequent discount sessions at Kalnin)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter time with FILTHY!

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always get all excited when I get something from FILTHY lol! This time is the Easter Special Gift, yay! it's so cuteeeee that I felt in the urge to put on my bunny outfit that I got as a free group gift from Thalia's fashion and posed: I make this face everytime I see 100000000000 boxes on my closet hahaha
This is my face when I'm done with it LMAO!
A close up to this cute skin:



Sassy! has a few hunts going on at the moment.
I grabbed two things from the shop today while I was there doing the Diamond is Mine hunt :)
The Elegance Dress is the free gift from the DIMH!
And the Path to Spring Hunt Gift is this Tart Knotted Shirt and Spring Sculpted Skirt!
The Croire Chic Chain Clutch added a nice splash of springy color to my look!

Hair: Elikatira - Mood (1st Pic) and Truth - Amelie (2nd Pic)
Skin: Laqroki - Linnea Fair

Pose Fair 2011

Starts April 1st 12pm SLT
I dont know about you..but...Im getting Excited!!!!!
Slurl coming Soon!!

Ashli Designs Gifts

Ashli Designs has more group gifts out...woot! A word from Ashli, "I start all of my designs by scratch , I never use the same templates nor the wrinkles. They are all original." You have to love a girl like that, especially when her creations look so amazing.

There are a few gifts, so I won't get too wordy on you. *smiles*

First is Lyn, a free gift in a bag by the door, no groups required.
Ashli - Lyn, Everyone gift

If you are in the Ashli Designs Group (join fee only 200L) or the Ashli Prestige Group, you get this lovely Charity gown with bracelet and earrings. This color is an exclusive group gift, but it's available to buy in red, black, blue, and purple. A NEW GROUP GIFT EVERY MONTH!
Ashli - Charity, group gift with jewelry

Now if you are in the Ashli Prestige Group (join fee only 1050L), you not only get these two amazing dresses, but you have the opportunity to buy more colors as well as lots of other designs for ONLY 50L or less! NEW GROUP GIFTS EVERY MONTH! (That's gifts, with an S *winks*)

Freedom comes in teal, pink, purple, green, red, & white. Comes with bracelet, earrings, and necklace.
Ashli - Freedom, Prestige group gift with jewelry

Whispers comes in green, blue, red, & black. It can be worn as a regular skirt, or with a sexy string style skirt. Comes with bracelet and earrings also.
Ashli - Whispers, Prestige group gift with jewelry reg

With the string skirt.
Ashli - Whispers, Prestige group gift with jewelry strings

One more thing, Ashli also has this super cute and sexy Itty dress in the LOW Sale this week for only 129L. It comes with the adorable lace cuffs and hair piece.

Don't miss any of these great gifts and sale creations from Ashli Designs! And be sure to visit the LOW Sale blog for more great deals this week.