About Freebie Fashionista

Freebie Fashionista is an in-world group created by Margaux Dufaux for the cost conscious fashionista. 

What started out as a little group to help the new and linden challenged look nice on a budget has evolved into many new opportunities to help promote a diverse group of generous and talented designers that offer wonderful gifts and content that enhances all of our second life experiences.  

We are a resource group for our members particularly in the areas of fashion and lifestyle.  

 MD StyleWatch is just a part of what we do, we hope that you will enjoy some of our in world locations as well. 

Freebie Fashionista's MD StyleWatch Lounge @ The Retreat
features generous gifts from over 20 of our amazing group designers. The Retreat offers a diverse range of designer items for 50L and less in the relaxing beauty of nature. Be sure to check out the gorgeous gardens and free public photo studio on the grounds (Tp's next to the door) 

Freebie Fashionista in Virtual Asia- Under Construction
A Kawaii style boutique featuring adorable discount goodies and fun gatcha gatcha located in a vibrant and living virutal city.

 and more to come. 

We hope you will join us. 

Designers: if you are interested in acquiring notice rights with Freebie Fashionista please submit a note card in world to Margaux Dufaux, please check profile picks for instructions on submitting your request.