Saturday, October 31, 2009

(Free) Strumpet Mode

I was innocently strolling around the grid when my friend Rene Caerndow spotted me + called me a "tasty strumpet." According to Rene, the term "strumpet" means "like a sassy tart, but cuter" in (the Queen's) English. Lord love the British.

Here's what I was wearing that day, plus 3 other strumpet-y dresses, tattoos + jewelry looks that are nearly all free or $1L. And the background? Just the free kick-ass photo studio group gift from Lithium. Love!
This free purple minidress from LP Design is so fierce. The silver stitching detail + "open heart" buttie cutout (rimmed with cherry red) is just too much. In a good way. In the words of RL stylist supreme Rachel Zoe, I die.This much exposed skin screams for hawtie tats, and I remembered this striking freebie back tattoo from Cyanide. The thigh gun is the former I>3 Rien lucky board tattoo gift; there's an Ace card and gun on the thigh + the words "Power Doll" etched across the tummy. I totally heart sassy tattoos.

This black dress by Hyper Culture is one of the best finds on the Mix & Mingle Hunt (which ends today, so hurry if you haven't grabbed it yet). I agree with Rene that the just-peeking-out buttie (from underneath the lace edges here) is very strumpet indeed.
The black canvas of this dress really makes your skin + eyes pop, and I have fallen in luuurve my new fave eye store: Negoposi. It is such a gem for anyone who loves shiny, glowy, luminous eyes like moi. And get this: all eyes are $30L each. Amazing!
There are some really cool freebies/$1L gifts at the Designer's United II showcase (the dark "crow" theme is so lovely), like these $1L Djinn & Tonic earrings: check out the teeny tiny crow dangling from each oval faceted stone. Keeping it casual is a must when trolling the grid so I slipped on SoReal's meticulously detailed sneaks, which might just be the the absolute perfect carnation pink. The level of detailed texturing on these sneakers is simply eye-popping. (For me, SoReal does for sneakers what BAX does for boots: sets the standard to beat for super-realistic textural detail). Finally, I've been wearing these $1L tough-girl finger tapes by Luck Inc. to smex up everything.
Strumpet? I'll give you strumpet. *smooches Rene*These sexy, slouchy Miel socks + the fun Sey pumpkin handbag had me at first glance, so I gladly jumped on the orange-and-black bandwagon and created this look to go with. This triple mini-pumpkin ring is so adorable, and I also adore the mini candy corn earrings. It's a bit hard to tell from this pic, but the skirt on this striped Solange dress is really unique: the skirt is made of individual "feather"-like pieces that flutter out when you move. So pretty, especially with this unique "white ink" tattoo. Here's the black and gold version of the same SoReal sneaks too.
All this orange put me in a contrary mood, so I donned some silvery rocker hair + other silver stuffs. This shaggy 'do is just as suuuupaflexi as it looks.
Atomic's pumpkin hunt is giving away some gorges skins, but their bat tattoo gift is also supacool. I matchy-matchy'ed it with this Alyssa Bijoux bat charm necklace. And these free furry black booties with stiletto heels are just darling, especially with black slouchy sox.Back to the free Lithium photo studio for a sec: this thing is so awes. The graffiti backgrounds are tres smex and it comes with props boxes that you can move around. It also comes with 4 poses, but my boo Gavin McGinnis and I were having fun playing around with the Diesel Works Halloween gift (a super generous collection of past poses gifts), including some naughty couples poses. Here's Gavin and I proving once and for all that there's nothing sexier than sprawling out on barrels full o' toxic chemical laxatives.
Gavin won this "SHOW ME YOUR BEWBS" T-shirt from the Atomic lucky chair and thought it was funny. Personally, I was reminded of the signs that shirtless dudes liked to raise above their heads while clutching beer and shouting things at girls while zooming by in pickup trucks. On the freeway. In Arizona.My "Spidey-sense" tells me that I'll be embracing my strumpet identity often from now on. Thanks Rene! You da best gf. -- Oh and what's that I hear 'bout London? How it tries to be the NYC of the European continent? *foresees a NYC vs. London throwdown in the not-so-distant future*

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's secretly tickled to be called a "strumpet" in any life)

Worn in all pics except with the silver outfit:
Skin: Laq - Jewel 05 - Nougat - Glow skin
Hair: 69 - Nina - Light Golden Brown
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars - Pink/White and Black/Gold - $399L
Anklet: U&R Dogs - Cinderella anklet - previously free
Finger tapes: Luck Inc. - Finger Tapes Dollarbie - $1L

Purple dress: LP Design - lucky board gift - free
Pearl necklace + bracelet: The Body Politik - Tahitian Pearls - MM board gift - free
Black crows drops earrings: Djinn & Tonic @ Designer's United - Sorrow Sparrow//Salt n Pepper - Designer's United II showcase - $1L
Purple/pink star socks: Djunk - Star!socks pink -
Crow tattoo (back): Cyanide - hunt gift - previously free
Gun thigh strap tattoo: I>3 Rien - "Power Doll" - lucky board gift - previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Indigo (Large Iris) - $30L

Black dress: Hyper Culture - Mix & Mingle Hunt gift -
Black/gray striped socks: Peppermint Blue - Izumiya - PB Nov. Socks/G - free
Black pearls necklace: LP Design - Pearl Necklace (black) lucky board gift - free
Black pearls wrist bracelet (with rosette): Paradis - Streets Girl - lucky board gift - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Indigo (Large Iris) - $30L

Orange and black dress: Solange - Halloween subscribo gift Halloween BOOM Pumpkin Spice - free
Slouchy orange socks: Miel - LO Refurbished Socks H'ween Colors (
2-color pack special) - $100L
Pumpkin purse: Sey - lucky board gift -
Candy corn earrings: Fri.Day - Halloween hunt gift -free
Mini-pumpkins ring: Kotolier - group gift - free
Pumpkin charm necklace: Heart & Sole - Black Widow hunt gift #12 - free
White imprint tattoo: Rainbow Chaser - Flowers Snow Tattoo - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Raven - $30L

Silver sequin top: Prim & Pixel Paradise - Crystale - Profile Picks rewards gift - free
Silver checkered shorts: Djunk - Moni bottom 3 - free
Tights: Twosome - Cozy Socks Crochet Black - group gift (join group + check Notices) - free
Booties w/ fur trim: Indie Rose - Tratan Jacket & Skirts - group gift (join group + check Notices) - free
Scissors dotted lines skin: &Bean - Babushka-ya-ya - Halloween gift (skull hunt gift on wall) - free
Bat tattoo: Atomic - Halloween Batwings (black) - pumpkin hunt (#11) - free
Bat necklace: Alyssa Bijoux @ Fluffy Bushy - Catty Pumpkin Prize hunt gift - free
Hair: Allie & Ali - "Rock Out" Hair Silver - Catty Pumpkin Prize hunt gift - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Water (Large Iris) - $30L

Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes - $100L
Finger tapes: Luck Inc. - Finger Tapes Dollarbie - $1L

On Gavin McGinnis:

"SHOW ME YOUR BEWBIES" T-shirt: Atomic - lucky chair gift - free

Black T-shirt (shown below): Ducknipple - "Okkels" - Make Him Over Hunt gift - free

Other items shown include:

Photo studio: Lithium - Graffiti Studio [L+U]PhotoStudio002 - group gift - free

Poses on top of toxic barrels, with Gavin McGinnis: Diesel Works - Halloween poses set gift (buy pumpkins at store entryway) - free

Other poses include those by: Long Awkward Pose, Posies, Kuri Style and L+R+W

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I think I'm turning Japanese

I am a fan of Asian culture as many of my friends know and am particularly fond of Japanese designers in sl. They make some of the best , cutest and most detailed items and are usually very affordable. I found info on Y's@Mall Treasure hunt 2009 Autumn Harvest Festival there are 23 shops with 37 prizes and it was not too hard. Each participating store has a sign out front and you are looking for a marron. For those like me that are not familiar, it is a nut I am told and the ones on the hunt almost look like chocolate chips to me. I got some sweet things and can not resist showing you some of the goodies I picked up.

I fell in love with this adorable blue rose baby doll dress from ***Ambrosia*** with soft tones of pink and blue in a sweet floral print with cute blue and white gingham trim. Delicate lace accents on the chest and hem of the skirt make this very soft and feminine and I love the way it moves. The sweet updo is also from***Ambrosia***. This pearl necklace with flower from CANDIED SPELL, was made just for the hunt and is a perfect accent to this dress. I even found this =Isobeya= Japanese doll [ONNA] shape, it is a free gift in the store as well as many nice kimono and most all are free!!! Not from the hunt the skin is .::Mother Goose's::. 1L$ skin , eyes are *Sin Skins* Intense Ocean/Obsidian Eyes (blue) for $10L, and .:i *Towa* i:. jewel eyelashes were past gift from Macos mall opening.

Next up .:ALTE:. #028 Dress HL2, perfect for fall with layered skirt and autumn leaf pattern. Perfectly accented with MildSpring earrings from Three Hearts $1L, hair Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Blue Velvet in Valentine, past $50L Friday deal, skin Eudora (lt brow, eye A, nose B) from Another Skin (0L) , *Sin Skins* Intense Brown/Aqua Eyes (hazel) $10L and * *LeeZu Baxter* Black Cat Lashes (not Free)

This cute little number #031 Dress HL with it rich colors and bell sleeves is also from .:ALTE:. , they have cute shop with many great dresses and I didn't see anything over $50L. YAY!!. To finish this look I have [ROCKBERRY] Eva Group6000 Light FREX (Glow) skin,.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Bereznyak - Chocolate hair (poop hunt prize) there is 50% off sale now!! , EarthStones Stone Donut Leather Necklace Amber/Brown ( group gift ) , (Caroline's) Multi Pearl Cluster Earrings in Silver(past hunt gift),*Sin Skins* Intense Brown/Aqua Eyes (hazel) $10L, Bohemia [ glow ] studio Eyelashes - Raindrop ( not free) .

This super cute shirohato-2009 witch dress blue, was not a gift in the hunt but at $86L I could not resist. The delicate lace all over it, the rich colors and textures, I was sold. Not to mention the sweet little hat with pearl and kitty head detail...To it I added this sweet and not to be missed *CUPCAKES - Daydream - Cameo - Fairy 2 Pink skin previously blogged by Tesh, very generous gift and comes in several skin tones.. I love the frosty pinkness of it all. To wrap up this look =Isobeya= Japanese doll KOKESHI shape (free) , ***Ambrosia*** Hair4/gold hair (hunt gift) and Bohemia [ glow ] studio Eyelashes - Raindrop ( not free) really add to the fun of this look. This was a very enjoyable hunt with lots of great gifts I could not put here so head on over and check it out ....

Until next time Fashionistas!!! Muah


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good (Girlie Girl) Sale Grabs: Shoen + Cupcakes

Why was I humming that song ""I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story today? Oh, because I scooped these 2 pretty dresses at the ongoing sale at Schoen @ Vinyl Cafe, of course. Don't mind the crying -- it's only 'cuz these dresses were that good. Tears of joy, see.
What do you do when you can't decide which color? Why, get both of course.
I've been wearing these free U&R Dogs "Invention" bangles everywhere. The piano keyboard cuff is simply adorable, and the tiny gold notes + tiny pearls dangly chain are just precious. These round-toe stilettos by Indyra's aren't new or free, but they are such a classic buy. The stiletto heel is just-right-thick + tapers to a perfect arse-kicking point. And the stockings? One of my fave freebies finds ever: the garters-free fishnets from SHi. Such detailed quality + the scalloped lacey edges are just yum.
Every fashionista in SL was stalking the Cupcakes earlier this week for their crazy gift bags, which contained both skin packs + cute clothes together (the lucky cupcake was giving away great skins too). I'm wearing 2 of these gift skins here but actually wanted to show you these non-free dresses labeled "Halloween outfits" (but really just lovely mini-dresses in super rich pink and red hues -- there's nothing seasonal about them).
Check out the tiny rosettes + smexeh front lace-up detail on the pink one. So glad I worked out my abs today.
If you missed the free Cupcakes lucky chair/cupcake skins, don't despair: there's still a gorges free skin in a gift bag (up front near the the "Halloween" outfits) and the permanent sale section upstairs (which now has some new items). Here's one of the $25L yellow dresses with the free "fairy" skin (see how it's totally wearable all year round?) Love the dramatic under-eyeliner too.
The (not really) "fairy" skin theme inspired me to pair this outfit with my absolute favie thing this week (also not-really-fairy): this "Magic Candy Stash" sweets halo from Evie's Closet (a previously free apple bob gift; now bundled with 3 other outfits for $100L). Flying lollipops + cupcakes zooming above my head? I'm so down.
These eyes are another lovely group join gift from Ryker Beck (is there anything this woman can't do?) Her newly-minted VIP group for Exodi is still free to join; the $250L joining fee is temporarily waived for now + these shiny eyes are in the Notices (different colors worn thruout here -- I prefer the (V) series best 'cuz they're the shiniest). Here's me in the "Teal" shiny eyes, chillin' with my penguin friends outside the Cupcakes store. They are so cool -- didn't even try to mooch my candy (unlike a certain Gavin someone). I totally hearted them.
Sometimes it's way fun being a girlie girl. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really adores being a girlie girl, in every life)


Crying skin (worn with both pink + black sweater lace dresses): Ayumi - Angela -/dk/- Freckle - Pretty Witch Hunt gift (touch pink witch hat @ top left of sign) - free
Pink sweater lace dress: Schoen @ Vinyl Cafe- Knit One-Piece (Pink) - $122L (sale price from $175L) *NOTE: while there, buy the candy bowl on the floor for another free gift + look in the window for other gifties!
Black sweater lace dress: Schoen @ Vinyl Cafe- Knit One-Piece (Black) -
$122L (sale price from $175L)
Fishnets: SHi - Stocking x12 Fishnet - free
Blue Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Crystal Blue (large, V) - VIP group gift -
Black Pearls Multiropes Necklace: +plus - The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace
Pear Stones Earrings + Necklace: House of Hucci - Black Tourmaline Dion Chain + Earrings
Shoes: Indyra's Originals - Olivia Noir
Hair: Hair OH - Oh My Friend (only 1 color available)
Red dress: Cupcakes - Halloween Red Devil Dress
Brown Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Sepia (large, V) - VIP group gift - free
Skin with red dress: Cupcakes - Gift 14 - Enchanted - Sienna (freckles) - lucky chair gift - previously free
Pink dress: Cupcakes - Halloween Pink Fairy Dress
Green Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Moss (large, V) - VIP group gift - free
Skin with pink dress: Cupcakes - Gift 16 - Daydream - Wheat (freckles) - lucky chair gift - previously free
Yellow dress: Cupcakes - Halloween Pink Fairy Dress
Skin with yellow dress:
Cupcakes - October Daydream Halloween Gift - free
Blue-Green Eyes with yellow dress: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Teal (large, V) - VIP group gift - free
Yellow argyle tights: Vinyl Cafe - Plaid Stockings (yellow) - previously free
Piano cuffs bracelets: U&R Dogs - "Invention" Bracelets - camping gift - free
Candy halo: Evie's Closet - "Magic Candy Stash" - in Bobbing For Apples Prize Pack (includes 3 outfits + halo) - $100L (previously free)
All poses by: Long Awkward Pose - 50% pose set sale (limited-time discount off whole pose sets only)

See more SL adventures of a RL fashionista here:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Warm & Toasty

Old man Winter, you make me so cranky sometimes. Luckily there are pretty sweater dresses to help perk up my mood. Here's a few of the smexeh winter freebies & dollarbies sure to warm up that gosh darn chilly air.

Lots of winter goodies in my "Better Quality Freebies Shopping list #13" this week. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
More sexy winter gear + styling tips here:


Skin in 1st pic: Bishwear - Kendall - former 2-day gift - formerly free
Eyes in 1st pic: Silhouette - "Marble Blue" store opening gift - previously free
Hair in 1st pic: Zero Style - Camille (Strawberry Chocolate) - not free
Blue dress: Salire - Knit Long (Blue) - group lucky board gift - free
Scarf: G Field - Knit Muffler (Stripe) - $1L
Purse: Magi Take Shop - leather purse (pumpkin) - $1L
Boots: G Field - Short Belt Boots Emma (pumpkin) - $30L
Patchwork shirt: Shampoo - Check Shirt (Red) - group gift -
Dark long hair (with Shampoo shirt): Zero Style - Camille (Dark Chocolate) - not free
Jeans: NonaHoo - BlackRipped (snug fit) - not free
Skin (in all other pics except 1st pic above): Curio -
Vixen II - Sundust Frex (Light) - Comet 1 and 2 - not free
Eyes (in all other pics except 1st pic above): Curio - Tragic Lisa Frank (Shine) Large - group gift - free
Mittens: Noir Lolita - Sky Mitten gloves - $1L
Necklace: U&R Dogs - Partita Necklace (color change - 80+ colors) - lucky chair gift - free
Bracelets: Zaara - Indra painted stacked bangles (gold) - not free
Bobble hat hair - Drop LB hair4 (NOTE: to enter the DROP store, walk to the BACK of the room where this landing point is + click on the "DROP" sign to teleport) - lucky board gift - free
Pumpkin mouth sprig: BP* Sprig/Iwaki/2009-10 pumpkin - group gift (join "Bp*Update" group for $0L; gift in Notices) - free
Pink dress: Honey*Soul - Knitted Mini Dress (Berry) - $20L sale
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Kavika Sheen (Bow Strap) - Hot Pink - $50L sale
White fur stole: Pinky*Gals - from the group dress gift - free
Knee-high socks: Tyranny - South for the Winter (Goose) - socks fatpack gift - free

Poses used throughout: Gliteratti - Mens' + Womens' Breast Cancer Awareness poses - free

Monday, October 5, 2009

Glamour Expo 2009

I had a chance to get the the Glamour Expo before the crowds hit.. There was some really nice stuff there last year so had no reason to expect other wise, but I am glad to report that that I was not disappointed. Many great gifts... Here is a quick rundown of some of the awesome gifts I collected. In the pic above left to right I have on SYSY's 50's now dress, Miamai WildThing Minidress in Extra blue and Touche's Dippin Dot in Cherry. Cute and sassy these dresses are awesome gifts that will help you look good working or playing.

Moving on we have more little gems here that are awesome gifts by some of my fave desingers. First up this round is Chantkare's Venti dress, that I added these fun BB - Knitted Socks beige, the socks are very cute and also come with posing hud. Next I have on the Sascha's Designs Purple Taboe. This gown has gorgeous detailing and rich textures that has made her one of sl most well known designers. Another fav, A piece of candy offers this trinity gown, again beautiful rich colors and awesome detailing with this lovely sash and 2 bows that make you really stand out at any formal event. Finally the Ibizarre Wild Roses Dress. One of the most generous designers in sl offers this nice dress that would be great for business or cocktail parties. This picture does no justice for the great textures on the skirt and sexy and sophisticated peek-a-boo design on the bodice. Too many great things to list them all here. However I still have a few more things to show you

There were also some offerings for the times when you want to be more casual and relax. I love this awesome gift from *Aleida* that includes some great components to compliment many of the new fall fashions, including the hat and belt. I futher accessorized this with the :::Sn@tch Royal Bangles ::: gift .. that is awesome and again will be of great use in your fashion tool box. Fashion Doll, offers many freebies with some quirky t's like this -kiss me shirt and these jeans with the cute design. Abia Capalini Design Lia red is another nice combo that includes a hat. The great detailing on the top makes this set easy to dress up or down. You can see this nice Elemental in Water bangle and necklace set courtesy of Touche'. It is also very versatile and a very generous gift.

Things worn thought the post are this awesome skin that Tesh raves on in earlier post, the -Belleza- Jesse group gift, not free but well worth the $250L to join the group that will no doubt have more awesome gifts on the way. The hair is .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Sprocket - Brownie that I picked up in poop hunt. I am offical Tiny Bird junkie, this is for sale at the shop with many other mouth watering styles. Check there often as there are many chances to snag some of this love in the form of free hairs from time to time. A couple more accesories I snagged at the expo are worn with many of the outfits featured. This super cute set of anemone rings by Bliensen + MaiTai, has for rings in the set with great colors, there was one to compliment just about everything I put on with them, be sure to pick this one up. Also if you missed it at the Modiva show you can get the Digit Darkes-Noir Earrings, that look great with almost everything you put them with.

All of this and also you can help a good cause. This years efforts will benefit Care. Care is an international aid organization founded to relieve the distress and poverty worldwide,
regardless of any political tendencies, religion or ethnicity. They are currently seeking help in easing the suffing of children, hit by the recent enonomic situation they can use all the help we can give. It in the intent of the organizers that these funds will go specifically to help the children.

Many designers are offering special designs that will only be available at the glam expo and 50% or more of the proceeds of the items in special vendors will go to benefit this charity and there are also stations where you can donate directly. Even if it is just a $1L or 2 be sure to help out if you can.