Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Siren's Kiss

Ehmmm... This will get you thinking... it made me for sure. I don't know if this happened or if I've just woken up from some dream. I'm sort of just standing here blinking in disbelief. A magic moment that might or might not have happened... but I have the photo to prove it, don't I?

Mermaid 1

I'll leave you in peace for a minute to 'read', no words needed.

Mermaid 2

However, you wake up from dreams and the everyday takes over. Blogging is no different sooo... here are the credits ^^

Ladies first... Indigo:

Hair: Windblown 2, Emo-tions
Tail: Taliesins Black Magic Latex, Affinity Boutique, marketplace only. Mesh
Eye Makeup: Liz ShadowMock Cosmetics
Top: Aruba Top, Boom
Jewellery: Amorous Nadir Collar, Aubade Rings and Bangled Bangles from Amorous
Tattoo: Kali Durga, Garden of Ku, special on marketplace.


Hat, sun glasses: From Zebra Fashion Mesh OutfitPure Poison DesignsThe Retreat
Eyes: Horizon Eyes, IKON
Eye makeup: Glitter Eye Purple, Dulce Secrets.
Lips: Shiraz Lip Jelle, Mock Cosmetics.
Tattoo: Fetish Queen, Little Pricks/Skin Deep. Camping item.
Tank: Toro Military, Toromarketplace
Brooch: The Start of Captain, MiWardrobe, JOJ Hunt... sort of over, isn't it?
Skirt (yup, a skirt): Lilith Outfit, CandyMetal. REALLY juicy dollarbiemarketplace
Belt: Kookai Belt, Mandala. Blogged umteeen times.
Nets: From Zebra Fashion Mesh Outfit, Pure Poison Designs, The Retreat
Gloves: Ferocious - Jackal, Davinel
Boots: Jump Boots, Deco. Mesh.

The magical pose set: Siren's Kiss, WetCat

I'm sort of humbled in this post. Look below at my fantastic partner in crime produced. If you want perfection, look at Indigo's photos on her photo stream and simply die o.0 Imagine what she did with the pose on the rock... Do I feel an amateur or do I feel an amateur hahahahahahaha


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Hot

Pyrrhic is feeling red hot today! And is it any wonder?
Red Hot
Let's start up top, shall we? This firey red ombre Jessica hair by Rumina is sooo sultry. The way it drips down one shoulder is simply gorgeous. It's a mesh & flexi combo for the ultimate in realism. Mojo carries some of the top skins in all of SL and the current group gift skin, Meda, certainly doesn't dissapoint. Her caramel skin is so sinfully delicious that you'll want to cover your avi in it too! And of course on of the main reasons Pyrrhic is feeling particularly sexy is due to this sweet Spring bra and panty set from one of my all time favorite designers, Dirty Little Secret - (The Wash collection). Did I mention it's free at the moment? That's right, so run on over now! Check out all of the beauty these spectacular designers have to offer!
Pose by: The Muse Poses
Nails: Formanail
Jewelry: Nana
Eyes: Ikon

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perk Me Up

Sometimes you just need a little perk me up...

Perk Me Up
And only a new look will do.
Perk Me Up
Poses: Ciss Poses (for The Retreat)
Hair: Tameless Hair - Ruth (blond)
Skin & Shape: Panda Punx - Honey (for The Retreat)
Clothing & Shoes: Dirty Little Secret - The Wash (spring sleeveless blouse, leather leggings duo, and color change flats) 
Mucho Love ~ Pyrrhic

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kawaii Kloset

Kawaii Kloset

Kawaii Kloset- A fun gatcha parlor featuring quality designer items for $50L and less in an adorable Kawaii and Harajuku style environment in the fabulous shopping district of Virtual Asia.

Shopping, movies, contest and events as well as apartment homes gives us a chance to become a part of an actual living city with in second life. Vibrant and full of activity this can translate into incredible exposure and a chance to introduce your product to a diverse group of active sl users.

To learn more about Virtual Asia check out their blog

Grand reopening planned 14th March. Spaces are limited!! If you would like more information or to participate please feel free to apply here . Be sure to fill out form completely!! If you require any additional information or assistance feel free to im Margaux Dufaux at any time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's the end of the world as we know it ....


The World's End Garden has been one of my favorite haunts in sl for years. As well as having a gorgeously done ever changing sim occasionally they come out with some great looking clothes. I was really excited to hear that they had out some new dresses and new gatcha where you can win one of 12 flowery, feminine and delicate hair accessories. Who better to share cute floral things with than my BFF Andie Lavender!!


Here you can see us wearing the new Primavera gown available in 3 colors, I am wearing it in Alice Blue and Andie has on the Rose Mist version. These classic strapless gowns have pastel colored tops, sweet sash and then full floral lace skirt. Even among all the beautiful flowers in the garden we stand out,  this gown is sure to make any girl feel like a real princess.


These are just 2 of the 12 divine Primavera hair accessories you can get from the gatcha at world's end garden. Several different colors and styles are available at just $40L per play, all so pretty you cannot lose. Also these are transferable to make for easy trading or gifting. If you would like a run down of what Andie is wearing with her cute self, you can check out the details here on her blog Also I should mention the adorable little key in my mouth is the Your Key by #7 that is currently available at The Retreat! until the 5th of March.  New round in the back room starts there on the 21st of the month, so be sure that you get your favorites from the back  before they are gone. I hope that you enjoy these goodies as much as we have.
See you around the grid

On Margaux:

Hair: Argrace
Skin: Al Vulo - previously blogged here
Jewelry: Muse 
Make up: Dulce Secrets 

On Andie:

All her style info available here

Friday, February 15, 2013

JJ Lanes

JJ Lanes long time maker of some of the finest furniture in sl, especially for beach living, has a new shop and to celebrate they are offering this beautiful Addison furniture set for 25% off!! As if that were not enough they are offering the Addison chaise as a free gift in their shop for the rest of this month. You can get a better look at the chaise here. No group needed, just walk into the shop you will see it on display slap the sign and it is yours. This lovely chaise features 5 animations for a single person and is sure to add some sophistication and class to any decor. While you are there be sure to check out all the great affordable home and decor items they have to offer.

Happy Shopping

Two Cupids or Mesh Made Me Do It!

Hiya again. There's not much of a story with the stuff for this post. I was doing the Jack or Jill Hunt trying to put some outfits together. The mesh dominance made that not happen but things just started rolling anyway with little things crossing my path in other ways or (mainly) pulled from inventory. Suddenly these guys were just there. 

Let me introduce, mainly from inventory, two cuties from my 'Femboy Series'. I didn't realise how loaded with metaphors the photos until importing them to Blogger. I leave it to you to discover those... if you wish to, of course. The stuff that's 'now' is at top of credits. More of facial close ups in the bottom pic.

Two Cupids 1

Key (mouth): Mouth Key, #7, present round at The Retreat.
Wings: Festive Sparkle Wing, Curious Kittiesmarketplace.
Shorts and bulge: Cali Cutie Shorts, #13 JOJ Hunt, fem path, Sassy!, with added mesh bulge. Blogged last post. Mesh.  
Pose: Ciss' PosesThe Retreat.
Boots: Sasha,Valentine group gift, G Field. Mesh. Special colour version of new release.
Hair: Straight to the Point - Lightening, 1st Act. Lucky board in passing.
Skin: Hybrid Skin, Tableau Vivant. Xmas group gift, still up.
Eyes: Colour II Eyes, By Snow. Mesh, but both system and prim eyes are included.
Eye Makeup: Love Cycle Eyeshadow, from the Lovestyle eShadow Series, Mock Cosmetics.
Lip Makeup: Bonjour Matte Lipstick [Pinkie kiss]Mock Cosmetics... probably a Group Gift. 
Ears: Brownie Ears, Illusions.
Pearls, neck and hands: From Bohemian Winter Rose, Luziefee Design. Past round at The Retreat.
Bangles: Eyelet Bracelet, Sigma. From inventory... bought at an event I think.
Nets: From inventory, Death Row Designs. Not a clue about availability, sorry. 
Socks: Loose Socks, Klamotte. From inventory, designer hopefully between shops.

Seemingly not much there but that's an unusually long list for me ^^

Two Cupids 2

Eye makeup: Slip Stream Party Girl Makeup, Dulce Secrets, and Guyliner 02, A:S:S.
Corset: Yup, have to squeeze a corset in somewhere - Back in Black Nola, Etchaflesh. Mesh. 
Eyes: Wolven Eyes, Fantasy Hunt #09, By Snow. Showed another colour from the same gift in my last post.
PiercingPurity Ear Cuff, Le Primitif. Let me guess... The Dirty Turkey Hunt, gift still out.
Hair: Ethan, Burley
Pose: Del May
Wings: Angel WingsIllusions
Skin: Marilyn Skin cTableau Vivant. Past Group Gift.
Thong"Sockers" Zipped Thong FrontJungle Wear. From inventory.
Eye lashes: Eyelesh 06 Tiny Feather (colour modded), Fluglen Brise. Old hunt gift... I think.
Cuffs: Hamur, Osakki. From inventory.
Bird Legs: Retextured satyr legs from Gilded, feet from Raven, Grendels/Birdworx. From inventory.
Bow: Bow of Dastardly Deeds, iPwn. From inventory.

Two Cupids 3

No more to say. Until next time, take care and have fun!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Adam N Eve Skins

Meghan Valentine Free Skin

Adam N Eve is offering this special version of the Meghan skin with darling heart on the lips as a generous gift for Valentines Day!!! This wonderful gift is only available Feb 14th, so don't miss out.        
Thanks Sachi!! Happy Valentines everyone


Neither Jick Nor Jall

Holds my hands in a firm grip of the chair. I've promised Marg, I'll post my stuff here to but NO prattle, ONLY outfits! If you wish to know what this is about, you'll have to visit my personal blog.

Anyway, I think I can tell you that the Jack OR Jill Hunt is on us again, the hunt where gals and guys have separate paths down the stores.

Neither Jick nor Jill

*Groans* This is torture! Here is a outfit... *Sinks under my chair, stuffing my fingers in my mouth to stop the prattle pouring out*

For the JOJ Hunt, use the official hunt page with hints for SLURLS, the other links will be given below.

Top: Hoodie Tee, #11 JOJ Hunt,  fem path, HolliPocket. Comes with appliers.
Shorts: Cali Cutie Shorts, #13 JOJ Hunt, fem path, Sassy! Mesh.
Glasses: Lolita Eyeglasses, #17 JOJ Hunt, fem path, Blow-Up. Mesh.
Bulge: Mesh Bulge, Aaralyn's Evil Creations. From last Femboy Hunt. Not available now.
Eyes: Wolven Eyes (Demon), part of #9 Fantasy Hunt, By Snow.
Eyeshadow: Liz, Mock Cosmetics. Preview of set soon to be released... a beaut! Thank you, Mockie!
Seemingly Radio-Active Lolly: Miss Murder Lolly Pop, Alissa Firecaster, MP dollarbie.
Pose: Rita, Ciss' Poses (yup, my own), present round at The Retreat.

Cute eh? Well, that's it for this time. On my hunting, I got together a couple of other barely clad avs of different species. You'll meet them in the next post. In the meantime, take care and have fun!
Jeezzzz... Marg... WHAT exactly was it I promised?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Better than Chocolate

Better than Chocolate

This is the second installment of the 50 shades of sexy challenge, the theme for this one is better than chocolate. One thing that is better than chocolate is a gorgeous lingerie set in yummy chocolate tone, such as this Incredible lingerie set by BlackLace here in chocolate. Full lace bra and panty set all pulled together with a sweet bow on lace adorned satin corset. 

 Better than Chocolate

Also another delicious better than chocolate treat is this enticing Musa skin by WOW. Musa is a new line featuring 3 heavenly chocolate hues, shown here in vanilla. These skins have a wonderful tone to them and are great when you are looking for a rich brown skintone. Topping off this look is wonderful Over hair by Elikatira, who is currently having a great sale read more about that here
That is all for now, Thanks for reading everyone and see you around the grid 

Shoes: GOS


Hey y'all, I have a little secret to tell you....
I've found this really amazingly awesome place, run by this really amazingly awesome guy I've known since almost my very first day in SL. It's destined to be one of the best places to hang out! It's got killer music, fun dancing, great folks, and a fantastic atmosphere!! (Oh yeah, and a cute owner... hehe)
Sure there are coffee house all over the place... but this is actually the first CoolBeans franchise in all of SL, not to mention the best. Notice the drunk girl by the trash?? I heard she had a little too much Irish coffee. I mean really, it doesn't get much better than that... Free (spiked) coffee for all!
 When I asked the owner, Ewan Marksman, what his goal was for opening a CoolBeans he stated, "Well, all I want is for people to come here and just hang with a good cup of coffee, music on the background, dance on their favorite tracks. Maybe an artist coming over, if all goes well."  With the giant stage, beautiful grassy dance area and the muic always flowing, I don't think he'll have any problem at all with that!
And of course when you need a break from all that dancing, there are plenty of shaded areas to sit down with a hot cup of coffee to help you relax away the cares of the day to the sounds of really great music.
And here he is, the always wonderful owner of CoolBeans:
Ewan Marksman!
Drop on by to CoolBeans and tell him Pyrrhic sent you! You're sure to have a great time!
~ Pyrrhic's Clothing ~
Valentine Dress by: Dirty Little Secret
Skura Hair by: Analog Dog
Nails by: Formanails
Couples Whisper Pose by: Embody
Skin by: Filthy (closed)
Shape by: Me (I'll make ya one if you ask nice...)
~ Ewan's Clothing ~
You'll have to drop by CoolBeans and ask him... HA!

Seldom Blue

It is time for Valentines Day's and Indigoblue is celebrating at Seldom Blue with an awesome gift for you. This gorgeous Aphrodisia Valentine lingerie set is yours for just $1L. This generous gift is hidden for you somewhere in the store and is only available til Sunday 17th Feb. You are looking for a golden gift box with a red bow. Here is a little hint to help you find it: "Change of Heart". While you are there check out some of the best lingerie in all of sl !! Thanks Indigoblue.

Happy Shopping all

Who's Your Flame?

So who is it? You know, for Valentines Day and all...
Who's Your Flame?
I don't do SL love/relationships, I do however do SL fashion, and this Valentines Day I'm shacking up with Dirty Little Secret and their Poofy Party Dress (mesh). I love the way it flounces above the knee, and the pretty pink leaves me feeling full of love. The Kainus II boots in rose from Loordes of London just happen to coordinate absolutely perfectly with this dress. And the slouchy socks are so much fun; giving the ensemble a fun and quirky look!
Who's Your Flame?
The flaming Auburn Cheryl hair from Tameless simply lights up my day! From the sweet bangs to the long cascading waves, it has a lovely little retro feel. It's available in naturals, fantasy colors and even fades. Her creamy fair skin is the current gift at Al Vulo. Alyss in Wonderland is so very pretty with her parted lips, rosy blushed cheeks and pale blue eye shadow. This entire look brightens up my sweet Pyrrhic and makes her the perfect flame for me on V-Day in SL.

Happy Valentines Day Darlings!
Much Love ~ Pyrrhic

New Round at The Retreat

The Retreat
It is that time again and a new round has started at The Retreat. We have reopened the front room of the shop and it is stocked up with many brand new treats for you to spoil yourself with for 50L and less. 
You can see all the awesome newness on our new blog.
Come and enjoy new items from #7, FuLo, Zanze, Cysleek, and for the first time at The Retreat Living Vintage!! Living Vintage brings great items for the guys, they are priced as low as $25L, most of these items sell for over $100L in their main shop!  All this and more, come see what is new for you. 
Next round on the 21st of Feb, so be sure to grab all your favorites from the back of the shop before they are gone. 
Also don't forget the Freebie Fashionista gift lounge and Free public photo studio on the grounds. Tp's next to the door.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cherries on Top Hunt 2

Cherries on top Hunt 2

For the second year in a row the cherries on top hunt is currently taking place at Purple Moon. There are 10 cherries hidden all over the shop loaded with sweet treasures.

This hunt is free and open to the public (no group required). Cherries are numbered from 1-10 and rooms where they are hidden will be decorated with Cherries from the ceiling. Also having fun is mandatory so bring your friends and have a good time collecting these wonderful gifts for more info you can check their blog here 

Happy Shopping

Sunday, February 10, 2013



There are so many awesome events and sales going on I should get started with this post that will include goodies from all over the grid. First up Toma jacket by Poison, Italy outfit by Isabelle Coveria Designs, and Skull medallion necklace by Lavarock Creations  great prizes from the AMQS- Un año de amore mini-hunt. This hunt is on until 15th of Feb and you can learn more about it here.  The Spiked sneakers by even.flow, shown here in gamer pattern/silver is just one of many fantastic items in the latest round at Stuff in Stock


Also from Stuff in Stock this Ceara skin by Step Inside, shown here with G O L A Industry teeth-lips tattoo. Between these 2 events I was able to put together this fresh sporty look without breaking the bank. Pose used in this close up pic is one of Ciss' Poses available now in the newest round at The Retreat. This pose is just one of the wonderful items available, this round features some great mens wear as well as shoes and more. Be sure to stop by and treat yourself to a little retail therapy for $50L and less. While you are there be sure to drop by the Freebie Fashionista MD StyleWatch gift lounge and please take advantage of the free public photo studio located on the grounds (tp's next to door). Well that is all for now. Enjoy and stay tuned for more info on amazing sales and not to be missed events!!

See you around the grid

Hair: Elikatira-Sale!! more info here
Phone: Mstyle- Also sale- info here
Bow Ring: .Olive- Gift at SL Fashion Week 
Eyes: Poetic Colors 
Nails: Mandala 
All Pics taken in Virtual Asia 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Global Domination

Global Domination

Global Domination is a new event by Hottie Cooterati that will be taking place 14th Feb-28th Feb. In this event you will purchase a hud, this hud will be available at participating shops. All shops are offering a special and exclusive prize for the event that you will receive when you purchase the hud. The hud will serve as a passport, as you follow clues that take you on an international journey all over the grid,solving puzzles and collecting stamps. Once you collect all the stamps you then have access to all the great exclusive items being offered by designers!!

 You can buy huds now at participating locations, if you purchase the hud in advance of the event you get a savings. For more information and a list of participating locations check out the Hottie Cooterati Website

Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Valentine - I Rise

THAT day is coming up again, the day where we celebrate the magic of love. Usually, it's focused on the familiar, centered around the loving couple or focused on one adored. This year, can you feel the change in the air! It's time to spread that warm fuzzy feeling to include everyone.
One in three women will be beaten or raped during their life time, that's roughly one billion people.  People from all walks of life, not just women, are standing up saying 'enough!' This year there's a grass roots shift on many fronts to put an end to gender based violence and beyond. It's about breaking down barriers of intolerance between man, woman, transgender, muslim, christian, blue eyed, red haired, zebra striped or polka dotted or whatever you don't fancy and to simply stop beating each other up. It's about time to realize that we're all one and that we all share the same dream - to live in peace and without fear and with whoever we like. It's actually very simple... accept the person standing next to you as is. That's it. No need for chocolates or lacy lingerie, even if I'm sure it would be appreciated, only a quieting of that little dismissing judgmental voice in the back of our head and maybe a smile to brighten someone's day.
Beaten 1
Everything that's in FL can, of course,  be found in SL. This huge energy shift is no different. One really big initiative, One Billion Rising, is a huge international event involving almost 200 countries... plus SL. Peeps from everywhere and then some will come together to dance in support and demand that the violence against women and girls stops right now. Inworld there's be a 24 hours dance party and music event spread over four regions to make room for everyone to raise awareness about this issue that has serious ramifications, not just for fairness and happiness, but also for the economy and well being of all of us. We are all invited. Info can be found on their web page... FL and SL... and there's even a photo competition in the SL Flickr group, info about which can be found here and is a simple way to raise your voice.
Beaten 2

OK, so this is my blog and I've done my talking. Time for the styling:

Hair: Indigo, Tameless Hair. Mesh, colour change HUD. Thank you Nita! :)

Skin: Andrej skin, Tableau Vivant

Eyes: Sunrise eyes, Ikon

Wounds: Bad Day, Adrenaline Rush

Eye makeup: Guyliner 04, A:S:S

Lip makeup: Lipstick Drama Queen SmearedA:S:S

Cigarette: From my inventory... unknown origin

Necklace: Corazon, Bliensen + MaiTai. I've got mine in the POE5, but it's up in the store now.

Jacket: Fleur Leather Jacket, Dirty Little Secret. Thank you Tash! :)

Lace Top: Lacenet Shirt, Batsu. Old hunt gift.

Skirt: From Special Semanal Dollarbie, CandyMetal, 1L on MP (Got a pink/white print on butt)

Tights: From Rogue Valentine, Viva Voce, freebie on MP

Another Valentine 3

Until next time, take care of each other and have fun!

Like Candy


I know most everyone has heard about the 50 shades of sexy bloggers challenge now going on for a few weeks. I am fashionably late with my post, but will do my best to catch up. Each week there will be a theme and we can show case some of the great lingerie of sl. The theme for the first week is cotton candy.  This uber sweet Spring Flowers lingerie from BlackLace is a delicious shade of pink and an awesome gift as part of the cupids arrow hunt.


Here you can see some of the amazing details on this very generous gift that is sure to be a treat for you and the one you love. This set includes bra, and panties accented with ornate lace. It also includes a cincher made completely of this gorgeous lace with high waisted garters and stockings. All this sweetness is tied up with sweet bow accents on bra and garters. This Alyss skin- group gift from Al Vulo , (group free to join)  provides the perfect base for this delectable look. 


As we all know valentines day is coming up!! This Love Always set from EarthStones makes a great gift that is sure to bring a smile to any girls face. (Thanks Apiz). Enjoy these enchanting  treats to help make your valentines day a little sweeter.

See you around the grid

Hair: Elikatira- on sale til the Feb 23rd previously posted here.
Bracelet: Heart Couture
Shoes: I love Fashion @ stuff in stock
Poses: Ciss Poses, Ilaya
Chaise: JJ Lane's 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mstyle Shoe Sale

Big Sale at Mstyle!! New prices !! Up to 50% off !! Many wonderful shoes, nails, and other accessories. While you are there be sure to slap the subscribo and get FREE heart bangle bracelet

Happy Shopping

Soft Spoken

Hi Ladies! Time for some more fashinable finds from the wonderful world that is Second Life...
Soft Spoken
I love Dulce Secrets skins. The realism and detail is some of the absolute best in all of SL, and this new Machelle skin in Malibu Bare is no exception. I love that she offers bare skins so you can layer on the makeup looks. To make my precious Pyrrhics eyes pop I've added a gift eyeliner in n3 from (Red) Sand. To top off this look, I've included the Venus hair in Midnight from Tameless Hair. I absolutely adore this style!! The beautiful rosettes that crown her are etheral, as is the sweet tendril that hangs gracefully down her shoulder. This is a versitile longer hair style that can be worn with a casual outfit (as shown) or with an elegant eveing look.
Soft Spoken
This outfit may be called Soft Spoken, but it speaks volumes in the fashion department! This gorgous complete mesh outfit from *BE* (Butterfly Effect). The textures on the maxi skirt and drapy off the shoulder top are so real you feel like you could reach through the screen and snuggle them! I love the muted grays and soft material. And even better yet... it even comes with those sassy little heels! Enjoy!
Much Love,

Mons Valentine Skin Sale

Starting today and going through Feb 14th Mons has all their amazing skins on sale for 50% off. Single skin tone packs are less than $400L !! While you are there check out the wonderful Johanna VIP group gift skin. There is $100L fee to join the group, but this gift alone is worth that and more.
Many other cute items in the shop as well, so check it out!!

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sweet Tooth


I just found out about the 50 Shades of Sexy bloggers challenge and decided to give it a try. You know I had to grab my girls to do the challenge. The theme for the first week is cotton candy, so pink is a must but we all bring our own flavor to to this sweet look.

Lingerie from left to right

Beautiful : Blacklace- Spring flower, awesome gift currently available in the cupids arrow hunt
Lovely: Custom iNKz
Sarrah: Just Dream
Margaux: Kyoot

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cutie Katana

Cute Kitana

When I found this adorable School Uniform from Kre-ations I just had to post it. Complete school girl look features shirt with sailor collar, scarf and cuffed sleeves as well as mesh mini skirt in black and red. If that was not enough it also includes this super awesome katana sword, an exceptional find by any standards for just $2L.

Cute Kitana

Shown here with bare Glo. skin in Malibu by Dulce Secrets. The skins are available in several skin tones and come with no make up to be used as a pallet for make up tattoo layers. Here just the thing to reflect the natural beauty of youth.

 Check out Dulce Secrets brand new shop that was recently updated. While you are there be sure to swing by The Retreat and enjoy a little retail therapy with quality items for $50L and less. Including offering from Kre-ations, Sassy!, 1hundred, FuLo and more. Treat yourself and enjoy the Freebie Fashionista MD StyleWatch lounge featuring wonderful gifts from a diverse range of quality content creators all over sl. After some great shopping get dressed up and take advantage of the free public photo studio located on the grounds. Tp's available in both Dulce Secrets as well as The Retreat.

That is all for now.
See you around the grid

Hair: Elikatira- Still on sale details here.
Nails: Mandala
Eyes: Shake Up 
Fishnets: Zenith 
Boots: Shiny Things
Ring: Fairy Tail 
Poses: Gola