Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diamonds in the Rough Hunt preview ;-)

If there is a hunt you should do in April, it's this one !! The Diamond in the Rough hunt by Alexohol Fashions is not to be missed. Let me repeat : not to be missed !!

Here is a sneek peek of some of the quality items you will find on your diamond collecting journey. Hunt starts tomorrow April 1st and runs until the 30th.. plenty of time for gem hunting :)

diamond hunt 3

Dress : Alexohol Fashions
Boots : Magia
Pose with diamond : Double shots

diamond hunt 2

Lingerie : DivaLicious
Shoes : Trixxy's Shop
Skin : Tik Tok
Bangles : Alexohol Fashions

diamond hunt 1

Lingerie : Blacklace
Necklace : LacieCakes
Skin : Tik Tok

Vivapose bubbles

Pose Prob : Vivaposes
Bubble outfit is a mix of stuff I have in my inventory for ages ;-)

Stuff to know :
Hunt Blog Link
In world group : Diamonds in the Rough hunt-Hunters
Taxi to starting point :

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've Sprung Right into Spring!

Happy Spring! It is officially spring, after all. And I celebrated with lots of color and, because spring is such a great time for fashion, lots of strong statements!

B! Fashion's Spring Freebie dress is well worth a TP over to their snazzy store, where you'll also find other freebies, MM & several lucky chairs. It's such a cute little dress and the simple floral motif puts me in all kinds of good moods for the season. I've paired it with the color-change Sn@tch Plush Pumps, won on one of their generous lucky chairs which turn over quickly. You'll be seeing a lot of these shoes in today's post...

You'll also be seeing a lot of this admittedly already much-blogged but much-loved nonetheless hair by Hal*Hina - Group Gift (Hair -haru-) in warm black. As the name suggests, you have to join the group to snag it. It is tres adorable!

This beautiful rosy skin is Virtual Diva's montly skin aprilpalee, the April gift in-store. There's something dramatic yet innocent about it, but whatever you call it, you definitely have to consider it luscious.

Changing gears abruptly for some hardcore vampy glam, I'm showcasing the red Midnight Mania prize dress from [studio m], Tabata - Ruby MM Gift. It's got a lot of attitude! The 'tude is going on with the skin as well, which is a dollarbie upstairs at Rotten Toe, !RT...Angie Glam mkup1. And glam it is - creamy pale skin contrasting sharply with over-the-top eye make-up and oh-so-red lips. The black manicure comes painted on the skin, so you don't have to wear an extra glove layer to go goth-ish!

Sticking with the drama for a bit, there's the lucky chair prize from the recently-reopened -=C & D=-, Fancy Dress BLACK. Like all Sintara's creations the textures are great and it moves like a dream. (I'm trying not to let my bias show; I entrusted Sintara with creating my awesome custom wedding gown, so you know she does great work!)

I am officially in love with Imabee's skins. They are so thoughtfully crafted! This blushing beauty is the !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivian Couldn't Sleep with freckles & cleavage, currently a 1,000 members celebration group gift in the shop. I couldn't be more wild about the strong brow and perfect pout. Definitely hop over and grab this one while it lasts, you won't be sorry. While you're at it snag the other group gift skin next to it. It's got fabulous golden tones.

Last but definitely not least, Sock Monkey's latest freebie in both the mainstore and satellite locations is this sweet, sweet spring-inspired dress. It's called ::!SM!::Taste of Blue Spring. The skin in this shot is another from Virtual Diva, this time a Midnight Mania prize. It's Skin Diva 2 Cream, and very win-able!

Thank you Unique Clothing !!

Join the Freebie Fashionista (HQ slurl) group and get this sexy cute dress from Unique Clothing !! Just check the notices ;-)

Unique clothing gift

Pose by Vivaposes - sale going on as we speak
5L to 15L on everything !!!

Told you I was an Ugly Duck !!!

Remember my post about Ugly Duck skins ? Well.......... the new group gift is this crazy Ugly Duck costume.. Love, Love, Love !!!!!

It comes with two skins !!

The group join fee is 250L, but well worth the investment for the wall of great gifts !! See previous post

ugly duck 1

ugly duck 2

Poses by :
Creative Insanity

Cat, aka Ugly Duck

Ravishing in Runo !!

Marg sent out a notice regarding RunoRuno and I just had to check it out !! I'm soooo glad I did.

They have a great selection of gift items that you should not pass up. Here is but one of the many free items you will find there. (Ya, I know.. no shoes - oh well, giggles) This lingerie set is called Spring, perfect for the season ;-)

runo lingerie
Model Pose chair by Glitterati 250L (presently on sale), scoop it up because I think after or b4 the pose fair.. it may be gone.

Now, I just couldn't pass up the next item,
RunoRuno - UNDress Evening in Black.

Ok. Confession !!
I bought the fatpack of dresses for the UnDress series. Six dresses in total, 3 white and 3 black. Purchased individually, each dress is a serious steal at only 50L. I absolutly love the belt buckle detail on this gown.. it's stunning.

runo evening with pasties
Pose : LAP

Skin : Touche, Cornflower at the Spring Bazaar easter egg hunt 1L

Have fun shopping,


Monday, March 29, 2010

SwayLand Butterfly Hunt and Cherry blossom viewing 2010

First at Swayland, hunt for 10 butterflies (similar to the one I'm holding) hidden around the SwayLand Sim, When you've found them all, hit the Swayland Butterfly at the starting point to claim this unique spring dress, pose included.

While you are hunting, the vendors have great gifts out for you as well !!

spring dress 4

Also a must, head over to the Cherry Blossom viewing 2010. The vendors have great gifts out and the sim is just breathtaking. The wings I'm wearing are from Frozen Night, 0L that can be found at their vendor kiosque.

spring dress 3

Hair : !SyDS! @petit pas- 0L lucky board

Happy hunting,

Blacklace Spring Gift

Hop over to Blacklace and put this little number in your Easter basket !!

Blacklace spring gift

Pose : [Doll.] Carrie 07 (Sixty Linden Weekends, stopped by this morning and it was still up.. hurry - 10 pose pack)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palais Easter Hunt

It's easter egg hunt time at Palais...woot! There are 6 eggs hidden inside the main store at Palais, so that's 6 free items...hop your bootys over there and start looking. I won't tell you what is in all of them, but I will tell you that one item will help keep you warm, one will light your path in a very pretty way, one has some awesome sits in it, and another one hasn't ever been seen by anyone but Cake yet (ok, and meeeeee *giggles*) and you really won't want to miss it, especially if you like kinky RP. *winks*

Ohhh, it's so dark out here, good thing I found this pretty lamp to light my way!

A few things you should know: Please don't IM Cake asking where they are, she's very busy and doesn't want to ruin the surprise. All eggs are light colored and true egg size, also hidden inside the store, no reason to look outside. They ARE hidden, but not in a tricky won't have to cam into another prim to find them. There are some areas of the castle that are new and don't have any products in them, but there are no eggs hidden in those areas. She does not mind if you share the location of the eggs with a few friends, but if she realizes they aren't a challenge to anyone anymore, she will move them, so don't share the locations with all of SL. It's supposed to be a fun HUNT for everyone to enjoy.

This pic doesn't exactly give it away, but kinda close. *wiggles her eyebrows*
Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way
Just as you should be hippity hoppin' your way to Palais right now scooping up those eggs for your own houses, er baskets.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photoshop I can do, titles, not so much

The detail on this spider lingerie is amazing and comes with a delicate mask as well. Worth the camp for sure !!

Tuft is having a sale on it's photoboxes, prices range from 5L to 15L.. not to be missed !!

It's rare that you will see me in shoes or boots, I tend to always go barefoot, but I love these Leather ballet Boots from Shi. The laces are color change as well, a steal for 186L.

Lingerie with mask: WTW 40 min camp
Photobox Lonely tree comes with 3 built in poses : Tuft 10L (massive sale on photo boxes !!)
Pose, Artistic Taxidermy Pose set Gift : Pididdle (Free or 1L)
Hair, Aracnid black : DarkerSide (Fatpack of older hair for 10L, not sure if it's still there)
Skin : Belleza Alyson group gift (250L joing fee)
Ballet Boots Boots : Shi (186L, presently 40% off) They also have a version for stronger calfs, awesome.

spider lingerie

Weekend Look...with Icon

I love SIM Hunts. It is a wonderful to explore and take in the surroundings, not least because you can scoop up a few goodies while you are there. :) The fabulous ICON SIM is currently running a collective HUNT which features the creme de la creme of SL fashion & design (some of whom are new and very me anyway.. grins*), including one of my favorite shops, Zaara, which has this gorgeous, floaty summery dress free on the Hunt. Look for a little black box with the ICON Logo. I would recommend you take the hunt in "bite size pieces". Have nibbles & drinks to hand to cheer yourself up (especially when the uggerllly Lag factor intervenes). The ICON SIM has expanded considerably & there is a bit of "static" flying and the inevitable lag to negotiate through. All fun though and worth it! Click on the ICON Hunt Panel on arrival for a list of participating shops.

~Zaara Floaty Dress @ ICON (Free! ICON SIM Hunt Gift)
~Blonde hair @ Boon (Free! Group Gift)
~Eva Skin @ Tuli
~Lashes @ Vision
~Bangles @ Mandala (Free! Amazing shop! Love it. Check out the prim nails)
~Florrie Spring Special* Shape (New @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes)
More here: Xanthe's Bloggie

Ear Candy 60L sale 27/28 Mar

Maeve from Ear Candy brings you more great accessories for the 60L sale...Yummy dark olive, leather earrings, bangles, belt, and boots. I love how the earrings stand out even with my long hair down. They are large, thick silver hoops with this wonderful suede leather sewn around the outside, you can even see the stitching. The bangles are thin and thick, silver and green, some wrapped in the leather with stitching visible. Different styles and sizes for each wrist to create a wonderful contrast. The belt is all leather except for the silver buckle and eye-holes, the loops and stitching on this makes it look very realistic. And you can't forget the great boots...adorable little ankle boots made of the same suede looking leather, lower heel with a green and white curvy strip of elastic going down the outside, and a cute strap buckle wrapped around the ankle.

Anything leather is always in, especially suede, and the color and texture of these pieces are just yummy. This great set can be worn together or separately, and with skirts or pants. I'm so going to rock these accessories at the club tonight. Ohhh, thinking short black mini-skirt *thinks to herself: "Hmmm, panties or no panties?"*, sexy sheer black thigh highs, and my awesome sheer gray tank top with strips of olive green velvet sewn in strategic places. Yeah, that will certainly get some blood pumping up in the place. It's a can't miss with these gorgeous accessories added. So don't you miss it either, head over to Ear Candy this weekend and pick up this whole set for just 60L.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shameless Bits 59/59 sale 26-28 Mar

What a beautiful covered bridge from Shameless Bits in the 59/59 sale this weekend.

From Shameless: Out on a road trip in the country with the one you love, laughing and having a good time. You see this beautiful old covered bridge and stop to look. Walking hand in hand you check out the ivy growing over it and as you cross it, hidden in the privacy, they just have to grab you and show their love with a passionate kiss!

This bridge is so darn pretty it will make your heart melt. And the lite version in this sale really does have some of the prettiest kissing poses on SL. The passion kiss will have you pressed close, arms wrapped around each other as you get lost in the moment, your sweetie getting carried away and picking you up off the bridge. The hold kiss will have you in a tight embrace as you kiss, him unable to resist moving his lips down your throat and lower, our leg kicking up in excitment and passion. And the pinned kiss...MMMMMMMM...well imagine being pinned to the ivy covered railing, the flowers and leaves tickling your back as you are pressed against it, your lover holding your arms above your head with their leg pressed between yours as they take the kind of kiss they want from you. Yeah, really makes the heart go pitty patter huh? *grins*

And don't forget to touch the rock at the bottom of the bridge to hear "Lost In You" by Chris Gaines (aka Garth Brooks) in the background as you make out and just enjoy the beauty. Definitely going to have to take a 'road trip' to find this bridge in my near future. *winks* Head over to Shameless Bits this weekend and pick this up for just 59L. Sale runs from noon Firday to 11 p.m. Sunday, SLT.

Ela Designs 60L sale 27/28 March

Ela Designs has two more great items for you in the 60L sale, as usual. *smiles* First up we have the really cool silver face piercing. It's not your typical lip/chain piercing. You have three loop piercings that go into your bottom lip very close together, with a pretty little heart dangling from a short chain down towards your chin, and another chain running from the piercings over to your right ear. It's connected together with loops and little tear drop shaped beads, and runs up to connect to the skin at the front of your ear. It looks great up close, and also from a distance. It's noticeable and will have people perving you to see how great it looks. *grins*

Next Elara is offering her black spiral bracelets, not just one, but two for the price of one. You get black leather, flat buckled straps with silver buckles and silver spiraled chain links attached for adornments. Also black leather, round straps with silver beads holding some together. And even silver spiral bracelets mixed in. The one for your right wrist has 11 mixed bracelets and the one for your left wrist has 4. Both for just 60L, what a great deal.

So come on, show your elegant tough girl side and pick up these great accessories at Ela Designs. Ohh, these will be the perfect completion to my black leather biker outfit. I better remember to have my mace handy, I'm going to be irresistible!

D&V Creations 60L sale 27/28 Mar

D&V Creations brings you this awesome dock for the 60L sale. And I am soooo excited, I've always wanted a dock in my back yard! This dock is so cool, it's not your typical straight dock, it has ramp to walk up and another lower platform attached with a ladder going down into the water. It's painted gray to protect it from the weather, and comes with a row boat and an extra pillow with animations. The row boat is so cute, you can put it anywhere you want it, relaxing next to the dock, or out in the middle of the pond for sunbathing and fishing. The extra pillow has 10 super great singles animations in it, male and female, for relaxing and sitting on the dock. I think my favorite is "supine" where you lay on the edge of the dock with your head on your arms and your legs kicking back and forth, then run your fingers through the water and watch it swirl nice and relaxing.

And the dock itself has 10 adorable couples animations that are easy to sync and adjust. You can lay down and relax together, cuddle, caress, kiss, hold each other, look at the view, plus much more. The dock is only 21 prims, and add the boat and pillow for just 6 more. Just imagine hanging out on the dock with your sweetie, chatting with your fishing poles in the water, not caring if you actually catch anything as long as you are together. Such a great way to spend the afternoon, and for only 60L, Wow. Head over to D&V Creations this weekend and pick up this great dock.

Kabuki Creations 60L sale 27/28 Mar

I "Can't Fight This Feeling" anymore, I've forgotten what I started fighting for... *sighs* Such a great song from REO Speedwagon...and such a great animated pose from Kabuki to go with it. Naku really knows how to capture feeling in his animations. Snuggle up next to your sweetie as you caress their chest, your fingers moving along the hard muscles as you gaze into their eyes, your chin propped on your other hand as your head and feet move slowly with the feelings inside you fighting to get out. Your sweetie lying on their back with their hands behind their head, gazing up at you with a look like they are going to devour you at any moment, their struggle not to evident in the way their foot won't hold still.

It's so hard to resist Naku's poses, and especially when they are only 60L. You only have two days to get this pose at the sale price from Kabuki Creations, so don't miss it.

I'm a pose junky

I think I have more poses and props than I do clothes ;-)

So if you are a pose junky like I am, get down to Vivaposes. Everything has been slashed down, I mean everything... poses and props from 5L to 15L.

While you are there, pick up the 1L gifts (two 1L gift pose packs with 3 poses each) and hit the subscibo ;-)

The perfect pose after shoping at Vivaposes, shoppinaddict pose with boxes. (Boxes falling everywhere because I purchased too much, bf will kill me.. giggles)

vivapose shopping

This pose is from the dollarbie pleasepose pack gifty. There are three poses included in the dollarbie gifts... scoop them up, I'm not sure how long they will be out.

vivapose please pack

Super girl shirt on above two images : Zenith lucky board prize

This pose is from the Expressions set, number 1
Outfit from Before Sleep, Happy Thursday Gift (subscribo) - including stack of books pose stand.


I also picked up this nice pillow prop. The prop has 5 pillows and each pillow has a pose. You really can't pass this one up. It comes in mod (15L) and no mod (10L) versions.

Vivapose blacklace

Lingerie from Blacklace, previous gift.
Hair : Mischief boy unisex hair Valentine present
Skin : Belleza group gift, Alyson (250L join fee)

Bejewelled.....also introducing Florrie* Shape (Spring Special)

Below are just a few of the accessories that can still be found at the Glance Accessory Fair 2010 (ends 27th so be quick!).

The pink MStyle phone plays music! Love it! Free in Subscribo @ MStyle!

This is a quick post to remind you that there are still lots of goodies to be scooped up at the Accessory Fair 2010! (ends 27th March). I know I might have gone for slight overkill with the jewels (lolz) but I wanted to illustrate that it really is worth getting some of these gifties (most of which are on sale for as little as $0 to $10!). Also don't forget to check out some of the beautiful jewels gifted to the Relay For Life* (find the drop sculpty necklace by YABUSAKA which is stunning! All proceeds to RFL). The skinny Jeans* are my current favorite by OMFG for KA. Gorgeous jeans! Visit Tomoto* for the jewelled Star Pumps (free!). Hair in second & third pic is by Shag..gosh I love this hair...& love the shop! (also free in Subscribo so grab it quick!).
Top pic is the new shape, Florrie, is by ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: created especially for Spring & is based on a typical English Rose look. Great shape if you looking for a pretty, pouty, super curvy shape (or even for a wedding). Omg I think I may be onto my 5th wedding soon! Not me though..ever the bridesmaid in SL ..grins*). Shape comes with Styling Card*.
#Pic 2 & 3
~Mermaid Earrings & Bracelet @ Ganked (Glance Accessory Fair 2010)
~Pink MPhone @ MStyle (Free! in Subscribo)
~Dot Lashes @ Vision (Tip: Lots of lucky chairs & an MM at Vision. Amazing Eyes & lashes!)
~Champs de Fleurs B Necklace & Ballet pumps@ Tomoto (Pumps are Free! Necklace is previous gift)
~La la Love me Blonde Hair @ Shag (Free! in Subscribo)
~Skin @ League
~Nicole White Top @ Kush (New!Also comes in Black & pink )
~Skinny Jeans @ KA (by OMFG)
More here: Xanthe's Bloggie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lady Sings the Blues

What better place to showcase the classic elegance of this gorgeous gown than The Cotton Club, a replica of one of the most famous jazz clubs of all time, located in Virtual Harlem.

Here channeling my inner songbird, I have on this stunning Mayur gown by a new favorite of mine My Precious. This strapless tea length gown, starts with a blank canvas of creamy white, with intricate black scroll like pattern splayed across the front of the bodice. The full skirt has peek-a-boo crinoline, and striking black peacock feather overlay. The sweetheart neckline and black sash right above the waist are simple details that add to the charm of this beautiful gown. This gown was especially made for the Alexander McQueen benefit for the Save A Child charity, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this gown will go to the charity until 31st March. My Precious has some very elegant gowns and casual wear, also she gives reg group gifts and there is a special discount section at her store with special offers to group members.

Accenting this gown perfectly the Mayur Necklace and Earrings, by Alienbear was made for this dress and also for the charity, there is also a set of bracelets that goes with this as well ( not shown). The design starts with a royal pattern in dark metal, the black gemstone tear drops flare out across the neck much like that of a peacock trying to attract the attention of the peahens, and the black peacock feather centerpiece that takes from the design of the dress. This necklace comes in 2 parts and can be worn in 2 styles. The earrings also have 2 stlyes that come with the purchase, a set of long black peacock feathers and also a little more conservative set with black gemstone base. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alienbear's jewerly and it is always a pleasure to wear her creations. I have gotten a pretty good collection of her things now and she has some of the best if not best jewelry in sl. She has designs that are reasonably priced and something to suit all taste and occasions. She is also very generous and there are many nice gifts and freebies to be had at her main shop.
These designs were made for The Love of McQueen fashion show that took place on 28th Feb, there were 38 designers total that took part and will offer these items will 100% of the proceeds going to the Save a Child charity that he supported. What better way to make the world a better place but shop? Get some gorgeous special items and also help a good cause. I love win-win situations.

Also used in this post
Shoes: N-core STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Black

and special thanks to Freebie Fashionista group member model Vivianna Ansar for being my back up on this shoot.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Charming Island Wander, Bare Knees and All

Ah...all this unseasonably warm weather we've been having here in my HQ of RL sparks all kinds of wanderlust. So I thought I'd take some freebie finds over to the charming sim of Nantucket, one of my fave RL destinations, to wander their art galleries in Freebie Fashionista style!

And dare I say, the season's almost here when those of us in my part of the world can cast aside our trousers and long skirts in favor of cool spring & summer ensembles - so today, I'm somewhat stubbornly featuring nothing below the knee!

It's a mixed bag today, a little something for everyone. Let's start off with some window shopping in the beautiful JE*REPUBLIC-Dorothy Lace Dress, which is one of the prizes in their lucky boards. At last check they have several dresses in similar style on their boards, so if you don't end up with this exact one you could walk away with something equally lovely!

The skin makes a bold statement courtesy of TIK TOK - specifically Rene-spring -BT-Group gift. You can find it in the Tik Tok group's past notices, which saves you the trouble of trying to TP in these dark days of TP fail madness. Finally, the short n' sassy hair comes from the deeply discounted goodies room at ETD. It's Luth - Black Bronzed hue. If you haven't visited ETD's basement discount area you are totally missing out; you could leave there with a cache of hairs, shoes & clothes for a few Linden!

Then it's off to visit a nearby art gallery in a piece of candy's March 21 group gift "Wilma", which was sent to the Subscribo members yesterday. If you missed it, hop on over to the shop, slap the Subscribo, and check History for messages - as of right now it's still message #1. While you're hopping around, check out *The Cat* for their Skin Gift March 2010, which also comes with the most adorable floral eyes. The vibrant coloring on the skin just goes so perfectly with the ever-so-alive print on this festive little dress.

Thanks to our Xanthe for giving us the head's up (no pun intended!) about this adorable red hair, which I was fortunate enough to win on the lucky board at the KDC hair mall. It's by ZEUS, called simply Y-31LB 1. You'll find the board upstairs, and a couple other boards scattered around the place as well.

Since I've been quite favored by fortune so far, here's another lucky prize item, this one from Cupcakes - *CUPCAKES - Striped Mini Dress - Yellow. It fairly well sings the sweet song of changing seasons to me, and makes me want to hop on a boat from this bridge and sail into who knows where! And because they are too cute not to be profiled (and will likely be profiled again, and again...), the In Her Shoes latest release [IHS] Circus Lolita black high heels had to make an appearance. As with all the wonderful IHS shoes they are $0L and come in a variety of colors.

The skin is one of many many marvels available for $20L or less at the Glam Affair discount room. There are literally dozens of skins to choose from; it's almost (delightfully) overwhelming. This particular skin is called *Beauty Avatar* ARIEL - Light Skin 03. And last but not least, the superb coif - ((JUNWAVE))KDC GIFT*Julia 3colors* in ASH, also available at the aforementioned KDC mall. Well worth a visit for 3 lovely shades of this versatile updo freebie!

May you enjoy all your own charming wanders through the marvelous landscapes of SL, always a Freebie Fashionista!

Lovelace Lingerie (Subscribo Giftie)

Now we all know that spring not only heralds more sunshine & flowers(yay!) but in England, we also look forward to less rain and deffo less grumpiness all around lolz! And you know what they say....a young man's (or woman's) thoughts turn to love I thought you might like to know about this little lingerie set which is currently free in Subscribo @ Lovelace. The shortie style means you can potter around in it demurely. The pretty, pouty Florrie shape is new and will be released very soon as part of a limited edition "Calender Girl" set (just in time for spring). Skin is the stunning Tuli Group Giftie which is creating lots of sparks in the blogsphere. Fabby skin which is certainly worth every linden of the group join fee ;).


~Neopolitan Lingerie* @ Lovelace (Free! in Subscribo)
~Exclusive VIP Edition Eva Skin* @ Tuli (Group Gift -find it in the notices $250 join fee)
~ Florrie* Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (Coming Soon!)
~Brit Hair* @ Truth
~Bracelets* @ Violet Voltaire

More here: Xanthe's Bloggie

Saturday, March 20, 2010

D&V Creations 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Updated slurl, the LM on the 60L list is incorrect, please use this link. D&V Creations brings you the Diva Kitchen collection. This is definitely one kitchen that would make any woman proud to cook and serve her guests in. From the sumptuous antique wood cabinets to the high shine, black granite counter top, and black granite island with stainless steel work space, the stainless steel appliances and raised counter space over the island that folds out for eating, the recessed lighting above the sink and the track lighting you can put anywhere, this kitchen makes you feel decadent just being in it. Both lighting systems turn on and off, it has running water, you can wash your hands or do the dishes, and at the island you can kneed dough, chop food, or just lean against it and watch your friends cook for you. It comes with four stools that match the amazing wood in the cabinets, and each stool has a menu with four sitting/eating animations.

Veronica always has wonderful little details in her builds and awesome craftsmanship. I just can't get over the wood texture in this kitchen, she made it herself too. And I really like how she added the reflectiveness in the stainless steel like you would have in real life. I don't think you should pass this kitchen up at any price, but especially not for only 60L! Go set this up and then throw an informal dinner party. You will be the talk of the night for having such a wonderful kitchen to make your delicious creations in. See you at D&V Creations!

Snowpaw Fashions 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Pretty, elegant, and Mmmmm sexy...that's the best way to describe the Penelope Wine gown from Snowpaw Fashions. The bodice of this gown is simply gorgeous. It's made completely of intricate black lace, double layered over the nipples and delicate straps going over the shoulders, with a thin strip of the wine colored material going all the way around just below the rib area. Then more black lace that flows down into the skirt area where you have the solid wine material with strips of the black lace sewn into each piece at the bottom. The skirt is made up of three attachment pieces to give it more density while still letting it flow around your legs the way a sexy hot dress should. And I just love the peeks of lace you get from the bottom as you walk.

This is the kind of dress you wear to that fancy cocktail party you were invited to with an off hand comment from your most stuck up "friend". Just imagine how jealous she will be when you go gliding into the room wearing this, and every single head turns, men unable to take their eyes off of you...and some women too...tripping over themselves to come introduce themselves, once they learn to think again that is. *winks* After the initial silence filled with lust and envy, you start hearing murmurs all around: "Who is that beautiful creature?" "WOW, I think I just swallowed my tongue." "Hey John, give me that napkin." "I wonder where she got that amazing dress?" "1000L says she won't even give you the time of day dude!"
Yeah, that's the kind of reactions you want, and just the kind you will get wearing this dress. So hurry on over to Snowpaw Fashion this weekend and pick it up for just 60L.

Ear Candy 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Soooo pretty in pink...Hunk of Pink Mother of Pearl Set from Ear Candy. Anything Mother-of-Pearl has the most amazing lustrous look to it, but the pink color Maeve found for this set is just exquisite. As I've said before, I'm not usually one to wear a lot of pink, but this accessories set will sure have me wearing it more now. The necklace, earrings, and one bracelet are made from the classic shapes you would see directly from the shell of a mollusk. No two pieces are formed exactly alike, but are just polished to give them a high shine and keep their uniqueness. Then Maeve attaches them together with silver links formed into delicate figure eights for contrast and style. To give you even more choice of style she has also included the bangle set with a wide mother of pearl bangle flanked by silver bangles of different widths.

But Maeve, being who she is, she doesn't stop there. She knows just how hard it is to match other accessories with something as unique as this and has made perfectly matching high heels to go with the set. And these super thin, stiletto heels make your feet and calves look so sexy you won't want to take them off, while the little bow in the back screams fun. And I have the puuuuurrrrfect dress to wear this with. I can't wait for my date tomorrow night, I'm going to knock his socks off, and maybe even his pants if he's lucky. *laughs and winks* So yes, you heard me right, you get the necklace, earrings, bracelet, bangles, and shoes...all for the very low price of 60L. See you at Ear Candy this weekend.

Ela Designs 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Well Ela has gone and done it this time, I think I may just have to ask this girl to marry me! *grins* From Ela Designs this weekend, you get not one, but two amazing body piercings. First up is this amazingly sexy belly chain, but it's not just any old belly chain...oh no. This one is a pierced belly chain that attaches at the belly button AND the lower back! But she didn't stop there, she even made a matching corset back piercing that is HOT HOT HOT! I am simply blown away by both of these creations. Even the chain links themselves are so unique they are hard to describe. It's like she took very delicate silver wire and wrapped it multiple times around a small bead in different directions, then somehow removed the beads without messing up the wire. Then she attached those with single delicate links until she had the lengths of chain she wanted. She also used some awesome white and silver bow laces to "tie" everything together.

The belly piercing chain is attached to the belly button on both sides, then has the special chain dangling in the center before draping over your skin to move around your waist to the back where they connect with the two piercings just above your bottom...then the graceful bow lace is attached between them with more of the fragile chain as ornament. The back corset has 8 attachment points starting at the top of your shoulder blades and moving down to the middle of your back. The chain is attached and criss crossed like shoe laces through each loop, and at the bottom is another blow lace with longer chains dangling to brush your skin as you move.

I am afraid my description of these two piercings could not do them justice, you will have to see them for yourself. But let me tell you this, I invited my friend Spar over to see them. Well *laughs* I thought he had lost connection or something, he was quiet for so long. Finally he responds to my inquiries like he is coming out of a coma or something, I mean the poor boy couldn't even talk right. *grins widely* So let's just say they were a HUGE hit. And yes, in my opinion if you do not go get these two piercings for only 60L each you are nuts...LOL Head over to Ela Designs now before it's too late.