Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accentuate Yourself

I know it's been a while since I've posted, I'm sorry! You can spank me when you come over to Accentuate to get some of these amazing makeups and shapes. *laughs*

Accentuate is a new sales store that has multiple designers offering you great products for 75L or lower. But it's ALL ABOUT makeup and shapes. There are currently 9 designers in the sale; 5 offering shapes and 4 offering makeups.

One of my favorite makeup packages in the sale right now is Arielle from [: B!ASTA :]. For only 50L you get 4 lovely green and aqua tattoo makeup options and prim eyelashes that are tintable and modifiable.
BASTA 75L Makeup 2

The tattoo options also come with lashes and teeth. That's right, all that for only 50L!
BASTA 75L Makeup 1

There are also makeups on sale from Oceane Body Design, Piece of Mind Designs, and CERO STYLE. For shapes you can choose from Koketka, Natural Beauty, Silhouette, and Shapes by Mim.

But wait, there's something for men too...Coco Sands Shapes is offering her Caine shape in the sale for 75L...WOOT to hot men.

These offers only last until next Monday or Tuesday, so hurry in to Accentuate today.

If you want to see all of the ad photos, go to the blog HERE. You'll have to scroll down to last Tuesday to see she shapes from Koketka and Natural Beauty as they have not been able to change them yet.

Monday, August 29, 2011

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt

Sakide, AMD, Bent!
American Bazaar is having a birthday celebration hunt starting Sept 1st! Details Below!
Find some of these great prizes hidden in the amazing stores that are participating in this hunt!
Sakide, AMD, Bent!, Studio Nails
Sakide, AMD, Bent!, Studio Nails

ABBH logo
In September, AMERICAN BAZAAR is going to celebrate it's first year anniversary! YAY! Celebrate this event by participating in a big party hunt with AB! ♥


Date: September 1rst to 30th

Theme: Celebration, party, glam!



Nails: Studio Nails - Mehndi (Not Free)
Skin: Apple May Designs - Atalise (Not Free)
Hair: The Alice Project - Elise (Lucky Board Prize)
Dress: Sakide - (ABBH Prize)
Face Piercing: Doomsday - Darky Piercing (ABBH Prize)
Poses: Bent! - White Tie Affair at Fashionably Late (60L)

Out of Africa

How come that we only can think of devastation when we think of sub-saharan Africa? 
We're made to feel guilty of a lavish lifestyle and being too mean or uncaring to donate enough to lift these poor peeps out of their misery. Maybe it's simply time to embrace the colour and vibrancy of this continent and put the blame where it belongs... on the lack of political will among the elite and those who benefit from keeping things how they are. Maybe THEN change can happen.

Out of Africa 1

This will not be a political tirade, no worries, nor am I trying to save the world in a fashion blog. This is about clothes, all about clothes... and fun such!

Like the stuff at Peace and Lol, a place that made my mouth fall open with a 'feed me!' Africa and Tibet shoulder to shoulder with rastafari, with some simple but psychadelic 70s clothing thrown in. It's also a place to visit for realistic african skins.

Out of Africa 2

There are freebies galore, including african dashiki suits, like the one above, with matching kufi and a necklace. Sandals are included as well, but I preferred these old ones from my inventory. I don't know anything about the textiles but I know that the spiral motive used on the necklace is referring to traditional shell money, where the flat back ends of cone shells would be used and treasured as something like a currency.

Out of Africa 3

What really bowled me over, however, was a pair of complete masai avatars for only 300L each. It's obvious that some true appreciation lies behind their creation. I don't go for whole human avatars, but I fell for these. The vibrant colours, the dignified humanity and the glass bead jewellery hit me head on. (The cattle in the background are Ankole-Watusi, which is not a massai breed but mainly associated with the tutsies *Tries desperately to look like these are well known facts rather than hurridly picked from the web.* Details like that is fun to pay attention too, it adds a lot of colour to the world.)

Out of Africa 4

The complex mass of necklaces belonging to the fem av made me drool. I think that the early europeans thought they were getting a good deal trading with 'cheap' glass beads, but how wrong where they? A classic case of 'know the price of everything but the value of nothing'. To see the objects of beauty that many indigenous people have created with the humble glass bead, it's obvious that white man just didn't have a clue.

Out of Africa 5

Of course, nothing here is complete without a contemporary western application. Here's my mixed outfit with a few additions... came out totally fem but so what? Male 'skirt' under the trench coat from COCO. Red leather pants from A:S:S. Not their best creations by far, but the bright red from the textile is picked up by the highlights while the blackening towards the ankles blends with the black of the back less boots from my last entry so for this purpose they are perfect.

A kufi was rapidly put together from textured prims from another copy of the skirt. The thin simple string of beads is an undershirt layer from the male av and the fem necklace is worn over that. The fem avatar comes with stretched dark skinned earlobes which, understandably enough, comes no copy/no mod so new swathes of earrings, as well as the bangles, were crafted from prims from a spare copy of the necklace. Even the nipple shield is made from a couple of modded prims.

The South Africa based Uthango Social Investment's Virtual Africa was used as backdrop for the first outfit as a bridge between south africans and the world at large. The green backdrop is from Kenya - in the lavender field, the SL base of the german based Leben and Lernen in Kenya which works for sponsoring school kids in Kenya. Beside providing a nice place to chill, they organise various cultural events to raise funds and awareness, in short - a place to keep in tune with. 

That's it, folks. I truly enjoyed digging into this material and exploring the african presence... or absence... in SL on the way and I hope you'll get something out of it as well.

Until next time, take care and have fun!

Friday, August 26, 2011

100% Skin Love

This is 100% Skin Love. Nothing less, nothing more.
Both skins from Glam Affair.

Left, Amelie Black Soul skin for the Platinum hunt (L$10).
Right, Amelie Contessa skin for the Dressing Room (L$70).

Glam skins

* Hair @ Elikatira
* Dress @ Nomine

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Subtleties of opposites

Hiya again... seems like yesterday since the last entry. It's amazing how much time you suddenly get on your hand when your SL partner can't log on... seems to turn me into a shopaholic to be honest :( Not that she's that far away... *Looks softly towards the door behind which she still sleeps in FL.*

Anyway, have been moving around quite a lot lately and have had fun discovering some, for me, new creators as well as catching up with some more familiar ones.

Among the new is Osakki who has a stylish clean cut line that immediately pulled me in. That clean line borders to simplicity in some cases, with lack of shading and so on... but I found some ab fab stuff. That there was a 50% sale on didn't work against them either.


Like these Taboo Leggings - SquareRoots... Mathematical precision and the use of alpha creating some very bold pattern. The right angles are repeated in the Chainlink Grid Necklace in yellow and white metal. 

The male corset, Restrained, is a new release from A:S:S booth at Men's 24. I bought the plain black leather one, but there's a wide range of decorations using lace, patterns and colour inclusions... I can feel a fat pack purchase coming on... *Groans at the thought of the already overstretched inventory*

The just right Backless Ankle Boots from the massive sale at COCO completed the impact. I've added a black prim bulge... you can't see it but you would have noticed if I hadn't. Makes sense? 


The Pinacle leggings comes from the same batch as the ones above. The circular movement in the pattern FINALLY gave me an opportunity to don some of the really fancy stuff from Finesmith (observe they've just moved, new LM). The flowing lines of the fantastic Barbie necklace and shoulder piece picks up the rhythm of the pants in an excellent way and the Rand nipple shields fits right in there. I feel like shouting 'See? No hands!' The Barbie set, which also includes a bracelet and a ring, is HUD controlled so gems and metal parts can be changed. Each piece can be bought separately or in the whole set.

The Suede Cutout Boots is another purchase from COCO while the nifty little gloves are part of the Osakki Assassin outfit. I should check if they sell them loose in other colours, they are just plain cool.

The male eye makeup, Silver Spry, comes from Tableau Vivant. It's created for their own skin and comes with these heavy eyebrows that completely changes my face. It's beautifully shaded and shaped, however, and I like the more stern look for these outfits. A bit of dark on the lips comes from M.O.C.K. Finally, the hair which is the Josef hair from Angel, which I got from My Second Wardrobe and have blogged before

That's about covers it...  A lot of words but then it's not too often you get to pull out all the stops fashion wise like this. There's so much truly amazing stuff out there that can be had for less than a FL cup of coffee that just screams for an opportunity to be worn. Yea... must do more of this kind of stuff. To be perfectly honest, I've found the most amazing store and got the next entry more or less laid out. Be prepared for something radically different!

Until then... have fun! 

Apple May 24 Hour Sale!

Apple May Designs has set out this great Mini Dress for 24 hours only at just 10L!!!
The Janica Dress is definitely flirty and sexy all on its own!
Apple May
The newest Skin by Apple May Designs has been released!
Atalise has a very sweet face and worked well with my shape!
Cute little button nose too which I always love!
Apple May
Close up :)

Skin: Apple May - Atalise - NEW! (Not Free)
Dress - Apple May - Jenica - 10L 24 hours only!
Shoes - Apple May - Animal Pumps - (Not Free)
Hair - W&Y Model Hair

**The Yacht in the background of the the newest release by MC Yachts!!! Its called the Odyssey Yacht and can be seen and demo'd here! Amazing amenities with movie theatre, bedrooms, office, dining areas, dance areas, Its a Dream House on water!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

With my soul on my nose

This was so not suppose to happen... There's this The Men' s 24 event this week where 24 designers of male stuff has got together for one week has new releases, special limited editions and... You know the drill. I was trying to ignore it but, of course, one has to go. It's like this inner burning sensation that compels one, isn't it? Well, I did go and there's a lot of nice stuff there... *Looks slightly forlornly up at hir linden balance*

There's also that inner compulsion, like an addiction, to always go for any freebies. This event won't give  you any withdrawal symptoms.


To begin with, there's a whole bunch of freebies in the MENStuff booth in the middle of the event. I found these black jeans by Vero Modero and the Smile Now Cry Later tattoo from v3 Tattoo among those. The cropped sweater with prim collar and cuffs comes from Hawker's House while the puny little silver/black butterfly on my nose is a gift from A:S:S.


Faster Pussycat has some fun freebies for both genders. These ones are for the boys... the pants I mean... the floozy leopard print top is for the girls. The opposite combination creates a pure Rocky Horror. A glam rock leather vest together with glitter hot pants and fishnet tights... On me that's with emphasis on 'horror' so I leave that special delight for you to discover. 


Peer gives away these torn jeans with their delicately textured purple patches that comes in both pant and underwear layer and with prim cuffs so you can wear them anyway you like. I like to wear them like this together with one of the four different tanks that FA Creations has out for everyone to grab. The tattoo still is the Smile Now Cry Later, showing the sleeve part.

The two hairs here are both purchases at the event, the generous and aptly named Y-50 from Zeus (not limited edition) and the sleek Masaru (limited) by Taketomi. Makeup and boots are old stuff from A:S:S.

There you have it, folks. One doesn't have a deep pocket to dress at the Men's 24 event and it's still good fun to enjoy perusing the works of this many creatives gathered together in a single place.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Army girl

Hello!!! It's been a long time since I don't post here... lol but I've missed you all!!


Today I'd like to show you the new FREE MM Board at Tainted Designs, it's called Sabotage outfit and I think it's sexy and would be nice for gurls who are into RP :).

I mixed it with this Dura hair that you can get for 1L as the YIBH prize, it's easy to find the carrot so good luck! Don't forget to grab two group gifts and another hunt gift while you are there! These hairs are really good!! (Male ones look really hot! lol just saying!!)

And last but no least I'm using my Niran skin brought by JesyLilo, this is the pale tone with J8 makeup, love love love the eye makeup. Thank you Lilo Glom!!

And huggies for you all!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lolly Dollies

Look what my lovely Elfie has found at Deviant Girls! Lolly dollies! Detach all your prims (except your hair) and wear the folder given to you and you turn into a Lolly Dolly! You know you need it, go get it here! Only L$30 on the Gatcha at the entrance.

Lolly Dollies

Don't you step on my green prim shoes

Hiya again. In my last blog entry I expressed my fascination with these green green shoes I found in the Female Fantasy outfit in the SL library.


In fact, I couldn't stop thinking about them until I'd put together something contemporary around them. Did I have fun or did I have fun? Judge for yourself.


The tartan pants from deviant girls and the olive cropped leather jacket from R.icielli just fell into place, colour as well as texture wise. I also had a good laugh resolving my passionate hatred for.... what are they called... pasties... or is that the name of the little pies? The whole hypocritical morals behind them gets me uptight but since my intergender chest apparently is too much for the G-rating I can't just ignore their existence. The pure triumph when I found a compromise in these handypanties from Pig! At least they show some humour... I refrain from the pun on the 'human touch'. They come in a packet of six different colours, both natural and not as and include matching replacements for fig leaves for the REALLY unspeakable body parts. *Blushes deeply... not*


For accessories I picked up on the round gold studs in the jacket and settled for the Suvarna kundan nose ring and necklace by Zaara. 55L Friday and the Nola bracelet from Finesmith came just in time to solve the problem with something-missing-around-the-wrist. It's like a solid spot of colour from the distance which breaks up in fine detail up close. The free-floating little pearls fits in neatly with the indian pearl work while providing a nice bridge between a traditional and modern western culture... and of course with the marvel of the virtual culture where pearls CAN float unattached. I've just realised that in SL it's Friday today so there's still time to catch them. Finesmith is also in the very last three days of their 50% move sale, so now it's the time to visit if you even have eyed any of the stuff but never got around to buy it.

Hair is Miggs from Anaphora and the soft dark mask over the eyes is from the Drama pack by A:S:S.

There you have it folks. The sim is of course another one of AM Radio's - Superdyne. I'm finding all the excuses I can to visit his installations on the IDIA Laboratories sim before they close. LMs to all his builds can be found in his profile picks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dave loves my SLink shoes

My mate Dave Deceit is not to be trusted although he claims that he always speaks the truth. But when he says he loves my new Destiny Heels from SLink, I believe him. These shoes will change your life, rock your world and might even make you a cocktail. Siddean Munro keeps improving the colour matching technology on her designs and the Destiny heels do not disappoint. No more ankle line, no more hassle. Try the free demo here. Put them on, match skin, wear them and go walking all over your friends. Dave enjoyed it anyway. Here is the tutorial to help you on the way. I'm totally in love with the transparency of the sole and straps and adore the fact that the colour stays on the inner sole. *hugs Sid*

I had to find the killer outfit to match the candy shade of the shoes. Playboy bunny will do nicely me thinks. Great outfit made by Surreal LeShelle, from the Lucky Chair at Deviance. Cute as hell and very well made. I forgot how much I love this shop.

Last but not least, I have finally moved my virtual arse to the Firestorm viewer and it was a smart move, if I say so myself. Being a V2 hater, I was a bit worried about the spastic sidebar and other glitches but the Phoenix devs made it really good and it nearly looks like my beloved Phoenix/Emerald. The thing I enjoy the most on Firestorm is the ability to wear all my make-up layers together. Check it out, I'm wearing 4 on this post, 2 on the eyes and 2 on the lips all from my lovely Mocksoup Graves and her MOCK cosmetics. Join her group, it's the best L$250 you will spend and she will shower you with goodies and talent. *hugs Mockie*

Dave loves my bunny shoes

Dave loves my bunny shoes

* Destiny heels in Candy @ SLink (L$700)
* Playboy Bunny outfit @ Deviance (Free from Lucky Chair)
* Make-up layers from MOCK (Free group gifts)
* Parade hair @ Elikatira (L$10 from Platinum hunt)
* Cherry Bunny calf tattoo @ The Sea Hole (L$50)

Dave is wearing the amazing group gift skin @ Sacred Skins. Older men are the new black, I'm telling you. Great accessory, aren't they?

A stroll through the library

There's been a bit of blogging around the new stuff that has turned up in the inventory Library. I had forgotten there's clothes in there. My clothes link with the Library is a lingering pair of socks me thinks... beside the vintage penguin top of course, anyone remember that one?

It suddenly seemed a bit weird to run around the grid looking for clothes when there's an unexplored stash in that ginormous handbag we always carry with us. There's also an innocent romanticism in poking around in the memories of your noob days. It's like rediscovering your roots.

So with a true sense of adventure, I dived into the folder with 'Initial Outfits' with my standard challenge: put together three completely different outfits by mixing and matching what's available.


Even if Linden's idea of a party is coffee after church, the solid craftsmanship of the outfits was enough to pull me in completely. The look of the HUMAN avatars might not have improved much but their outfits most certainly have.

The first outfit was a complete failure from the mix and match point of view. I fell so totally in love with the Male Bollywood I had to use it in its entirety. The heavily embroidered waistcoat over the silk tunic and the cool slim impeccable pants that falls gracefully over the soft hand stitched dress shoes. Can you hear me salivate? The bangles and the earring from the fem equivalent provided the cherries on top.

Walk Through The Library 2

If the first outfit suggest riches, the second does quite the opposite. The prim coat from the Male Cosplayer need some serious surgery beside removing the humungous sword to fit me perfectly, but what can be more scruffy than an ill-fitting coat? Male Action provided the green tank, dog tags and the hinted dagger on my thigh while the jeans that's tucked into the Male Cosplayer boots are generously provided by the Male Future Punk.

Female City provided the jeans for the last outfit while the tank and shirt comes via the Male Designer. The scarf from Female Designer is actually blue and the black Female Average shoes brown but everything is full perm so no need to compromise.

It's quite obvious that the stuff isn't hot enough to leave burn marks but, as I mentioned in the beginning, it does deserve respect. You can see reason below.

Walk Through The Library 3

There is a peculiar neat finish to most things as can be seen in the hems in the pants above. The sculpties used for the footwear gives an almost rubber/plastic like impression that makes them look like boiled sweets with their well worked textures. The joining of several of the pant cuffs to the boot or shoe have made it possible to use tailor fitted cuffs that blend with very impressive results. Top left is Male Sport, top right Male Cosplayer. Of course, with everything being full perm, nothing stops you from tinkering.

The same finish to some of the shoes looks just great. The only word I feel happy using with the Female Bollywood, bottom right, is 'dainty'... everything about it is just that, dainty. Shape, texture, quality of the build, simply dainty. The shoe for Female Fantasy, bottom left, is a quite something in it's own right. I can't stop looking at it. I think it has some contemporary potential as well, not just good for hiding under the rich elven dress.

So there you go, folks. The good old wholemeal kind of decency that Linden wishes for SL as expressed in the library. Several rp outfits, which I have ignored, and some specific texture baking that render some stuff inflexible... but I think there's something there for everyone to pull out and have fun with.

I hope I haven't put you off from doing some exploring on your own XD

The slightly hirate hair is DICO, a new release from CheerNo and the poses are all from Posies.

Have fun... always!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Platinum Collabor88

platinum collabor88

The final days of summer are upon us. One of the things I enjoy most in the summer is spending time at the beach, in rl and sl. These great goodies from The Platinum Hunt and Collabor88 have me ready to hit the beach all for less than 150L. From The Platinum Hunt Carioca dress by Fishy Strawberry. This baby doll halter dress with its happy bright colors and patterns comes in 2 colors and is more than a steal at 10L for both. This very generous gift offering from Filthy is the perfect beach skin. Tan, freckled and just a touch flushed with soft glossy lips all for just 10L and no tan lines!!

Platinum Collarbor88

Aurora necklace here in silver from Sigma is a Platinum Hunt must have!! Super detailed, this pic doesn't really do it justice, but take my word for it this is 10L well spent. Be sure to look around and check out some of the great designs there when you swing in to pick up this gift. I am so loving this Change hair from Elikatira it has summer written all over it, it was one of the great items to be had from Collabor88 . New group of top designers that will be offering items for 88L and more. Super great event with some of my most favoritiest and much loved designers such as The Sea Hole, Boom, and Truth just to name a few. Don't forget to to pick up the Collabor88 group gift fatpack of Cassia glitter mini dresses from The Sea Hole, blogged here by Claire.

The Platinum Hunt ends Aug 31 and Collabor88 releases a new collection on the 8th of each month, so get it while you can
Thanks for reading and see you on the grid

Eyes: Kmadd The Platinum Hunt-10L includes 2 hairs, one for men and one for women and 3 gorgeous sets of eyes!!

Poses: Bent! for all ur poser needs, great gifts check out the new shop if you have not already it is quite lovely and be sure to pick up her glamorous offering for The Platinum Hunt as well

Location: Pics taken at Braata Beach , beautiful with cool hang out, and surf areas..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Out In The Cold

Fur in SL is an interesting topic... no animals can get  hurt or killed so if we wear it or not are decided by other factors such as difficulties of rendering it well, if we like the look, textural suggestions or if it's morally right even to like fur. That's about how deeply I'm going to go into the subject here. SL provides an excellent platform to explore issues like this... and any others of whatever nature.


One thing is sure, though... 'real' fur is as much of a luxury inworld as in outworld. The cream Avana Fur Coat is by Nicky Ree. I was in hectic 'work mode' and didn't take time to visit the store but bought this on the market place where it sells for 680L. It's pure indulgence with a ARC of almost 10 300. The flow and softness is so tangible you feel it in FL and more than enough compensates for the inevitable transparency issues. Hummm, I wonder how the coat would look like if the texture was replaced with a plant texture... it's copy/mod... hmmm...

Anyway, I like the look together with the black rocker leather pants from A:S:S that always makes me smile with their prim bulge. The extremely well made and prim wise leather shoes from 2g are a real find at 200L. Needless to say, there's a colour choice with all of these.

The long hair with its dark roots is a subscriber gift from Lamb which can be found in history once you've joined. Make up comes from M.O.C.K, which is a generous store with low prices, several lucky boards, gifts and always seems to have more than one hunt. The quality of the inevitable resulting heap of cheap or free goodies were good enough to return when looking for something specific.


Need to have some happy pants... These pants from NoaR are what that decided the furry theme for this posting, I just had to try them on. The result made me very happy when combined with this new release tank from RONSEM. Copy and colour change script in the studded belt, also RONSEM, makes a colour splash around the middle a doddle to match with my Doc's from Gos.

These boots are an investment. After purchasing your choice of basic colour, 595L, others can be added for only 200L a piece. The scripting load is guaranteed and demonstrable low lag making them part of the next generation of SL foot wear for sure. At the time I'm writing this, 25 different polishes are available, including a 'Finally Old'. Some quick maths tells me that if you buy them all, each boot will come down to 215L. That's not bad *nods nods*

Hair is a purchase, Tahani, from CaTwA. Quite something in my eyes. Comes with a shoulder attachment for a choice of length.


For those of you that recognise and admire the work of AM Radio and for those of you that don't, I want to remind you that his installations on the IDIA sim will close before long. Make sure you visit and saturate yourself before that dreadful day. Be click happy as well. I've just realised that there are a few gifts around like this prim perfect vintage runaround that is distributed via the copy on board The Ferry. Not fashion, but definitely style. LMs to all Radio's builds can be found in his profile picks.

At last but not least, a real gem of a find of another nature before I depart. Take care, all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Night Blues

I did a slight mistake a few days ago, me thinks, uttering the word 'scandinavian'. I got all nostalgic and had to relive a swedish summer night. Night time might not be the best time to show clothes, the light tends not to be at it's best, short and sweet as they are... the nights, I mean...


The thing is... it doesn't ever get really dark. While the sun does an almost symbolic dip below horizon, if at all, enough light lingers to show off these new Psicodelic Capris from TuttiFrutti, one of five different in the set. There are matching tops as well, but I prefer this off the shoulder shirt from mr.poet. Far from new but always fresh and cool in that little-boy-lost kind of way. Four different colours available, each with a matching, very well textured tank.

The purple knit slip-ons is another pair from the fat pack from Cool Beans. I discovered I was mistaken the last time I mentioned them, claiming the store was between locations. There's apparently more than one cool bean in SL and I was tracking the wrong one. Even if THIS Cool Bean has just closed her main store, her second is still open for business. Sorry about that.


After a good night out in the wild, it's nice to kick off your prim feet and give your system toes a wiggle while enjoying a sun rise over the Baltic. Here's a complete freebie outfit for the interested. Since I don't really do hunts, the jeans was a very lucky dip in the MHOH from the DragonLady's Closet indeed. Dark, sturdy and leaning towards the violet in colour, they are a keeper for me. 

The Hakka Printed Cloth Coat is a long standing gift at mr.poet. It sort of stands out and I like the asian pink floral. It's a classic in my inventory and I'm pleased to push it a little. 

I blogged the feet from COCO a few days ago, which are the latest group gift. Mmmm... what have I missed? Oh, yes... the little white silk evening scarf for 'gentlemen' I picked up in passing in the high society section at SF Design and which adds some fab classy contrast. 


Back to civilisation again... and just in time for another round at the smörgåsbord. Trust a swedish place to find the perfect meatball texture...

The sim is the Second House of Sweden which is sort of a cultural embassy inworld and neighbour to the swedish orientation sim. Seems to be in decline by neglect and bad management unfortunately, but can still offer a few good moments.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Since I came in contact with ALB Dream Fashion no more than a month ago, I've fallen completely for this blazing label... which some might have noticed. The colour and extravagance is truly uplifting and it's a pleasure to choose from among the range of goodies.

A few weeks ago, the creator and owner AnaLee Balut announced a photo competition among her group members, asking for mix and match outfits from among her stuff. I couldn't resist and entered. A show with party was held today to show the list of winning entries and I'm proud to tell you that your's truly was among those invited to fight the lag down the catwalk. That my timezone almost saw me oversleeping so I missed the preparations and only got through the thing thanks to a kind and helpful model is another thing entirely. It was really good fun and the after party sparkled. Thank you AnaLee for this experience!

Sweet Dreams

The winning combinations have been put together and are for sale at the main landing spot for between 100 and 300L, depending on content. There are outfits suitable for 2+ genders. *Grins*

Needless to say, my entry consisted of from both the male and fem sections and a mix of group gifts and purchases. I won't put down all the details, the list would be just too long for this little posting. I'm sure you'll be heading there anyway if you like colours. 

While you're there, consider joining the group. The joining is free until the 25th this month and there are gifts out for both men and women... us in between will have to make do with both. *Grins even wider 'Poor us, eh?'*

Have fun!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sharp Contrasts

There's another discount store up and running, My Second Wardrobe, currently up to it's second round if I got it right. You might already know about this, but carrying a Y-chromosome,  it's news to me. These things tends to sink below the event horizon since there's rarely suitable male stuff on offer. MSW has five creators catering for men involved and that warmed me to the place immediately. The stuff I bought was all between 60 and 80L.

Sharp Contrasts 1

Ok, ok, ok... flowery pants might not be particularly manly, but just think scandinavian post post modern and they become haute couture. *winks* The loose pants are a fem contribution from GATO and goes very well with the male blue Slub Hood from CheerNo. A:S:S provided the unisex Narayan Necklace and from Angel, the Joseph hair in four different colours. I like this stuff, obviously, but I must give CheerNo a minus tick for sloppy neckline... but on the other hand the very thin knit texture gets a big plus so it all evens out.

The red cords around neck and wrists is old stuff from Illusions. Copy, colour change script and a neat little delete script button have made the set a basic in my inventory... as brilliant to wear for simplicity as to add for complexity. Red knit slip-ons from the fem Cool Beans, which is 'between' stores at the moment, but I'm a loyal group member just because of the group tag 'Beanie Weenie'.

Sharp Contrasts 2

The smouldering come-hither grey door look... The sturdier knit of the shoulder less cropped sweater was a fem group gift from ISON and it gets the thumbs up for the lack of too gender defining chest shadows. The gift seems to be gone, but this colour 'sand' is now a bonus in the fat pack (149L) including three other colours (75L individually). It adds to the inter-gender tension created by the Florentine high heels pants from LeeZu (available in a number of colours). The hair is CheerNo's Paul, a purchase at the hair fair, but it is now available in their main store. I prefer to wear the lightest blond shade with a dark hair base to create the look of a bleached mop of soft curls.

The beautifully built and, according to my mediterranean love perfectly authentic, greek village is the Island of Armenelos. Don't forget your sunglasses... the glare from the white walls is blinding. You better not forget your love, either.. she/he/it will be grumpy missing out on this one.

The return of aDiva!!

Return of aDiva

There are many people around the grid that are happy to hear about the return of AnneJoy Paine and aDiva. She is back doing what she does best. This week there is a membership drive and this lovely Valerie ensemble is a subscribo gift to celebrate and give you a little taste of her great designs. This adorable babydoll dress in fresh summer colors is a generous gift and when you add to it the necklace, earrings and bag, it is not to be missed. Head on down and slap the subscribo and check out the great new shop. There is something for everyone there.

Return of aDiva

This gorgeous Sophie skin is the lastest group gift from Exodi. The group cost to join, but worth every penny if these skins suit your avi. This skin alone is worth the enrollment fee and then some, stay in the group and you will be showered with beautiful skins each one better than the last as well as enjoy discounts on purchases and special group sales. Solid investment of you are looking for a new skin.


Last but certainly not least these Anya stacked bangles and rings from Sigma at Fashionably Late available for a limited time so don't miss out. These very versatile bangles and rings will serve you well as a classic accessory that can help to pull a whole range of looks together. Check out these Solid nails from Finesmith Designs, I think I am starting to develop a habit. I really like the rich color and sweet detailing on these nails, perfect for this summer look. Well that is my quick post for now, hope that everyone has a great weekend.

On a side note, I am going out for a job in rl that I want very badly so please keep me in your thoughts, prayers, meditations, healing energies and ceremonial dances and I promise to remember you all when I am famous.. Thanks for the love and see you around the Grid Mxx

Hair: LeLutka

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green and Greener

Check out my a-ma-zing green skin, kindly given by Moni Schulze @ (red)Mint, formerly known as red Queen. It truly is a beau-ti-ful skin, I particularly love the freckles and lipgloss on it. I'm not wearing any other make-up layers on this snapshot to show you the details. It also comes with a cleavage enhancer, which is funny if you leave it on with another skin, as you end up with green boobies, GREAT party trick!

Next party trick here is my beloved Analog Dog Level hair in winter shade. I saw this hair on my sweet friend AnnaLee and fell in love with it, I swear to you, it moves like real hair, go try the demo, I guarantee you that you will buy it!! You can also colour the roots to personalise it, it's genius... I've had 15 people ask about it since yesterday!

Last but not least, the dress! The Sea hole is giving away the Cassia Glitter mini dresses, in 6 colours! The textures are impeccable, as usual, everything Drinkenstein Sorbet touches turns into golddust. Collabor88 is Drinky's new fashion project featuring some of the most well loved content creators in SL, and they are kicking off on 8/8, check out news and updates on the website and get ready for amazing shopping! So, to get the dresses, go to her mainshop, join the Collabor88 group and grab the dresses!

Green and greener

* Goblin skin @ (red)Mint (FREE group gift, skin, cleavage enhancer and prim nails)
* Level hair in white @ Analog Dog (Light Blondes pack - not free)
* Cassia Mini-dress in Peridot @ The Sea Hole (FREE group gift)
* Once upon the Hip poses @ Bent (thanks Catherine!)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Serious Colour

This is for you who enjoy serious colour... and a lot of it.

ALB Dream Fashion has put out their new group gift for women. This month, up to the 25th, the joining fee has been wavered so now is a great time to join the group if you like AnaLee Balut's designs. There's also a new group gift out at COCO.

Serious Colour

I can't wear dresses without looking like a drag so I find refuge in pants like these from the ALB Dream Fashion gift (well, dollarbie rather). The flowiness (Is there such a word?... The computer says no... Tough luck for the machine) and the colour, which just avoids pink into salmon if you like fish or rose if you prefer flowers, has just the right umph for me. Whatever you prefer to call the colour, the pants are yummy. Yea.... you can eat roses (/me nods nods).

Beside pants, the outfit includes a top/swimsuit, jacket as well as flip flops and a matching wrap. I can't wear the whole thing very well, so I leave these pleasant discoveries to you.

I darkened the clear pale lilac of the tops of the flipflops to blend more with me and combined them with the prim feet that's the latest gift from COCO. Simple and unadorned, beside an optional ankle cord, the feet come with the designer's beautifully easy to use resize and colour HUD.

Serious Colour 2

The top I'm wearing under the Miss Mara scarf from LeeZu (250L, 'ethno pink') is from an old free traditional turkish male outfit combined with a snake skin belt from ALB (200L for three colours, 80L single). The white Barrel Leather Bracelet is a lucky board prize at Sole. You can get the necessary KDC-mall group tag from the joiner just outside the shop. The different little Jared Leto tattoo on the inside of my wrist is 40L at Dermagraphicus Rex. It only comes in clothing layers, but hey!, that's not an issue anymore is it? The top combination is only made possible with the multi-layering option, consisting as it does of three jacket layers.

The photos also features the street art by the british street artist Banksy.... fancy graffiti in a gallery eh? I don't know about how the copyright issues has been resolved here or if at all, so I won't give you the slurl to the gallery... even if it seems to be a 'fan site' more than anything else. I REALLY recommend you to check this guy out on the web, though, here's the link to his web site. If you still believe the matrix to be solid and think FL is rl, you might find some stuff prick you where it hurts... otherwise, just enjoy!