Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gasqhe Couture + Glam Affair + D!va

If you don't run down to get this right now.... you are so missing out !! This is a limited edition dress that will only be out for today only !! Let me repeat that.. Today only !!

Price : 40L @
Gasqhe Saturday night Fevah event

I'm simply amazed that you get two versions of the skirt.. the beautiful flower detail and texture is just so light and airy. Devine, simply devine. The skin I am wearing is from Glam at
the Dressing room 70L and has such a porcelain look to it that it just fits so well with this dress. The hair is the new 5000 members gift from D!va.

Gasqhe Couture

But I'm not done... all the items on the next image are free from Gasqhe... A huge thank you to my dear friend Xanthe for bringing me to Gasqhe.

gasqhe Couture

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots of Gifts to share :)

Lelutka has set out an exclusive 50L Friday Skin!
The package you get is well worth it!
Several different skin tones, breast enhancer, eyelashes, eyebrows LOTS!

Gold Jewelry and Gold Sunglasses - Group Gift from aDiva Couture Subscribo
Hair - Free Gift at Posh (Big pack of lots of Different Posh Hair at The Rumor Sim!!)
Swim Suit - *G Field* Subscribo Gift (Many colors too!!)
Black PearlSwirl Necklace [Glow] from The Dressing Room


Previous Post....

Just wanted to show this outfit I got from Hyper Culture in the subscribo as a gift!
I tried posting it before but the photos got borked so Im redoing it :)
I love this outfit and have been living in its cuteness!

Happy Summer Everyone! Its almost over so lets just enjoy it while we can!


Katat0nik + SyDs + Cupcakes + Lelutka

Happy Friday again. laughs.

Clown Skin : 50L Friday bakesale at
Cupcakes (today only)
Hair :
SyDs lucky board (group join 0L)
Blonde Hair : can not remember where I got it.
Skin for the blue dress : 50L Friday at

Blue dress : lucky board at
KatatOnik Main shop yay !! I won the blue one, but there are other colors in the board.
Pink Dress : 10L at
KatatOnik on the Juicy Sim (take the time to explore. you will find great cool stuff)

Note : if you spend 250L within a 24 hour period you will get a group invite (within about a week) to the KatatOnik group.

image 2

Katatonic pink 10L

Mayuki Nozaki + Lelutka + LoQ

Happy Friday !!

Hair :
LoQ (50L sale)
Green Dress : 10 min camp 0L
Mayuki Nozaki
Red Gown : Group gift 0L
Mayuki Nozaki
Skin : 50L Friday from

The green dress looks to be an exclusive for the camp.. the dress sells for 300L in other colors. As for the Group gift, please join
HERE... I had to do a little undercover work to find the right group to join. (0L join fee) Just hit the gift by the stairs.

image 2

image 1

Burroughs Jewelry

Burroughs Jewelry

So happy to have met Antoine Burroughs today, talented, kind and modest man/woman *giggles* I did ask which one but still not sure but eh it doesn't matter ;-) The shop is gorgeous and stylish, the jewelry is gorgeous and the freebies are generous... look around! Here is the Burroughs website for a sneak preview.

Oh and what I LOVE about the jewelry is the hud, you can match everything to anything and change the colour of gems, pearls, metal etc. It's just brilliant and easy to use. Thank you, Antoine *smiles*

Necklace: Sunara @
Burroughs (Free on poster opposite the lucky chairs)
Bracelet: Gianna @
Burroughs (Free lucky chair prize)
Frick (L$99 I think, great shop and so cheap!)
Hair: Akane @
D!va (Free Group gift)
Belleza (not free)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vita's Boudoir + Fascino + Summer of Love

It is the Summer of Love.. can you feel it ? ... the season is almost over (at least in my corner of the world) But the Summer of Love event is still on... and like I've mentioned in previous posts... now is the time to explore the venue.

Vita has one of her breathtaking gowns for sale at the Summer of Love Fair and she also has a few gowns at 50% off at her main boutique !! (Sweet Celeste, Storm's End, La Fenice and Chloe)... all on the second floor if I am not mistaken.

Here is the Gold Elisabeth in all it's splendor. I do hope you were able to pick up her 2nd anniversary gift blogged by Teena !! She really is generous with her gifts.

Hair : Fascino 50L sale

vita 2

Bride of Hairstentein

Bride of Hairstentein

It took me AGES to find an outfit to go with this wonderfully scary hair! Until last night when I bumped into Pompeja Rossini ( LaVie Owner and Designer) who gave me this 'freshly-made-monster' bandage outfit! Thank you Pompeja!

Hair: #48 Crazy Arse Hair Hunt (CAHH2) @
Skinthesis (Free hunt item)
Outfit: Bandage outfit @
LaVie (L$200). If you don't know LaVie, look on Catherine's blog.
Skin: Giselle dark lipstick and scar @
Eret!ka (Free item from lucky chair)
SLink Jolie Pied tiptoes feet (L$600)

Fashion Rehabilitation - The Event

I've got another way for you to save some of those Lindens...

A month long themed event that will feature one or more SALE items from designers... but when the next month comes along... they will no longer be at the SALE price.

You may find exclusive items or perhaps normal items on sale that fit the theme.. and what is more awesome... you have a whole month to check the deals and Fashion Rehabilitate :)

The first event is on August 1st and will last until the 31st. Join the inworld group HERE to stay in the know.

Fashion Rehabilitation Poster

More Cupcakes skin!

More Cupcake skin

Here is the Cupcakes Midnight Mania Model Kit #1! (following the Model Kit #2 previously on blog) I adore this skin and the olive eyes that go with it.

Skin: Mimi, Dusk @
Cupcakes (Free MM giftie)
Eyes: Olive eyes @
Cupcakes (Free MM giftie)
Tattanooga make-up layer (Free gift in make-up shop)
Hair: Haruka @
D!va (Free group gift)
Cupcakes (Free in Lucky Cupcake)


Ballerina or butterfly?

I'm so happy today, I finally found a way to do this outfit justice. I love it and the shop is very cool too, cute and cheap outfits!

Narwhal (Free group gift in shop)
Zero Style (Free gift in shop, comes in many colours)
Skin: Darkness Glow from
Cupcakes (not free)
Ballerina pumps:
Chelley's (Free in shop)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Queen + LoQ + The Fame Monster + Curvy Silhouettes

Firstly, the RQ skin group gift for men... absolutly yummy :) 50L group fee and be sure to pick up the other gifts (hair and female skin)

Shape is from
Curvy Silhouettes...his name is Freddy and he's real easy to get along with :)


Next, great outfit find by Second Life 24h .. from The Fame Monster. OL and contains other gifts not shown. A must have for any Lady Gaga fan !!


Skin is from RQ sun Type.05 (not free, but real fierce)
Hair : sale at
LoQ 50L sale

LaVie + Fascino + Vivaposes

Group gift at LaVie, you will find it in the female clothing building along with some smoking new releases.

The group gift is regular 400L, well worth the 250L join fee and the skin group gift is still out for the Demi V2 with tan lines.. you can find that in the female skin dept.

This Dress has a pretty yet sexy vintage feel to it... can you believe she is gifting it ? THANK YOU !!!

group gift

Check ou the new releases as well... you might want to put this under your dress. Desire lingerie in black 250L

new release

Pose props by : Vivaposes .. don't forget the group gift that I previously blogged.
Skin : LaVie Demi v2 Pale (not free)
Hair : Fascino 50L sale


I should have blogged Cupcakes ages ago, Miro is a sweetheart and so generous with gifts, I didn't know where to start!

1- Group gift you get in the shop
(click on the poster right above the Lucky Cupcake *nom nom*
group join is L$100 but it's more than worth it.)

Blue Cupcakes outfit & skin

Outfit and skin: Cupcakes (free group gift, comes in all skin tones)
Raspberry Aristocrat (free gift in shop, comes in many colours)
Umedama Holic (free gift in shop, they're eyeballs on a coffee table)
Tattanooga make-up layer (free gift in make-up shop)

* * * * * *

2- Midnight Mania - Dahlia Model Kit #2
(Model Kit #1 is hopefully locking tonight)

Red Cupcakes outfit & skin

Outfit, skin and eyes: Cupcakes (MM gift, locks every time!)
Hair: Jess @
Truth (free in shop)
Tattanooga make-up layer (free gift in make-up shop)

* * * * * *

3- Lucky Cupcake prize (lucky me!)

Plum Cupcakes outfit & skin

Outfit, skin and eyes: Cupcakes
Dura boy (free group gift, they have 4: 1 boy, 1 girl, and 2 with hats)
Tattanooga make-up layer (free gift in make-up shop)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer of Love


A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable. ~WilliamWordsworth


Into week two of the Summer of Love Fair... If you haven't explored the venue because you didn't want to get caught in lag, now is the perfect time to visit.

If you are unaware of the premiss of the
Summer of Love Fair, it is more than just fashion. It is about awareness to words such as Compulsive, Bulimia, Panic, Dysphoria, Dependancy. These aren't bad words, they exist just as the disorders that go along with them. Someone you know or love may be touched (by near of far) to words such as these and since the fair is about awareness, you will find question marks with great information inside them along with some swag.



White Dress : Indyra Originals (Soleil White) 150L (yes, that is not a typo) There are some bangles for 50L as well that you might want to pick up.
Hair : LoQ Hairs can be worn with or without the Daisy Fortune Headband 200L per pack
Skin : Mynerva SOL fair exclusive 450L per tone or 1000L for a pack.
Lip Piercing : 1L ellabella Whispers of Love


Its my Party...and I'll Cry if I want tooooo....

Today is my RL Birthdayyyyy!!!
I felt like rocking out in SL on my big day! HAHA!

Envy Designs has a new Group Gifty up!
So I grabbed it up on my birthday and rocked out on my Glitterati Guitar!
Spikey Hair from Black Maria - Free!
Skin from MM board at Envy Designs!
The outfit is called Fusion and can be found on the back wall!
All accessories included with outfit!
Ahhhhh after a long day of rocking out I will probably take a dip in the pool!
The Fusion Outfit can also be worn as rocking swimwear!!

Have a great day everyone!!!! ❤•❤Teena

Sexy Freebies!

Envy Designs has new MM boards!!!!
You get a Sexy Outfit called Tribal Passion!
Comes with Skirt, Corset, and Leg Tat!!

The Leg Tat is pretty HOT!
The Myth Dark Skin is on the 2nd MM board and I just love the Streaked Tears!!
This outfit went well with hair from Black Maria!!

Enjoy!! ❤•❤Teena

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vivaposes group gift

Perfect pose for those who love to shop !! I love the way the head is tilted and the body flows.

Just wear your group tag (0L join fee) and grab your gift at
Vivaposes. (3 different poses included) You can also find some exclusive items at the Summer of Love Fair from Vivaposes. There should be less lag now.. so take some time to visit.

Outfit : previously blogged
Skin : Mynerva SOL fair exclusive
Hair :
Posh 0L gift


House and Garden

Here are just a few of the Group gifts that can be found in the SL House & Garden Group... many more items not shown, check notices.

It's a great group to keep up to date with Home and Garden, updates, sale notifications and gifts from great creators.

Hurry and grab all the fab gifts b4 they disapear from the notices.. the desk was dated July 13th!!


My First Trench

I'm in love with this Trench Coat !! I sent out a notice yesterday regarding the huge sale at the Warehouse.... great quality and on sale... WIN !! Available in a rainbow of colors...

Skin : Glam Affair Funeral Skins @
Potter's Field event 999L for 3 skins
Hair : 0L
Posh super generous gift previously blogged.
Boots :
SHI (you know I don't wear footwear often, but I do love these.. laces are color change) They were 40% off when I purchased them. (186L... yay, they are still at that price)
Trench :
Armidi Warehouse event 249L (if I remember correctly)



Zaara 1

After a busy weekend in that real world of ours, I thought I'd pull a Zaara on you today *giggles* I love this shop, I wish I could afford to buy the whole thing... But the freebies are fantastic, go get them at the entrance of the shop, you won't be disappointed! They're on a wooden table, on your right of the TP point.

Top: Syona Kurta,
Zaara (L$215)
Trousers: Mala,
Zaara (free, part of the Mala outfit)
Shoes: Ilaida Mojiri,
Zaara (L$345)
Henna gloves:
Yak & Yeti (free)

Zaara 3

Dress: Shubh dress, Zaara (free)
Zaara (free)

Zaara 2

Top and trousers: Mala outfit,Zaara (free)
Shoes: Ilaida Mojiri,
Zaara (L$345)
Bracelet and anklet:
EarthStones(not free)

On all snapshots: Hair by
Analog Dog and skin by Belleza.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

III + Posh + Mynerva SOL

Hair : 0L awesome gift from Posh (pick this up asap !! - I shouted it in group chat, but this is such a generous gift)
Skin : Mynerva Summer of Love fair exclusive (not free)

Outfit : Retrospective new release from III top : 50L High waist pants : 125L
These come in a variety of colors for you to mix and match !!

Check out III for their addiction hunt gift as well as the lucky board (low, low target) They also have a gift skin at the SOL fair, previously blogged. I wanted to blog the corset I got from the MM board, but SL ate it. :(

new release

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Potter's Field

Potter's Field

There was once a place in Louisiana, somewhere vaguely far outside of New Orleans, called Shadow Holler.

Established in 1602 as a refuge for a group of spiritualists, it was once a hot spot for tourists and those seeking medical treatment for a number of incurable diseases. That was precisely how it remained until a hot summer night in 1910.

(please click on the signs at the tp point for the complete story on Potter's Field)

Djinn & Tonic "The Widow 2.0" 400L
The skirt is absolutly stunning !! All the collections at the event are beautifully crafted and quite unique. You'll find hair and skin as well. I picked up some ballet boots for 44L from Djinn & Tonic. One day I'll have a rl pair ;)

potter's field 5

potter's field 2

I'm not sure you noticed, but there are two skulls that don't quite fit.. I'm sure it's someone playing a little trick on someone :):)

Glam Affair has found their inspiration in art, collecting images from the lowbrow surreal pop art current and from the big classics.

Mark Ryden, Natalie Shau, Alex Gross, Joe Sorren and many others suggested the solemn but playful style of the outfits, the skins and the poses, a couple of them reproducing Antonio's Canova sculptures

potter's field 1

Skin : Glam Affair 999L includes 3 funeral skins
Dress : Glam Affair Lady Crow: 350L
Poses : Glam Affair 450L includes various props

You will also find items from :
&Bean, Fear & Clothing, Lark, Nomine, Pididdle, PIG, Sanctity Poses, Sangre Noir, The Obscene, Waverly Kline Designs

Event brought to you by .44 Caliber

potter's field 4

potter's field 3

Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
~Rossiter Worthington Raymond

Ezura + Sassy + LaVie + Mikan

Boots : 60L weekend special at Ezura
Outfit : purchased with a 250L gift card sent out in the subscribo from !Sassy! (175L reg.) It comes with a fishnet layer as well.
Skin : previous gift from LaVie (250L join)
Hair : 1L at Mikan Hair (also lucky board and another 1L hair avail.)


Friday, July 23, 2010

Atomic Number 78

- One of the rarest metals, more abundant on the Moon than on earth

The Platinum Hunt (August 8th -31st)

With more than 100 top designers, The Platinum Hunt will offer NEW and EXCLUSIVE items for 10L !

Join the inworld group and keep in the know !! I'm telling you.. this is one of those hunts that you just don't want to miss !! Save up those lindens !!

The event is brought to you by CHIC - Management and sponsored by

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cats Bag

It's been a while I haven't looked in my bag of goodies... Some of the luckyboards are group only.. but all are 0L join fee.

Hair :
LoQ sale
Skin :
Summer of Love fair exclusive from Rockberry

lucky board sabbia and group gift
Above :
Dress :
SaBBiA lucky board win
Shoes : Group gift
SaBBiA 0L join fee (on wall with other gifts)

lucky board Lakyala

lucky board CKnife feather of angel
Above :
Shirt : Lucky board win
Dress : group gift 0L join fee (little gift on counter by join board)

lucky board honey

lucky board honey 3
Above :
Pant outfit : Lucky board at
Dress : Lucky board at