Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Fete

Fall Fete is a week long event celebrating the 2nd Birthday of 25L Tuesdays. It will start Sept 27th and end Oct 4th with a special round of 25L Tuesdays deals. Many special events are scheduled for this celebration  including dance contest, fashion shows, and a special hunt to start on the 30th of Sept. For a full list of events check the notices in Freebie Fashionista in world group or feel free to contact me by im for one.

One of the very first weekly special groups 25L Tuesdays has grown in the past 2 years to include over 60 quality designers and 12000 subscribers. We here at Freebie Fashionista and MD StyleWatch would like to congratulate 25L Tuesdays on 2 great years and warm wishes for many more to come.

Some great things in store so take a minute and check out some of the fun this week,

See you  there


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colour Me Brightly

Hiya again... another post and another old friend... or maybe not very VERY old...  I stumbled across this little store while out walking (true) some weeks ago... but I do keep going back. I simply love the stuff!


Miss Shippe's Studio is all about face paint in one form or another... and fun, FUN such. No subtle makeups but real dramatic colour for bold statements. Orderly or disorderly, her palette runs off the vendors in colourful streams. Her inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere and anywhere, ranging form hindu holy men (above) to the spirit of her friends. 

There's stuff for everyone and for every wallet. Cheapies, the odd freebie, gathcha and a subscribo gift can be found beside the full priced stuff that's still pretty cheap, 50-100L is standard. They're all impressively well made. 

There's not much more to say. I'll just show you a few of my purchases and let you make your own mind up. Just keep one word in mind - 'marvellous'.


Some spontaneous fingerpaint and a traditional fem maori moko.


Some sparkling eye colour  from the gathcha and cyborgian insets, whole body tattoo available in three different colours (matching eyes included).


The rather striking facial hair of the fabulous Frida Kahlo... and a simple flustered mud look (full body) after... whatever... ^^

The other stuff:

Skin: My standard custom from Pink Fuel, not generally available.
Hair: Y-50 from Zeus on a standard hair base from BooN.
Eyes: Cabochon Eyes II from FTL. My standard, I suppose.

There you have it! I recommend you don't take my word for it but check this store out for yourself. You'll see I've left out the whole body freckles, the moles and and too many other things. Most of all, you'll have fun!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Owl Good

This past year I have been totally in awe of all the great jewelry I have been finding around in sl. So many talented and creative designers with limitless options of style and price. This years Jewelry Fair features over 100 of the very best sl has to offer, with special charity items to benefit Oxfam International. It is a great cause and has brought out the best in sl jewelry designers.

It's Owl Good

When I first saw this cute In'CaHoots jewelry set from Ripe available now only at the Jewelry Fair, I fell in love with it. It has a fun retro kinda vibe to it. I really like all the detailed beading and metal scroll work. The set includes earrings, ring and 2 necklace options. You can get this in several color and metal options. Also 2 special charity editions with portions of the proceeds to Oxfam International. Please see Ripe at Jewerly Fair- Earth for more fair exclusives. Thanks Hempy Weezles!

It's Owl Good

In the spirit of the kinda vintage feel of this set I picked up this super cute Cutwork Lace Dress at The Sea Hole. Sweet and love the lace work around the collar and on the skirt. It comes in a great range of colors and was easy on the $L. Be sure to look all around when you visit The Sea Hole so many great styles as well as some tattoos and  home wears. 

Just a few days left for the Jewerly Fair. It ends September 28th so don't miss out!! 

Hair: Ploom- Seffy II
Skin: Mother Goose's - Hena III B $1L
Jewerly: Ripe - In'CaHoots Brown *
Dress: The Sea Hole - Cutwork Lace Dress Creme Brule
House Wears: What Next?- Norwegian Wood Decor

* denotes review copy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Re-visiting Old Friends

I haven't been blogging for very long and I readily admit I get a bit overwhelmed by the avalanche of new stuff that washes over you if you dare open the hatch. It's fantastic how much is created and fantastic how fantastically fantastic it looks!

But... at the same time... in this cascade of new stuff a lot of wonderful 'old' stuff gets left behind. Which one of us haven't re-discovered a once cherished item or treasure or something we find beautiful and valuable but maybe never have found the opportunity to wear? Or, maybe even found the LM to the store where we got it just to discover, with regret, it's long since gone after slipping into the collective amnesia? Too many generous, clever or fun creators and stores slips our minds with our passion for newsomeness, which is sad.

I've got some creative projects of my own in both FL and SL going on atm which is demanding a big share of my time and energy. Why not use my compulsive vanity in the meantime, thought I, to show some stuff that deserves a second look... even a first look... actually... in some cases... *shrugs sheepishly* Who knows, it just might be a timely reminder or even news to someone else.


My first choice is a creator which is as generous as you can be. She offers all her stock for free and has done so for a long time. She's maintaining a full sim and the creation of new products at her own expense and put up her stuff out for nought. How marvellous is that? It's of course Rachel Boram and her store In Her Shoes I'm talking about.

Some of her stuff has a treasured place among mine. Like these ground stompers. Realistic coarse threads that looks just right without being tractor tyres. Comes in two parts, feet and lower leg, so the foot part can be used be used under cuffs... real neat.


There's shoes and boots in a colourful offering of colours and textures and shapes for both genders. A lot is of a higher quality than I've seen for sale for ready cash elsewhere. The perfect place to send a new resident or check out for yourself at regular intervals.

My personal favourites is the range of colourful sneakers. I've got close to 20 pairs with textures varying from the wild and wonderful to more earthbound tones. They are mod, so sizing or any other changes are easily done and my first port of call when some colour is needed for really relaxed footwear.

All these goodies are free off the wall for you 24/7 with only a humble request for a voluntary contribution if you feel so inclined. 

The other stuff in the outfit:

Rave hair by MADesign.
Loose high necked sweater with gloves isn't on sale anymore, but still available at Gabriel and which I have blogged before.
Utility kilt comes from the Tartan Shop, but is so heavily modified it wear little resemblance to the original :P

There you go! Someone worthy of our continued support... may Rachel Boram always receive what she needs to keep going!

If you find kilts funny, have a look at this and then tell me skirts aren't manly *winks*:

Take care and have fun!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Skirts for guys at Modavia

The designer presentations at Modavia Fashion Week are over and the participating designers have revealed their new collections in front of an admiring audience... in fact, the admiring audience was half the fun.

Not until the designer flaunted their flair on the catwalk were their vendors disclosed and it has been exciting to see the shopping area slowly 'blossom' during the week. I'm sure I wasn't the only one anticipating the daily visit.

Of course, a majority have gifts to offer so there's really sweet quality stuff to collect with the MFW group tag over your head. Ehmm.... wow, I'm standing there now and I see that new stuff has come up since yesterday ^^

Anyway, I was exited when I thought I saw one outfit that seem to include a skirt for guys. To my disappointment, it proved just to be the fem alternative. I was so disappointed in fact that I decided to put a few male outfits together with skirts from the show just because.


A skirt is nothing more than a piece of material strung around the hips in more or less fancy ways. Call them sarongs or kilts or whatever, they are all 'skirts' and a global and historical male garment. In the west, skirts for guys have been knocking on the fashion door for a comeback for years as avant garde, but they're not making it to the mainstream.

We're not talking huge, floofie florals here, we're talking short, plain, hug hipping stuff worn over loose pants as part of a layered outfit with robust boots on your feet. The net stockings and heels will come later. *Winks*

This quilted leather skirt is part of the VERY generous and worthwhile fem gift from Coeur Noir, Caged Heart. I had to hide it under the thick and bulky Hoodie from  Ronsem  to hide the cutting-into-the-av-bits to give it a 'male' shape (not from the show).

The fantastic Pro Boots with socks (or without if preferred as are male or female versions), is a subscribo gifts from Hoorenbeek. You need to be a member for two weeks before you can collect them but with quality like that, waiting is the least you can do.


This skirt and top are part of the fem outfit Angela by MEB with its scrumptious textures. I know it's grey, but there's grey and there's grey and this is grey, a rich silvery mouthwateringly grey which darkens towards the bottom. The top also lacks chest shading so there's no obvious gendering. When worn, it moves and behaves as a FL kilt, rich and heavy while still comfortable. I matched them with the pants from sYs male VYSION.

I found the funny finger face paint at Miss Shippe's Studio. This black glittery version is a freebie, if I remember correctly... which I didn't. It's 10L :P


The VYSION outfit by sYs was the only male outfit I could find that included a skirt and called it a skirt without cringing. I'm not man enough to wear the whole thing without collapsing under it's impact so I've limited myself to the skirt and pants and matched it with full body tattoo and boots from the sYs mainstore.

Jewellery is from Finesmith and fun hair from BooN.


The reason for my exclamation in the beginning... Vero Modero has unveiled their store and I saw this... a large knitted scarf arranged around the hips in no uncertain way. *Grins* Pants and the two scarves are part of the completely male Alto outfit, the see through tee is the gift from Sartoria.

All the poses are from Del May. The photo locations are, of course, Inis Caiseal and Empress and Hierophant.

There you go, skirts for guys... Take care and have fun and don't forget to visit Modavia for all the gifts!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seldom Blue Retirement Sale

Seldom Blue

Just a quick post to let you know about the great lingerie retirement sale going on right now at Seldom Blue. The Katia line is now on sale in several styles and dozens of colors, marked down from 100L to 25L each now!!! If you hurry this black set is now set out as a gift.Get it now before it makes it departure from the grid never to return again.

Seldom Blue

Some other great goodies I lucked on for this is this great Girlfriend in a Coma hair by Lamb, sweet loose updo, soft and sexy. Available now in the newest rounds of goodies now out at Collabor88. New discount shop with awesome designers with special items priced 88L and up. I also snagged the latest group gifty from Al Vulo! the London Picadilly Circus skin here in milk, I love the heavy smokey eye on this. Great group new skin every month and free to join so be sure to stop by there.

Thanks for reading and I would like to thank these and all the great generous designers of the grid

See you around the grid

Poses: Bent!
Piecing: Acide! 
Nails : Virtual Insanity
Shoes: GOS
Furniture: What Next?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ohhh & Ahhh

Hi Everyone!

I have a few things to tell you about today. First, I did the Creative Angles Hunt and couldn't resist taking this photo.

The lovely angel dust skin is from ' Skintimate ' and the beautiful wings are from Secret Garden in the Clouds. I am also wearing the indigo & blue dragon eyes from DragonLady's Closet and the choker & arm brace from *Lurve*.
Kayla Angle

Next up is LOW's Designer Spotlight, Leri Miles Designs. Visit the blog to learn more about this amazing store. Leri prides herself on keeping her prices affordable even though her creations are hand crafted and finely detailed.

This whole outfit is from her store, but the Capri pants are FREE until midnight, 16 September, just for joining the LOW Sale Customer's in world group. You can pick them up HERE or HERE.
Leri Miles Capri Gift

I've got 2 other cool gifts to tell you about too...for MEN & WOMEN. Head over to SF Design to pick up your own leather pants, amazing textures and so hot. No group to join.
Biker Chic

And talk about hot, this group gift skin from Filthy certainly fits the bill.

It does cost 199L to join the group, but so worth it because you get new skin gifts every month. (Of course I'm not showing the men's gifts in this photo, but the male pants are just like these and the male skin is just as amazing.)
Biker Chic 2


Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Epic Newness

Hiya, I'm back with more stuff picked up during The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness, the hunt designed to highlight new stores in SL. The starting point is at [Sleeping Koala]. With 34 stores involved it's a small hunt and quick to get through while showing support for new talent and get some real goodies on the way.

I should maybe include a little disclaimer. My choice of what I'm showing or not showing isn't any comments on the looks or quality of the hunt items, it just reflects my personal taste and the ease which I could combine them.


Goodies like this scarf from Nightplay as part of the gorean free woman outfit in their hunt item, for example. It's pretty something and provided the starting point for this outfit. 

The pink matched the dollarbie Pink Warrior Make-up from [Flit Ink] + [Aberrantand the CottonCandy Feather Earring, hunt item at Snitch. I've added a heavy eyeliner on top of the makeup. The mesh pants is a gift at Spirit. (Doesn't have anything to do with the hunt). They are apparently their first attempt at mesh (a mighty goodie one) and since the material suggests something quite thick, I quite look myself despite having to adopt the pant shape. 

Tintable maori tattoo is from my inventory, flip-flops and bare feet has been blogged before => X.


The rise of the hillbilly... which doesn't sound too bad a life to be honest. This stuff do provide a lot of colour and contrast, which I love, and therefor deserve a mention. All items from TUH:EN. 

The relative gender neutrality of the child Sunflower Skin (fatpack of 5 shades) from TattleTale suits me fine and provides nice contrast to the VERY dark emerald eyes from Body Couture (I've added eyeliner) .The Twisted Tattoo was found at The Attic and dungarees (open and closed top included) at [[ 721 ]]. The hair, finally, is Aurea (fatpack of 5 blond shades) from [George]


Out and about, checking how the fleeces for next year's tweed are coming on. 

No items in this one from the hunt itself, but most comes from participating stores. Like the Gina Earrings (which you can ALMOST see),which is a group gift at The Jewellery Exchange and the fabulous Loose Socks, an opening dollarbie offer at Klamotte

{L'amant} led me on a small detour to the discount store XY Room to buy their Pied de poule top featured above. I picked up the boots from the guest of the month, Azoury, there as well before continuing the hunt. {L'amant} has a vintage mesh dress as hunt item, btw. 

I'm a bit troubled by the bare belly, but... At least it can be used to show the dollarbie tattoo, Hug Life, from [Flit Ink] + [Aberrant].

Spirit seems to be destined to be my source of wild pants for some time... These beauties, the tweed Lubov shorts, can be found together with other low price goodies in their outlet.

And I'm aware of what day it is. Some of you will understand my choice of music and even if you don't... just enjoy. Take care and have fun *winks*

Friday, September 9, 2011

Epic Newness

The Unknown Hunt:Epic Newness is especially designed to turn the spotlight on new creators in SL. All the participating stores opened after 1st June this year so the hunt is a chance for them to shine and show off their freshness. It's on through September so there's plenty of time to show your support of new content creators taking the plunge. Unfortunately this post has been caught up in the asset server issues of SL so I can't create SLURLs to the stores. I'll change this as soon as I can. In the meantime, use the link to the web site above.

The hunt objects are 1L each. There's some real great stuff among the 36 (minus the odd removed ones) participating stores to it's well spent lindens. Beside clothes, body bits and other wearables, there's poses, furniture, sweets, houses and all sorts of wotnots. A lot of them are participating in other hunts or have promotions or lucky boards or whatever, so take your time and enjoy the ride.

This post is about the participating creators and I'm not limiting myself to the hunt. In fact, there's so much worthwhile, I'll divide it up into two posts (at least) just to make the stuff justice. 


There's a new talented skin creator in SL for sure, VoiD, which has made both skins featured in this post. Above, the beaut skin from the Twisted Hunt with its matching eyes.  I'm wearing the male version but there's a fem included as well. 

Sleeve tattoo included in TUH:EN item at 721 while the Hypnotic jewellery with the animated texture and themed chest tattoo is the TUH:EN item from Blah. There's a tongue piercing, too, which I'm not wearing.


I didn't have a clue I was so cute in beard!  All mentioned items are from TUH:EN. Skin and eyes again from Void, 'nerdy' specs from YouriGami, tee from Argyle Owl (love this one) and pink corderoys from iCandy.

Hmm... I better slap some sunscreen on before that indoor tint is ravished by the sun, so this is will be that for this time. Until next, support the new creators and go and enjoy this hunt, it's a double investment - awesomeness for your lindens and continuing newness for SL. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a Mesh!!!

What a Mesh! 2

See? No glitch!!! Mesh has arrived and everyone seems to be busy falling in love. The whole grid seems to mesh enabled now, even if not all viewers are. As far as I know, only Linden 2, 3 and Kirstens are enabled at this date. I suppose the other TPV developers are very busy atm.

This entry is a small exploration of what mesh is and what it is not, my attempts to understand how it actually behaves when you use it. I'm, of course, focusing entirely on clothes. There's no technical jargon, only observations illustrated with some low key photos. 

What a Mesh! 1

Mesh clothes and other mesh objects can be rezzed as any object inworld and they have a prim count. If mod, they can be modified as a sculpt. The big novelty they bring is that they are bendy and more malleable. When worn on the av, they will interact with it in a way that's not been possible in SL before.

What a Mesh! 3

They attach to the good old attachement points, just like any other object, and will adjust to the size of the avatar. My mouth fell open in wonder as I went wild with the body sliders and saw the clothes effortlessly grow or shrink with my av. Just fantastic...

BUT, the garments only react to a very basic avatar skeleton and while they will readily adjust to simple length of limbs and body and to a few defining body width measurements such as shoulder and hip width, measurements that give volume and voluptuousness are ignored. 
What a Mesh! 4

That's why I look so silly in this suit. The suit is a beaut, it's my shape that screw things up. Recognise the good old body image issue from FL? 

Just like a sculpt garment, a mesh garment is created to fit a template. In this case, the body of a smaller male av. Even if mesh clothes will stretch or shrink in response to the basic skeleton, they will keep their basic shape and you can't change that.

In the image above I've projected my av against the silhouette of the suit. My av is using the fem default and sits uneasy in anything based on the male. The curve of the spine and chest are the biggest problems and only the alpha body suits hide any body bits that doesn't fit and which could poke out where they shouldn't. It's a big bit of accepting the shape of the clothes or not use them.

What a Mesh! 5

So mesh or no mesh? *Groans in existential angst*  The POTENTIAL of mesh... classic trouble spots like obis and lapels things of the past... no flexis doing those funny stunts only flexis can... the cool way the jacket rests so perfectly over the pants... only one object to attach instead of a whole folder full of bits and pieces... 

Yup, the last is true, the yukata to the left is one single object, one single attachment worn on chest, while the suit to the right comes in four bits for mix and match. As I made pained noises while admiring the details and discovering the potential, I realised how much of my SL life I spend on adjusting prims... 

What a Mesh! 6

However, some peeps won't be happy to trade their personal twist on human beauty, ideal or whatever reason they have to choose their looks in SL for someone else's. After all, you don't HAVE to wear them. 

That's me. I've gone to a lot of pain to get my av where s/he is and in its present form, mesh isn't my cup of tea... well, I simply don't fit into the cup. I'm sure that with the creative might of SL, there's soon be a host of hybrid clothing or clever solutions to issues like mine as the creative minds settle when the novelty wears off. I'm happy to wait. Mesh has too much potential to be dismissed, even by a luddite like me.... it's just too fantastic!

What a Mesh! 7

The really really REALLY good fun with mesh starts with non-human avatars, however. This robo-kitty avatar is made up from four prims, if mesh units can be called that. The fully mobile and bendy body is, believe it or not, just ONE prim, one single mesh piece. The head is another and the eyes are two 'old fashioned' prims. To move around in this and see the jointless flexing of the mesh is simply mind blowing. The alpha came off just show how the human relates to the mesh body.

What a Mesh! 8

The yukata (several colours included in pack) and the widely advertised mesh Ameshin2011 Robo Kitty by Curious Kitties are freely available on the Marketplace.... as is many other free mesh items. The blue wool suit, part of SystemM, by Black Label Meshwear will be released on Friday together with plenty of other texture options for combinations galore.

And what does mesh look like to peeps on non-mesh viewers? Well...

Take care and have fun!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A rainy day... Not!

A Rainy Day 4

Nope, I'm not depressed, but  have allowed myself to be pulled into the subtle moods that the home sim of  NODe+, evokes. I went there to check out a store I'm keeping my eyes on. The store was gone (again!) so I explored the intriguing looking sim instead.

It's a commercial sim, but very beautifully done. Think late spring in the northern northern hemisphere, too much water around and the foliage is still freshly green and lace-like against a bright blue sky... unless in rains which it sometimes actually does. NODe+ creates weather you see... beside houses and strange little objects. 

Not only rain that falls but little splashes as the drops hits the ground and rings that spreads over the water's surface. It's like poetry, an even greater magic is created by the realisation that this rain is clever scripts and textures and not water. Their umbrellas are worth checking out... I might have an oogle at them later.

I walked around for ages, exploring the stores, watching the water splash across the road and some butterflies playing in the sun. Just drifted in other words. A quick change of plans and a 'Wild and Wooly' became 'A Rainy Day'.

A Rainy Day

Gabriel is having a sale and I picked up a couple of yummy jumpers, very much a reaction to the cool spell we've had in FL. This white off-the shoulder one is matched with my pair of Bone & Soul dual colour jeans from LikeA.

The mismatching male print slip-ons are from Hoorenbeek. You can change both texture on the top and colours of the different parts, have both shoes matching or have them gloriously different. Really good fun... doh... I kept them both B/W for this shot o.0 All yours for 520L, not bad considering the umteen possible colour variations. As usual with their stuff... immaculate workmanship.

A Rainy Day 2

The cropped soft looking sweater with gloves was my second purchase at Gabriel. It looks soft and cosy, just the thing you could fall asleep in... as I did. 

The plum pants are from ALB Dreamfashion's male group gift for September. It's part of a large set including prim feet and flip-flops, top and coat. 

The chuckers, Vader's, are by Jeepers Shoes, one in a set of four 'natural' pure colours and without any white details or contrasts. 250L a pair or all four for 500L... what a choice!

A Rainy Day 3

Sugar and spice and puppy tails and all that! There you have it, I'm wearing a skirt. 

On my exploration, I picked up a couple of freebies that has been combined with other free stuff into a freebie outfit for the interested.  Both the dark brown skirt with net and the thick logo top are group gifts from Couverture while the heavily knit socks are freebies from Oyakin. The socks are VERY heavily modded. The idea is to wear them as tights or leggings (there's two versions of pants cuff included), which I'm obviously not. 

After tilting the skirt a little (it's actually very nice, in fact, the top is as well), the brown group gift boots from Gabriel (very nice finish, but somewhat odd proportions.) looked just right to bring the balance towards the male a little. The fabulous free colour change scarf comes from mr.poet.

Skirt for men seems to finally be on the brink of breaking the taboo line. How come that women can wear trousers but men refuses to wear skirts? Misogyny or are women simply braver to break the gender line? Come on guys...! *winks*

A Rainy Day 5


Mermaids are real. I would suggest a bit of seashell and some sea water. With a dedicated heart, mermaidness should come upon you shortly. If it doesn't, here is a spell, it worked for me and as you can see, I'm a mermaid.

Go into a bath wearing your favorite necklace. Near the end of the bath, hold on tight to your necklace and say this spell three times slowly "Mermaid magic come to me. I would like a tail not two feet. Beauty be upon me. Fish all kinds let me see. When I'm finished in the sea. When I'm dry my feet return to me".

Then dry off and the next time you touch water you'll be a mermaid. Try not to get wet for two weeks after saying the spell, and for two weeks after the spell never take the necklace off.

Side affects include trying to hold legs together, itchy legs, and scales.


* Mermaid outfit @ Deviance *thanks Surreal*
* Jadis light skin @ Glam Affair *thanks M4ri1yn*

Small quiet everyday wonders

I'm feeling slightly thoughtful today for various reasons and I'll use that uneventful mood to highlight a maker who's creating some impressive stuff. Stuff that doesn't scream or shout but just quietly is.

Small wonders

Hmmm.... can anyone guess? Nope, it's not the new release hair from Lamb, Frosti, even if it is a small wonder with it's fab dark roots. The sofa is anything but quiet, so it can't be that. 

I agree, this is SILLY, but I've wanted to blog these things for such a long time I simply don't have a clue what to write ^^

Small wonders 2

Let's just be factual. It's the work of Pique Flan who owns 2g I want to show and tell. It must be one of the smallest ranges of any shop... two models of horn-rimmed glasses, like the partly clear-framed ones above, and two of shoes, even if the latter has a few colour options to cover up the walls a little. But with quality, even small quantities go a long way...

Small wonders 3

The glasses are very well made, but it's his shoes that has seduced me, for more than one reason. The Soubresaut to the left, especially, has become my standard for the casually elegant. Comes in three different colours, white, brown and black. The white Couru with it's choice of differently coloured details does are finding themselves on my feet with increasing frequency.

Why are these shoes so special? Beside the simply fantastic looks, I mean. Well, first there's the price, only 200L a pair.  Secondly, something very important in these lag conscious days, they are low prim, 10 and 12 prims per shoe respectively! They are also old-fashionably mod instead of scripted, so there's no potential problem with script load either. 

Since each attached prim adds a count of 10 to the ARC, these shoes are a 'must' if you want to be prim slim in style. That's mainly directed to guy-ish peeps. The Soubresant adds 285 and the Couru 350 to ARC (I'm on Linden v2). Compare that to the 60 prims each and the ARC of 1942 of my favourite chuckers... In fact, I've only found one pair of shoes in my inventory that beats that... even my bare feet are heavier o.0 

(The Frosti hair, btw, has an ARC of 893... which is pretty good as hair goes.)

The colour changing sofa and the other bits and pieces in the back ground are part of the new scheme by Lindens, they have started with monthly gifts to premium members. I've covered that elsewhere, which means here

That's it folks... good-looking, well made stuff that deserves a place in the lime light and a few numbers thrown in for good measure!

Until next time, take care and have fun!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

CS Shapes, Al Vulo, Diva, and ABBH Hunt!

I picked up some gorgeous gifties while doing the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt!!
I grabbed the Enchant Dress at 1 Hundred for there hunt gift! Went so nicely with the D!va Group Gift Hair Im wearing :)
Al Vulo and CS Shapes
CS Shapes put out the Imogen Child Shape as the hunt gift and I just adore her face!!!!
Al Vulo also has a new Group Gift skin out that is just sooo sweet!
I think they go so well together too!

Hair: D!va - Mana - Group Gift
Skin: Al Vulo - London Picaddily Circus - Group Gift
Shape: Curvy Silhouettes Shapes - Imogen - ABBH Hunt Gift
Dress: 1 Hundred - Enchant Dress - ABBH Hunt Gift

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eerily fearily

The Twisted Hunt has begun.... as have a whole pile of other hunts. I got wind of a hair piece/hair that grabbed me and cheated, going straight to that store. Wow...  Gilded has no less than three hunt gifts out!

Eerily fearily

The Unseelie 'hair' is better than I dared to hope for with it's rigid, curling spikes in grey scale. Add the matching version of their faun legs AND the pose above that make up the other two hunt gifts and you get a eery composition. Go further and add those obscure upper body/head net/webs from deviant girls you bought but wasn't really sure what to do with and other bits and pieces from your private horror cabinet will automatically pile on until that 'just right' feeling arises.

If you like your faun av, Gilded has a set of 10 poses for their Pan/faun for only 75L with pose versions for both short and tall avatars.

Hunt starting point is here if you feel like doing the whole thing. It will be on for the whole of September so there's plenty of time to get completely lost and with 207 stores participating...  well... There's no online hint list, either, so it's all group chat or be doooooomed... muahahahaha..... If you happen to see me on the way, show some mercy throw me something to eat, because I WILL be a lost soul if I decide to do the thing.