Monday, February 28, 2011


I love shirts.. I have a pretty little collection of them. Also, if you are using a viewer than enables you to use multiple layers.. these little gems come in quite handy to bring variety to your styling.



Top : Magoa (2tone shirt in Prue rose)

Jeans : Oyakin

Flats : Tokidoki (Group gift... FREE)

Hair : Shag (Fashion House 50L)

Skin : Mynerva (New, skin fair)

Sweating my elf ears off

I love going the gym in RL, the rancid smell of sweat, queuing up like a plank for the treadmills, watching the dumbest/best MTV programmes, the muscly but ugly poseurs... I could go on. YUK. Give me the great outdoors anytime.

But on SL, you've got to love it. I even remember being TP'ed here at the Sleek Beach Club in June 2008, I remember it because the flavour of the month who TP'ed me was yummy and we danced all night/day/whatever. Anyway, I laughed the first time I saw the gym, thinking 'WHY?'. But eh, like most things on SL, it doesn't mean anything but it's flipping hilarious.

Thank you Elendeis Sirnah for the amazing sportswear, I love them, my blue tracksuit bottom will be my 'frumpy but not frumpy stay at home' outfit. Love them. Oh, don't forget to grab your sweat towel and your bottle of mineral water, fresh from the purest SL mountain spring *slurps*

Sweating my elf ears off

* Yoga tracksuit bottom and red Kineta outfit from Amaris (L$90 and L$150)
* Kianna Skin from Mynerva (New skin - not free but oh so worth it *mwah Rhapzody* )
* Rush Hair from Elikatira (L$250 for the Essentials collection)

Buzzurl girl

Hello!! Today I couldn't resist to spend my lindens on these beautiful items I got for you, from skins to shoes I went craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Can you imagina to have mora than 10 different pairs of pumps with a floral texture on it AND the chance to put a ribbon (color changeable) on the back or in front of the shoe for 49L??????????????? Well it's your lucky day!! This is brought by La Petit Fleur for the Buzzurl Event at Barbee Sim, there are awesome designers from skins to furniture that are selling exclusive products for 49L only!!! Here's the flyer so you can know a little more about it


I also bought this dress from C'est la vie! right there for 49L!!!


I mixed the dress with a My Uglydorothy new LB skin, in fact there are 7 LB there! All you have to do is be part of the Group (No fee needed) and GOOD LUCK!

Talking about floral textures, the other day I found these floral tops for 1L EACH! And they look super cute.

Find them HERE (they are from the same store so just click vie other items and you'll find them there)

Well I'm going back to Buzzurl event, not even my lindenless wallet can stop me now!!! Kissessss

In The Garage

Far too much going on lately but one of the disappointments of recent weeks for me was the Vanity Skin Fair. My esteemed colleague Andie showed the good recently, but the sad truth is for guys... it kinda sucked. I was going to be kind and concede that men may not be such a big market as women, and with space limited I shouldn't be surprised we got a poor deal but sorry skin sellers of SL, you let us down. I saw the fair mentioned a couple of times in MENstuff chat, and on my own crawl around the lagfest I (quite literally) bumped into a few other men despite it being early Sunday morning.

Now after exploring all 46 stores I discovered us gents could pick up one freebie in the form of some technically unisex but really not very manly animal face paintings. Okay, so we didn't do well on free gifts, shouldn't grumble. I did pick up a couple of free demos to try on another day, but I felt no need to hurry a purchase since I spotted no hint that any items offered were discounted. Okay, so I'm just being greedy I know, no free gifts, no discounts... and in reality virtually no male skins at all! I didn't bother counting from the nightmare of lag but I would say easily less than 25% of the stores had any male items at all.

Which brings us to the vague point of the rant - do you even want men there? The male stores are scattered about, and some skin stores that I know sell male and female skins only had female skins on offer so even shopping by brands took me in more than a few blind alleys. This seems like a very self-fulfilling prophecy in the making - if none of the stores have anything for men then men won't shop, and more stores will convert to female only and less men will even bother turning up next time.

But that rant over, welcome to something cheerier! (Just ignore the slightly snarky comment about demos.)

Earlier today I was poking around Nikita Fride realising that a) I have no idea if I want some hair in coke or mocha or some strange shade of pink or blue and b) that I resent paying $1L for a demo when one of the group lucky chairs announced an F! Being in the group I glanced over and saw a man on the prize board so I jumped! Grabbing myself this free skin and shape!

In The Garage

You can thank Cron Nexen of OKEY DESIGNS for the wonderful Lewi Jeans, I had to shrink the bulge a little to avoid injuring people standing too close but the open fly does allow a bit of a glimpse of some more tattoos on this skin. And this skin has some tattoos, it also comes with a hairbase with rather stylised shaving going on.

Back In The Garage

Maybe the testosterone of this skin inspired the opening rant (and I seem to recall Nikita Fride didn't cater to us gents in the Skin Fair so grrr!) but I am enjoying this quite a bit. After my thoughtful work in the garage I grabbed myself a wife beater (still the most bizarrely named clothing item I can think of) and hit the stores for Monday Mania - I must confess to a little chuckle as I paced menacingly about some of my more usual stores. I suspect I'll linger like this a little while, a change is as good as a rest, and as free gifts go the Nikita Fride lucky chairs are fairly kind it must be said.

Sunday, February 27, 2011



Jeans : Oyakin 50L
Blouse : Oyakin 100L

Pose : Croire hunt gift (going on now) FREE

Hair : Diva, old group gift

Skin : Mynerva

Face tat : Love-in-Idleness (crow me to sleep 80L)



Hello darlings, today I mixed a couple of items I got and ta daa a cute look came out XD. Here are the credits!

Waka and Yuki - Group gift - FREE
Bang Bang! - Group gift - FREE (All I'm wearing is this makeup, I love it!)
bizm - FREE shirt come in blue, green and mustard - FREE
Valiant - Menstuff hunt prize - FREE (look for the black shirt)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dress up time!

Picnik collage
Agnes Finney My Precious is hosting there February Fashion Show this evening at 5pm!
Guests of the show can enjoy a few really great discounted dresses one of which Ive shown above for 10L!!
Hope to see you at the show!

Enjoy! Teena

Friday, February 25, 2011

St Patrick's Day!

Bliss Couture is giving away this super cute St. Patty's Day Dress to group members!
I love the bouncey skirt on this dress :)
And Romi Skins is giving this oh so cute skin away in there Lucky Chair or as a group member gift (100L join fee)

Enjoy! Teena

Dress- Bliss Couture-St Patricks Day Group Gift
Skin - Romi Skins - Group gift/Lucky Board Prize
Stockings - SD Wear- Mind Bender Stockings
Hair - Elikatira- Mood/Blondes

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Insanity

Sometimes you just have to let go and have some fun.... and...come on... Seahorses are fun !

Creative Insanity has created this rideable seahorse with ao !  It comes in three different colors with a biped and mermaid version.  You'll want to try the mermaid one out with your ao to see if it works well... 

Try it here at Creative Insanity !!

Creative Insanity

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raw House @ Chic Limited

The Chic Limited event ends February 26th... as we don't know what designers will retire their items, be sure to grab what you have your eyes on.

Raw House has offered up Evelyn Razorbangs exclusively to the Anti-Valentine event and all color packs are 50% off !!

Chic Limited Event - Anti-Valentine

Shirt : Chic Limited from Magoa
Skin : Curio Jasmine

Monday, February 21, 2011

Under my skin

Hello darlings, I "finally" got to enter to the Vanity Skin fair yay!! But I don't want to spoil you the surprise so here are just a few gifts I picked up there...

Al Vulo: I love the group gifts from this store and of course I love this gift!!

Rozena: This is just a sample... inside the gift box you can find 7 lipsticks all yummy!!

JesyLilo: As Catherine showed us this is another skin given as a gift, there are 3 in total but this is my favorite :D

Aleida: Awesome makeup comes in 5 colors!!

Get these freebies & more at the 3rd Vanity Skin Fair

Sunday, February 20, 2011


JeSyLiLO is at Skin Fair and has 3 gifts set out for you, here is just one of the skins offered up as a gift.


Other style credits.. blogged HERE


Hello! Waiting for the Skin fair to open I decided to make a post lol! Here are my findings :D


Both oufit and skin are from Bang Bang, clothe is a Valentine freebie, I found it yesterday so hopefully is still available near a cat in front of the group gift which is the skin :)


Oh you have no idea how much I loved these sweatshirts from Riddle as soon as I got them as a hippo group gift they come in several colors and look super nice!. The skirt from the left is from a Group Lucky Board on Ah Flou (FREE Group), other 3 LB there too and some 5L Items like a creamy shape!. The skirt from the right is part of the group gift of Diavolicious, also FREE (Comes a male outfit too).

Talking about Diavolicious, once you're there don't forget to grab these 2 freebies, they are in the New Items section, the Alice in wonderland theme of the whole store looks great!.


VS Style also sent a som gift it's available for new suscribers also, this lovely yellow dress which I matched with Ribbon's limited LB prize: the pcoat bag, isn't it cute?

Happy weekend! (or what's left of it haha)


Opens today at 3pm slt

Red Mint - Mynerva - W&Y

Eye Makeup : gift from (RED) MINT

Friday, February 18, 2011

More from Chic Limited

Chic Limited Event - Anti-Valentine

From Diavolicious.. the Venus Chasseresse @ Chic Limited

You know, even if V-day has come and gone...  don't let the Anti-Valentine theme fool ya.  The designers have really gone out of their way to interpret this theme in their own unique way...

You still have a week left to visit the venue and don't forget to click the subscribe to be informed of the next Chic event !!

*New Mynerva Skins*
Sneak Preview

YES, the new Mynerva skins, Jennifer and Kianna, are finally here and it was well worth the wait. They are gorgeous, simple and plain yet beautiful. I can not wait to combine them with all the make-up layers that will be on offer when viewers like Firestorm release their final version. Anyway, both skins come out in 3 versions - plain, smokey and raven, and various shades. I've got a sneak preview here for you *thanks Rhapzody Wilde*. You'll have to wait until Sunday 20 February to get them, at the skin fair.

Jennifer (from left to right)
Plain shade 3 - Smokey shade 2 - Raven Grey shade 3 -
*NEW* Jennifer skins

Kianna (from left to right)
Plain shade 3 - Smokey shade 2 - Raven Grey shade 3 -
*NEW* Kianna skins

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roses are Red....

I love love love Red Roses!!
Agnes Finney is featuring the new La Rose Dress which covers you in deep rich red roses from shoulder all the way down the skirt. I paired the dress with the lovely Eve Pumps from G*Field (Color Change Roses come with the black pumps) And the new V-day Skin gift from Glam Affair.

Enjoy! Teena

Skin - Glam Affair Eva Skin - Group Gift for V-day - Free!
Hair - W&Y Hair Previous Hunt item (no longer free)
Dress- Agnes Finney La Rose in Black and Red
Shoes - G*Field Flower Pumps Eve in Black

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peqe @ Chic Limited

Chic Limited Event - Anti-Valentine

I hope you've had a chance to drop by the Chic Limited Anti-Valentine event... You still have another week or so if you haven't had the chance to pop in. 

Hair : Vita's Boudoir

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chic Limited, Anti-Valentine from Magoa

Chic Limited Event - Anti-Valentine

From Magoa at the Chic Limited event.. Peepshow shirt, available in 3 different color pints.

Taxi to Chic Limited

What a date!

Hellooooooooo Happy valentines!!!! Yay!! Why am I so excited about it?? Well guess what?? Olive Juice has the perfect deal for V.Day: All couple poses are FREE!!!! But it's limited (JUST TODAY & TOMORROW!!) so you better grab your date (I call him "my perfect stranger") by the neck and drag him to the store... I'll show you some:

Music is my boyfriend pose:

Clem's heart on a string:

Date night in pose (other poses too):

I don't want to end this post without telling you other good news! FK Virtues is having a SUPER SALE: All items cost 14L! My perfect stranger is wearing jeans and shirts from there.

What I'm wearing:

On the music is my boyfriend pose:

VS Style - Kat dress SOM Gift - FREE
Tuttifrutti - New Mainstore gift - FREE
Magika - SOM Gift - FREE

On the Clem's heart on a string pose:

Undershirt and leggins:
BRB - Part of lace dress - Dollarbie
Plastik - Plastik from Ducknipple - 10L (Other top inside and also a corset version without ruffles)


PS: Talking about poses I grabbed this one from the Proposer hunt by


Cute pose from SMP

Pose and heart tattoo 10L by SMP
Just a quick note, I modified my shape to get the exact position for the fingers... arm length 90 and shoulders were around 20 I think.

Hair : Fashion House exclusive from Shag 50L
Earings : U&R dogs 10 min camp
Skin : Mynerva
mynerva with tat from slash me poses

Pididdle - Le Kissing Booth

Huge sale going on at Existence right now.


Sales and promotions vary from store to store.. so have a look see.   I got caught up at the kissing booth from Pididdle.  It is like a lucky dip and I got this awesome blue lipgloss and valentine theme eyeshadow. (Free !)

Don't forget to explore.. more kissing booths and fun stuff to see.  Enjoy and Happy V-Day !!

Free Kisses

Hair : LoQ
Dress : Secret Store V-day promotion 100L

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful... grenade (?)


Hello!!! I got some good freebies and couldn't resist the temptation to post them rigt away XD


Zenith fashion - V.Day group gift - FREE


Pig - LB Prize (actually male clothe) - FREE
Ducknipple - Tainted Love hunt prize (is a dress) - FREE
Silenced - AVD Hunt prize - FREE


Kyoot - V.Day SOM gift - FREE
Divine - Bashyra group gift - FREE

Here's a close up to the skin:

And I know I post a lovely picture of what would have been my V.Day card BUT I bought this pose for 1L Only and just wanted to share it with you XD


You can buy it at Secret Style

Happy Valentinessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

PS: I started this post with the song Beautiful by Trading yesterday but ended up with Grenade by Bruno Mars... lol this can give you the idea of how would it be my valentines...big muaws to all!

More Valentine'ness

Shag, Curio, Boom, Just-a-Pose, 2Real

Skin : Curio - Jasmine (new release)
Hair : Shag - Project Themeory 75L
Lingerie : Boom - 50L

Belt : 2Real - cool belt that you can customize the scrolling text ! I think that is pretty nifty. You can even have 5 premade messages for your belt... perfect to suit your current state of mind.
More great stuff to see when you visit 2Real

BTW, my text says : will u b mine ?  seriously.. you don't have to answer that. !!!

Pose : blogged HERE

More Valentine Items...

I'm hiding from rl.. so blogging some Valentine stuff...

Skin : previously blogged HERE
Hair : Gift from Exile (Subscribe - Free)
Shirt : Gift from L'Abel at the Original's fair (ends tonight) (Free)
Pose : Just-a-pose from the Simply Hippy New Release

just a pose_001