Sunday, January 31, 2010

Go Green

When I heard that Xanthe of Curvy Silhouettes had created a petite version of the sexy Emile shape, I just had to get it for myself, and this time it's only 10L!!! What a steal for something so yummy (not to mention all the hours of hard work too on Xanthe's part)!! And for some reason, I'm still on the retro theme, well maybe not 100% retro, but close (grin)..

Shape: Emile Petite from Curvy Silhouettes--1oL
Dress: Twist Dress from Haute Fashion--free
Hair: Arigatou (includes bow with colour change options) by W&Y from Savoir Hair--free
Necklace and Earrings: Square Necklace (with matching earrings and colour options) from Periquita --free (Shoes and Accessories Hunt)
Bangle: part of All About Me Dress Ensemble from MPD--1L (for the whole ensemble)
Shoes: Volt from Relentless Couture--1L (for a box containing 10 pairs of shoes in assorted colours)

Looks like it's self-service here...

Think I blend quite well with the surroundings...

A closer look..

~Too Sexy Magazine Launch Giftie* (Lingerie)

To mark the launch of the new Too Sexy Magazine* Eternal Brides and Seldom Blue have gifted this stunning lingerie set for a limited period (so do grab it while you can!). Find it at the party location (opposite shop).
Too Sexy Lingerie Set* @ Eternal Brides & Seldom Blue (Giftie!)
Elizabeth skin @ Free Spirit (Pay What You Like)
Celia Hair @ DrLife
Pose@ DeePosed (Giftie!)

Must Love Gifts!

Morning Freebie Fashionistas! Today I come baring some exceptional new gifts and a few old that you can still get your hands on. First though I have to point out that the top in my outfit is from the today only free dress from Wetherby's. If you've never heard of them go check it out and bathe in the beauty of the amazing creations! As you might of guessed, I'm a huge fan! And now without further chatter, onto the good stuff!

Skin - The much blogged about Belleza Alyson Group Gift Skin

Hair - Vignette Sophia in Charcoal 0L

Top - Wetherby's #289 Kally Viper dress, Free to group members today only!

Jacket - Lelutka Subscribo gift XY Jacket in blue

Pants - Sassy Kitty Unbuttoned Studded Low Rise Green Pants Midnight Mania Gift

Jewelry - Alienbear Design 2009 Necklace & earrings for My Precious (gift by runway)

Shoes - Maitreya Magenta Pumps Not Free

Enjoy and stay Fashionable!
xo Vanin

~Crimson Free Spirit*

I thought it fitting that this pale, crimson lipped & rather striking Elizabeth* skin @ Free Spirit deserved an equally dramatic outfit. Sadly the outfit from Herby Loire isn't free but the skin is "Pay What You Want". Everyone I have told about this skin loves it & I hope you will too!


~Elizabeth Skin* @ Free Spirit (Pay What You Like)

~Oh My Hair* @ OH (this is one of LisaMun's fav hair) (Group Giftie)

~Franscesca Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::

~Jackie Outfit* @ Herby Loire Fashion Design

Moi crying?

Not crying..I just have eyelash in my eye! Actually this is lovely "Crying Skin" @ Free Spirit. Kimberly* to be exact & it comes in several tones on a "Pay What You Want" wall. You will also find some other lovely goodies (elf skin, pale skin with crimson lips, jeans, waitcoats what you want..). Do check it out...
~Kimberly Skin @ Free Spirit (Pay What you Want)
~Amelia Hair in Ash @ Exile
~Franscesca Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
~Black floral top (part of Dress) @ Herby Loire Fashion Design (Free!)
Tip: There is also a free pair of silver shoes @ Herby Loire

Sooo Cute* Skin! @ Aimesi (Group Giftie)

The lovely Mea Carnell has marked the opening of her beautiful new shop in Beunos Aires with lots of gorgeous offers including this delighfully soft So Cute* Skin @ Aimesi. I have taken the shot close-up so you can really appreciate the pretty little features for yourself, including those irrisistable pouty pink lips & gentle spluttering of freckles. The pic is untouched! Oh the joy of wearing this skin is indescribably yummy. Ok..I will stop gushing now...:)).
Other offers @ Aimesi includes half price skins (previous releases) & half price hair. Plus there is a new line of Aimesi Textures...Mea clearly been very busy creating all manner of loveliness! :) Coming soon too is Aimesi for Men, & poses...cant wait! And the shop itself is just amazing!
~So Cute Skin* in Cashmere @ Aimesi
~Franscesca Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
~Cassandra Hair in Ash @ Exile
~Blue Autumn Eyes @ Poetic Colours

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Once In A Black Moon

The beautiful Solitude gown is only one of more than 100 magical outfits being given away free by Black Moon.

You won't want to miss this. Prolific and talented Black Moon designer Vanilla Sola, one of SL's best known fashion identities, has organised what is perhaps the most unprecedented and generous freebie giveaway in the history of SL Fashion.

More than 130 quality gowns, dresses and outfits by Vanilla are yours for the taking and believe me when I say there are hours and hours of sheer excitement ahead of you trying them on and showing them off.

I spent an entire day in front of the mirror, so to speak, trying out this stunning collection and believe me it was so worth it. It was by far the biggest addition to my wardrobe in a single day in my time in SL. And these are quality permanent fixtures - not throwaways.

This amazing giveaway is a must for everyone who loves fashion, but especially for newbies who have been given a rare chance to set themselves up for life in SL with some genuinely authentic high quality designer clothing.

Formal wear, casual wear, beach wear, underwear - you name it and you'll find it here. And the beauty of it all is that you can create any number of stunning combinations from these outfits.

I was really interested to know what inspired such an amazing act of generosity so I asked Vanilla the question directly and the answer was typically forthcoming.

Along with her prolific design work Vanilla has long had a interest in helping those in SL lacking a background which makes life and earning an income easier in-world.

"We have always supported others but some of the recent decisons by LL has made our social work more difficult. So, we have decided to offer these quality freebies," she told us.

"I hope they will make life better and more fun for many residents, especially noobs."

The collection has many of Vanilla's own favourites including Ascot, Allure, Venus, Let it Snow, Seduction and Free Spirit which features a nice fabric and gorgeous lace ( Vanilla is a lace addict).
My favourite freebie - the gorgeous and appropriately named Venus.

I share a few of my favourites with her, namely Venus, Seduction and Ascot (a classic English inspired Day At The Races outfit). But I also love Ballroom Romance, Crocodile Dundee (I am an Aussie after all), the classic equestrienne outfit English Ride, Sugar, Raffinesse and Persian Pascha. I have to admit to having had some fun dressing up as Sir Lancelot, too!

All in all this is a most amazing clothing collection. The fact that it is free might well cause a sensation. Go get it!

I'll be out jumping my beloved steed in my new English ride outfit first chance I get.

Retro Glam

Ever since I blogged about a cute retro dress from La Maison de la Couture during a big sale there (see post under: 'Never Enough'), I continued to visit the store every now and then, and it sure made my day when I received this vibrant orange retro dress from the MM board (retro seems to be a specialty there, not that I am complaining *grin*)!!

Dress: Retro Glamour in Fluorine from La Maison de la Couture--free (MM gift)
Hair: Isabella from ChiChickie! --free (MM gift)
Necklace and Earrings: Divinity set from Moon Dance Designs--free
Bracelet: Cyprien from U&R Dogs at FabFree--free

~Veggie Patch Girl @ Kuri Style

Gosh..this veggie patch is hard work! Just as well the pretty Denim Fur Dress @ Kuri Style cost only $2! I have been a fan of Kuri's designs for some time & I am delighted to be able to promote her rather unique, Japanese inspired creations. Her shop has a variety of affordable goodies including super poses, dresses & gowns.
~Denim/Fur Dress @ Kuri Style ($2)
~Juliette Hair in Champagne @ Exile
~Emile Petite Shape (Special* $10) @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
~Alyson Skin @Belleza (Group Gift $250 join fee)
~Bangles & Earring @ CCD
I took a leaf out of the gorgeous & artistic LisaMunn's book & took this shot in Adelaide..a lovely nature SIM. I am usually lazy about backdrops but liked this particular SIM. Lots of little pose animations including a washer woman one. I had to beat a hasty retreat though as my knees ached from all that kneeling in the veggie patch! LOL

~Tantalizing & Desirable Lingerie (Group giftie)

With Valentine's Day looming on the horizon & as they say..a young man's (& womans's) thoughts turn to love, I thought it might be nice to start rooting around for well made tantalizing lingerie such as this gorgoeus snakeskin, silk Corset Lingerie Set @ Reasonable Desires. I have teamed it with the ever popular Belleza Alyson skin group giftie ($250 join feee but ooh soooo worth it!). And the eyes...are pretty luminescent Evergreen Eyes from Silhouette.

~Hisss Lingerie* @ *Reasonable Desires* (Group
~Alyson Skin @ Belleza (Group Giftie $250 join fee)
~Emile Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: ($50 to Haiti Fund)
~Emy Ruby Hair* @ D!va (Lucky Board)
~Evergreen Eyes@ Silhouette (Giftie!*).

Glam Affair Indeed

From the ashes of Beauty Avatar rises Glam Affair. Some changes in the company have brought about a renewal and re branding of the great products and designs we have come to expect from them. To celebrate right now there is a super generous gift that includes skin, hair, a little hardware and this tres chic dress.

The Gwen Dress is classic couture with its sweetheart cut white bodice, wide belt, and body skimming mini. The optional collar that is included adds an air of sophistication, and the dress looks as well with out it. Super chunky Lonely Necklace in White has over sized links and 3 lovely floating pendants in it. Nice piece of jewelry that is sure to go well with many things in your inventory. Topping off this look is the Jessica Hair in brown. This short razor cut do, coiffed to perfection, is modern and sleek. Last but not least DAPHNE Skin , a pale skin tone with smokey eyes and soft pink lips. Like many of the gift skins from Beauty Avatar this one does not disappoint.

Be sure to check out the new place and scoop this gift up....


Trendy Pinky Mauve Ovation Prim Jacket @ SD Wears (Subscribo Giftie)

I thought you trendy fashionistas might like to know about this fabulous prim Pink Ovation Jacket @ SD Wears. It is incredibly well made & incorporates all the features that define great styling, including prim cuffs, belt, & collar. The texture is great & can also be teamed with a little tank dress for a more feminine look although I quite like it here worn with a more tomboyish choppy look. I was going to add a ciggie but I thought Margaux might tell me off! :)

Pinky/Mauve Ovation Jacket*@ SD Wears (Subscribo Giftie)
Madelene Fedora Hat hair @ DCNY (part of Madelene outfit)
Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::
Misty Skin @ League
Tank Top @ DYN

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lovely Lois

I was not too familiar with Lois Designs until I decided to participate in Lemania's Party Hunt one day and came across some really lovely pieces from Lois--these two gowns have lovely flower details on the bodice and back and soft flowing sleeves which sure put me in a romantic mood:-)), and what's more, they are in my favourite pastel shades too!

Gown: Dusky Rose Beauty from Lois Designs--10L (if I'm not wrong, I think the usual price is 200L)
Hair: Luna from Detour

Gown: Blue Gem from Lois Designs (includes matching earrings)--subscriber gift
Hair: Prairie from Detour

...and I'm definitely going back for more!!

High Quality Skin Specials (New!) @ Plastic Flowers ($25 per pack)

~Effortless Glamour~

There are some extraordinary skins on special offer @ Plastic Flowers (starting from $25 to $75 for a pack of two). Crystalin of Plastic Flowers has begun designing skins and if these are a flavour of what is to come, she will be a one to watch!! The quality is exceptional, with a good balance between the smokey eyes & plum lips. Result= instant glamour! Full credits below:
~Shattered Skin* (in Pale) @ Plastic Flowers (tan version available in pack)
~Cassandra Hair* @ Exile
~Fairy Eyes* @ Poetic Eyes

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Precious Rose

Don't ask me why, but I can't help being a sucker for most things pink, especially when it comes to dresses and gowns, so it's not surprising that I was immediately drawn to this beautiful pink gown at GG's Boutique, and what's more, it's free too!!

Gown: Precious Gown in Rose from GG's Boutique--free
Hair: Misty from ChiChickie! (includes hairband with colour hud)--free (lucky chair prize)
Jewellery: Simply Pearls (includes matching earrings and bracelets) from Virtual Impressions
Gloves: White Lace Evening Gloves (tintable) from SF Designs--free

Emile for Red Cross!!

The talented creator behind Curvy Silhouettes, Xanthe Audeburgh (whom I absolutely adore for her realistic female shapes and whose shapes I had blogged about twice--see posts under: Curvilicious and Yummilicious regarding her Saffron and Amber shapes), has specially created another winner named Emile just for the Haiti charity fund!! Emile retails for only 50L and all proceeds will go to the Red Cross!! You get one great shape at a great price and for a good cause too! So what are you waiting for?

Shape: Emile from Curvy Silhouettes--50L (all proceeds will go to the Red Cross)
Hair: gST01 from CriCri--free
Choker: Ivory Cameo Pearl Choker (includes matching earrings) from Rhiamon's Realm Jewelry--60L
Dress: DA Fabulous from Dressing Aphrodite (comes with two skirt options)--free (FabFree 10k gift)

Now for the beach test (or rather, drool test-hehe) again....beachboys here I come!!!!!!!!!.

um....mind if I join you? to my ears.....(NOT to those around me though LOL)

Godddd..I sure hate mind games! lol

Time to relax after all that brain work !! *grin*

Wonder if I can skinny dip here?

Well as in the two previous beach tests with Xanthe's shapes, this one attracted the same amount of attention from men AND women (and one Na'vi *LOL*), if not thanks Xanthe once again for giving us another killer shape!!! LOL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Love Hurts Pink Blues @ Ali Couture (Group Giftie)

I have rather nostalgic memories in relation to Ali Couture. I stumbled across her designs during one of many Grid Wide SL Hunts...I was mad on hunts in earlier infancy which was the fastest way of accumulating shopping savvy as well as good friends. I recall Ali's shop seeming terribly grown up & also impossibly glamourous at the time! I pop in there on a regular basis as she has great group gifts such as the Love Hurts Blues Pink* retro style dress above. Wear the group tag & find this fabby gift upstairs.
~Love Hurts Blues Pink Dress @ Ali Couture
~Dita Skin@ Glance
~Amelia Hair in Champagne @ Exile (New!)
~Emile Shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: ($50 for Glance's Red Cross Haiti Appeal)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fishy Strawberry

I was trolling around some of my favorite shops looking for a little retail therapy and I happened upon this lovely *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater in special blue color. Soft body hugging knit with square jewels splashed around the neck and a little on the shoulder. I really like the cute cut out in the back. This awesome sweater is a gift and you should run over and pick it up asap. While I was there I also picked a pair of these *Fishy Strawberry* Distressed Denim jeans in Classic, good for men or women. Although not free these are some great jeans.

Finishing up this look I have the -Belleza- Alyson Group gift in the pale. This skin is very soft and sweet looking. The soft make up and sweet freckles, have a fresh look that is great for casual wear. It cost 250L to join this group but many awesome gifts abound for men and women so it is a good investment and it pays for itself with the first gift. These pics don't do it justice but I have on Clawtooth by Clawtooth : Play it again Sam hair in Snow, it was part of Stumblebum Exclusive Ponytail Sampler Pack. The Stumblebum Brigade is a group of designers that offer special items on weekends, there are some great designers in this group and good stuff for all. The eyes are MADesigns eyes of TRUTH in brown 6 I got from a Kmadd gift at the Fabulous Fashion studios.

Fabulous Fashion is a sl talk show that features many great people from the fashion industry and it tapes live every Mon at 6 pm slt . If you would like to attend a taping it is suggested you get there a little early to get a seat. Also you can see this show on treet tv. Swing by and check out the show sometime and get the plethora of great gifts that are there for you. Lashes are VIXEN - Eye Lashes and I won them a long time ago from the lucky chair there.

I am excited to announce that our Freebie Fashionista group is about to reach 1000 members. I would like to thank all the members of my group for their support and I have some great things planned in the days ahead as we reach this milestone.. I have one of the greatest groups in sl.. Thanks again to you all.. More to come

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blissful Glamour

In many cultures peacock feathers are seen as a symbol of good luck and beauty. So it makes perfect sense to have it be the ultimate detail on this stunning new gown from Bliss Couture. The Elisanna gown, newest design by Amutey DeCuir,is feminine elegance in motion. It starts with the seductively low cut sweetheart bodice and uniquely ruched skirt in a rich diamond print fabric. The skirt with its intricate folds and elaborate design has beautiful subtle movements like the wind in the petals of a beautiful flower. It is a real pleasure to wear and look at. A true work of art by one of the most prolific designers in sl.

A dress like this calls for exquisite jewels as stunning as the gown,so I pulled out some of the best ones I have. Alienbear Designs-Azucena Set in white gold, here I am wearing part I of the necklace,Azucena I earrings and the matching bracelets.I love the beautiful scrolling metal work and delicate jeweled bells accented by tiny hearts and pear shaped pendants. Simple elegance that compliments this gown perfectly. Alienbear is one of the best if not the finest jeweler in sl. She is a personal favorite of mine and she has beautiful jewelry to fit any occasion.

This looked is finished off with this fantastic [LeLutka]-IFE skin in light. It is a specially priced skin to help in the relief efforts in Haiti. A very special gift from one of the best skin makers in sl, with a long history of model quality skins. This sweet skin with light eye make up, striking red lips and beauty mark is ideal for pulling this look together. Topping it all off is Tukinowaguma Arwen SH in platinum. This hair is not your average updo. They have some great hairs with a huge range and selection of styles you owe it to yourself to have a look.

So the next time you need a regal look be sure to check out these places... xM

Sunday, January 24, 2010

'Tattered' from Sassy!

I don't usually wear shorts, RL or SL, but when Sassy! designer Ivy Burner sent me this cute new release named 'Tattered', I just had to try it and I actually fell in love with the look, or looks, rather, because there are three top options and two shades of denim! Now what more can one ask for?

Outfit: Tattered from Sassy!--new release
Hair: PE Enda II from FabFree--free
Shoes: Glamourous from Heart & Sole--group gift
Necklace: Rosary Necklace from Flavor! Designs--free (Shoes and Accessories Hunt)

Never in my life did I ever imagine I will be sitting on a pig one day!!

Yikes! How did I get so high up here???

I must be going nuts dancing in mid-air like this...

Safe and sane, at last...

From left: wet top and dark shorts, dirty top and dark shorts, white top and medium shorts

Thank you Ivy for the lovely outfit!! xxxx