Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Hair Day

I was out searching for some new hairs the other day... in fact I suffer from a compulsory spending syndrome whenever I have some cash. On my ramblings, however, I found some interesting free ones I thought I would share with you if you not know about them already.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. The environmental controls in the LL viewer have been re-designed and the lack of the usual moves confused me a little. The new ones will be great after a couple of minutes practice, I'm sure. They are now like the colour picker for textures which will make life easier. At least every detail in the hairs can now be clearly seen so that aspect was all planned of course. (/me nods nods)

Good Hair Day 1

Discord Designs makes all these hairs with fabulous braids... and they do them VERY well. Just inside the main entrance there's a board with a couple of free ones, a auburn long flexi braids and one with cool brown short sculpties.

Good Hair Day 2

There's also a subscribo gift, Robyn, in four natural colours. I'm wearing the milk chocolate here.

Back tracking a favourite hair of mine to the creator's main store, I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered that it's a store I've been missing but couldn't remember the name of. Now I know it's Black Maria. It has a group gift, too, in the red/yellow combination that seems to be their special theme for gifts. There's two very different styles included. I'm obviously wearing one of them, the other is a real cute pig taily kind.

Good Hair Day 3

There are other freebies about, like the black hair above that sits real nice on a hair base (not included). It comes in a variety of colours, among which is a white stunner of a good platinum (hint hint nudge nudge).

The reason I've missed this store is for its good old school punk hairs... and this old stock is still available!!! Up the stairs there's a colourful explosion of hairs for both genders and you pay however much or little you want. Each pack comes in a rich variety of colours. Believe it or not, the name of the green wonder is Spike. I've kept my hair base to soften the outline.

While you're still in a freebie frenzy, cross the road to Radicalism. There's some free tattoos to be picked up and three lucky boards. Unfortunately, I'd used up my day's ratio of luck by then so I had to go without. The red Dragon's tattoo (red and yellow group gift) and Cross Eye 2 (green spikes) was among the freebies, however.

Most of the pics here uses makeup from A:S:S, colourful, simple and affordable. I bought the dramatic but yet subtly made Plum Geisha at Tableau Vivant.... with purple lipstick from A:S:S. (/me face palms)

Below is what came out of this creative frenzy. The protective mask was on a short time member special at Finesmith, Docs from Gos (not free), tattoo from sYs (not free), hair base from AITUI (not free) and the de-flexed KIZI hair from Black Maria (as free or non-free as you wish)... and lipstick from A:S:S...

Style Is Eternal

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coy Allure

Just another quick post, I was at The Dressing Room the other night and was soo excited about all the great things out there I just had to share. First of all this Allure bodysuit from Mimikri. Love love love this. This black lace bodysuit is soft, sexy, and sophisticated showing just the right amount of skin.

Coy Allure

Also from The Dressing Room this week Coy hair from Exile. I really like the sweet messy sexiness of this loose braid ponytail style, I am not usually a red head but someone once said that they thought I would make a good one. *Tesh!!. The best part of this is you get all the basic color groups, each color has great highlights and roots. Sure to be the ticket for intimate looks like this and also many of the blazing summer looks out there.

Coy Allure

Doing its part to add to the overall softness of this look Lien skin shown here in buff from Atomic, available for a few more days at sister shop The Dressing Room Blue. This nice fair skin has a fresh youthful look about it. Sooo sweet and almost innocent. Best part of all this, nothing over 70L!!

Coy Allure

Recently I have gotten more and more into prim nails and Finesmith Designs makes some of the best, including these stylish Lua nails. These pics do not do justice but I wanted to include them and encourage you to check them out. They have some great nail gems , some of them glowing green. The fabulous jewelry that I have on are part of the nails. Rings in black and silver metal tones and these very eye catching feathery wing like attachments, just an example of the kind of goodies you can expect at Finesmith's, do take some time to check out some of the most amazing jewelry and conceptual pieces in sl.

Get it while you can
See you around the grid

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Darkly Handsome for Japan

It will take a long long time for Japan to recover from the tsunami inflicted damage and fundraising vendors keep popping up across the grid... and I can't help but to oblige.

Connors for Japan

The latest I have come across the last few days is at Connors who just put out a fundraising shirt in three colours, 100L each. They can be found in the entrance to the men's section.

The shadowy textures makes them just right for me... beside their hip hugging length needing a shirt prim. They look fantastic with the black male Cadiz pants from ALB Dream Fashion and the black riding boots from COCO (neither free) and makes me feel ready for anything.

/me looks around 'Hey! World! Where are you?'

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gor is More

A few days ago, while on the Rocky Horror hunt, I reached ReKas Design, a store offering mainly gorean clothing. While searching for the hunt prize I saw a pair of soft skin boots on a lucky board and settled down to stalk them. I was quickly pulled into all the different activities for clothes. When everything was unpacked and counted, I had landed myself with 17 outfits plus the coveted boots!!! A summary pic of them all can be viewed here.

I felt mighty greedy, I mean, I'm not even in Gor anymore! Quickly found a little project for myself. My gorean experiences aren't vast, but they span being woman, man and in between. I've been free and slave as well as both outlaw and inlaw (hmm... sounds right?). Based on this and the books I've read, what would the realistic options be for a androgyne in the heavily gendered Gor? Beside a pile of bones I mean. How could I best represent this with my newly gained stash?

Here's what came out...

Gor Musician

Gor is more than silk clad princess-slaves bossing over beefy masters in full length black kilts. The wealth of information given or suggested in the long series of books by John Norman creates a colourful tapestry with intricate details. It's a rough and brutal world at one end... but at the other there's finesse, the want to improve one self and a respectful relationship to life. That women live under sharia law and are little more than cattle at the mercy of men's whims is another subject matter entirely, no?

As a musician, one stands a little at the side of the eternal 'collar or no collar' dilemma. In Gor, musicians are deemed to need their freedom to catch the muses and are usually left in peace. To travel among strangers in a role where gender wouldn't matter too much was my first choice and why not as one enjoying some success? It's a role I have played, although male, slightly less successful and always with a hangover and rough voice from the night before.

Gor Musician

Once arrived in a town, city or village, it's a bee line to the nearest tavern or inn. Meeting people while they relax, maybe playing the kalika in exchange for a meal or trading stories. Chat up a free woman to get the latest gossip for a new story. Have a slave girl dance to your tunes or get her drunk with some kalana. Always fun... as long as someone else pays for the drinks of course.

The grey shirt from Nomad (lucky board) was combined with a shorted and modded Mysterious Man kilt (prize camp), Mad Girl Black Woman boots (puzzle grid) and the pants and cloak from The Champion (guess & win).

Gor Outlaw

Ouch! Outlaw... a social outcast having been found a freak and monster, lucky to get away with my life. Forced to scrape a living in the wild and only approach human habitation at the risk of impalement without my day in court. Maybe I would be fem enough that towns people would call me a 'panther', a wild woman having fled the restrictions of civilisation. I'm not sure what 'real' panthers would think about that. Good rp if you like action, though.

The Sexah Furs pants (guess & win) are combined with the the modded Barbara furs (prize camp) and the Cute Brown boots (lucky board). The belt had extra useful rp items like rope, knife etc added from various outfits. Arm protection from Michael (prize camp) and the chest belt is from Watch Out (group gift).

Gor Slave

Last but not least. There's a taste for exotic slaves among the rich in Gor and 'exotic' is probable label sticking to me. Without your freedom you can still live a life surrounded by luxury, even if you're a part of the furnishings more than anything else.

The skirt comes from the male prize in the MND2 hunt, the bejewelled collar is an arm band from the fem. Sandals are from the group gift at ALB Dream Fashion which can be read about here.

'Mmmmm...' /me puts the empty kalana cup down and smacks hir lips in appreciation of the precious wine. 'A rich and complex drop with a slightly nostalgic bouquet.' /me looks at the empty bottle and sighs 'There won't be anymore of where that one came from'.

Many Gor sims are brilliantly built, forests easily competing with Chakryn and towering cities as magnificent as Alpha Point. These photos were taken on OlniVosk and the Town of Ars Station now placed there. If you're not convinced, a selection of old sim shots can be seen here. Such is time in SL that very few of these places still exist, unfortunately.

Free skin, Free pose, Hot dress

Hey Fashionista's,

Got some free stuff, a yummy dress, and great deals to tell you about...woot!

Join the 75 $L Sale in world group free and you can get this lovely skin as a gift. I don't usually wear ethnic skins, but this one is just so pretty. Miah from Natural Beauty really knows how to make skins you can drool over.
Kayla in Natural Beauty Group Gift 2

(The tattoo I am wearing is NOT part of the skin.)
The 75 $L Sale is a group of skin designers that have come together in one store to offer you their wonderful creations for only 75L. Now who doesn't love hearing that?! You can find it in search, or copy and paste this key into local chat to click and join.

You can view the BLOG for more details.
Here is your handsome cab to the 75 $L Skin Sale store at Eminence Square.
*whispers* There are also 4 free gifts at the square you can pick up by joining the free LOW Sale Customers in world group. They are placed on stands around the tables outside. The Diamond Belt I'm wearing in this photo is one of the gifts, from Bella Roche. Just lovely.
Bella Roche Designer Spotlight Gift

Kabuki Creations is in the Make Him Over Hunt 6, and his gift is one you do not want to miss, especially if you love taking couple photos or are a blogger, photographer, or create your own ads.
Head on over and find this Couple's Studio Pose, you won't be sorry. It's really like getting 6 poses in one because each avatar controls 3 of their own movements.
Kabuki Studio Couple 2

Kabuki Studio Couple 1

Kabuki is also in 7 other hunts and has their monthly Picks and MM board gifts ready for you. You can view the BLOG for more info about those.

I visited Designer Showcase today and found this yummy purple dress from Primadonna for only 75L! This dress fills out so pretty when you walk or move, no legs showing through. *sighs with happiness*
Be sure to look around the Showcase at all the other deals. It's a group of designers that offer you their lovely creations for 100L or less.
Kayla in Natural Beauty Group Gift

One last thing, LOW Sales have changed from a week to 3 days. So be sure to shop before midnight Sunday to pick up the amazing deals in the sale. View the LOW Sale Blog to see them all.

Have fun picking up your free gifts, hunting, and shopping.

Experiencing Vice!

Blimey, it's been so long since I blogged I almost forgot my password! Although we've all been quiet I guess. Still, here's a quick blitz, but don't call this a comeback!

Today sees the chaps at VICE poses throwing a bit of a party to launch their new range - 14 snazzy new poses. Although after my use of words like "chaps" and "snazzy" I'm not sure they can keep promoting themselves as "the bad-boys of pose making". They'll be down at the Gay Riviera beach between 11am and 1pm SLT today giving out a whole bunch of prizes with DJ Dex, and having been to a Vice shindig before (seriously, "shindig"! If I can't ruin this "bad-boy" tag no-one can!) I seem to remember the end time was a myth and I've not shown many people the photos of myself frolicking in a waterfall at the afterparty.

But the promo for tonight is because I'm a little excited about where this company is going. I've grabbed a few of their poses in the past but their latest group gift confused me... it came in a female version too! Yep, having made a name for themselves in the male market they've expanded their business and chests to produce some female poses too - so now the ladies can hide their nipples too! (Okay, so it's not my first choice for a female pose but they are "bad-boys") But I needed somewhere to show off this pose so I snuck in early and climbed on stage for a my moment of glory (I'm not cool enough for their model list...).

Experience Xavier's Vices

Luckily I also had the July freebie from VITAMEN, which is actually 5 freebies but I only wore the purple pair since I didn't want to be overdressed at the beach.

So tight undies and a smouldering pose? What better way to show off a new shape from Bodacious Body Works? It's Xavier and 800L (although the store does take part in our own Kayla's LOW sales and has some offers floating around on other shapes. Being a tweaker I was glad it's copy/mod, but I used the default for the photo. I like the face more than the body myself, it's just a bit muscley for my taste. It's also shorter than my usual shape and there are many folks taller than me so I suspect a lot of guys will bump that number up, which I have to say I think makes the muscles easier on the eye. I also wear enough stripes I would have to flatten the pecs slightly, but going topless on the beach they did add a bit of definition so you may want to consider having both options around.

So there you go, now to see what else I can get away with here before anyone notices I've got the place to myself!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nomine PurpleMoon

Nomine Purple Moon

Sorry I have not been posting so much, but rl has a way of sneaking in sometimes and taking over, but while I have the time let me tell you about some great things I have found that are too good to keep to myself. Lets start with this gorgeous Marilyn gown from PurpleMoon. It is currently group gift for the group reaching 8K members!! Congrats Poulet Konenkamp!!

Nomine Purple Moon

The form fitting bodice with criss cross pleating on the front accented with rhinestones lets down to a sexy open front skirt with rows of luxurious ruffles cascading down all over. Accented at the waist with a subtle roses this stunning gown is sure to be just the thing for that next formal occasion. Really a generous gift, although there is a fee to join the group (50L), you get that back with this gift alone and many others to follow if you stay in the group.

Nomine Purple Moon

Supporting this sexy formal look is this new Magpie skin from Nomine, I love the full lush lips on this skin and the nostalgic glamor it brings to this look. This skin is available in many complimentary skin-tones with great make-up options. Also doing it's part to add to this look ZivaII jewerly set by Alienbear Gupta (my personal favorite sl jeweler). This simple but elegant set lends itself very well to this look. It includes necklace, earrings, and head tiara (not shown). A group gift for the month of June but still available and free to join the group. There is also memebers only room with lots of great goodies and generous past gifts. So don't miss out on that when you have a look around.

Well time to get back to it!! I am so glad we had this time together, precious moments they just seem to fly.....

See you around the grid and pray for Norway

Pose: Bent! preview of upcoming new release
Location:Freya's castle

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello!!!!!!!!!!! How have you all been?? I've been good! I got a rl job but that won't stop me to keep blogging and living SL the way I've been doing it until now, I love SL!!

One of the things I love in SL is fashion and clothe and styles and SUR+ for sure is one of those cute great stores around the grid, and it's good to know it's having a Limited sale on selected items, like this Before dark purple body which is 75L (Fatpacks are reduced also)SALE is only at the Mainstore!

I matched it with this brand new skin from
JeSyLiLO called Bunny in pale skin tone J1makeup, I adore Lilo for the good skins she creates like this one, I like the soft parted lips and the little blush on the cheeks, and it also has a lot of options like cleavage, hair base, matte and shiny skin, different tones of brows PLUS a Bunny Face makeup which is adorable!


Usually I don't say anything about my eyes, but it would be bad for you to miss these Douceur Eyes from FILTHY, I love it!!! Great colors, great details, perfect bright, thank you Alexandra!! Get them for 99L per pair.

Well kisses to all and have fun!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look! No Hands!

So we've all read our latest Lab News like the good residents we are right? Well in between all the fuss about chat lag I fell over myself in excitement about the new avatars. Seriously? Linden are going to give me a free furry avatar? A car? A ROBOT? This is... WHOOHOOOO! I get 36 free, complete, avatars and I don't have to fight the lag of a fair or sort through pages of marletplace? I just login and BAM! I'm pimped. And these are pretty good avatars too; I mean not to everyone's tastes, and if you're really into a character you'll probably end up buying something a bit fancier, but for my needs? I'm one happy bunny (and yes, you get a bunny avatar in your library now).

Now given it's cool to bash Linden Labs, and I'm nothing if not cool, let's poke some holes in these free gifts. Now I need a new graphics card (all donations welcome). And if I'm doing that I should get a new motherboard too. And that possibly means new RAM, maybe even a new CPU. All this is to say... my computer does not run Viewer 2 stuff very well, it needs more resources. And these avatars are for new folks. Running Viewer 2 (or third party alternatives). Fair enough, I can't whine about Linden Labs wanting to try and make us want to upgrade, but some of us are running Viewer 1 stuff because of hardware more than anything else. Now between you and me, if you login using Viewer 2 and put on your fancy new avatar and the relog in Viewer 1 you'll still be wearing it, but for whatever reason even though the new avatars are now listed in my Library they don't seem to like loading. It may be a temporary bug, I don't know, and not wishing to take a cheap shot at Linden Labs it's not as if everything in my inventory always loads wonderfully anyway. Even if this is a deliberate bug, I can work around it and for 36 free avatars... I can't actually grumble. But I will, just about something else.

So I looked through the list of new avatars in my Library and realised... I have no clue what any of them are! They're labelled in sections so you'll know if you're becoming a vehicle or a robot, but I have no idea what kind of vehicle Sebastian would be. I spotted one called Warthog and (partly because I didn't have the handy images linked up there open at the time) figured I might become a big Harley type bike. I was wrong, I became an A10 plane instead.

Vehicitar: Warthog

No biggie. But if I'm going to be a vehicle I really want to be that airship. A quick skim through the names some more and I figured I'd give Fox a try.

Vehicitar: Fox

Yeah, so things are running slower than usual and I have to play "guess the avatar name". You have a fair idea what you'll get from "Boy Next Door" or "Musician", but a lot of the new stuff is very much try it and see. The best named of the mechanical avatars must be "Fembot", which I'm assuming if the pale pink robot with a shell that looks to have some vague curves, but it might be the bright pink one in a dress? Truth be told a couple of them could pass as Fembot, and given the poor naming it seems a pathway to trouble. Although I do somewhat want to be around when one of the giant bicep crowd decides to become a war machine and end up dressed as a pink housemaid robot by accident.

But that's pretty much the only thing I dislike about these gifts - the naming. Given these are really gifts to lure newbies in it seems they could've made them more accessible. If we who know Linden Labs are likely to get confused, what hope does the newbie have when picking from an every growing list of default avatars? I suspect most will stick with the old faithfuls just out of simplicity. Which is a bit of a shame in my opinion, poke around and you may find some pretty interesting goodies have appeared in your inventory.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boomin Heat

Boomin Heat

What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here? Well at least we know how to get a free one now. Never let them see you sweat, they say, but with this sweet candy colored ensemble I hardly think anyone would notice. This luscious look starts with the Infinity bikini and Wei shorts from Boom. The Infinity swimsuit line from Boom features many great patterns and styles giving you countless options to create a suit that will look great on you. Everyone should own at least one of these.

Boomin Heat

Candy colored accessories like these Yogurt bangles from Boom, Candy necklace from Loka Design and Flowering earrings from Cocoon were made for this outfit. I must point out this new Fine hair from Kik, it comes with 3 different styles in 2 colors for just $200L I picked up at the Hair Fair. If you have not been you really need to check it out, great hair (some exclusive to this event) and gifts from some of the best designers in sl all for a good cause, Wigs for Kids.

Boomin Heat

Excuse me now as I enjoy the sunset with my date for the evening and my awesome Fae shoes from Pixel Mode. These shoes look awesome and for the price cannot be beat. Summer fun abounds .. so get out there and I will see you around the grid.

Skin: Curio- gift from the Truth District
Sheer Shirt: Bijou-sadly no longer open
Poses: xoxo ania
Location: Tiki Lounge @ Tiki Tattoo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dandy Dandy Dandelion

My luvly Elfie was telling me about this Friendo necklace (previously FLF item) so I TP'ed to Miel Nirvana's shop with excitement. Little did I know that I would be falling in LOVE with a fine Dandy dress. It's beautiful, it's gorgeously made and it's fully scripted. You can personalise each bit in either 'flor' (flowers) or 'solid' blue pattern. But the highlight for me is the Dandelion puff you get with the outfit, so much fun. I've been wearing for the last 4 days and have no intention of washing it just yet *sprays more Febreze on it*. I love the belts (one on the top, one on the skirt), I love the pockets, I love the textures.

Another major plus point for me is the fact that Miel has demos of everything in the shop, that just did it for me. Clever. Miel is not just a pwetty face.

And the necklace? Oh, it's only become my FAVOURITE piece of jewelry in inventory. You can personalise it, write your sweetie/pet/milkman's name on it, change the colours of beads and much more. I'm not taking it off either.

Miel, you rock my virtual dandelions, thank you!

Dandelion love

Dandelion love

* Gorgeous Dandy dress @ Miel (L$400) and Friendo necklace (L$325)
* Pwetty Nautical Nonsense make up @ Mock (Free group gift, group join L$250)
* Again hair @ Elikatira (FLF item)
* Elf ears @ Mynerva (due to re-open soon!)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Okay, I'm a little early, but I'll be celebrating on Monday! Wanted to show you a few cool deals and help you celebrate Independence Day too.

First you can get this lovely skin from Dulce Secrets at the 75 $L Skin Sale store. Yes, it's only 75L! The store is new but there are a few other skins you can get right now also. And the super cute retro bikini I'm wearing from LiQUiFiEd is also only 75L in the 4 day LOW Sale.
DS & Liquified 1

Next we have an outfit and necklace, also in the 4 day LOW Sale. Get this super sexy and fun outfit from Blacklace for only 99L. It's definitely a hot way to show your patriotic spirit!
Blacklace & Loka 1

The necklace is from Loka Design, called Triple Moon and is only 50L. There is a male version as well as a micro version. I know you can't see it that well, but click her store name and you can see all 3!
Blacklace & Loka 2

(This skin is from Curio. It's free to celebrate the opening of the Truth District shopping area. The hair in all photos is a new addition at Truth called Pandora. If you haven't been to the Truth District yet, be sure to visit and see all of the wonderful shops and snag some opening gifts before they are gone! Scroll down to the posts below for more info.)

Have fun this weekend and be safe!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Stupid Eventa

Okay, La Venta Eventa is far from stupid. We chaps seem to be on a bit of a roll with this one. Today I picked up a rather amazing Radu coat from A:S:S. Well that's a lie, I may have picked up more than one, but they're only 60L each! And 311 prims, so that's over 5 prims per Linden Dollar, which is bang for your buck. Or prims for your buck I guess. But this is a coat with a bang that's for sure.

Another Stupid Eventa

Okay, I can't promise the full light show for everyone. The coat is pretty awesome, but that is me wearing it so it's double awesome goodness happening. It takes a lot of awesome for the special effects to kick in. Lucky for you the coat comes with 6 different sets of gemstones depending on whether you want the dark onyx, the firey amber, or the discrete moonstone like I'm wearing. And at 60L each you don't even have to think too hard about which one to buy, in case you missed it they only cost 60L each! Can't decide between two? Then buy both! Given that 360L wouldn't be unreasonable for one version of this coat, you can get all six for that money.

More from Truth District

You don't have to wait too much longer... Truth District opens at 9am slt.

Since my graphics card is on the fritz.. I did a post with my friend Linda Mensing.. you can see the complete post HERE.

truth district

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Becky – Truth District Gift
The Sea Hole – OUTFIT Gift for truth Update Subscribers

Skin : Curio Chic
Pose : BENT!
Jewlery : Random Museum – HPMD
Shoes : Couverture – Random Museum