Thursday, June 30, 2011


With its superbe line up of designers, the TRUTH DISTRICT opens July 1st to the public!   
truth district

Some of the designers have set out a gift for you but be sure to join the TRUTH DISTRICT UPDATE GROUP, wear your tag and click the gift.

INDI Designs
Je Suis
The Sea Hole
Trompe Loeil Prefabs
Truth Hair
Whippet & Buck

Avast me hearties!

Shiver me timbers, tomorrow see the start of the Skull 'n' Bones hunt, and being a downright dastardly devil I manage to grab myself an early prize from 22769 (I think they just tell me about fun stuff so I don't litter up their store too much but I don't care!).

Now they have a rather snazzy male and female deckhand outfit on offer, which is... erm... rather snazzy. The mermaids stole my thesaurus, sorry. I decided to wear the male one, and then I decided to take it off. Not completely of course; you can really catch the sun on the high seas and naked sunburn is not fun! But I did take off the shirt prim, it did nothing for me. I'm not a huge fan of shirt prims anyway, but this shirt really does work better as a slightly torn slightly cropped top. I suspect the femme version gets a few extra hottie points that way too. But unfortunately I didn't get a chance to find out. Never rip your clothes in front of a woman, 'cause my Cap'n found out and strung me up for a flogging!


Frankly I don't know why I got in such trouble! With the ripped shirt you could see a bit more of my pirate tattoos from Urban Republic Co.. Not completely obviously, see my above comment about wanting to avoid sunburnt nipples, but you can see a bit more. I kinda like that I get to pretend I have a gun tucked inside my pants with that tattoo actually.

So for anyone who has been waiting for "Flash: Seaman" there ya go, and I won't even make you walk my plank!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot in the Summertime

Vacation Home

Man is it hot and I am not just talking about the temperature. Check out some of the hotness I have gathered from around the grid. Jemima jeans from the new day wear line coming out at Seldom Blue 1L for a limited time here in dark blue. I love the great cut of these jeans, gorgeous textures and cool cross embellishments on the pockets. Awesome staple for any wardrobe. Sexy sheer Too Tight Tee here in nude from WWI. Another must have summer staple for when you need just a little more coverage (shown here with Grace Bra by Diram not included) .

Vacation Home

It's all in the details with this wonderful Silver jewelry set from B@re Rose. Cool beaded necklace and big silver bangles are suited to many styles and will serve your wardrobe well. Next up this hot Tiramisu hair from LoQ includes the hair base and is not to be missed for all your great summer fashions. I get lots of compliments anytime I wear this beautiful Sophie VIP group gift skin from Exodi. Group cost to join but worth every $L, also you get back the value of the fee and then some with just one group gift. If you like these skins it is well worth the investment.

Vacation home

Helping to tie this all together these stunning nails, subscribo gifty from Finesmith designs. They feature some great nail art as well as these magnificent rings. Yula Finesmith, very generous and talented designer, be sure you check out her great designs when you go by the shop.

Vacation Home

I could not close this post without mentioning these marvelous point platform Shoes from Gos. I LOVE these shoes. From the Pimp your Pumps line featuring classic designs that compliment a whole range of styles. We have all had at least one pair of these shoes that we loved in rl at some point. Each part is color change and you have the option of adding several styles of bows if you like, giving you countless options. As good as these shoes look I would really encourage you to get a demo of these shoes to fully appreciate all the features that they offer.

You know what they say... so for now I am gonna get out of the kitchen!! See you around the grid

House: LeeZu
Poses: Exposeur
Earrings: Sn@tch

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom I promise I'll stop playing SL (someday in the far future LOL)


Hello!! This photo is basically what I love to do these days, I'm off for college and accounting degree so I'm in SL 24/7 (erm not that much but A LOT!), sorry mom but it's true ;)

So when I found this Geek Ultra Nook couch at
Tasty for FREE I thought I was in a mirror XD. Get it for the Geekgasm Hunt!


I've always used big bags for college, so this one by Cool Beans seemed cool to match my lovely geeky look: there are my glasses, my music, my phone, and even my pencil for my exams!! Get it for FREE doing the Geekgasm hunt too.

And you definately need to do more hunting to get this FREE outfit from
Boof (I got confused and unpack the male version lol but the female is the same but smaller XD)

Finally if you liked to play with rubik's cube, get this earring + ring set at
Cracked Mirror, as a FREE hunt gift also.

By the way my gorgeous skin is the new group gift of
Al Vulo

If you wanna see more prizes for this hunt and other things, come by blog MY.SL.LITTLE.SECRET . Thanks!:D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sail away with me honey...

Got myself a sailboat today, love it to pieces. It's fabulous, try it, you can take a passenger and sail away...

Sail away

* Sailboat L$1 from Marketplace (I LOVE amazing dollarbies, thank you Silk)
* Yacht outfit from Boom (L$250)

If you need a rezzable sea for your boat, try Rasta Beach.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fish Bait

I've been breaking the rules today.

It all started with a trip to [BAIT]. See, they have a Father's Day mini hunt happening, and I'm not a father (nor is it still Father's Day) but I did it anyway! 10 little cans of worms tucked away in the store giving... two pairs of jeans, three shirts, those awesome gloves, a pair of eyes tears, a lip tattoo, and a belly tattoo. Not a bad little haul! Of course then I got out of hand.

Fish Bait

I liked the Sweetish Fish tank so I grabbed a fishing hat and my hobo raft (full of drink) and set sail. I figured it would be a nice little trip, but the beer was flowing and before I knew it I'd crashed!

So although I'm not a father, here's some fatherly advice. Kids, don't drink and sail! It may be a big rubber boat moving slower that the beer through your body but you can still hurt your pride when you crash.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sand & Sun hunt - part 3

Yes! More Sand & Sun hunt goodies. I dragged Flash out of his bed for this one.
Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

Quick recap - Sand & Sun hunt - running from 15 June to 20 July.
Start location: Atherstone Mall
Object to find: A Sand Bucket & Shovel
Blog with hints and gift previews here

Sand & sun - part 3

Top picture:
* Surfing gear, board and outfit #101 Dragonland (the shorts are actually missing from the folder but Kucinta Moody, one of the hunt organisers, will fix it pronto, thanks Kucinta)
* Sandals #21 Duh (for both genders)

Bottom pictures:
* Tropical breakfast tray #55 Aphrodite Shop (so much fun with this one... click on it and it gives you all the fruit and drinks from the tray, Flash was so happy with the eggs and bacon toasties that he even tried to get OJ refills from my boobies, ah well, I had too much piña colada to care!)
* His and Hers swimwear #11 Gaea Designs
* Sandals #21 Duh (for both genders)

Not in hunt:
* Hair from Elikatira

Sand & Sun hunt - part 2

More Sand & Sun hunt goodies. Check out part 1 here.

Quick recap - Sand & Sun hunt - running from 15 June to 20 July.
Start location: Atherstone Mall
Object to find: A Sand Bucket & Shovel
Blog with hints and gift previews here

Sand & Sun hunt - part 2

* Shipwrecked boat #36 Xenian Furniture (my favourite item so far, lots of fun poses in it, from relaxing to swimming)
* Scripted glasses #10 Role Optic
* Retro bikini #43 Shiki

Not in hunt:
* 'Again' hair from my much loved Elikatira
* Botanical dreams chest tattoo from The Sea Hole *Mwah Drinky*

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy freebie sunday

*stretching out* Hello!!! It's been a while since I posted here, why??? Because simply wouldn't let me post, and I had to bother Margaux or Cattus to do it for me :/

But I've been dying to write here so I have a free look for you all:


My top is from Izzies and comes in 3 colors Blue, pink and white, get it for FREE for the TOSL Hunt.

I wanted this post to be FREE and I was lucky to find these pants for Her Style Hunt for 0L at
Simply, store has hints but I'll just tell you second floor :). It's actually a complete outfit btw.

My lovely flats made me so happy because I got like 4 pairs for FREE going to
K2K Enterprises and hunting the bottle for the Depraved Summer Night Hunt. What I have to say is that there's an orange part that I think it's from the shoe base that is visible and shouldn't... :/ other than that I like the redish star pattern ones :)

Other items not free but yummy:

Ana skin by FILTHY (Thank you Alexandra Barcelos!!!)
Raine hair by KIN (I got it for 100L per single color and I heart it)
*JD* flower necklace (Thank you Joice Dreamscape!!)
My eyes are from Illusory and I got them for 25L... I'm still getting used to a darker color XD Though my rl eyes are brown lol!


Sand & Sun hunt - part 1

I haven't been on such a fantastic hunt in ages. Great goodies, very well organised, I love it. Rosalynne Writer and Kucinta Moody, well done ladies, great job! In fact, it's the most relaxing hunt ever. Grab the stuff, rez, wear and ... relax!! Exhausting to relax that much, really. Right, enough of that, back to my hammock. Here is what you need to know. Lots more to blog tomorrow.

Sand & Sun hunt - running from 15 June to 20 July.
Start location: Atherstone Mall
Object to find: A Sand Bucket & Shovel
Blog with hints and gift previews here

Sand & Sun hunt - part 1

* Hammock #29 Comfy Within
* Swimwear # 6 Butterfly Effectz
* Aquarium earplugs #47 Ey:No
* Scripted glasses #10 Role Optic

Not in hunt:
* Theory hair from my much loved Elikatira.
* Prim feet from SLink *mwah Sid*

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1L Skin, Free Panda & Lingerie

I popped over to [AE} Clothing today and found this pretty promotional skin for only 1L. I think this skin has a very sexy, sultry look with the cat like eyes and slightly parted come hither lips. And you gotta love the 1L price tag. As I said, it's a promotional skin, pre-release, so I don't know how long it will be available at this price.
A&E Skin & Loka Panda

Since I just had to tell you about the skin, I figured I'd let you know about two free items also. Just join the LOW Sales Customers group in world for free. You will be able to pick these up at Eminence Square or at the stores.

From now until midnight tomorrow (Sunday-SL time), you can get this oh so adorable baby panda from Loka Design for FREE! He makes cute little mewling noises when touched, or just periodically when not touched. And his hat is color change, so you can match him with your outfits!
A&E, Loka, Carrie's

Starting at 1 a.m. Monday, SL time, you can get this lovely lingerie from Carrie's Lingerie for FREE. Sapphire is such a rich elegant color, and the lace and pearls really gives this design a sweet sexy look.

Don't forget to shop the LOW sale this week. Check out all of the great creations on the BLOG.
Happy shopping!

Friday, June 17, 2011

La 22769 Eventa

A quick post for a quick sale! You may have heard of La Venta Eventa - a weekend sale with a maximum price of 100L. They have categories with limited numbers in so you don't need to spend all your wages in one weekend and then have nothing to buy for a month. Not that I go crazy when dresses are on sale or anything.

This week(end) the 22769 team offer up a rather dapper sports jacket for menswear. And a pretty cool T-shirt. And rather snazzy jeans (they have very good denim happening I have to say, and the belt attaches well to them - although even I found it a bit small so if you're a big boy expect to edit). All for 100L total cost - usual price 250L.

22769 La Venta Eventa

Not bad going. I have a feeling I might like this La Venta Eventa. Even if it is at a weekend when I usually forget to do everything.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wolverine is Okey!

Many moons ago, before the lunar eclipse, I howled at the moon and became Wolverine thanks to OKEY DESIGNS (also on Marketplace for anyone not adult verified). It was a very cool outfit I have to say. In fact I still have it and I've been known to slip into it every so often. But the other night I was talking to Cron Nexen about the various product updates he's been doing over there, and I mentioned that he should give me a shout when he remakes Wolverine because... well, it seems almost every straight woman and gay guy likes it. In fact quite a few straight men and gay women do too - wrap an Okey bulge in some Hugh Jackman styled latex and it seems you can make a few people wonder if they swing the wrong way.

Anyway, he pointed out I should stop asking about the next version when I don't even have the newest one he'd released! (Which incidentally would be called Superhero D because Cron has an allergy to trademark lawyers and I just have a vivid imagination that lets me pretend I'm Wolverine whilst wearing the thing.) And he was right, I didn't. I'd looked in the store and to be blunt I'm way too cheap to pay almost 400L for an outfit I couldn't really see as being any different to the last one.

Original Wolverine Crouch2011 Wolverine Crouch

I may now be eating humble pie. There are differences. And good differences at that - the 2011 version is better. I don't know the exact changes but my eyes told me about the new gloves first - it's a strange item to spot but they are really that much better. The collar was the next thing I spotted, a smaller change it's true but nice. Then the bulge. Cron loves his bulges and 2011 sees a new bulgier bulge. More than size though, the shape and fit is just... better. And finally the boots were the other big upgrade, and I have to say possibly the best of the tweaks; they're a little less cumbersone in my eyes which is big for such a sprightly super.

Original Wolverine Kablam

Except those are changes to the outfit, there is more. In 2011 you get a cigar, which may not be a really big feature it's true, but it's possibly a little too much fun seeing it puff a little smoke. You also get a shape! As someone who doesn't have an especially bulky body the shape filled out the suit nicely for me. And you also get hair! As someone who walks around with a shaved head this seemed handy, but in truth the hair is the big weakness of this outfit - it's too small. I'not a fan of adjusting hair anyway, but getting the hair and shape together I just expect them to fit. It takes some fiddling to get the hair to fit properly, and Wolverine never exactly had great hair did he? If you're going all out and wearing everything you're going to have work to do. Personally I go "Eeep!" - it's even a bit small for my normal shape, and I am very lazy so...

2011 Wolverine Kablam

It was interesting comparing the old and new directly though. I'd seen the vendors and not been convinced, but when you put them side by side you can see the subtle differences, and they do add up to quite a difference. Of course it still comes down to how you use this stuff. I think Okey is a great source of costumes, and if you want to wear one often the upgrade is probably easily worth it. As a casual wearer it's trickier, and certainly knowing that another update to this particular outfit is due I'd probably wait it out if I'm completely honest. It's nice to see a vendor giving their range a little refresh, especially in the costume field. It's very easy to make something like this and forget about it, and then we all wander around looking dated. if you have the original you don't really need this update, but if you wear it often enough you may well want the tweaks and enhancements.

Not a cloud in the sky

Fun little hunt over at Where it Begins Flea Market.. pick up the strawberries as you find great deals from the vendors.

Participating vendors :
Art Dummy!
Awesome Blossom
Berries Inc
{what next}

Shown are items from the hunt, shorts, chair and sweater.  I also picked up a skin from Grixdale at the market !

Strawberry hunt at Where it begins flea market

Other items :
hair : Shag (CH1C)
shoes : Gos Pimp your pumps

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vita's Boudoir - Venetian nightmare

New to Vita's Boudoir : Venetian nightmare.   The outfit can also be worn without the lower attachments and offers another look.  I love when you can get a few looks out of an ensemble !

And do not forget the Summer Hunt that has started, look for 3 little pink orchid flowers and receive a cute Hawaii's wreath, tankini and palm leaf skirt.

Venetian nightmare - Vita's Boudoir

Venetian nightmare - Vita's Boudoir

Skin : Glam Affair - Layla
Pose : BENT! (CH1C)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Magoa @ TDR Blue

Magoa The Dressing Room Blue

Legging and Dress : Magoa at The Dressing Room Blue (Exclusive)
Black Shrug : Riddle
Shoes : Gos Pimp your Pumps (NEW)
Hair : LoQ
Skin : Mynerva (CH1C)
Pose : Di's Opera
Jewlery : Magic Nook (TDR)

Monday's Girl Power!!

Power to the girls today with, not one, but TWO amazing lady designers.

Let's start with SLink's Siddean Munro and her swoonalicious Lulu stilettos. Check them out, navy ones on the pic. And to be honest, I'm not normally crazy about shoes, as I'm in love with my SLink prim feet. Not only are they gorgeously made but the skin matching hud took me 10 seconds to match the skin. Me likey a lot. Plus... how cute are the toes... I've even heard rumours that she would update the prim feet with the same cute toes as these. Let me swoon again. Thanks Sid.

Lulu madness

SLink hud

How do you like the mirror effect on the shoes... it was a bit tricky to start with, but once you know how to, it's easy, sort of thing. I wouldn't have been able to pull it without Leyla Firefly's genuine kindness, who, not only made me the shoe mirror, but also Skyped me through the Photoshop procedure for the effect!! I still can't believe it. I mean, fair enough, Leyla is not busy at all, she only runs the oldest and most beautiful furniture shop on the grid, Belle Belle Furniture. Thanks Leyla.

Couldn't help having a last minute party in one of her ultra modern living rooms, here is the Arne design. Love it. So I tp'ed the girls, Andie, Cat Cattus and Elfie, tp'ed the Queen last, aka Cron Nexen from Okey Designs and the rest is history.

Belle Belle arne living room

Have a look at her latest creation, an adorable Horse Stable, beautifully designed with many details... Passion Inside version available with some lusty lovemaking in the hay *grins*

Sunday, June 12, 2011

With great power comes power comes great responsibility

In my wanderings I like to think I find some pretty good things. but every so often I find something so awesome I wonder if I should keep quiet so that no-one else finds out until it's too late and I can just be the coolest cat on the grid. But that's not very cool in itself so I share. Afterall, with great power comes power comes great responsibility. And thanks to the Silk Road Hunt 2 and the completely amazing NS6 I had a truly stunning find today.

Clockwork Oni

This is an incredible free gift. I've been flying around taking some arty shots all day but they are dark and shadowy so don't really show the full gift. This is one of those items that just makes me smile, I hope it does you too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Glitterati Bridal Fashion Show

show invite

Glitterati cordially invites you to join us for a

Bridal Fashion Show

after the show Moira photo contest winners will be announced

Live DJ and dancing will follow

$500L gift card to the Best Dressed in Glitterati by sapphire

Show will start at sharp 9am SLT on sunday 12th June

Yours truly will be modeling in the show, hope to see you there

Clowning Around

Some people seem to think I'm the clown of this blog. I prefer to think of myself as sophisticated and witty, but they're probably right. There are times I'm as subtle as a custard pie in the eye (and it's rhymes like that which make me so classy). So when Urban Republic Co. decided to celebrate their first anniversary with outfits for clowns and... clownettes (go with it) who better than me to slap on the make-up and big floppy shoes?

It was then pointed out that the gift outfits just have clowns on them, I wouldn't
actually be dressed like a clown. And after telling me to take my own clown outfit off and giving me the gifts it was suggested I should wear the male outfit instead of the female one. Which was a simple mistake anyone could've made. Seriously. But we got there eventually.

Not A Clown

There ya go. Me. Not a clown. Or a clownette (it'll catch on, trust me). But I am wearing quite a nice open shirt and jeans from Urban Republic, who always have a big collection of prizes for group members too. But no clown costumes so ya know, pros and cons.

Friday, June 10, 2011


It may not surprise many people to learn that my head has many strange thoughts floating around in it. Many of which I don't even know about, which can be fun! So with the Skate N Surf hunt running for just a few more days I thought I would use one of the gifts from Enlil to play with one. Namely, tinting!

Now I will admit I'm guilty of this one, but we buy goodies and wander around. Some people don't even bother adjusting the prims to fit. But what if you have something tintable? I have a few white shirts that I tint as my mood takes me. It can be tricky getting the shade just right sometimes, but it is usually cheaper than a fatpack and even more flexible. It's handy, but sometimes you want even more diversity! That's where the Sahi tattoo I picked up comes in. I have been thinking about this and I know I have barely touched the surface with this one, but you can create quite different looks just with a little dye.

As an example, let's start with a trip to the beach! I grabbed the Surf's Up board & Pose from Embody and, knowing what the sun can do to delicate skin like mine, I grabbed the sun block. Now i know a lot of surfers do those lines on their nose and cheeks but I figured I'd be different. Which is why I drew patterns on my chest.

Manywear Surfing

That was a pretty sporty way to start the day, so as the sun climbed and the temperature soared I figured I should take it easy. So I headed off to the watering hole and chilled on a boat. The local hippos gave me a great idea though - paint myself in a bit of mud to help stay cool, and to cleanse my pores of course.

Manywear Sailing

As I drifted along I thought the mud paint would make pretty good camo if I wanted to do some guerilla warfare too, but the gorillas hadn't done anything to upset me or my hippo friends so I put the guns away. But the testosterone had got pumping by now so I decided it was time for fight club!

Manywear Boxing

Now you may think the plaid shorts aren't tough enough for fight club, but you'd be wrong, 'cause they are New York's Finest Apparel so I know they have attitude. Leaving the hunt behind I dug up an old dollarbie I have from Hot Dolphin Love and painted the blood of my fallen enemies on my chest. I was ready to rumble!

I may even paint myself silver and go clubbing later, but I suspect I'd actually need to change my shorts if I did that! Madness! But it was fun playing with the different tints today. Some items lend themselves to it more than others, some for completely different looks, and some for subtle variations, but either way - don't buy, dye!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



BomChicaWowWow all these hot gifts from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt4 have put me in a sexy mood and I am ready to let it all hang out.


For the special parts that are pay-per-view I have this sweet flower lingerie set from Iren. I really like the double straps on the bra and the rich brocade look of the fabric. Very sexy and leaves just enough to the imagination.


This sexy lingerie is a perfect way to show case all the great tats on this Marzia skin from insanya. The heavy make up and running eyeliner lets everyone know you are not to be played with. Amplifying the badass factor of this look these great piercings from Eluzion and knife armband from Virtual Insanity.


Wrapping up this sex-pot look sexy messy Hestia hair, group gifty (free to join) from Adoness. I love the color and cut of this style and it is the perfect topper for this hot look. All pics for this post were taken at the new Lollygagger Lane. Check here for more info soon on this awesome hobo build.


Nails and Bracelets: Virtual Insanity
Poses: Bent!-Muah Cat<3 and Glitterati

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eye eye, I must be an A:S:S!

A lot of my friends have been very, very excited about the fact that Poetic are having a big eye sale. It seems to be 50%/75% discounts meaning 50-100L for a pair of eyes so some good shopping there, they certainly make some nice eyes.

Unfortunately for them, I won't be shopping there this sale. Nothing against them, it's just that Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S has just launched Vision Eyes. And as I'm a giant ass I am in the A:S:S group, meaning I woke up this morning to find a group gift stuffed with the things. And I really do mean stuffed. This could be the most items I've rezzed in a group gift because... well. I got a sample set from each range, as textures. Plus the prim versions. Plus extra effects such as tears, extra reflections, and... well I don't know because I lost track of it all! The only thing the gift didn't include was an alpha layer, but given that I just can't make prim eyes work without one, I already had one. And I just got given more eyes than my inventory can fit on the screen, so I don't think I can grumble really. It's not as if it's impossible to find a free eye alpha if you don't already have one so I am one happy giftie.

And then I tried them on and I got even happier. These are good eyes! I checked the store and they're 50L a pair, with fatpacks giving a big discount on the ranges. Personally I'm not a fan of fatpacks for a range since I usually like shades of blue so I'd rather buy a fatpack with each style in my chosen colour usually, but that's me. And to be honest Vision has a few ranges that could convince me otherwise. So here's a quick look at my gift listing (although now I'm out of world I believe I missed at least one set of eyes so this gift is even more generous than the images suggest - but serioiusly, my screen is only so big).

Homesick Eyes - Helsinki (extra reflex)vision-eyes_001Homesick Eyes - Helsinki
Resurrection Eyes - Teal (Large pupil)vision-eyes_002Resurrection Eyes - Teal (Small pupil)
Moonlight in your eyes, reflexvision-eyes_003Vampiric eyes - blood
Soultrap eyesvision-eyes_004Sparkles in your eyes
Darkness in your eyes - cinnamonvision-eyes_005Eclipse eyes - atlantic
Heterochromia eyes - blue & hazelvision-eyes_006Heterochromia eyes - blue


Now some of those are not stuff I'd wear often. Great for a certain look but not so much daily eyes (at least for me anyway). The Eclipse are my pick of the more artistic eyes - when you really zoom in they have some lovely features. That said, the Heterochromic blues have been left in. I like them, and my partner who has been known to complain when I try new eyes likes them too! We shall see, but I feel they may be loitering.

Oh, and because it makes me chuckle...

In the store they have a pair of gatcha machines. one giving pairs of eyes, and one giving single eyeballs. They're called "Oddballs"!

It made me laugh anyway.

CH1C birthday event

CHIC Management turns one, and to celebrate CHIC Management has brought together close to 100 designers that have been part of the CHIC experience this past year.

CH1C Poster

Ends on June 19th

milk motion @ chic birthday

{what next} Pied-à-Terre Chaise for CHIC Limited Special Edition

Bent! - Essential Pack 1

aDORKable Poses: Gussy Up