Monday, January 31, 2011


As I'm in hunt advice mode I thought I'd share another of my hints - be prepared. Some people think that means hiring some Boy Scouts to help you, but I prefer to throw myself into it. Carrying your hunt gifts can be a big problem, but luckily I was able to pick up a brand new handbag from MODLA in this hunt which is great for packing everything I find into it.


Unfortunately I maybe got a bit carried away and overpacked a little this morning. After stuffing numerous pants and shirts in I realised I didn't have much left to wear. Thankfully Vitamen came to the rescue with their hunt gift of this snazzy pearl thong. Granted, not the warmest outfit I've gone hunting in, but it's just incentive to keep myself moving to the next store and grab the next gift!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Les Sucreries de Fairy

Hunt item I found from the Baby it's cold outside hunt...   just wandering around sl tonight.

Les Sucreries de Fairy

Les Sucreries de fairy

I knit in rl... :)

Pipe Dreams

People often ask me, "Flash, aside from murdering cake thiefs, just how do you unwind after a day intensively hunting?" It's simple really, you just need to set aside a bit of time at the end of the day to enjoy your finds. Take me for example...

Pipe Dreams

Yep, there's nothing like growing a beard and kicking back with your new pipe emblazoned with a crazy person. No sireee! So next time you've been out hunting, grab your Napoleonic memorabila and kick back. Trust me, even though I'm not a doctor. But I am calling it a day, so I'll be dreaming about what we'll all find next.

Defender Of The Cake

Apparently I was a tad foolish letting on that I was out hunting earlier this morning, because whilst I prowled around I discovered someone was after my cake!

Obviously, being a manly man hunt I didn't drop everything - granted the heavy, blunt object that returned with me will never be found by the cops, and I can't go into too much details, but suffice to say the culprit won't be bothering me any more. Except for perhaps if I can't get that bloodstain out.

Anyway, I figured as I was near cake I'd take a quick breather and grab the first items i had that weren't in boxes (because I'm lazy and unpacking is hard work). And bizarrely I didn't end up a total trainwreck which is a good sign for the quality of gifts I'm grabbing.

Defender Of The Cake

  • Connors - Denim Vest

  • KOSH - MUC Pants

  • FIR & MNA - MENstuff loafers (expect to see these shoes popping up a lot more in these posts since shoes are pretty rare)

Croire + Magoa + Clawtooth

Croire, Magoa, Clawtooth

Love Letters : Croire TVDH hunt gift (0L)
Pose : Croire from the Lazy Sunday pack
Hair : Clawtooth (50L friday)
Top : Magoa new release... lots of colors to choose from !

I'm also wearing awesome leggings from Croire's chic limited event, but you can't see them from the angle of the pic.

Wall Candy

Wall Candy subscribe gift .. two fun wall decals for V-day.

Top : I can make you smile
Corner : Love Reaches

Wall Candy

Ange's + Clawtooth + Adam and Eve

Anges + Clawtooth + Adam and Eve

Hair : Clawtooth (50L Friday)
Skin : Gift from Adam and Eve Cupcake tea party gift pack (no longer available... this was a gift that was out yesterday for their skin launch) 0L
Outift including shoes : Ange's Weekly freebie hunt (look for the black package logo on a selected item in the store.. the item will change every week !) 0L

Sneaky vs Swafette!

Yes I'm still lurking and despite having a pile of photos I should blog I decided to post this brand new one instead. As any fashion conscious chap on the grid knows today saw the start of the MENstuff hunt. Well, yesterday did but they started it when I was fast asleep so today saw the start of it for me.

In group chat the delightful Swafette Firefly of SF Designs said the hunt couldn't be too hard as people had visited her at store 95 already! When I pointed out that some folks jumped about to favourite shops I was called sneaky! My indigination knew no bounds and as I sat by my computer in the brand new Virginian outfit I had just grabbed from her store I crossed my arms and sulked. I sulked so hard my 'net connection crashed and I gave up visiting more of my favourites until my ISP can keep me online for more than 3 minutes at a time.

SF Designs - Virginian

But if you wonder where the man in your life is over the next few days (or month) - check the MENstuff hunt. Or better yet, check SF Designs. And as a side note they have new Indiana pants at a very reasonable 130L (Claire has some photos of me in them pending) - I ignored their style card and got some boots from Kalnin that went well with them, and I have to say they go well with the Virginian outfit too.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A few things...

Rez day gift from Sugar Mama's.  Pay the panda the amount you desire and receive your free gift.  Gift includes skin, and dress. 

Hair : LoQ

rez day

Following two shirts from Khush as an oppening gift...  I'm not sure how long these will be out.



Hair : Clawtooth (50L friday)
Jeans : Swansong
Skin : AMD Ava Pale Doll Like
Poses : LAP and Glitterati

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Multiple tattoo layers & Gogo's blog

I'd like to talk multiple tattoo layers and great blogs. They sort of merge tonight, in my snapshot here below, which I've taken in Viewer 2. I popped a valium afterwards, I think I'm fine now, thanks.

1- Multi tattoo layers & viewers

I LOVE multiple tattoo layers, 1 for lashes, 1 for gloss, 1 for eyeshadow etc BUT you can only use that feature if you're on Viewer 2 or Kirstens (I'm on Emergence, derived from Emerald so I can't do that). Both V2 and Kirstens I hate, they're not user friendly in the slightest and lack all the essential gimmicks I got used to in Emerald (radar etc).

So I looked into it, the Imprudence viewer is expecting to release their V2 equivalent very soon, it will be called the Kokua viewer. The main developper Jacek Antonelli was offline, so I couldn't check the exact date.

I then spoke with Ed Merryman, head of support at the Phoenix viewer (derived from Emerald too) and he said that the experimental version of their V2 equivalent, the Firestorm viewer, was coming out very soon, maybe on Monday or during next week! (I popped another valium to calm down)
I have so many friends waiting to have a decent viewer with multi tattoo layers, (Teena, are you excited?) when I tell them the news, they'll be popping pills too.

2- Gogo's blog

I LOVE Gogo's blog, Juicybomb (Juicy Littlething inworld), I read it to relax, it's always interesting, entertaining and sometimes scandalously honest, which I value. She's a great photographer, and always honest when reviewing products. So when I saw her Rainbow eyeshadow review earlier, I wanted to recreate my own and credit her. Thanks Gogo, you're my favourite blogger, I love reading about your adventures.

My fave posts are:
- The Stiletto Moody
- The Vagina review
- The ban from Exodi

Rainbow layers

I'm wearing my lovely Nellie Laq skin, with Iris Ophelia eyelashes, Iris Ophelia lipgloss, Kuro Usagi's kiss tattoo (old Japanese gift) and Chelle's Rainbow eyeshadow, FREE group gift! Eyes are from Ibanez, FREE group gift (I don't wear any others, thanks Elfie for the tip) and hair from Ohmai.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabulous gift from aDORKable Poses

I had to blog this straight away so I grabbed Mandy, in the shop, TP'ed Catherine who was all dolled up (I'm sure she was on her way to a date :) and ta-da! Go grab this bench, it's fantastic and it's FREE. Thank you Catherine, Mandy and Adorkable!

(from left to right: Glam Catherine, Sexy Mandy and purple bunny me)

Gift from aDORKable Poses

More delightful clothing from The Sea Hole

I'm still in clothes heaven with The Sea Hole (more here). Wanted to show you the Hunted Capelette and skirt in 3 different colours (you can buy them separately, L$135 each). All of them beautiful to the last stitch. DrinkyDrinky (my nickname for Drinkinstein Sorbet, the designer) will you marry me? :)

- Joy Hair @ Analog Dog (Freebie in shop)
- Cynthia and Plain Jane Skins @ Mynerva
- Blue Jay and Chione Eyes @ Ibanez
- Prim hands @ SLink

Crimson Rise
The Sea Hole - Hunted skirt in Crimson Rise

Dark Night
The Sea Hole - Hunted skirt in Dark Night

Foggy Hollow
The Sea Hole - Hunted skirt in Foggy Hollow

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am art.

i am art

You don't have to like it.. yes, indeed it is different.. aren't we all ?

The Planisphere skin was painted with acrylics by hand, using a piece of copy paper against a computer screen over the Chip Midnight skin template.  It comes packaged with 15 lipsticks (the Sheila series) and is 200L.  This skin is a fun alternative for someone who wants something different.  A style card is included.

Aemeth Lysette's skins are different and part of her goal is to get some conversation going about what your favorite skin is and why.

Jane + LoQ + Illusory + Glitterati + Glow + Prelude

New Group gift from .Illusory. Paige Warmth  (free)
Hair : LoQ new release
Skirt : Jane Free (pack of 6) so cute !
Lashes : Glow hunt item 10L
Pose : Glitterati season's hunt (free)
Shirt : Prelude, no longer avail.

Please note that the Illusory group has a fee when there is a group gift.  You might want to check in regularly to see if the fee has been dropped and put this one in your group slots.

illusory + loq + jane + glitterati + glow + prelude

Beautiful clothing from The Sea Hole

I'm in love again. And no, it's not with Ygor *chuckles* or Simon Baker. I'm in love with The Sea Hole clothing. It's simply beautiful, sparkly and yet elegant. Designer Drinkinstein Sorbet (I call her DrinkyDrinky) is a truly talented designer. I found out about her before Christmas at the Rumor sim contest and forgot how much I loved her designs. They are exactly what I was after to pimp up my Kani avatar (new look I'm exploring, previously blogged here). Check it out, I'll be wearing lots of her clothing, you can be sure of that. Thanks DrinkyDrinky!

First piccy:
Kani av in Taupe @ Curious Inc
Kani eyes with Lashes in Pink Midnight @ Sopherian Yumako (L$100)
Hair @ Trico (Free group gift of the month)
Sequin sweatshirt in blush @ The Sea Hole (L$115)
Highwaisted Engineer Shorts in carnation @ The Sea Hole (L$115)

Feeling pink...

Second piccy:
Kani av in Taupe @ Curious Inc
Kani eyes with Lashes in Odd Eyed Blue & Yellow @ Sopherian Yumako (no link, ask designer - L$100)
Suki Hair @ Rubisoho (Free on Lucky Boards)
Sequin sweatshirt in Icy @ The Sea Hole (L$115)
Highwaisted Engineer Shorts in denim @ The Sea Hole (L$115)

Feeling blue...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gone all Kani Bunny!

I can not tell you how excited I am about this post. I could not find any inspiration on what to blog next... until I bumped into my good friend Randomized at the Curious sandbox, sporting a 'furry' avatar. I've seen them before on other friends but I ask you, what is a furry? Wiki says: 'In Second Life, "furry" avatars are those which use prim attachments to reflect upon a certain animal or mythical creature while keeping the basic humanoid framework'.

And before I know it, check this out, I turned into a Kani bunny, courtesy of Uchi Desmoulins, designer of Curious Inc furry avatars (Kani means bunny in Finnish, thanks Uchi for clarifying that). I love them. You just have to spend a little time to find the right hair and the right outfit and you'll be feeling very 'cute' before you know it. There seems to be different politics on how to wear the ears, up or down but hey, not a problem with the fully animated hud!

Oh and the beautiful eyes and lashes are courtesy of Sopherian Yumako who makes amazing eyes for Uchi's avies. Thanks Uchi and Sopherian. I'm a very happy bunny. Especially when I get a bunny cuddle from Randomized *chuckles*

Kani Bunnies

Kani Bunnies

Kani Bunnies

Kani Bunnies

Having fun with RED

Hair Bow : Group gift from the Fashion House (FREE)
Mouth Mitten : Subscribe gift from Ey:No (FREE)
Snowman : Dollarbe from Leafy (Almost FREE)
Lingerie : Group gift from Cupcakes (joined the group when it was 0L... so, ya FREE)

a little bit of silly

Skin : Glam Affair - Summer make up 5  (not sure if still avail.)
Shirt : Pig
Jeans : Swansong - Pesently having a 50% off sale
Hair : LoQ - new release

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chic Limited - SMS + other great items

Dress : SMS Chic Limited event item.  As I've blogged b4.. I have no clue if any of the items will be sold after the event, so ... If you like something... get it b4 the event closes on the 29th of January !

chic sms

Charm Necklace : Pink Fuel Gatcha 10L
Shoes : Magoa Delicate Panda Pops
Hair : LoQ new release
Chest of Drawers : MudHoney TNPLH hunt FREE
Skin : Belleza Erika new release

(Elate!) Tree Skyboxes

My first post this year is dedicated to my home - my beloved (Elate!) Tree Skybox. I absolutely adore the feeling of being both inside and outside at the same time. I love good skyboxes and used to have quite a good collection of them but I haven't found better than this one. When I accidentally de-rezzed it before Christmas, designer Kellie Iwish not only gave me another copy of it (the daylight one) but also the midnight version of it. Go see them inworld and try the animated bed and swing. You'll love them, I know it.
Thanks, Kellie (nogmaals bedankt).

(Elate!) Tree Skyboxes - L$850 including all furniture

Elate! Tree Skybox - day

Elate! Tree Skybox - night

Friday, January 21, 2011

Euphoric girl

Hello!! Some of you may know about the Euphoria Hunt! It's a SIM hunt (some stores are not taking part but most of they are!), all you need to do is join the FREE Euphoria Group and look for an "E" hidden at the stores. Fighting against the lag I could find some goodies:



Hair !SyDs! - Greenish Fish - FREE
Milk Motion - My vintage scarf - FREE
The Secret Store - Browny jacket - FREE
Chantkare - Melba Dress - FREE
Fore - GlitterPT - FREE
Skin (second pic):
GATO - Natalia Euphorious - FREE

I also found Loq's item, a cool platinum hair and Dama's one, a lovely soft pink skirt with a bow...Well I'm still missing the items from [M]Magnifico, Rozena, Lost worls poses, Muism, Vita's Budoir, etcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc.

Happy hunting!!

Chic Limited - Chantkare and Drixdale + LoQ

Dress : Funky Giraffe - Chic limited exclusive from Chantkare
Skin : Chic Limited exclusive from Drixdale - Emery - Milk - Caustik

Hair : LoQ at the Dressing Room - Pancake (4 color pack)   Another cool hair from LoQ... LoVe !

chantkare + LoQ + Grixdale + LoQ + Chic Limited

chantkare + LoQ + Grixdale + LoQ + Chic Limited

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chic Limited - Iced

Maisy Necklace - Chic Limited item from Iced.  Available in 3 different colors !

iced, Chic Limited, LoQ, Berries, Glam Affair

Hair : LoQ
Skin : Glam Affair
Shirt : Berries

Ema's Secret + LoQ + Swansong + Belleza

New from Ema's Secret : Kitina Top... 5 colors available, each color can be worn two different ways.  I love when this happens... makes the purchase more versatile.
Hair : Group gift from LoQ (4 color pack)  I'm not sure if this was sent out only once or if it is still in the notices within the subscribe, but I logged in this morning and.. YAY !!  Free

Skin : Belleza group gift (250L fee, but so worth it !)
Jeans : Swansong...  they are presently having a 50% off sale.. it is time to stock up !! 

Ema's Secret + LoQ + Swansong + Belleza

Above : version with sculpted top
Below : second version without sculpted top

I love the black knitted texture on this top !!!!!!
Ema's Secret + LoQ + Swansong + Belleza

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Zawezome...a lucky board gift from Arnadi. Nice graphic tee's in this shop. I like the texture on this one...and it's comfy. :)

Well and knowing me...I had to add some glam with the Mandala necklace that was a friday sale item long ago. Jeans are a hunt gift from Not sure that either of these items are available.

Grabbing some from here, from there...

Hello! Today I went to a couple of stores and grabbed all the freebies and cheapies I could lol! j/k never is enough! So here they are, hope you like them:


Both skirts are from Pesca, the Black one is the FREE opening gift and the floral one is on the LB also for FREE(no group tag needed)

The ruffly one shoulder white top is from the outlet of
Cupcakes (was FREE when I went, dunno if it's still free), the tiger print black one is from NirSar and it's a DOLLARBIE (comes in four colors, it looks yummy)


At NirSar you can only grab this DOLLARBIE called Browny me outfit, or you can match the skirt with the FREE SOM gift from MDL as in the second photo (it's a camisole but I used it without the long parts, to make it look like a shirt with a jacket on)

And last but no least here's a FREE floral dress from
HNFactory Petit, other freebies at the store as well.


Oh! I almost forgot to mentiont that the hair of the photos is from
!Lamb and it only cost 30L!!! (For a 4color pack, 150L for the whole fatpack), there's also another hairstyle for that price).

That's all by now, hugs!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chic Limited - Adorkable

I really like this pose chair, not only is the cushion texture change but the chair color can be changed as well !  Perfect to fit any decor you'll be posing in.

Chic Limited Event

I'm really not sure if the items will be available after the event.. I guess it will depend on the individual designer, so if you like something.. you might want to pick it up now.

adorkable, Adam and Eve, Glam Affair, Loq

adorkable, Adam and Eve, Glam Affair, Loq

Hair : LoQ
Skin : Glam Affair - Jadis
Lingerie : Glam Affair
Boots : Adam and Eve

Don't forget to click the subscribe when you are there to be informed of new events.  Also.. I was on Keira's awesome flikr page and saw THIS....   so, yay !  More dates to come for this event !!

Boom + LoQ + Belleza + bellballs + Little Boxes

Sixteen Sweater dress - New release - Boom  (avail. in 36 diff. colors !)

boom, LoQ, Belleza, Belleballs, Little Boxes

Hair : LoQ Breve - Mocha
Skin : Belleza - Erika Sk group gift (250L group join fee)
Slippers : Gacha My Bedtime Slippers - Mixed Berries 30L - BelleBalls
Sofa : part of a package from Little Boxes Happy Holiday's hunt

The pose is from Pretzel Poses (can't find a good lm.. so maybe no longer avail.), the sofa has 3 great sits but I need something to show off the awesome slippers.  I don't know why I love slippers so much here in sl... I'm usually always bare foot in rl.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chic Limited - Indyra

Outfit including Boots ! - Chic Limited exclusive from Indyra Originals

Oh ya, this is sweet !!   ;)

Indyra, Glam Affair, LoQ, Hopscotch

Hair : LoQ - new
Skin : Glam Affair - Nero hunt (no longer avail.)
Pose : Hopscotch opening dollarbie pack of 11 poses !!

Candy Doll + LoQ + Tuli + Glam Affair + HelaMiyo

Outfit : Candy Doll Trening - new release  I just love the socks on this !!

Candy Doll, LoQ, Tuli, Glam Affair, HelaMiyo

Hair : LoQ Aysha - FREE (four color pack !)
Skin : Glam Affair Jadis Tan 03(a)
Lips : Group gift from Tuli - tattoo layer
Cheeks : Group gift from Tuli - tatto layer
Pose : HelaMiyo

Candy Doll, LoQ, Tuli, Glam Affair

Chic Limited - Orion

Boots, Leggins and top :  Orion's items for the Chic Limited Event..  you can purchase each item seperatly


Hair : LoQ

Osakki + Glam Affair + LoQ + Adam and Eve + Di`s Opera

Euphoria was having a event sale during the weekend.. if you happened to be in chat.. I was raving about a pair of shoes that were at [m].  This is just another item I picked up ...

If you don't want to miss any of the events held at Euphoria, subscribe to their blog

Outfit : Osakki (blazer, leggings, corset, gloves) 100L

euphoria + LoQ + Osakki + Glam Affair + Di's Opera + Adam and Eve

Hair : LoQ
Shoes : Adam and Eve - New Yorker
Skin : Glam Affair Jadis
Pose : Di's Opera

Now.. because I love black and white photography so much and most of my rl work is in black and white.. I just couldn't resist.  SL forces me to use color and it has given me new insight into integrating it into my rl work.

euphoria + LoQ + Osakki + Glam Affair + Di's Opera + Adam and Eve

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Riddle + Mynerva + !lamb. + &Bean + Swansong + Flowey

Hair : !Lamb 50L Friday
Shrug : Riddle NEW... many colors avail.
Top : &Bean (might not be avail. anymore) part of I Killed her dress
Skin : Mynerva Plain Jane Fudge Blonde Brows Cleavage
Jeans : Swansong Midnight Timeless
Pose : Flowey Seasons Hunt FREE !!

riddle mynerva !Lamb &Bean Swansong

More from the Chic Limited event

Some more beautiful things from the Chic Limited Event...

From Je Suis :  Earrings and Necklace that can be styled to your mood !!  Pearls, metal and flower are changeable ..  (avail. in soft or bright)

je suis, Chic Limited Event

Magoa Chic limited Wild at Heart Dress :

Magoa, Chic Limited Event