Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Humpy Holidays!!


Check out this great holiday look. For more info please see our new blog, currently in process of being set up!!

Thanks for your support and happy holidays to all!!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

POE5 Part 1 (Most Likely)

Do I have your attention? Gooood... 

Before getting involved in the real subject of this post, I would like to just explain a little what's happening with this blog. Actually, we don't know ourselves... things have just gone pear shaped. Beside the blog now being flagged with warnings that you might explode if you look at it, things are also a bit comical behind the scene as well. I sort of got over 11 000 likes for a post that officially only had 3 views.... Those three must have liked the post VERY much. 

Blogger obviously only have 'Support' in there because it looks good and not for of any real intention to help. Marg has decided to move the blog to Wordpress, which sounds like a good move, and she's busy working with the design. Once there's an all clear, this blog will move permanently and become Freebie Fashionista again. Right now, things are a little in between so please be patient with us during this frustrating time. Marg has actually already started to post on the site so there's stuff there to see.
And now... to something completely different...

POE Hunt

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt 5 is on... and on... and on... Remove a few stores that hasn't happened and almost 200 generous stores are participating. Need diversion from the christmas shopping? This is it! XD 

I've just been through 1/4 of the hunt so far. My patience for real big hunts is usually in short supply, but I'll see this one through to the end. The quality of the gifts is outstanding. With around 50 stores under my belt, the gender statistics is roughly half of the clothes stores have male gifts besdie the fem ones. Add the many furniture and home decoration places that are involved as well and just under half the stores are of potential interest for guys. With most of the male gifts coming from stores that provides for both genders and the rest are for women in stores for women, I couldn't help wondering where the stores just for men are. It is the name of the hunt that brought this thoughts on. Is peace just for woozies? With aggression being part of the male stereotype, maybe it is. Hopefully the world is a bit more complex than men makes war and women makes peace. Disclaimer: women are no woozies. *Comes back out from behind the sofa*

Whatever the reason... here's a first outfit put together with stuff I found this far. Everything except the gloves comes from this hunt. Focus has been on colour. As much of it as possible XD To be fair on guys, I'll give the info if the store in question is of interest to them. Of course a mesh viewer is required for most of this stuff. Mesh has become so much part of SL now so when it's about unrigged stuff, it's not always easy to tell what's mesh or not.


Ear Muffs: Shabby Chick, part of fem gift. There's a male gift as well.
Scarf: Pelletteria Morrisay, part of male gift.
Cardigan (with top): BoHo HoBo, fem gift. No male gift.
Pants and Belt: Asteria Creations, part of male gift.
Boots and Leg Warmers: ShuShu, part of fem gift. No male gift.

There's is an excellent list of the SLURLS and hunt hints here => X, BUT it actually doesn't say the name of the store. The system is so obviously designed to make as many hunters visit as many of the stores as possible and not just dive in for the proven goodies. That's fair, really. Sooo... join the hunt?

Ok, so that's the outfit for the sporty outdoors... I hope to be back with something in another genre  before long. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent List 2012

Here is this years list of all the cool advent calendars for 2012, please check back as it will be updated as information on others come in. If you know of a place that should be added to this list, please contact Margaux Dufaux to be added. Enjoy, and thanks to all of these generous designers!!
Action Hair Discounted items
Adorkable Poses
AIDORU 12 days of Christmas
Aileen's Shabby Chic and Country Store
Akaesha  (Group Needed L$0)
ALB Dream Fashion
Alli&Ali Designs
AMD / AMT / QHI Shop   (group needed $250L)
Baby Monkey Shoes (Group Needed L$250) 12 days of Christmas
The BoatHouse   (group needed $250L)
[CIRCA] Living  (Group Needed L$0)Gifts $1L-$25L
Charisma Designs
Cleo Designs
Dickens Christmas Village
DragonHeart Designs
Drama Libre
Dulce Secrets ($10L)
Dunes Beach Resort (Group Needed L$0)
Earthly Delights
Fairy Unique Designs (Group Needed L$0)
FallnAngel Creations
The Ferrett and Hedgie Shoppee
Fetish Doll Shop
Foresaken Falls
Galen Event Foto Creation
Glide's Gallery
Hot Stuff (Group Needed L$10)
Hunter Resource Center ($1L)
IM CaPPed 12 days of Christmas
Independent Expressions  (Group Needed L$0)
Isis Boutique
Island Style Designs
Kouse's Sanctum(small fee)
Larnia Kids
LC Fashions
Leri Miles Designs
Lillou's Designs
Lois Allen Designs ($10L)
Magnolia Designs & Yogi's Shoes
MF Creations (discount)
Mint Tulip Sim Advent- gifts in each of these shops
*Alice Project 
*Exposeur Poses & Animations
Monkey Go Round
Musa Makeup
Needful Pixels
Orage Creations
Piddler's Perch
PiNkMaReS HoUsE 
Pillow's & Things   ($25L)
ploom 12 days of Christmas (discounted items)
Shops at South Of Forever
Skye Qi
SLC Sandras Couture (items $24L each)
Sunshine Lace
Sways (Hunt) info at landing point
Timeless Textures
Top Katz Lucky Board Advent
United IrishCon
Virtual Impressions (Group Needed L$0)
Viviane Fashion
Volkshochschule Deutsche
Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy's
Yasum Design (Group Needed L$0)
I would like to thank Tinka Bondar, My friends on plurk!! and others for all the help and information in compiling this list!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Retreat is looking for designers

The Retreat

The Retreat is recruiting designers!! We are looking to add to our diverse group of quality content creators in sl. The Retreat is a great discount shop that offers shoppers relaxing retail therapy though a wide array of special items for $50L or less that add to all areas of sl living. New goodies available in the shop every 2 weeks. For designers it is a chance to gain additional exposure on the grid and introduce people to your products and brands. We do promote the shop heavily in several major groups in sl and on the web, we would love to work with you. You can find details and apply for upcoming rounds by clicking here X. There is some remodeling and restructuring going on in the shop at this time, the next new round will take place at the beginning of Dec, hope to see you all there!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Posy of Poses

Ciss' Poses November

Hiya, just a quickie to say I've done the monthly changing of my poses The Retreat

As you'll know, I only create a few poses to use in my own blogging so I don't have a store but only this vendor. If you like any of them, this might be your one chance to get it. They're only 20L each. 
Needless to say, have a look around while you're there ^^

Take care and see you soon again :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fantasy Land

MArgauxDufaux hunt #001                               

This is kinda last minute so let me get to it. The newest round at Stuff in Stock is fantasy themed and there are many dreamy items there for you to enjoy. This wonderful Samantha skin by WOW, shown here with Desdemona lipstick by Pekka. The lipstick perfectly accenting this awesome Siren's Lust corset by Sugar, that comes to just under the bust. This fun Disney Mouse necklace by I <3 Fashion with color change stone and tassel are a nice contrast and finishing touch to this look.


Also from  Stuff in Stock these adorable Rainbow Pony jeans by Evenflow, they have happy little unicorns on the back pockets and some other really nice details. Closing out this fantasy inspired look is this Fairy Light by Tentacio. This cute little jar with fire flies inside have a little friend to ride alone and a pretty flower as well. Also should mention too that the poses used in this post are from the I believe in unicorns set by  G o l a and you can pick these up as well at Stuff in Stock.  Sorry I am so late with this post but in any case, new round starts Monday, so you have just a couple more days to grab up these awesome goodies and more. So what are you waiting for?

Hair: Magika 
Nails: Mandala

Thanks to Kurenai Jun for his help with the first pic in this post!!! <3<3

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Kitties

I have an addiction to lucky boards/chairs or whatever form they come in. The latest offer for my stalking was LoveCats Designs. It's always fun to collect up a large pile stuff and then put something together from that. Taking into account the 16 possible prizes from the boards, the MMs, group gifts and camping, I got away with about 20 complete outfits plus some other bits and pieces. Yes, I spent many hours there, but what better way to multitask if you're stuck at the computer in FL?

Below is ONE look that little adventure resulted in, just to keep this short and sweet. Go and have a look. Group membership is needed, but that is free. If this is your second nature, the group is well worth hanging around in because of the daily specials chosen from the regular stock.


Ears and Tail: from Demon Kitty Outfit Mens - Lucky Board
Piercings (see pic below): Piercing set - Group Gift
Jacket: from Snakebite Outfit Mens - MM board (now regular stock)
Tattoo: Pawprint Tattoo - Group Gift
Belt: Avid Girls - Lucky Board
Bracers: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board
Stocking: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board
Pants: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board
Paw Boots: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board

Below is a closer shot so you can see the piercings and get an idea of the texture of the jacket. I did blog the belonging chaps in an earlier post here. LoveCats at her best has a real flair for textures, some of it makes me drool for sure.

LoveCats Facial

The sombre sim is Virtual Decay, home to Virtual Decay... fancy that...

Virtual Decay

That's all from me for this time... take care and have fun!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moon Festival Cart Sale Exclusives!!


Back again with more news and goodies from the Virtual Asia Moon Festival Cart Sale. Check out this stylish Asian Collar top- by ZanzE Couture. It is just one of the special items made exclusively for this event. These awesome Lacie earrings and Savitri bangle by FuLo are just the thing to accent this Asian inspired look. FuLo has a their own exclusive item for this sale and a shop in the city. Be sure to stop in and treat yourself to some of the best jewelry on the grid.


Starting out this look the lovely Mystic in Red set by Rivendell. It includes this stunning collar with matching arm bands and bracelets, a real bargin at just $90L.   Adding to the drama of this gorgeous set, Moon Festival Cart Sale exclusive, special glittery Moon Eyes shadow and festive geisha style Moon Festival Lips by BlackLiquid, another city designer offering  beautiful Asian inspired skins and make ups.

These are just a few of the special items you can look forward to picking up at the Virtual Asia Cart Sale and Mooncake Hunt for the next 3 days!!  Hints and info here  So don't miss out.

Top Pic
Hair: Elikatira

Bottom Pic:
Hair: Plume

Skin: Filthy
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Eyeliner: Les Petite Details

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mooncake Hunt

Mooncake Hunt Pt1

The Moon Festival Cart Sale started off with a bang on Sept 30th with the lovely Moon Festival Fashion show, brought to you by Virtual Asia in association with Kabuki Boutique followed by a wonderful fireworks display. Right now the streets of Virtual Asia are lined with great designer goodies and specials for $99L and less. Several awesome designers even have exclusive items made just for this event. If you would like to see some pics of these items check out the flickr stream, if you have some pics of items you got at this event we would love for you to share them with us as well. The Mooncake Hunt also started on this day and this sporty Beautiful Baggies set by Paris Metro is one of the fantastic gifts you can snag at this fun hunt. This gift includes these flirty pop floral baggies and Crinkle Paper Halter top, a complete outfit, be sure you get yours by Oct14th. If you need hints and tp's to the locations, you can find them here

Mooncake Hunt Pt1

This exclusive Fallen Angel tattoo from Collisions and cute Gothica earrings by Hollyweird are some of the other gifts you can look forward to collecting on this short hunt where you will explore the city of Virtual Asia picking up mooncakes. Here I show this with Haifa skin by WOW currently available at The Retreat, where you can enjoy some relaxing retail therapy for $50L and less, as well as a lounge with generous gifts from over 20 of the best content creators in sl. While you are there check  out the beautiful gardens and fully stocked Free Public Photo Studio, tp's are next to the door. That is all for now but stay tuned for more from the Mooncake Hunt...

Until next time

Hair: Tameless
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Pose: Bent!
Eye Liner- Les Petite Details 
Boots- J's

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Energy Club & Mall

Wowza!! A friend of mine sent me a NC about a club/mall that she discovered... "Dear Pyrrhic, I found a great place that gives away so much good clothes its impossible!" So of course I had to check it out. And boy, she was not lying! Energy Club & Mall has sooooo many high quality group gifts from such well known designers as Belleza, Gawk, Legal Insanity, Hucci, and so so so many MORE! (And joining the group is free as well woohoo!) From shapes to skins to jewelry to shoes to hair... basically every single thing you'd need to take an avi from noob to stunning... they have it all!! Check out some of the sexy finds below....
Energy Club
Sexy skin from Shine, vibrant eye makeup from Blacklace Beauty, and punky hair from NikitaFride. Energy Club
Realistically detailed jewelry from LouLou&Co. Energy Club
Sultry shape from Black Mamba. Daring mesh dress from Axe. Energy Club
Fabulous footwear by Energy Club.
I have included the individual links to the stores, however, EVERYTHING listed (and then some), will be found in the group gift room at Energy Club & Mall. Happy shopping!!! ~Pyrrhic~

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Crystal Hunt Part 2

Hello... I'm back! I just HAVE to finish my postings about The Crystal Hunt that marks the opening of the Petites Kingdom!

The hunt is on to the 20th this month and the prizes are amazing... if you're into petites, of course. If you're not, this really is the time to have a go because you can collect some very impressive stuff for absolute free here.

Beside the central floating castle, there are four themed islands on the sim. All has their own story and offers everything you could dream a petite could need and then some. 31 stores, including names like G Field, Wasabi Pills, Al Vulo  and Rfyre, are participating. All necessary info as well as the list of the participating stores can be picked up at the landing point at the central flying castle. 

It's not a difficult hunt, but I recommend to regard it as a pleasant day out. Some basic knowledge of the sim is needed because the coveted crystals are not necessarily hidden on the same island as the store. The clues that each participating store gives are good, however. A little relaxed exploration while 'hoarding' clues will set you right. In fact, I found this a very pleasurable and colourful change from most other  hunts. A real treasure hunt.

Crystal Hunt Part 2 - 1

This event has put a huge grin on my face for a few days now. These little guys makes me laugh and puts me in a general good mood. Especially this little merman tail... what else would it be called but a 'minnow'? XD

Anyway, a few more of the impressive prizes... What a merman...ehm.. petite minnow.... would do in the air? *Points at wings* Ever heard of flying fish?

Petite Minnow Tail: Clownfish Merman Yellow, Pacific Sunrise. Includes tails for both genders plus a simple unisex AO.
Wings: Insect Wings, KaiAna. Comes with retexture HUD. Wings and veins can be coloured and retextured independently as well as animated. 

Crystal Hunt Part 2 - 2

Hair: Noriko, Wasabi Pills
Dress, including hair corsage and wings: Stella-B, G Field

I hope you notice I'm a bit out of words for this one... She's both topsy and turvy ^^

Crystal Hunt Part 2 - 3

Alcove with hanging chairs: Garden of Light, Mole End
Slippers: Arabian Slippers, Trident Jewelry. Includes pairs for both genders as well as full size avs.

Well... regrettably that's the end of this hunt for me. Where else to enjoy that but in the cool shade with some delightful company. I've found this hunt pretty amazing... and I've only shown you half the gifts! A huge warm thank you to all the involved creators.

I take my farewells for now in a pretty sweet mood. Have fun hunting!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moon Festival Cart Sale and Hunt

VA Moon Festival Cart Sale and Hunt

Every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its maximum brightness for the entire year, the Chinese celebrate "zhong qiu jie." Children are told the story of the moon fairy living in a crystal palace, who comes out to dance on the moon's shadowed surface. The legend surrounding the "lady living in the moon" dates back to ancient times.

Virtual Asia will join the fun of this traditional Asian celebration this year with many fun events hosted here in the city .

The fun will start Sept 30th  with The Moon Festival Cart Sale that will run until Oct 14th. This cart sale will feature designer items and great goodies from over 20 of SL's most talented designers.

The Chinese celebrate The Moon Festival with special mooncakes, that  are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. Mooncakes are offered between friends or at  family gatherings while celebrating the festival. For the duration of the cart sale there will be a Virtual Asia Mooncake Hunt. Guest will be guided around the city hunting for these special treats stuffed with generous gifts  from participating designers all over the city.

For hints check here

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crystal Hunt Part 1

Hiya again :)

The petites are getting their own sim and it's built with a lot of imagination by some of the best builders in SL! To celebrate the opening, which is sort of right now this instant (until 9pm, 29th September SLT), there's a sim crashing party... and there's The Crystal Hunt. And... oh boy... are the prizes (0L) fantastic or are they fantastic?

This does focus on the Petite brand, but with a lot of the stuff (everything but mesh clothing I suppose) would suit any little fellas. Place is, of course, Petites Kingdom and the hunt goes between 29th September to 20th October. All you need to know is easily available at the landing point. 

That's the language of the big fellas. For us little 'uns.... Our kingdom has finally been created, and a marvellous magical place it is as well, where we can be ourselves and share and have fun according to our natures. However... help is needed to gather the last crystals needed to fuel and fire up the gates that opens up the last islands of this our community. Everyone is welcome, big or small, to hunt for them and be richly rewarded for this valuable assistance. 

I leave you to write the story below, mine too stupid... but I'll list the credits for some of the very generous prizes ^^

Crystal Hunt 1

Body ornaments: Fleurs, Fallen Gods Inc
Bow, quiver: Aurora - Elysium, Falcon Weapons Forge. Scripted Spellfire weapon with attached wings (the 'beady' ones in my double set used here)
Stead: Pink Brass Horse, Bare Rose. Ridable, pose slightly modded on the spot with Animare.

Crystal Hunt 2

Outfit, wings included: Rinceaux, Forest Feast. The silver and yellow wings are really alternatives, but I like the look of them together ^^

Middle (kind of Halloween themed):
Dress: Carefree Dress, Blaze
Choker: Petite Belt Choker, Yabusaka. There's a male version as well.
Wings: Raven, Vengeful Threads
Pumkin: Pumkin Huggie, A.D.D. Andel

Outfit: Kimonodress, N*Botan. Includes a long version as well.

Other props:
Stove, Gourds: PARTS of the Rinky Dink Woodland Stove Set, Roawenwood

Crystal Hunt 3

Only one thing that hasn't been shown above: Birdbath Shower, Geniwian

OK, so I don't know what stories you created, but me think that whatever they are... can you blame me? I think you agree with me, however, that this hunt is not one to miss if you're into petites... and a good reason to get one if you aren't yet.

So, to sum things up: The Crystal Hunt, 29/9 - 20/10, Petites Kingdom... you simply can't miss!

We'll probably meet there. Take care and have fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hello you lovely Fashionistas! It's Pyrrhic, here to bring you another quicky blog to showcase a glamorously sinister new look for the haunting season! I hope you enjoy! Muaaah!!
I love the dainty beauty mark on her fair & milky skin, the shaved head and long luxurious hair in a vibrant ghoulish green, the blood red vampire-esque eyes that just lure you in, and the sweet yet bewitching little cats dangling from her ears! It just screams, "Halloween Queen!"
This dress is so hauntingly ethereal! I love the corseted top and long & slender sweeping skirt topped with layers of feminine ruffles. The spiderwebs give it a festive feeling, that's simply perfect for the Halloween season (or ALL season depending how Goth you are hehehe...) and the skeleton hands grip your waist in just the right spot, bringing a light whimsy to an otherwise darkly beautiful gown.

Hair: Tameless - Tiana
Skin: Step Inside Skins - Zoe (group gift)
Eyes: Ikon - Utopia Red
Dress: ArisAris - Lady Sinister
Earrings: N@n@ Bag Catz (gift)
Nails: Formanails - Long Design Clocks
Lashes: CCD

Ronja A-Z: G is for Golden Snake

It's been many weeks since the last part of my classic Ronja series thanks to a longer FL trip. This is really a project that's become a labour of love and I intend to see it through to the end.
This famous person Everyone knows about Ronja Pera of RDesignS. Ronja has her place in the SL hall of fame for all those fantastic outfits that now lingers in the freebie palaces. More of an introduction and the first instalment is here => X.


With the letter G, we're approaching half way, believe it or not. It'a quick and easy one as well, only one outfit without the usual multitude of alternatives.... So, without any further delay.... Ladies and gentlemen, G stands for Golden Snake.

The name, Golden Snake, refers to the repeated metal ornament texture Ronja used for the composition. It's a common method of hers and I find it real nifty. It's the design element, I think, that gives her design 'that look'. The boots, of course, have bling *nod nods*

If you want a copy, this outfit is available for free on the fourth floor in Freebie Galaxy.

A couple of other things:

Make up: Dark Kiss LipSmacker over Raven's Golden Dawn Ore Mizu Makeover, Mock Cosmetics. Not a very good view, but you must agree the names are great ^^ Both most likely two of her generous group gifts.

Pose: One of my own, presently for sale at The Retreat. Shameless self promotion maybe, but it does help towards my plentiful uploads. Thank you all!

Well, that's it... until next time, take care and have fun!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Moon Festival Cart Sale and Hunt

We are now accepting applications for The Moon Festival

*Cart sale and hunt will  run from Sept 30 - Oct 14th

* 21 Retail spots available

* $250 Cart rental with up to 5 prims for display and/ or Vendors

*  We ask for at least one exclusive item that is $99L or less preferably Asian themed

* Participation in the Mooncake hunt that will run concurrent with the cart sale is greatly encouraged but not required

If you are interested in being a part of this awesome one of a kind event 
please submit a note card titled Moon Festival CS- with your name to Margaux Dufaux. On the note card please sure to include the name of your shop, a short description and a landmark. Contact Margaux Dufaux to reserve your spot today!!

Please see below for more info.

VA Moon Festival Cart Sale and Hunt

Every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its maximum brightness for the entire year, the Chinese celebrate "zhong qiu jie." Children are told the story of the moon fairy living in a crystal palace, who comes out to dance on the moon's shadowed surface. The legend surrounding the "lady living in the moon" dates back to ancient times.

Virtual Asia will join the fun of this traditional Asian celebration this year with many entertaining and interesting events hosted here in the city .

The fun will start Sept 30th with The Moon Festival cart sale that will run until Oct 14th. This cart sale will feature exclusive designer items for $99L and less as well as other great goodies from over 20 of SL's most talented designers.

The Chinese celebrate The Moon Festival with special mooncakes, that  are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. Mooncakes are offered between friends or at  family gatherings while celebrating the festival. For the duration of the cart sale there will be a Virtual Asia Mooncake hunt. Guest will be guided around the city hunting for these special treats stuffed with special gifts  from participating designers all over the city.

Sept  30th  is also the day the Chinese will celebrate the official zhong qiu jie festival . We will have many great events here in the city including live music, fan dancing, contest and fireworks!!

We look forward to celebrating The Moon Festival this year with our Virtual Asia friends and family.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm somewhat of a vampire fanatic in RL. I don't really carry that into SL with me, but I do so love the vampy fashions in-world. That's why I was so pleased to see this gorgeous mesh dress from Mind Games Fashion, in the Casket Sharp Hunt! The asymmetrical layered ruffles just scream casket-couture and the textural detailing of the fabric is simply gorgeous! It also comes with sexy fishnets stockings for the naughty night-goddess in you... and a sassy top hat (not shown).

I've blogged parts of this collection before, but it bears repeating... The Transitions Thigh High mesh boots, from Dirty Little Secret, pair perfectly with this dress, allowing just enough of the stockings to peek through. They have a rich suede "feel" to them and come in several sizes to fit a variety of avatar sizes. And since they're mesh they move with you beautifully! No more clunky shoe parts, hooray! Oh, and the Transition Eyes in Stone Rose shimmer like the twilight sky.... hehe.  Seriously though, check out how they sparkle! If only eyes were this lovely in RL... Sigh.
The Lilou skin is compliments of APS. I love, love, love this skin! Not only is it soft, dewy, and exquisitely detailed, it has almost a zillion different options for the eyebrows for a uniquely customizable look. From the plush & pouty lips, to the boldly arched brows, this skin is a definite keeper and ties into my vampy look without looking washed out or pallid. I thought the Cate hair from Sugarsmack was the perfect compliment to "top" this look. It's wispy and uber- feminie. Also, the bow is texture changing to fit a variety of different styles. Well, the moon is out... and so am I! Happy vamping!
Nails: Formanail
Lashes: CCD
(Shape is my personal creation)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh So Haute!

Just a quick bloggy to show off a stunning new outfit!
Oh So Haute!
Fierce, Bold, Fashion Forward...
Oh So Haute!
Hot, hot... haute!!!!
Oh So Haute!
Love this look? Check out the shops below!  
Clothes & Shoes: Fdo.0m - Lidia Outfit
Skin: Dulce Secrets - Karyan.Sangria.Cavern
Earrings: Eluzion - Luanna Earrings
Nails: Moondance - Extra Long Alley Black Cat
Hair: Tameless Hair - Isabelle
Eyes: Fashism (now Ikon)
Shape is my own

Friday, September 7, 2012

Savage & Free

I wandered upon the neatest RP sim the other day. At Jasper Cove you can be anything, do anything, create your own story... all with very little rules. The sim is absolutely breaktaking too! I love to dress up my dear Pyrrhic, and this was a fantabulous opportunity to try a savage new look. However, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg so I searched in world and on the SL Marketplace for some great freebies and fantastic deals... and I scored!
Savage & Free
Since I was feeling a bit lazy, I started my shopping journey in the SLMP. This entire look cost 8L. And that was just for the Glamorize: Delirious makeup mask, which, by the way, comes with 8 colors! Back in world I found her gorgous, dewy skin, in the Phoebe cocoa tone. It's the latest gift from Mojo. (It has a lovely lavender makeup... not shown hehe). They have some of the absolute best skins in SL and when you join the group you get a new free skin each season.
Savage & Free
Pyrrhics sexy pantheresque outfit was a freebie I scored back at the SLMP. Claw Thief by Viking is incredibly sexy! And every detail, from the leather & fur to the beautiful collar, screams "I am woman, hear me Raaawr!" Since it's fast approaching autumn, I figure she needed a cloak to keep warm with. Ya know, just in case. The Old Forge creates some amazingly beautiful and realistic fanatasy clothing. So I couldn't believe it when I saw the Traveling Cloak for free! They also have a male version of the cloak for free).
Savage & Free
With her outfit almost complete, I ventured back in world for the rest of my shopping. Her bad-ass suede boots are a group gift from Coco. They have an entire wall lined with past and present group gifts. These particular boots come in a mesh and prim option. Her firey red hair, Karena shown in Nectar, is also group gift. Exile has an entire wall of gift hair for women and even a few for the men-folk. I love the wild, wind-swept look of this style! Even her talon-like, blood red nails, in the "Stiletto" style, were an awesome lucky chair win from Formanails.
Savage & Free at Jasper Cove
With her look complete, she is now ready to embark on her journey in Jasper Cove. At least I know that wherever her journey takes her, she's gonna look really darn good!

Eyes: Ikon - Free to join group and there are always free gifts! Eyes featured are a past group gift.
Poses: Ciss Poses and Del May (past group & hunt gifts)
(Shape is my own creation)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seeing Red

Red. It's my favorite color. And why wouldn't it be? It's both powerful & feminine. It evokes feelings of passion. It's regal. It's the color of love & lust. It's just so damn... glamorous! And it seems that every fabulous designer in SL came out with a bunch of gorgeous red treats for us, all at once! Check it out...
Seeing Red
The skin & shape: she kinda looks like Kate Hudson to me.
Seeing Red
Except that even Ms. Hudson doesn't look this good in RL!
Seeing Red

Eyes: Dirty Little Secret - Transition mesh eyes in Persimon
Hair: Miss C - Kate Beach blond (subscribo gift)
Hair Base: Truth - Swedish
Dress: Gliteratti by Sapphire - Ivy
Shape: ANNA Shapes - Brook
Skin: APS Skin - Solange
Heels: Dirty Little Secret - FFFH Hunt Prize, mesh heel
Earrings: Eluzion - Xoana

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cat likes to scratch

I haven't been online for a week or so, but I tiptoed in today to see what was going on and put this little look together.

Style Credits :

Shoes : Gos ¦ Gospel Voom
Hair :  [ e l i k a t i r a ] ¦ Elikapeka Tiramisu
Hat : LaViere ¦ Azure Electricteeth
Jeans : Mes Sucreries ¦ maelynda
Top and Coat : GizzA ¦ Giz Seorn
Pose : BENT. ¦ Catherine Fairport

Day at the Beach

Summer is coming to a close... so I had to hit the beach one last time! So Margaux took me to an awesome beach called Aliance Surf where we surfed and lounged the day away. No need to even rez your own boards... they have them there! The crashing waves and sparkling sea were so peaceful and serene. Not to mention there are so many little tiki huts and campfires to lounge around, it made for a perfect day at the beach!
Day at the Beach
But let's be honest here... I really just wanted an excuse to wear this hot little two piece from Delish (2 piece - 02) one more time before I'm forced into covering up my sexy avi in turtle necks and sweaters! And boy oh boy does this sweet number deliver, and for only 1L you can't beat it! The details are so realistic, you can almost feel the wet lycra clinging to your skin... and the teeny booty shorts show just enough to be sultry, but cover enough so you don't look like a.... well, you know.
Day at the Beach
Pyrrhic's wild & sexy mass of curls are perfect for this look and come compliments of Tameless Hair. The Delilah hair is so natural & bohemian... and did I mention extremely sexy?? It flows beautifully with every single movement and looks so soft that you want to reach out and touch it! Of course no look is complete without perfectly manicured hands, and the medium square Sonata nails by Moondance with their clean white base and sparkly pink diamonds look like they were custom made for this bikini! Ahhh... *sigh* What a great way to end the summer!

Skin: Exodi (no longer in business)
Shape: (My own creation)
Eyes: Fashism (Now Ikon)
Lashes: CCD RealLash

Friday, August 31, 2012



Precious II is the name of this sexy dress from Sassy! that is now available at The Retreat for just $50L. Any of us that enjoy the company of pets know how very precious they can be. Recently Gospel Voom the designer behind GOS shoes suffered a tragedy when his beloved cat Archie was hit by a car. Fortunately he did survive and is now be treated for his massive injuries. As we all know this kind of care is not cheap. So to aid in the cost of his treatment there is currently an event going on at The Truth District sim to benefit him called Archie Appeal.


Many talented and generous designers have come together to offer some special items with proceeds going to help ensure that Archie receives that care he needs to recover. Right now until Sept 2nd you can shop for a great cause. Also GOS currently offering 50% off at The Truth District location, including my beloved Pimp You Pumps line. You can see these shoes featured on many of my post (read my review on MP) ,they are a real staple in my wardrobe, and worth every linden full price. Be sure to try a demo to fully appreciate all the great things these shoes have to offer. Right now get these lovely gems half price and help a great cause at the same time. Also available at this event this wonderful Be.Hind pose set by Bent also featured in my last post. Please support this worth while cause and show how real people care about real people in second life.

All pictures for this post were taken at the Margarita Lounge located in the lovely city of Virtual Asia. The Taste of Virtual Asia Hunt has been extended a couple more days since there was a delay with one of the gifts. Check here for info and clues. Have a good time exploring a unique living virtual city and pick up delicious designer goodies while you are at it.

See you around the grid

Hair: Tameless
Skin: Elegant Epiphany

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tokyo Street Fashion


It has been a while since I have been able to post, but I finally got a chance to take a breath so lets get right to it. This lovely Mistress X dress by 1Hundred, has some classic elements like the bustled skirt ( also comes with plain skirt, not shown) along side more Gothic inspired features such as the black netting. Right now you can pick this jewel up at The Retreat for a cool $50L. Don't forget The Retreat is having a flickr styling contest and you can win up to $500L, with cash prizes for the top 3. Read more about it here.


Adding a little showgirl sparkle to this look these stroke of luster lashes and Akimasa daiyamondo deco jewels, both by Lucky #7. Filthy's group gift skins for Aug has just a peek of the teeth and is the perfect foundation. There is a cost for this group but worth it as you get great new skins every month (with skin tone options for MEN and women). Topping off this fun look QPT129 hair by Boon


The wonderfully creative poses used in this post are from the Be.hind collection by Bent. There are 10 poses in the set, they were fantastic for showing off the bustle on this dress, be sure you check these out to see the full range. All the pics in this post were taken in Virtual Asia. Aug 25th at 12 noon there will be Tokyo Street Fashion show and grand opening complete with a Taste of Virtual Asia Hunt with take out goodies for you to pick up while exploring all the things this exciting city offers.

Taste of Virtual Asia Hunt

The hunt will end Aug 28th, so if you cannot make it to the show be sure to come by check out the city and pick up some amazing  gifts from the generous designers of Virtual Asia. See Virtual Asia's blog for more details.

See you there
Shoes: Bax
Jewerly: Addiction

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Summertime will be gone fairly soon and we'll start transitioning into fall... a lovely time of year filled with soft muted colors and snuggly fabrics. And of course along with a season change comes a wardrobe change! I stumbled across this gorgeous clothing collection aptly named "Transitions," at dirty.little.secret. This collection has every beautiful thing you need, from glasses to lingerie, to sweaters, pants, skirts, shoes, and everything in between. The wonderful thing about the Transitions Collection is that everything coordinates perfectly! Oh, and did I mention how the clothes look simply amazing on the lithe & sexy Ninah Shape by ANNA Shapes? With her curvy hips, pouty lips, teeny waist, and legs for miles she is simply a stunner!!

My sweet little Pyrrhic looks so alluring in the Deep V-Neck Top & Suspender Socks in Seafoam, the Strapless Bra & matching Hipster Panties in Paisley, and the sleek mesh Transitions High Heels in Navy. The cute Crystal glasses in Fern perched neatly on her nose complete her scantily clad look.

Pyrrhic loves to change up her look often, so the Merlyn.Bitter.Heaven skin by Dulce Secrets was a no brainer. She still has a kiss of tan skin to carry her through the chilly months and the makeup is delicate & whispery. Of course we can't change our wardrobe without a new hairdo as well! And the Aella mesh hair in Jet Black by Decoy fits beautifully with this laid back look.... choppy, wispsy layers frame her pretty face and gracefully cascade down her shoulders. The dainty Tangled necklace in River by FuLo, in shades of translucent sparkling blues & greens, are a bewitching complement to this ensemble!

And finally, no look is complete without a new manicure. The Medium Garnet Teardrop nails by Moondance Boutique pair up beautifully with it all, from the deep slate color of the nails to the shimmering garnets frosting the tips, creating a look that is perfect for transitioning into Fall!

Lashes: CCD Real Prim Lashes
Eyes: Fashism (now Ikon)
Hand Pose: Fayse
Pose Set: Glitterati
Shorts: dirty.little.secret Transition Mesh Shorts in Navy