Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh my deer!


Hiiiiii today I want to show you a FREE look, from head to toe!!

There's a hunt going on at Oh My Stars sim (Elliot & Billy) called April showers birng May flowers, the price of each hunt gift varies from 0L to 10L.
!SyDS! prize is 1L, and though it's blonde and not my regular color I like the flowers on it, gorgeous.

My outfit is the new FREEBIE from
G&N store, it comes with a pink sweater version too and flats.

and be ready OMG when I read on my mail that I had a gift from
Pixel Mode I just left everything and signed on lmao, and to my surprise there wasn't ONE FREE PAIR BUT TWO FREE PAIRS OF SHOES!!! These are the Fae Wedge, the other ones are yummy white pumps. I heart this store because it has the only hud skin I can actually fit with mines, and it's super easy for me to handle (I'm kind of dummy on it so this hud is a HUGE help)

So here they are in a close up with the cutest deer ever XD.

Friday, May 27, 2011

All about her

Hello darlings, it's been a while since I wrote here (because blog hates me and wouldn't let me publish) lmao, so I'm gonna try a short quick post to see if we're ok again :) (update before publish: it didn't let me, Marg did it *cries*)


I LOVE my soft loosey braid and you can get this hair style for FREE at Vive Nine Outfiters, it's called Wang in Lovebite color, the mix of colors is also good. Inside the pack you can fin another colors too.

My skin is Kimi in pale tone natural makeup, just a reminder
Filthy's having a super 50% sale until May 29th hurry!!!

Yummy pumps in purple by G*Field, got them at the Shoe Fair but they are also available at the mainstore, don't forget to pick up the yellow long cute dress for FREE from the suscribo.

Big thanks to Cat for giving me all those amazing pose she's doing for
BENT!, this one is part of her Bloom Dolls serie and it's called Sit Petite :) Thank youu!

Big kisses to all!

B&G shoes **JULIA**

BG planes es la Diseñadora de la tienda B&G donde encontraras un sin fin de zapatillas, zapatos de vestir, gafas, sandalias con hermosos relieves de flores junto con acentos de diamantes, y con sculpted prim´s para cubrir esos piecitos que en Second Life no has hecho hermosos todavía, ellos han logrado poner en tus pies Belleza para hombres y mujeres.
Toma el taxi y ve a ver los magníficos diseños… Hoy!!
The designer of the shoes and accessories BG Planer have put out new shows, with beautiful diamonds and flowers that will make any woman want more of then with a real inexpensive shoes you will have the  chance to buy more of them the shoes are sculpted prim feet that will hide those ugly feet that second life haven't make cute for us yet. take the limo by clicking on the link above and go directly to B&G main store.

Digging For Bait

One of my dirty little secrets is my love of [BAIT]. I say dirty because... well, have you seen that place? Even the doorman throws beer over you! But it really is a great store to visit with a lot of really fun and stylish offerings. Now being the cheapo that I am I love the assorted gifts and goodies, I picked up a rather stylish Bossman short and tie this morning for just 5L, and thanks to the lucky chair and prize boards I also won a "Got Pride" shirt and some SLexy hip piercings (no I'm not trying to sound like I was in a 60s jazz band, they really pierce your hip). Al wonderful items that were I a more organised and efficient person who wasn't sitting around going "It's Friday, do I have to be a grown up?" I'd joyously blog too. But I'm whiney and lazy, so you just get the May group gift, Buried.

Digging For Bait

Yep, I love [BAIT] jeans. Sure, some give me breezy buttocks but these ones cover from ankle to hip so you can even wear them around polite people. The shirts? Unfortunately it's all one layer but it's free so I can't grumble, and they go together well anyway; crazy black skull kinda covered by a nice polite white shirt.

This is pretty much formalwear at [BAIT] and it works well, I get to look socially acceptable without being overly fussy. This outfit could have uses...

TFG Discount shop, the fashion garret. !!! NEW Items

The Store ::TFG :: the fashion garret. have new items in, they are all great as usual having designers likeCheerno, Al Vulo, Laviere, Vive 9, Sleeppy Eddy, Scatter, LPD, Bukka, Crazzy, Gato, Respect, House of fox, Poison, Zenith..WOWW!!!!!!.. all the items are 70 L or less. this is something that a great shopper can't let go!.
take the limo, and go crazy.. spend all u want !! ** hehehe it won't be much ** with this amazing prizes.
and REMEMBER.. MIX AND MATCH  are always the woman's   TFG The fashion garret

Ladies who lunch and Vita's Boudoir

Ok. This hat is not new  or neither Vita's dress but i find that they do the perfect match and today I feel sexy and a little girly witch is kind of weird for me. so i went out and hunt the most romantic look i could find, and of curse my fave store need to be my first stop. VITA'S BOUDOIR, **Madame Chou Chou**the dress is a pale pink kind of burnt shadows with cute butterflies spreading around the dress.
And then it comes the hat!!.. from ladies who lunch **[LWL] March Hare Mask (tea)**from the designer Faint Paulse ,

the skin from lion Jonesford. for LionSkins. NOVA light.
Hair:Vanity hair, But it comes with the skin, so all you have to do it wear it from your pack folder.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


                                                                Vita's Boudoir

Vita's Boudoir Liquid Latex

The newest release from Precious restless,for Vita's Boudoir.The super sexy Liquid Latex Boudoir The design come with 2 hair pieces that get attached to your head as a Big Pony tail, with several pieces of layers tattoo for eyebrows,lips.latex.or the whole thing,with gloves and pasties.This is a MUST have creation for those that like bondage and latex lovers.LIKE MOI!!!!!!!
The skins are from LionSkins.

Poses Diesel works. • Diesel Works Animations

                                                    Vita's Boudoir


Cover Dresses

                                                                  Notte Overalls

                                                          Mist Dress,Afri
Skins :LionSkins from Lion Jonesford ☯LionSkins-Mainstore☯

Hair: vanity hair From Tabata jewell
                                                              VERO MODERO
                                                       vero modero blog

Vita's Boudoir New!! !Walking Nymph

Every time that a new design come out i say this is it !! this will be the one i will love the most, and then they blow me away with a new one each time.the amazing designs from Vita's are gorgeous and sexy.well done flexy tentacles and sexy bubbles that drop trough you body just by tingling  a bit letting you know  the bubbles are part of you. so you feel like the air and float away.
Dress : Walking nymph From Vita's Boudoir Vita's

Skin : LionSkins Nova Light #10 LionSkins

Bloom Doll Poses by BENT!

A quick mention to all Bloom Doll fans, I've created a set of 10 poses + 1 cute sit and lay for the Bloom Doll avatar.  I've noticed some people have been using them for their standard avatars as well... come try them out at BENT!

Bloom Doll Poses - BENT!

Visit BENT! for the poses and you can purchase the adorable Bloom Doll avatar at Sand Shack Surf Co. (many to choose from, this one is UME)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sent By Heaven

Angels are falling down from heaven just to get this lingerie!!! Chloe Platini from BeBe DoLL has released the Bella Lingerie Collection and I must say the flower patterns and colors of every single piece are just the best choice, there are like 5 different patterns (flowers, peonies, leopard, etc) and each one of them comes in yummy colors like pink, red, blue, purple, black... oh god I'm in heaven! And definately your boy will feel that way too.


In addition to that this lingerie set comes with an attachable baby doll so you can look all smexy around.


Thanks to Chloe Platini for the creations and visit BeBe DoLL, there are dollarbies and cute chic dresses, tops, lingerie, anything a woman needs :D.
Other credits:
Skin by FILTHY
Hair by MAGIKA

PS: There's a good group member's rewards system, check it out at the store's

Fishy Lace

Fishy Lace

You have a few days left to snatch up this great Lace Details sweater by Fishy Strawberry at The Dressing Room for $55L. The fabric looks like the softest knit with this great lace detailing on the back and down the arms that has you looking good coming and going. This is one thing I would buy in a heartbeat in rl.

Fishy Lace

Casual, yet still very pretty and feminine this cozy top is great with jeans like these Vintage Gauchos from BP*. These great poses from Bent! Bloom Dolls and Fashion Icon sets help to show off this shirt perfectly.

Fishy Lace

Cannot forget the new hair!!! I finally got this great Addison hair from LeLutka. This cute short style will make sure you don't have a bad hair day, it lends itself well to casual looks as well as dressier ones. I am a professed hair junkie and this is a great hair high. I really like the darker roots that are on the newer styles.

Well that is all for now

Jewelry: Exodi
Skin: Mynerva Gift- Currently closed temporarily

****TGF****=Zenith=LightBlue Krystal & Jeans

The Store **TGF** have several new cute items on this new week, they have great designers as usual,
don't forget to go to the first floor they more vendors there and the prices are always amazing!! nothing goes over 70 L
:: TFG :: The Fashion Garret

*GF* GroupGift :: Puff-sleeve Tops & Maxi Skirt -yellow-

*GF* Group Gift :: is giving away this supper cute dress **Puff-sleeve Tops & Maxi Skirt -yellow-** the dress its on the history of the group that you can join for free and look under the history and find all the gifts she have been giving for the last couple months. this dress its supper cute for a hot summer.
I,m wearing the set **boheme* From the store Je Suis the set can be changes to many colors by a driven menu.
*G Field* Main Store
 Je Suis

AvCON Productions "Edge of Tomorrow" Starring LionSKins

AvCON Productions Presents

Edge of Tomorrow" ★★ Starring LionSkins

Sponsored By
[LeeZu!] & Vanity Hair and Introducing deITY!
"Jewelry Of Tomorrow"

WHEN ➜Friday, May 27th at 3PM SL Time

WHERE ➜AvCon Productions Auditorium
LionSkins Main store

100 percent Gacha Challenge

or is it Gatcha ?

However you spell it I challenged myself to a 100 percent Gacha look. (I told myself everything but hair and skin...) Not everything you see is current and available.. some items I've had in my inventory for a while.  But I did it, .. it may not be "perfect" but was fun to put together.
I'd love to challenge other bloggers to do the same and show us your 100 percent Gacha Looks.  Granted, it is may be difficult to find hair and skin in a Gacha machine..  so it is more than fine to stick with clothing and accessories if you want to do the challenge.  

100 percent gacha challenge

Hair : SyDs gacha 30L
Bracelet : Kari - Ruler Bracelet (Albero Gacha Festival) 35L
Shorts : Rude Rebel (Albero Gacha Festival) 30L
Shirt : pesca gacha faded shirt 10L
Shoes : Tomato gacha dot-ballet fraise 20L
Eyes and Skin : The Plastik  - Ataciara Chorus Gypsy (non-gacha item) RFL skins - Special Edition
Leggings : fishnet Bows Opaque (Alberto Gacha Festival) 15L
Pose : SMP Gacha machine 15L

Getting Shirty

The other day I popped into The Locker Room. It reboots every couple of weeks and this round I'd only done a flying visit without any cash so I figured I should go back and grab a few items that had caught my eye before they vanished.

First on the list was... well, a big purple outfit from subVersion actually, but I didn't take a photo of that. It's fairly standard but subVersion standards as it's pulled right from the mainstore, but it was less than half price which works for me!

I also had my eye on some boots from Juice. They're called Tonka and, well, I loved Tonka trucks when I was a kid so Tonka workman boots? Awesome! I started singing some Paolo Nutini and put my new shoes on, only to find that by default they attach to your lower leg not feet. I'm used to that with two part boots but if it's a single attachment I usually expect them on my feet. Still, easy enough to manage.

I was wondering if hanging around in a male locker room in my big tough look was over-compensating a little for my time as Flashette so I quickly grabbed the skirt on sale from Hardwear, thankfully they called it a kilt so I could get that masculine/feminine balance just right!

Now if I'm in a kilt the original outfit was now down to just a shirt, so I had a big dilemma when my eyes fell upon a fatpack of Superman T-shirts! That rocks, so I throw my 100L at the vendor and went for a totally new look. And then I realised something wasn't quite right...

Getting Shirty

You got it, no Superman logo! I don't want to sound fussy but I think that's an important part of a product. They're actually pretty nice wet T-shirts so I can't really grumble for the money, but I wanted my Superman logos! Oh well, it's just a shame that it took the edge off my little shopping spree.

There are no pose vendors in The Locker Room so I had to rely on my old friend and frequent sighting in these parts HelaMiyo, well, the Miyo part anyway, for the Against The Wall pose above. As always it's great fun picking a pose from those packs so I was able to leave The Locker Room with a smile on my face once more.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

B&G shoes and Sun glasses!!

Hello all well. I got some items from a great and sweet lady BG Planner Designer and owner of B&G accessories.and this time  I will show you the supper cute sun glasses and a very Sexy watch. gold and diamonds surround the wrist of this gold watch that actually it gives you the real SL TIME !!!.. how cool is that!! the sun glasses come in a different colors to match any of the great accessories from her store.the jewelry i wear here is from julia Merosi and this is the coolest jewels because you can change up to 20 different stones and beads with only one touch so you have 20 necklaces with the purchase of one ! take a limo and go shopping today !!!

Skins: Lion Jonesford ** LionSkins**ZORA sun kissed.LionSkins

Hair: Tabata Jewell **Hare with hair base**Vanity hair

Clothes:Nena Janus **Grandad Vest brown**League Store

Jewelry: Julia Merosi**African hoops and necklace**Je Suis Store

Hola a todos aqui estoy de nuevo para mostrales estos accesoris de la diseñadora BG Planer de las tiendas B&G los lentes vienen en diferentes colores con los que podrías obtener diferentes looks, el reloj de oro y diamantes que te da el tiempo real de second Life.
Todos los demas accesorios son de la tienda je suis de Julia Merosi. el cabello de tabata jewell. toma tiempo el dia de hoy y vete de compras !!

I want to marry Drinkinstein Sorbet, I do.

The name is Drinkinstein Sorbet. Her shop is The Sea Hole. Her designs make my head spin. I love this woman. I want to marry her. I'll ask her later. Blogpost first.

Roxi dress in Ripe Berry
The Sea Hole - Roxi dress

The Sea Hole - Roxi dress

... and Vanilla Bean
The Sea Hole - Roxi dress

The Sea Hole dress and tats:
* Roxi dress with hair flower (L$270)
* Botanical dreams chest tattoo (L$50)
* Cherry Bunny calf tattoo (L$50)

Elikatira hair:
* Theory Essential pack - 8 basic colours (L$250)

Creative Insanity poses
* Ballerina, Lilith and Puppet AOs.

I've also taken the time to make a short summary of what we blogged before from The Sea Hole, do take the time to go to her amazing shop. Need to get going now, got a wedding to plan.

* Cardigan/skirt/belt/bag (Free)

* Bangles

* Bodysuits (L$100)

* Capelette and skirt sets (L$135)

* Engineer shorts (L$115)

* Sequin sweatshirts (L$115)

* Sequin jeans (L$200)

* Suede skirt (Free)

Feeling Jaunty

It's Not Jaunty time again, and I'm not quite as down on it as last time. There are 17 stores, some with multiple gifts out, so you're still looking at about 900-1000L if you want everything by my guess, but I feel a bit better about the offerings. Of course it's always about personal taste but maybe last sale was just a bit of a blip. Unfortunately the organiser is changing after this sale, so what happens next is a bit uncertain; but it's back on an upward trend and hopefully that will continue.

So let's start with the Sugar Skull fatpack from Acid & Mala Creations. 49L for three shirts is not bad going. Although I probably wouldn't pay much for a shirt of this style I come away feeling that I got a good buy with these so two thumbs up.

Sugary Shirts

Next stop was 22769 to enjoy their usual pick me up. Also as usual they have two outfits out so you can pick one, or be like me and grab both! I must confess I wasn't expecting these to "Mix and Match" brilliantly despite the jeans and shorts having a very obviously stripey theme happening. The silk shirt in Outfit 1 looked good to blend in with my smart casual wardrobe while the tank in Outfit 2 looked more likely to work in both. I won't say the shorts look great with the shirt, but it does actually work much to my surprise.

Jaunty 22769 Outfit 1Jaunty 22769 Prime Blend
Jaunty 22769 Outfit 2Jaunty 22769 Blend

I hate to say it but I think my Prime Blend option of the jeans and tank would work really well on Flashette! Maybe the sale for dudes is for dames too... Oh, and if you like the lifeguard hut in the 22769 photos then you're in the right store - it's their gift in the Skate N Surf hunt.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Black Swan look!!!

Precious Restless  from Vita's Boudoir.made this supper sweet skins** Sweet Nymphe** the pack have different make ups from the very pales to red and black. i wearing here the vanity hair black swan from Tabata Jewell and the amazing jewels from Alienbear Gupte.The set name is MAYUR and she have made this in different colors besides the always elegant black.
Skin : ** Sweet Nymphe**Vita's Boudoir
Hair:**VANITY HAIR** (Black swan )**VANITY HAIR** 
Jewels:Alienbear Gupte **Mayur black**  Alienbear Design

Play, be happy and over all. make your second life a happy one !happy weekend all!!!!! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just chilling out

Hiya! Just wanted to show you this FREE pose from Stakey (Hunt prize for the Summer Preview Hunt!), his poses are so cool for couples and always tell a story which make them awesome!

The other day Margaux, Red and I were hanging on Red's new home when I remembered I needed a model for this
Stakey pose and both Marg and I looked at him and Red had no choice but saying I'll do it hahaha


I took this pic from Margaux when she was distracted by the french menu, love to hang out with ya Marg!


Thank you guys! muaw!

::: B@R ::: Bare rose GOOD as always !!

June Dion The head designer of bare Rose. keep having all of us in second Life astonish with her vanguard designs, she have one of the most affordable designs i have ever seen in second life. not only inexpensive but also great designed and always crazy new outfits.
looking in to an AVENUE magazine I looked at some of the clothes that real renamed models where wearing and i noticed that some of them mention bare rose, who will think  it was from bare rose???..take a look at her main store and be prepared to spend a few hours browsing around, male,female.neko,kids,brides,zombies,, you name it she have it. take a limo and let your senses fly in this amazingly HUGE store.

dress:::: B@R ::: It's Onlly A Paper Moon*** 

Skin:[inaya] skin Naomye** 

Hair:<TheAbyss> Hair - Light Blonde - Aeon
 The Abyss

Bare rose la tienda que siempre a estado con nosotros y nos sigue deleitando con sus magnificos diseños.

la diseñadora June Dion dueña de las tiendas bajo en nombre de BareRose.a echo ese espectacular vestido que cuenta con la falda el sombrero echos de preciosos prims echos con texturas esculped, que dan la apariencia de ser sutiles y envolventes al cuerpo.
toma la iniciativa hoy y busca cualquier diseño en BareRose, seguramente encontraras algo que te cautivara.

Vestido:::: B@R ::: It's Onlly A Paper Moon*** 

Piel:[inaya] skin Naomye** 

Cabello:<TheAbyss> Hair - Light Blonde - Aeon
 The Abyss

Free Jadis basica Top!!

The New Basica Top at Jadis Store. You can find the new items in this store very appealing as the colors are soft and she use the layers of the clothes to give a sheer effect that gives you that sexy feeling of satin. The store features dresses for summer,shirts,pants and many other cute items. The basica shirt comes in black and white in the same box including a primed collar. It is in the front of the store , where you will also find a swimming suit for Spanish football team. The sheer palazzo pants that I wear in this picture are simply amazing, full of sheer layers that gives life to the pants and a soft movement when you walk.
Take Limo by clicking the link below.
Skin:**Nova pale 4**. from Lion skins.LionSkins

Pants:**Sheer palazzo black** from jadis Store.JADIS Store

Jewelery :Finesmith Designs *alfil***Finesmith Designs*

One of these things......

is not like the others... one of these things just isn't the same...

One of these things....

Can you tell which one I am? The CUTE one of course!!!! I picked up this incredibly adorable tiny panda avatar at Pink Fuel for just $10L!!! It is just sooooooooo sooooooo cute and even comes with this sweet color change bow. You can pick up this great goodie on the front desk of the shop.

One of these things...

If you cannot handle all this cuteness, you can pick up my little friend (Panda shoulder pet) here for $1l. He can add just the right amount of sweetness and bring a smile to your face while you wear him. Pink Fuel has lots of super cute goodies, be sure you check some of them out when you head on over. Also there are some great skins, some as low as $100L!!! Don't miss it..

Panda out!!
See you on the Grid

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

0L Flashette!

Early this morning the girls over at Eclectic Equations started talking about building (good) male avatars for 0L which was possibly designed just to goad me in many ways. And a friendly contest was started - make an (good) avatar of the opposite sex for 0L and post it to the Flickr group (although I notice none of the EE girls have posted anything yet, it's just Paco Pooley and myself at the time of writing, I think they're scared). Debate ensued as to whether or not prizes that probably won't be there tomorrow count or not; they say yes, I say Pfft! If I blog something I want people to stand a chance of getting it. I ruled out camping chairs for the time involved too. So this is the story of my country cousin Flashette coming into town for the day.

Where to start? Well every girl needs a shape and skin obviously. Thanks to the Skate N Surf Hunt I knew I could grab a couple of quick and easy gifts there, heading to CS Shapes to grab Lana and then wrapping my new curves in the Lisa [As I Am] skin from Furore (which came with prim lashes so I could really feel like an SL Woman). Rather amusingly I was still wandering in the wetsuit and hair from yesterday and I looked like a really cool punk girl, but I thought I should be a bit more typical so I made my way to a new store called Mikan and grabbed their opening gift, it comes in two shades and while I was very tempted with the cherry (it really is quite wonderful I must admit, but I was here to "blend") I opted for the Fudge Cappuccino (bonus points for appealing to my belly there Mikan!)

Eyes came next and again, kinda predictably I made my way to Poetic Colors for their free Moroccan Nights gift. Flashette is a bright eyed girl so the Bright shade was chosen. Talking of brightness, I'd forgotten Oracul released free AOs a short while ago and I pulled on an old faithful from Bright - the Bright Girl in fact. Given I was wearing a fairly old freebie AO I felt a bit awkward at first, but then I realised my walk was not far off most of the women in some very big stores. Stands are a bit weaker it's true, but when walking I shook my hips like a catwalk queen.

And with that, Flashette woke up into the world. Luckily she was wearing some unisex PJs from K2K Enterprises at the time as someone stuck a camera straight in her face. They're part of the Perfect Couple Hunt, but they were also in the Freebie section of the store along with a few shoes too. I'll be honest, they aren't great shoes, but they are free. Ideally I'd blitz the shoe fair for something better but I have a lag allergy so...

Flashette PJs

The Perfect Couple Hunt came to the rescue again as Flashette got dressed, with this bra and panties set from Carrie's Lingerie.

Flashette Undies

But obviously you'd get cold wandering around in that so she quickly put on a very nice dress from Condemned Designs called Lazy Sunday. Another Perfect Couple Hunt gift.

Flashette Dress

Flashette decided to top up her tan before a big night out so she went back to the Skate N Surf Hunt to find a suitable bikini; this one is called Island Wear and came from Naughty Naughty

Flashette Bikini

Despite being a good girl Flashette was a bit of a fan of Naughty Naughty actually, as she saw the Perfect Couple Hunt sign while there and found this rather swish gown, even if the name is a not very inspiring "Couple In Brown".

Flashette Gown

So there you have it, a female avatar for 0L and about 90 minutes or so of wandering around (it's hard to tell actual time since I was wandering around chatting with an old friend and helping them shop too!). Are there better female avatars out there? Of course, but Flashette was created from very little time and effort, and no money at all - no group joining fees, no random prizes, no waiting for midnight to get dressed. If she was sticking around I'm sure she'd be improved in various ways as the days went by, but remember those are just the outfits I blogged, she actually has a handful of bikinis, spaghetti strap tops, dresses... she has a wardrobe, she's not just a one off photo. I'm quite proud of her actually, I mean I know I did a few easy options for fairly big parts of her but most avatars evolve over time so I'm sure she'd develop into something a little more exotic and unique. For one so young, I think she looks pretty respectable.

So what are you all waiting for? Get gender bending and post your photos in the Flickr group. People tagging their shots "Flash Made Me Do It" (or Flashette) can go to sleep knowing they made me smile. Let's show those silly maths folk we rock!