Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Be or Do-Be-Doo...?

I am not really myself today, as you can see, and I'm tearing myself apart quite a lot actually for not making sense at all... as usual maybe. *Thinks for a moment* That would mean I am myself... doh!

As you MIGHT know, I'm a bit precious about my herm shape. I know I'm even ridiculous about it at times. However, with the introduction of mesh, I think more than me have faced that dilemma. How much do you change yourself just to fit?

There's no answer to that problem. That's a first prize for dorky but... When I shop and pay for an item, I can be ruthless... but... then there're times when... Well, then there're times when what you're wearing is simply more important than you are. Like the stuff today, for example...


There's another worthy fund raising event about to happen. This time it's about the absolute least empowered beings in our society... our animals. Ranked lowest on our screwed scale of 'worth', their lives and wellbeing are completely in our hands to an extent that can only be described as nauseating. 

The SVPAP Project Rescue is an event (1-22 June) to raise desperately needed funds for an animal rescue center that's been caught up in the economic turmoil in Spain. It has reached the critical moment of be or not to be. That's no 'do-be-doo' for the about 500 animals who's life is at stake or those countless others that find a new home thanks to this organisation. More info can be found on their blog.

A range of stores have joined in with donation items (100% at the event, 50% in stores). Check out the  blog for the full list of participating stores. I'll gently remind you in the coming weeks and, putting my grumpy herm self aside, find the peeps and stories hiding among the wide range of stuff at the same time. 


Shape: Anger Reload, Superbia
Skin: Hello Kitteh, Sugar 
Eyes: Coro, Umeboshi - with 'prim glints'
Mouse: Trapped Mouse, Psycho:Byts - with or without wriggles and blinking
Top, mesh: Off Shoulder Top-Bird, Iren

Thank you guys!!!

Oh, the event opens 1 June, but here's the limo all fuelled and polished for later use => X.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

Nothing serious, just an attack of happiness. One thing leads to another as they say... If you start out with a pink top, what else can you expect? ^^ There's a new store in town, 1965. At least I think it's new. Whatever, it cheered my life up by with a wee bit of colour from their sale. It also made me laugh in the process because after spending two days and well over 1000L to find the right footwear for the stuff, I found perfection on a lucky board for nada. Never try too hard :P


Credits, from the very very top:

Bangles: Bracelets and Rings Mesh Collor, FZaPP
Glasses: Expressions Lenses, Ladies Who Lunch
Vest: Miguel Fur Vest, CheerNo
Scarf: Bandana 3, BoHo HoBo
Top: The Blaspheme Top Pink, 1965. Sale item
Pants: Pop Art Orange1965. Sale item
Sneakers: Python StarDust Pink, Sneaker Lab. FREE, Lucky Board, one among several 5 mins ones.
Pose: My own. I'm about to set up the poses I make for my blogging purposes for sale. This one, plus a few others can be found for FREE on the gift wall at The Retreat. I'll have a 'serious' vendors there as well from now on... sort of exciting. Just look for 'Ciss' Poses' ^^
Place: Greenhouse

Black and Gold

Black and Gold is the theme at the newest round at Stuff in Stock. This entire look is comprised of items from this collection. First up Gossip dress by Drop, a sweet baby doll dress with black top and translucent gold skirt, also comes with the knee socks. Add these awesome Stud Boots by Retro, a great accent to this look, are suitable for men or women and the gold accents these boots really pop. Both of these items are currently available at Stuff in Stock for 80L or less.


Gold hair (shown in blonde here) by YHS , Swansy skin by Modish and  Ramona shape by Gola provide the base for this total avatar from Stuff in Stock. Golden Set necklace and earrings by Tenacio, and  Marble ring from Le Primitif  finish it off accenting everything . The wonderful and expressive poses for this shoot are by Bent!. Who I am happy to say now again has a nice little in world shop. Be sure you check it out and also the great Bent! group. If you are a pose junkie like me you will definitely want to have this group on your list.  That is all for now!! Thanks to all the great designers at Stuff in Stock, and thank you all for reading.

See you around the grid

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Elegantly Despairing

What to say...? I really don't have a clue, I've simply have had such a good time putting this stuff together that I'm schtumm, quite honestly. Maybe I don't know enough about goths *smiles rather foolishly* Whatever.... Seems very much to be what you want it to be anyway. For me, it's a dark romanticism, very sensual where gender begins at the androgyne and moves towards the absolutely totally yummily fem.

Maybe one could muse on EXACTLY what 'dark' means... but I'll spare you that, after all I'm supposed to be schtumm. What I won't spare you, however, is the information that the World Goth Fair is in full swing. It will be so until the 31st and is a fundraising event for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation who works for creating respect for alternative life styles and sub cultures... this after a brutal attack where a young woman was killed just for looking different. This event doesn't seem to have an official page, but you can find LMs to the two sims involved below.

Goth 1

Anyway, here's my interpretations of 'goth'. I'll just get on with the styling.

Top: Poser from Lizard King, Faster Pussycat (fingerless gloves, which can't really be seen, are from same outfit)
Pants: Tokyo Hotel, high rise version, Faster Pussycat
Belt: PoeticaRFyre, past MenStuff Hunt prize
Boots: Elise Ankle Boot, Lapointe & Bastchild
Bracelets: Can't be seen, but they belong to the set of the choker below :P

Goth 2

Hair: Teeloh, Wasabi Pills.
Eyes: Sunrise Deep Absinthe, IKON
Makeup, eyes: Gothica Makeup Effect [11], Mock Cosmetics, World Goth Fair, 100% of proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Thank you Mockie!
Makeup, lips: Dark Kiss LipsmackerMock Cosmetics, most prabably a group gift ^^
Bridge piercing: Externalized Bridge Piercing 04, Finesmith
Chain: Ganesh, LOULOU&CO. Colour change gem stones.
Choker: CrepusculeLOULOU&CO

Goth 3

This look I have sort of blogged before, here, but... look at THESE BOOTS! I simply had to include them somehow.

Boots: Paris Boots, ALB Dreamfashion. AnaLee Balut has begun the long and arduous task of making her range of boots colour change... which is brilliant. I've been standing at the wall with these ones several times but failing finding the colour I 'need'. With these beauts, that's an issue of the past. Ok, so goth might not be the most convincing colour example... but I got  exactly what was needed to perfect the look, that's the crux. Thank you AnaLee!!! Oh, the old coloured versions are for sale for 100L at the moment.

Goth 4

Some other changes to make it exact:

Hair: Still Vanessa, Truth
Makeup, eyes: Gothica Makeup Effect [9]Mock Cosmetics, World Goth Fair, 100% of proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Thank you Mockie! These effects can of course be worn layered over other make up to get an effect.
Makeup, lips: Dark Crimson Lip Jelle and Black Currant Lip Jelle, Mock Cosmetics... HA! Bought these ones.
Piercings: Takayama, Mandala
Necklace: The Oracle Choker, Virtual/Insanity (bought at the World Goth Fair)
Prim nails, Ring: Ankh Ring & Nails, Virtual/Insanity, World Goth Fair, 100% of proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Photos are taken on the very 'gothic' Lost World ;)

Short Sighted

Now, some of you may remember my last post where I told you all I was hooked on the new mesh Atlantis eyes from A:S:S Vision. I need to make a retraction.

You see, I had heard a rumour there were more eyes in the pipeline, and a couple of days later I I found myself staring into the very vibrant "Intense - Water" eyes. Well, I had said I wanted a more vibrant blue... So I tried them on. Wow, vibrant!


Yeah, remember me saying natural was better than clear? Nope, I was wrong. Person choice, if you buy anything from the Intense range, go clear. It's not like they have a solid white eyeball or anything, it's just less capillary filled, and with eyes that intense it made me look like a boy band being interviewed with a hangover. Intense = clear. Simple!

So yeah, now I've set that record straight let's move on to today. Yesterday saw the start of Men Only Hunt 2 - I loved the first so I'm itching to do this, but I'm also coughing up a lung in rl so I just stopped at a store I knew had something special awaiting me - 22769 (PS, MOH2 is one of those nice hunts that tells you which store relates to which clue, not just a blind number that leaves you stuck if there's a problem).

Having been following the chaps tales of a store rebuild I figured I should see the new layout, which is very nice and summery, along with their hunt gift - mesh capri trousers/shorts, covered in awesome stripes!


Now, what makes this gift extra awesome is they had this gift made, and then standard male sizes came out so they did a quick update using the new sizes guide. Apparently I'm Extra Small... Which is a bit ironic given how I whined I was too big for 22769's very first male mesh release. I thought I'd be a medium, but no, I am small. Apparently I have room for some more chocolate... But yes, if you want to know how standard male sizes fit you, get to 22769 and grab some free stripey summer shorts in everything from XS to XL.

Oh, and... you know what I said up there about how you can be all vibrant and eyebally? Yeah well, erm... they only lasted a few days too. It's Lazy Sunday and for 75L you can buy a pack of Eniad eyes over at A:S:S.

Short Sighted - Eniad Bright Blue

I maybe got the Vivid pack (it was really tough between that and muted in the blues I must say, both are stunning). No need to chose how clear your eyes are, only one option. But I went Bright Blue, obviously. And yes, the HUD is insanely easy when you're doing a matching set of eyes. I need to increase about 35% to completely avoid gaps during that wonderful SL eyerolling we all do, but despite being XS my head is pretty big so...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Beauty


Spring is now giving way to summer and all the beautiful flowers are in full bloom . That is reflected in the fanciful embroidered flowers on this adorable 5th Ave sundress from Mimikri. Besides the jewel accented embroidery on the skirt it has a extravagant  ruffled chest and underskirt, currently available at The Dressing Room Blue. These denim Fae Wedge sandals from Pixel Mode are the perfect accent to this summer look and an amazingly generous subscribo gift. They have some of the best prim feet and they are easy to color. Be sure you slap the subscribo when you are in the shop, to be eligible for future gifts ( I don't know if they are still available but once you are in the group if you check the history you might get lucky) .


Topping off this fresh summer look,Vivienne hair by D!va features a loose bun and sweet tendrils that frame the face and caress the neck. Get yours for only $88l now at Collabor88. Aurora skin by WoW Skins, now at BDE is a fitting sunkissed base for this season, here shown with Sasha lipstick by Mons available at the Summer Beauty Festival, it ends May 25th so, be sure to swing by there and checkout all the great goodies before they are gone. The finishing touch are these Chandelier Earrings here in rose by Zephyr. Well that is all for now folks but I will do my best to not be so long before the next post. So many events and shopping and so little time!! A huge thanks to all of these talented and generous designers! Bisous xxx

See you around the grid

Poses: Bent! and  Magpie

All Pics taken at The Retreat- There will be a new round starting on the 7th of June, so stop by and see some of the fantastic items there from wonderful designers for 50L or less. Also over 20 gifts from quality designers in all walks of sl. As well as wonderful gardens and free public photo studio fully stocked with some of the finest photo equipment and props available in sl sponsored by Dulce Secrets.

Monday, May 21, 2012

B for Black Skull and Butterfly

Finally! I've been so busy lately that this little pet project of mine is delayed at the second instalment already. But here it is, the letter B in my Ronja A-Z, showcasing the classic outfits by Ronja Pera of RDesigns. The first instalment and more of an introduction can be found here with details about my av => A.

So without further delay, I give you Black Skull and Butterfly. As with most of Ronja's outfits, there's a range of alternatives to wear them. 

Ronja B Black Skull 1

Ronja B Black Skull 2

Black Skull. Somwhere there are special Black Skull boots, but I haven't found them, nor were they included in the stuff I received directly from Ronja. Instead I have used Black Boots. Painted system nails are included.

Ronja B Butterfly 1

Ronja B Butterfly 2

Butterfly, a soft outfit designed using repeats of a bejewelled butterfly brooch(?). Special matching Butterflies Shoes accompanies it. 

Both this extraordinary outfits can be found for free at Freebie Galaxy

The poses are by Fluke and Bent, all available at The Retreat.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lucy in the Sky

/me disentangles hirself from an armful of booshies and finds a lonely spot to get some peace and quiet. This outfit was meant to be blogged in my last post but that one got overrun by little funny creatures. This is actually a second part of a post, but because the first is not about fashion beyond be being dressed, I didn't post it here. You can check it out here if you're still curious => X.

Lucy In The Sky 3

I think I might suffer from some kind bi-polar fashion disorder... this lot is so different from the last I blogged but I enjoy them as much. Actually, in this instance you can talk about love... look at these boots! Believe it or not, they're out for absolutely free, no group needed or anything! 

From there, the colours just washed over me. Even if it's theoretically very busy, the combination of colours and textures work. Well, for me anyway. Patch work jacket, painted jeans, hand dyed silk scarf... plus those boots, pure labours of love! The human touch.

Here's the details:

Jacket: From Earthchild outfit, The Looking Glass (a couple of other pieces blogged here => X)

Scarf: Scarf - Jaipur, BoHo HoBo (or is it Meena now, I'm confused) Available in a great range of textures

Pants: Kelly Jeans Flower, ALB Dreamfashion. New release of colourful painted and printed jeans... there's some older, as wild ones available too.

Boots: California Dream Boots, ALB Dreamfashion, FREE

Yay! Got it done without any little beasties taking over. I suppose I don't have any bi- or multi- polar thingy of any kind, there's just so much fashion and it's all fun. Until next time! Take care and have fun!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeing Red

Hiya, just a little quickie, these last days have been a wee bit intense. I've just got one of those things you can't keep to yourself. sYs have put out an impressive bunch of group gifts (including several fem skins) next to the landing spot. It's a real treasure trove. Some I know of from before, other's I don't so I had fun indeed. The quality is very good, some of them are special colour editions of their stock in store so it's a generous loot... lot... indeed. The guys are are also catered for.

If I remember correctly and nothing has changed, a small join fee applies. No worries, however, the stuff is worth it.

Today I'll try to be concise without any of the usual blaethering and just get on with it. I've tried to include as many different gifts as practically possible. 

Seeing Red 1

Let's start with the little outfit for the daily round of blowing up corporate mining operations on Mars. I know, I took some artistic license with the sky but it matches the pants.

Hair/Hat: Majestic Hat - Hair Blue, sYs, Group gift
Top: Stardust - Shirt, sYs, fem version, male version available, Group gift
Pants: Nomade, unisex, sYs, Group gift
Boots: Sentinelle - Stomp Boots, sYsGroup gift
Belt: Buttle BeltBUKKA. Can't remember how I got it, but I think it's still available. It's a whole scripted battle system in its own right it seems... my lack of insight must mean I got it for free somehow. it looks the part anyway ^^
Goggles and mask from inventory

The boots and pants come in the same packet, which also includes a matching red poncho. It's the prize from their last inhouse Christmas hunt. Check the whole thing out here => X.

Seeing Red 2

For the ones away from the dirt and dust and daylight...

Catsuit: Penumbra, sYs, Group gift
Collar, harness and gloves: From Tacca outfit, sYs, Group gift
Corset: Extreme Caution Underbust Corset, mesh, Etchaflesh. Promo, 99L, from marketplace. Blogged in last post... but you can se it in better light here, the shape is simply scrumptious
Boots: Stiletto Knee Boot, Lapointe & Bastchild, not free and not very cyber... but look at those curves!
Lashes: Lashes 03Finesmith, not free
Makeup: he-hemm... Light Grey (Wear Grey Exclusive) eShadow and Dark Kiss Lipsmacker, both from Mock with added Guyliner 01, A:S:S

Photo spots from Insilico again. The Mars mining operation is a build in progress but it's fantastic. Well worth a visit. You can see it better here => X.

Sea Fishing

Okay, I should really be blogging my outfit, but time is tight and as cool as the outfit is, this is cooler.

So we're all mesh junkies now. I've blogged in the past about it, but it's far from an ideal shopping experience still. Which has possibly made me a little cynical. Now for me the big selling point of mesh has been the movement, the idea that I can wear a leather jacket that is neither bouncy like rubber nor stiff like it has been abused. But I've also heard a lot of designers talking about the ability to get more detail in. I have no idea how, and again I am a cynic, but people who know more have suggested it's possible so I am open-minded and listening.

Now I've been wandering around with A:S:S Vision eyes for a while. The textures are cool, the prims work. I've been happy. And then a few days ago I got a set of mesh eyes as a group gift from them. And they are impressive. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the clear whites version, probably personal taste, but I just didn't get excited. The natural whites however... Okay, these seem to lift the game. But I still can't wear them because they aren't blue and I'm one of those strange people that gets set in their ways and I only wear non-blue eyes with extreme provocation.

Then they launch a Marketplace special edition at 50L, which are closer. Less brown, more bluey-green. Very nice, but still not really blue. But there's more! Yep, the Peili and Sombre ranges for light or dark colours! Seafoam? A little green around the gills. Atlantis? A little purple? Not really, these will do!

Peili Atlantic natural mesh eyes

The range is smaller than the rest of the A:S:S offerings just now, which is a shame because I do like the slightly more vibrant blueness of my main eyes just a little bit more, but there's something so enchanting about these mesh eyes I don't care. 80L a pair, well, for two pairs since you get natural and clear whites in the same pack. You can't go much wrong at that can you?

So while I'm nitpicking the range of choice what else should you think about? The resizer HUD probably. I put in one clear and one natural to compare and increased the sizes before picking one. And then I realised there was no reset button or ability to resize just one eye. In fairness that's probably getting rather fancy for something you'll rarely use though. Once I picked natural I just popped both eyes out, attached the un-resized natural eye and clicked the resizer a few times. I tend to pay attention so I was fairly confident on the clicks needed to match, and eyeballing (forgive the pun) suggests it's a pretty good match. Not a real problem, just a warning to pay attention if you do anything silly like I did.

But ya know what, as someone who is obsessive about the shade of eye, I'm happy compromising for the glorious detail. That image shows what happens to a lot of textures when you zoom that close, and the eyes just get better the closer you get. I'm hooked.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Tangled Web...

Have had a bit of a syncronicity moment. You know, like when you're walking along trying to remember the seven deadly sins just to walk past a deli advertising a new range of ice-creams named after them.

I was doing one of my favourite things, rummaging through a pile of gifts, hoping to find something random to spark off my imagination, when this outfit turned up amongst them... or at least the main bits of it. The complete styling can be found at the bottom.

Pay It Forward 1

Now, The Retreat, where the gifts can be found, happens to be built on generosity. Once it gets established, everyone will be a winner. With that knowledge under my belt, for some reason, this particular gift really touched me. It could be as simple as it brings out Miss Siss Criss (try saying that fast ten times) or it could be the perceived generosity behind it. Maybe it's because it's so radically different from everything else at the store that evokes the feeling of giving without expectations of any returns. Just pure kindness. It might not be perfect, but it's complete with pearl choker and boots. What about that?

Pay It Forward 2

Feeling all warm and fuzzy and deep in thought trying to sort out this tangled web of kindness, I logged into FlickR just to find the following sign staring back at me. Someone else has caught the good bug... Let's hope it'll grow into an epidemic. Click for more information.

The Pay It Forward Project


Coat and pants: Midnight Shey, Kitty from Paris, FREE at The Retreat
Mask: Floral Blind Mask Monochrome,  LaGyo
Corset: Extreme Caution Underbust Corset, Etchaflesh, Mesh, Promo price, 99L, on the market place
Hair: Lys, Vanity Hair
Makeup: Black Currant Lip Jelle, Mock, over Light & Shadow ~ Plum GeishaTableaux Vivant

Friday, May 11, 2012

A for Avalon Fantasy... or for Archaic?

Some of you will be aware of my revisiting Ronja Pera's creations in a mix of her classic designs that still can be found in the big freebie palaces. After collecting and sorting all of her old outfits I could get hold of, I want do do something more with them rather than just pack them away again. Why not create a little fashion history directory thought I.

Sooo...welcome to the first instalment of Ronja A-Z... with some gaps. Using a specially created fem av, of course called Ronja, I'll present the outfits on letter at the time on vaguely weekly basis. Nothing wordy, just pics.

Why? Why not? With her fantastic designs, she's a SL childhood memory many share and will recognise on sight. Independent if one even ever wore her stuff, she's a name that most likely can be found at the very top of the most widely known designers.

The only outfit I could find that starts with an A is something that from the simplicity of it must represent the very first generation of outfits she put out... so here we go! A is for Avalon Fantasy:

Ronja A


Outfit: Avalon Fantasy available at Freebie Galaxy, FREE

Necklace: Chakra BoHo Beads, Lucas Lameth

Belt: Milly, PixelFashion

Shoes: Bondar Pumps White, Isis at The Retreat - 25L

About Ronja the av:

Shape: own

Hair: Madison 2, Analog Dog

Skin: Jazmine, Nvious by Gg at The Retreat - 50L Blogged before here => X

Pose: own

Ronja's present store, RDesigns can be found here => X

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coming of Age

While the northern hemisphere is approaching summer, us down under are approaching winter with the same speed. It can be hard sometimes to feel the same enthusiasm for the SL fashion seasons, strictly northern hemisphere-centric as it is, when you're looking at the opposite season through the windows. I mean, who would be comfy looking at swim wear when you're huddled up in woolies and keeping warm with a cup of coffee in FL? Today, I'll consider both, you know where you are ;)

Sally 2

Mesh is developing so fast. It's been fun to see how sensitive creators have addressed the inevitable problems and pleasantly surprised to discover the results. After wrinkling my nose at clumsy shapes and thick muddy latex looks, even I, the self proclaimed mesh troglodyte, am starting to prick up my ears (read: 'not even I can ignore it any longer').

To accept mesh into your life is at this stage a lot about accepting compromises. That sounds like a complete sell out, but think for a moment...  how much don't we already compromise with sculpts and system clothing? We live with too tight fitting system clothes... which is part of why sculpts were introduced. Now we live with ugly gaps between sculpts and glitch layers and with sweaters that hangs like church bells around our tummies... 

Sally 1

I realised this while I was trying on and contemplating these tunics from ALB Dreamfashion. AnaLee Balut have had attacks of pure existential angst with mesh, but her persistence to apply her textural flair had paid off with some very beautiful results now. Well, yes, so the chest of the tunic might be a little big and yes, so there's a small gap present here and there... but how would these have looked done in the 'old fashioned' way? Looking at the soft folds of the body and sleeves, the visual pluses way way outweighs any minuses. When I consider the familiar trouble spots if this garment had been attempted with the 'traditional' techniques... 

I guess it's time to say that mesh has grown up. It's mainly the 'deformers' that are missing now, any other remaining issues are minor. Disclaimer: I do not regard non-mesh compatible viewers as 'minor' *quickly changes 'any' above to 'most'*


Tunics: From the fat pack of Sally (mesh with prim belt), ALB Dreamfashion. Every 'colour' also comes with a dress option with an added 'skirt'. A special spring inspired design is part of the group gift for May and yet another Ashraya.... totalling 23 juicy texture variations.

Jeans, top pic: Kelly Jeans LilliALB Dreamfashion. Part  of May group gift ( 1L, no join fee atm, I think).

Jeans, bottom pic: Lotta Jeans BlackALB Dreamfashion.

Sandals, top pic: Old group gift, ALB Dreamfashion

Scarf, bottom pic: Striped Afghan ShawlMeenaFree

Poses: Top pic my own. Bottom by Bent, available at The Retreat.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Zero Gravity

Out of This World

When a friend recently got a new space station the glowing green display lights on the control panels brought this Lia dress by ElluZion to mind. Available now at The Retreat for an cool $50L, it comes with sexy sequined dress, sparkling collar and matching leg/warmer shoe combo. This pose from the Crossed set offered by Bent! exclusively at The Retreat, with the alien world in the background, gives a cool Barbarella kinda vibe to this shoot.

Out of This World

Channeling my inner Jane Fonda, this big Barbie Hair by Tameless with color change streaks and headband,  also this cool Cigdem ring from BenS Beauty are just the right finishing touches to this look. Both available now at Stuff in Stock until 13 May . Another great find for this look is the Lory skin by WOW you can pick up at BDE for a little longer. Get all these great items for an out of this world price while you can...

See you around the grid

Eyeliner: Les Petite Details 
Nails: Scrub

Other Poses: Fluke @ The Retreat, Ocacul

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out of All Worlds

Right, so I'm in the middle of my SL mid life crisis... a quite fun place to be, actually. I went back to the 'old' freebie palaces last week out of pure nostalgia and I was delighted to come face to face with Ronja Pera's old fullperm stuff, see 'old' post here.

Remember Ronja and her fantastic outfits and legendary boots? Suddenly curious about who she is today, I searched out her store, RDesignS. With a lot of her goodwill, some lindens, lucky chairs and group gifts, I landed myself with a huge pile of her new and old designs. Getting around the mostly fem focus with some mixing, I landed myself with the following suitably androgyne personae...


/me kicks the useless pile of metal and looks around for one of those camels that now call Australia home. They might be a bit smelly but most definitely better suited for offtrack. 
From RDesingS:

Piercing: from Electra - review copy
Scarf: from Electra - review copy
Top: from Sasha Black - group gift, other colours available for purchase
Pants: from Sasha Black - group gift, other colours available for purchase
Boots: Biker Black Boots Harley - group gift

Other stuff ('old', no slurls given):

Hair: Teeloh, Wasabi Pills
Tattoo: Ta Moko Mana, Miss Shippe's Studio
Necklace: Medicine Pouch Neck Med Wheel, Lakhota Craft
Bandana: Bandana Addon, Death Row Designs - old stuff
Cuff: Unconditional - Misery, Davinel - old stuff
Straps: Unconditional - Crawler, Davinel - old stuff


Moving on into the deep shadows of the crumbling ruins in the old world. Are they real or but a figment of our imagination?

From RdesignS:

Corset: from Moonlight -  lucky chair
Pants: from Electra - review copy
Gloves: from Moonlight - lucky chair
Flexi Arm Silks: from Gipsy - lucky chair... a marvellous 'mess' of lace and ribbons
Boots: Gothica, included in Electra but also sold separately - review copy

Other stuff ('old', no slurls given):

Hair: Vanessa, Truth
Neck corsage: old stuff


Another jump across an another ocean to the simmering multicultural cauldron of the new world.

From RDesignS:

Top: from Roomie, review copy 
Pants: from Roomie, review copy
Boots: CowBoyBootS Leather, from Emily, review copy. Comes with  little dress in same colour that's real cute.

Other stuff:

Hair: Scarab Hair, LeLutka 
Jewellery (even if not properly visible): Pocahontas, Chop Zuey


Stars are, of course, the bling of the angels' boots *nods nods* I couldn't do this without showing some vintage Ronja. Thanks to her generosity, I now have three boxes full of her fullperm things. Looking at the outfits now, I can't help but to admire how they're put together. Often they consist of only one or two decorative elements that has been manipulated into an imaginative whole. 

The Golden Snake above reminds me of the artful armour of angels on renaissance paintings. Maybe the included feathery wings might have something to do with it XD Anyway, archangel Michael kindly lent me his image for a day. S/he's cool.

Other stuff ('old', no slurls given):

Halo Glow; from Angelicus, Rising Silks - old hunt gift... I think
Wings: Angel Wings, Sensations - old stuff
Hair: Madison 2, Analog Dog
Props: Guardian set... not available anymore

There you have it! Thank you Ronja for all the goodies! I think I'll continue and work on my vintage Ronja collection while some of these things are still available. Somehow it captures the creative innocence I remember as a newbie and which has been lost from large parts, not all, of SL. That's it... mid life crisis over XD

Take care and have fun!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sn@tch Stash

Sn@tch Stash

Well it is that time again for the Stash Bash Hunt, that started 4.20 and ends 5.20. This year 18 smoking designers are offering intoxicating prizes that help to take you a little higher. Here I am wearing the Striped Stash Bash Tee from Cracked Mirror (also comes with mens version) and Stash Jean Shorts by Sn@tch. I add to it this Bambola skin from WOW, (shown here with included lip gloss) that is currently available at The Retreat for just 50L to give me the perfect tan and I am ready to chillax with my surfer friends down at Vibes beach.

Sn@tch Stash

When the heat gets to be too much, time to take to the water with the Marley Bikini (that comes in 3 different colors), another part of the great Stash Bash gift from Sn@tch. This Toxic Barbie skin (shown here with WOW lip gloss) by Modish is their offering in the latest round of Stuff in Stock. All the pictures in this shoot were taken at Vibes beach, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best beach in sl. They have some awesome surfing, the people are friendly and the views are gorgeous. When you stop by tell them Margaux sent you!!! Well gonna enjoy my time at the beach.

See you around the grid

My Thanks to all the designers!! 

Hair:  Vive Nine/Truth
Necklace: Ducknipple - gift from last years stash bash
Shoes : Maitreya- courtesy of Gregory Mauer ( ty G!)
Poses: Bent! exclusive for The Retreat/ Diesel Works new release!

Culture Shock 2012 Preview

I'm loving my look in this skin from Y&S, exclusive to Culture Shock 2012.   Jenny comes with many layer options, including brows, freckles, lashes and breast.

Culture Shock 2012 
(Click image for larger view in Flickr)

Culture Shock 2012 opens to the public on May 4th, 4pm slt. And brings together 180 top brands. Some are new to me and I love taking the time to check out each booth, finding many treasures along the way.

Style Credits:
Hair : Shag
Eyes : MADesigns