Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Princess vs. Bad Princess!

Hey all you lovely glamouristas, Tesh here.

Let’s not deny it: sometimes we girls just need to feel like a princess ... you know, when we crave that extra li'l attention that we know we all (TOTALLY) deserve!! I was in prime Princess mode today but couldn't decide whether to be a good girl, traditional (fairytale) Good Princess, or a bad girl, modern (big city) Bad Princess. So I came up with 2 looks: one for each mood.

*NOTE: this "Bad Princess" outfit is not to be mistaken for "Naughty Princess." -- THAT will have to be another post, focused more on the straight-up smokin' SEXY, hee hee . . .

First up: Good Princess (she adores a good fairy tale). Ya know, it’s the usual -- so many toads, so few princes. Especially in SL! What’s a fashionista girl to do? Sigh. Oh and that's a toad btw that I'm kissing in the pic, lol. A real smelly one.

Next up: Bad Princess (this girl makes her own fairy tale). Hey, Bad Princess truly rules her own playground -- the big city. Just don't mess with her or she'll throw down some 'tude.

Yeah, kisses from cute guys are pretty much mandatory in Bad Princess' kingdom. Actually it’s like, the law.

Aaaah, sweet day. Nuthin’ like a little Prince action to wind it all down – preferably the tall, dark + handsome kind, with a few dancing skills. I highly recommend getting yourselves one of these as soon as possible. Kinda the ultimate accessory, hee hee.

Many many thanks to photographer Margaux Dufaux (ok she IS the most talented photog on the grid – go check out M2C Photography NOW!!) + to our male model Gavin McGinnis (one of my fave guys on the grid!!) for so generously donating their time + talents to this suuuperfun shoot.

Shot on location in SL in 2 drop-dead gorge SIMs: the hidden candy-pink princess castle floating above Betwixt and in the neon skyways of Sick (decayed Tokyo).

1. Good Princess:

Dress: Sascha's Designs - June 2009 Group Gift - free. When you join the group for $0L, you get ALL the fab previous group gifts - adore this rich, sexy mauve/chocolate brown color combo!!
Flower Tiara: Twisted & Spoiled – current lucky chair gift – free. Sooo delicate + lovely.
Necklace & Earrings: CCD – 2 lucky chairs gifts – free. Irene (tassel necklace) + Elisa (hoops with tiny little stars + round bezels in side, OMG this inside detail is to die!)

Bangles: Laciecakes – $1L dollarbie.
Shoes: Herby Loire - sculpted silver stilettos - free. These shoes have amazing detail with teeny tiny silver tips + are so so high stilettos. Go outside the store to the back wall for this + other goodies.

Hair: Us.St - Julie Hair (Type B-size L worn) - free. To enter this posh store, you need to walk UP to the fountain + click the water to Teleport in. This hair is on the shelving unit in the middle of the store.
Eyes: MJ + DADA - Cabbage eyes II in Pink Sapphire – free. Head to the top floor for these + other freebie eyes. Love that these eyes are larger than most + shine like glowing candy!!
Lashes: Alady - Lashes B – free.

Previously free (+ on both Princesses):
Skin: Glance – Adriana2 – prior freebie in the Mirrors hunt.

2. Bad Princess:

Tank top, skirt, gloves + torn stockings: Crazy. This outfit is a combination of 2 current camping chairs gifts – both free:
- Green tank top + green-blue plaid skirt: "June" camping gift (15 mins camp)
- Beige-plum striped ripped stockings + arm gloves: "Yude" camping gift (15 mins camp)
Shoes: N-Core (not free) - XtremeHeel re
d/white socks.
Cigarette: Persona free. These single ciggies are the most awes I have found . . . even has a tip that smokes + is sooo perfectly petite for the ladies. Mouth + either hand attachment options too.
Hair: Boon (Blonde worn) – free. When you join the group for $0L, you get the fatpack – so generous!! Love the
poufiness of this short but sexy hair!! The purple freebie
in this fatpack is a lush, subtle dark plum that is not to be missed (and goes AMAZINGLY with the brand-new purple lipstick Lara Skins freebie skin -- yummy!!)
Eyes: JALA Blue Teal Wild Eyes – free. One of the coolest $0L finds on XStreet right now – these vivid hyperpigmented colors are really exceptional!
https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=1005191 (= this is the URL, not the sLURL; get online)

3. On our handsome Prince, male model Gavin McGinnis (isn’t he a hottie patottie ladies?):

Black peacoat: Maschienenwerk free. Most def go grab one for your guy. Instantly transformative hawtie gear fo' sho'.
Hair: Us.St - Reed hair (mesh black, size L) – free. This freebie hair is some of the nicest guy hair available actually!
Jeans: Zoobong prior freebie from the Just for Guys Hunt.
Combat boots: Perfectionist (where you can catch Gavin strutting his modeling stuff) – prior freebie from the Just For Guys Hunt.

Any other tips for more Princess looks? Please drop feel free to drop a li'l comment . . . fashionista love + kisses to all!!

*•.¸ღ♥ Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Day to Night!!!

One day I was out scouring the grid for some great goodies to report and I ran into Teshan2222 Wycliffe, group member and newest model. I was looking for some things for a post and when I ran into her she looked awesome and she had on some nice goodies that I recognized and some I didn't so I asked her to pose for me and she came with 2 looks. One for daytime work and one for evening time casual.

First the daytime work look. I recognized right off the gift from MEB 0 button down corporate shirt w/ black skirt + bangle ($1L or free from the MACOS/HipHop mall). Lots of great goodies at this mall be sure to have a look around. Maybe more to come from this mall . Not to be missed. Added to that she had on Ginza - mini birdcage gold jewelry - necklace + earrings (Slice of Summer hunt gift - free) by Ginza Jewelry. I loved this adorable little necklace with great details. The sweet little birdy has a flower on it, soooooooooo kyoot. Also Zenith Fashions ballerina platforms (Slice of Summer Hunt gift - free) by Zenith Clothing. The finishing touches to this outfit are Free Speerit Eyes-10 colors look again (wearing Sea) - $1L, Alady prim lashes (free from Alady Island), Glance Adriana skin (was free from the mirrors hunt), and Damselfly - Fallyn-Brown Caramel (not free).

Carrying over the accesories and finishing touches into the evening for a more casual look she changes gears with low-cut sweatpants, cutoff top + shirt: Twisted & Spoiled group gift (free when you join group). She also added Cynful gloves kiss - white (not free).

Thanks to Teshan2222, all the great and generous designers and to all of you that support us. Enjoy and new post coming up soon including wrap up of our very first fashion show.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Fashion show

Pleased to announce:

First "Freebie Fashionista" group fashion show at the Art Coup. 11th July 4 - 6pm slt.

Summer collections, showing the best most reasonable (and free) Womens and Mens clothes in Secondlife. We have a number of great designers contributing, each designer will show at least one free outfit.
Joaquin Gustav (who is a highly trained guitarist, born and received his music education in Buenos Aires, Argentina) will play during the show.
4pm for 4.30pm arrival, 4.30 we will be showing a 1920's Parisian fashion show movie accompained by Gustav live on the guitar. Fashion show starts at 5pm.

This show brought to you from the fashion houses of..

A Piece of Candy- candy Enoch's designs range from casual to formal wear to everything in between as well as some great skins. All at incredible prices. Check out her bargain room!!

Alexohol Fashions- When designer AlexandraM Guisse was not able to find just what she was looking for she tried her hand at design to make a few things for herself and Alexohol was born.

Dark WaterDesigns- Dark Water Designs' clothing emphasizes soft lines, rich fabrics and jewel-tone colors. Most items are made using real fabric textures, with a combination of real and painted detail by Shadowed Luik.

DonnaFlora- Fine italian fashions brought to you by Squinternet Larnia. Once fashion addicted, now fashion designer in Second Life. She puts in all her love, her fantasy, and her technical expertise to create her brand.

G&N Designs- Nikki Heron & Georg Stonewall have something for everyone with mens and womens designs that are based on rl fashions. They keep prices low but do not compromise on quality.

GL Designs- Genie Lassard started out as a builder and went to fashion design when she saw a need for affordable everyday clothing, with prices and style to fit any budget.

Great Royal Wife Designs- Charoa Hammerer offers several belly dancing outfits, egyptian costumes for both men and women as well as accessories and furniture. They pride themselves on having the LARGEST collection of egyptian textures in Second Life.

Lemania Indigo Designs - Surrender to your inner Diva at Lemania Indigo Designs. Clothing you in the best clothes that SL has to offer. Our unique blend of retro, nostalgia and modern gowns, dresses and outfits are sure to appeal to all women of style! One of SL's best and most generous designers.

Moulliez- Jeanne Moulliez another new designer, offers affordable designs for women and has just started offering skins.

Papillon's-Katie Friedmann has been designing for a year now and her shop specializes in formals for all occasions, from the simple garden party to ball room.

Pas De Deux- Misteria Loon started designing fashion in August 2008, when she made her first dress and established the 'Pas De Deux' line of fashion. Pas De Deux is fantasy clothing or fashion for dancing.

Sascha's Designs- If you want to dress elegantly, classy and make sure you have an one of a kind gala dress without paying an arm and a leg, you can get it here. Beautiful and afforable gowns of great design.