Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lingerie Boutique

A quicky since I haven't been around for a while... busy RL.. all is good :)

Lingerie @
The Lingerie Boutique 10L (must be in the group to purchase, no join fee)

lingerie boutique september

The rest of the items may not be available since I was going thru my inventory and group gifts.


The sun was bright but the wind and altitude kept temperatures well below zero. Our heads were thumping and our hearts were on overdrive with excitement. Every step felt like a small triumph. From the saddle, we walked diagonally up across a steep overhang, towards the very, very high summit. Then, after hours of trudging through the snow with crampons strapped to our boots, we reached the summit plateau. From here it was a short walk to the summit — the undisputed highest point ever.

Flash then planted the flag with a cocky grin on his face and we knew we could breathe again. The rest is history.

Yes!! We did it!!

On Flash:
Nikita Fride (Free #14 MHO hunt)
AtomicBambi (Free #163 MHO hunt)
Outfit: Sepp @
CdC (Free Group Gift)
Jeepers (Free #107 MHO hunt)

On me:
Hair: Lost @
Lamb (not free)
Skin and Ears: Butterscotch Plain Jane @
Mynerva (not free)
Outfit and shoes: Heidi @
CdC (Free Group Gift)

Monday, September 27, 2010

X marks the spot

I absolutely ADORE this dollarbie from Tiny Bird.

1- Rez the poseballs
2- Wear the 'X marks the spot' tattoo (comes in many layers)
3- Give the 'I give you my heart' tattoo to your beloved (they are transferable)
4- Adjust the poseballs if your hunk's middle name is Godzilla
5- Swoon!

I just had to get my own personal hunk for this snapshot. Thank you, Ygor, for your time, doing this with me, and for being my wonderful friend and much more...

X marks the spot

Skin and eyebrows: London Sienna @ Cupcakes (Free from MM)
Hair: Lost @
Lamb (not free)
Eyes: Monet @
Shine (Free in shop). Also blogged by my eye-expert friend Elfie.
Lingerie: Yves @
Seldom Blue (Dollarbie)

Chance to win 500L plus other amazing prizes

Hmmm, my crystal ball is telling me that today is the last day of the LOW Bazaar survey. The winner will be picked tonight and announced tomorrow. So go over now for your chance to win!

1st winner will be picked on September 27th. Prizes include: 500 Linden, 1000L gift card from X-Clusives Animations, Cuddle sofa from Palais (TNT - Xpose engine with 35 animations), 500L gift card from Ear Candy

Now let me just think how you are supposed to do this. Oh yes, head over to the LOW Bazaar, pick up your survey at the landing point, walk around a bit and check things out, maybe pick up some lovely merchandise for 50% or more off regular prices, fill out your survey and drop it in the mail box by the landing point.

The LOW Bazaar is where 40 of the LOW group's wonderful merchants have come together all in ONE area to offer you their super sale deals in a 1 stop shopping experience.

We are in the middle of expanding the bazaar, which means the survey promotion will be on hold after this 1st winner is announced until we get the whole thing set up again. Once we have it all set up, we will bring out the survey promotion for 2 more chances to win!

Just look what fun I've been having with some great deals I picked up. This lovely black and white dress is from Cero Style Creations, the scrumptious looking Alexxis skin is from A&k Designs, the super fun Fortune telling table and chairs with Crystal Ball are from Park Place Home Decor, and the lovely banners I used as my tent are from Spyralle. You can get all four of these great creations for just 425L at the LOW Bazaar. (Dress 75L, Table set 75L, Banners 75L, Skin 200L.)

And don't forget to get your complete LOW sale list from the LOW kiosk!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snow White Hunt

The cute little dwarves (monsters!) and I had so much fun doing this hunt... We even organised a reunion, see for yourself! The Snow White hunt (start LM and info here) is running until Thursday 30th September, hurry, lots of goodies, I know I will keep most of them. A BIG thank you to all my dwarvish friends for making this blog possible and to Krist Tenk and her fabulous avatars.

Dwarf avatars from Krist Tenk at
Tenk Tank, L$200 each, so cheap and she's got lots of freebies in her shop.

Snow White and the seven dwarves


Let's have a look at the outfits now, pretty dresses and apples, yay! Wearing MiaSnow's Belladonna skin (Free from Lucky board) and dark red nails (Free, upstairs).

SW outfits

On the left:
Snow White dress: #30
Likka House
Hair: #7
Apple Twig: #61
Concrete Flowers
Apple and pose: #59
Maitreya pumps fatpack (Free). Blogged before here by Margaux.

On the right:
Red dress: #19

And check out the fun gizmos... there's is a fantasy mirror you can wear, check yourself out, re-apply some lippy then click the mirror and WOW, you'll get this funky coffin. Fun fun fun. It's #39 at

SW mirror

SW coffin

Note: I do NOT apologise to those whose reputations have been damaged on this blog, next time, ask before TP'ing to me and do not wee on my mushrooms *laughs*

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cool free poses anyone?

Head over to >MZ< Animations, join the group for free, and pick up these really cool poses. Look around while you are there, I know I saw some poses I haven't really seen anywhere else! There are poses for men, women, couples, and groups. Model poses, serious poses, fun poses, crazy poses, RP poses...

Her "Lara Croft" poses are really great, double-fisting your weapons as you tumble around dodging bullets flying at you. Looking sexy no matter what position you end up in...who's never had that fantasy? *laughs* Her poses even range towards the macabre with "Boom he & she". Ever had the fantasy to sneak up behind your cheating boyfriend and blow his head off? Well now you can get a real feel for it and he'll still get to keep his brains!

I didn't have two hunky men to pose with me (Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!), so I snapped a quick pic of her ad pose for her "Couple Decadence" pose. Pretty decadent huh?

And here are her "swimsummer and Crazy poses"...we all need to get a little wild every now and then, right?

Don't miss "Beyonce" and "Beyonce Diva" either...the names say it all.

And she also has this "Relax Room" pose that comes with a whole room! (My studio is a mess right now because I'm moving, so I had to rez this on my roof to take a pic for ya...lol)

These are some great poses and all free, you will have lots of fun with them, I promise. When you TP in, walk around the corner for the group joiner and gifts. I had a lot of fun and surprises walking around looking at the poses, I can't wait to see what else Monica has in store for us.

If you like the outfit & accessories I'm wearing, stop by the LOW Bazaar. The outfit is from !Right Fashion and is on sale for only 50L. And the jewelry and shoes are from Ear Candy, on sale for only 30L. You can't go wrong at the LOW Bazaar.


Friday, September 24, 2010

LeeZu! Makeover Madness Contest

Would you like a new look and just don't have the means to make it happen? This is your chance!! Enter the [LeeZu!] Makeover Madness Contest open September 21st - October 4th.
All you need to do it take a picture of you at your very worst. Convince them that you NEED this more than anyone and you can win over $40,000L in cash and prizes.

Prizes include
* 5 Lion skins of your choice from the new Zora collection,
* Makeover Consultation with Music Hyun, *p_OO_f* Professional Makeover Consultant
* Complete photo package from AMS
*$20,000L cold hard cash From LeeZu to finance the rest!!!

How can you go wrong? So get your best worst shot and enter for a chance to win!!!

Please check Freebie Fashionista group notices or LeeZu! store for all the official rules!!

Good Luck!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh my, Ohmai!

Quick blog but great dollarbie from Ohmai, check out this sexy black bodysuit, wear it on its own or with jeans and killer heels. Love it love it love it. This really is a must have and keep.

Oh my, Ohmai!

The Clairiere Village

I'm so excited to tell you about this place I found recently that I just can't sit still!

If you haven't been yet, you really should visit The Clairiere Village. It's a lovely little area with three adorable cottages that house the shops that make up the village. Grab a lemonade to sip as you walk around, or sit and have a cup of tea to contemplate which lovely items you want to buy.

These are not huge stores that try to bombard you with huge selections, they are small shops that focus on quality over quantity. Join the Prelude's Foyer group for just 150L and you can get beautiful gifts from each of the three stores!

Ok, I guess I'll sit still a minute and give you the details. Freckles Designs has this beautiful Lou skin as their group gift. I just love the freckles and the details on the makeup. Of course the light eyebrows snagged me fast, but they come in a darker shade also. The complete Lou skin collection comes in 12 makeups with cleavage and freckles options. It also comes with great alpha layer lipsticks that you will have sooooo much fun with!

After you are done there, stroll on over to Clairiere's and check out the most adorable girlie girl outfits you can find. They look so sweet and innocent, even bad girls like most of us could pass for good girls! Her colors and textures are just beautiful. They make you want to find a meadow and pick wild flowers for hours! Clairiere's group gift is this oh-so adorable Petite dress in mint.

But if the girlie girl just isn't for you, then you can mosey on over to Prelude for designs that are for those of you that like to dress more sophisticated. You will find beautiful long flowing gowns that are to die for, and will make your special occasion even more special. And also sleek form fitting dresses that will turn any head. And be sure to pick up Prelude's lingerie group gift.

Again I have to stress detail here ladies, all three shops make you want to buy everything they sell! But don't take my word for it, go over to The Clairiere Village and see for yourself. Just one of these free gifts is well worth the 150L to join the group!

*Note: If you love that chair I'm playing around in, you should go check out Dolome Designs. Look for the Purple-n-Pink Polkadot Plushie Patuootie Plunker...rofl, I LOVE the name of that chair!!

It's raining men and hunts!

The Make Him Over Hunt 4 looks very promising, it's running from 20 September to the 20 October and there are lots and lots of delicious goodies, including hunters and designers, hehe. Here is a sample for your eyes only.

#20 on the hunt,
Okey Designs, designer Cron Nexen (THE Cron) is a sweetheart and his shop is one of a kind, I particularly like the section with the Designers outfits (Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc), very well made and very funny. Check out his blog and thanks for the snapshot, Cron.

Okey Designs MHOH4

* * *

#28 is Kabuki Creations , excellent animations, as usual, Naku Nishi never disappoints. Thanks Benjamin Curtiss for posing with me. Ben is a hunter I just grabbed from the MHO group, I told you it had been fun!

Kabuki MHOH4

* * *

#72 A:S:S outfit, brought to you by Photos Nikolaidis *smiles* and modelled by Benjamin again. Poses by Kabuki Creations again, #4 on the What's your sign hunt. I'm wearing the incredible Lamp Dress outfit, including the fabulous ankle boots, #4 from Sassy Kitty at the Fashion Freaks Hunt 2, I love it.


And here is a close up of the skin, #51 from [sYs] at the Fashion Freaks Hunt 2. 'Remember that I love you' tattoo previously blogged here.

sYs skin

* * *
Last but not least, #84 from Al Jamal at the MHO hunt. Benjamin posing again, feeling a bit vulnerable but dignified nonetheless.

Al Jamal MHOH4

LOW Group 2000 member scribo gifts

Four LOW group merchants are giving away some of their creations to the LOW group subscribers as a thank you for helping them reach 2000 members. WOOT! How awesome! The gifts will be in the scribo until some time tomorrow evening, so hurry and join, then check history to get all four gifts!

You can see the LOW sales items here.

And don't forget to visit the LOW Bazaar where 40 merchants have come together to offer you their sales items all in ONE place!

Here are some quick photos of the free subscriber gifts.

Gift from TrendStyle
Go here to the LOW HQ here to subscribe and pick up your gifts!

Gift from SLC
Go here to the LOW HQ here to subscribe and pick up your gifts!

Gift from Lok's Low Prim Furniture
Go here to the LOW HQ here to subscribe and pick up your gifts!

Gift from LACE Le Femme
Go here to the LOW HQ here to subscribe and pick up your gifts!

*Note: Skin by Freckles Designs, was 50L when I got it, but I'm not sure if it is still set to that price.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Madd Eyes

Just a quick post to share an awesome find. These lovely Promise eyes were a gracious group gift from MADesigns. They are in the notices and you have a couple more days to snag these fab peepers!! This largely men's group does have goodies for the ladies too, eyes as well as some hair. Be sure to go and check out their fantastic showroom!!

I really love the beautiful range of colors, very natural these are just a small sample of the gorgeous options that are available!!! I like them so much I have not taken them off since I got them. Don't miss out!!!

Enjoy and see you on the grid

Sunday afternoon bath

There is nothing like a hot bath (in my lovely Elate skybox) to escape horrid weather, bulging post-hunts inventories or sunday night gloom. Let me ask you girls, who needs men when Katey Coppola from Glitterati is GIVING (yes, you heard me) these fabulous baths? They come with wearable bubbles and 6 different animations. All I need now is a glass of wine and a book...

Bath and bubbles from
Glitterati (Free gift in shop)
Tattoos, lamp and rug from Croire (Free from Lucky Cupcake and subscribo gifts)
Hair: Pury in Spinach @
Ohmai at the Hair Fair (Free fatpack, last day today, hurry!)
Skin: Cynthia's sister - Queen of Cliche @ Mynerva (Only L$300, thank you Rhapzody for the gift)
Prim Feet @
SLink Jolie Pied tiptoes feet (L$600, thank you Siddean for the gift)

Sunday afternoon bath

Sunday afternoon bath

Sunday afternoon bath

Friday, September 17, 2010

New LOW Bazaar!!!

Boy have I got some exciting news for you...the LOW group has opened a LOW Bazaar. They listened to all of your suggestions and worked hard to give you what you want. So now you have a place for a one stop shopping experience to oogle, drool over, and purchase sale items from 40 of LOW's wonderful merchants!!!

The LOW Bazaar is designed as an open air market with a focus on low lag, so your shopping experience will be relaxing as well as productive. (Please note with all the issues SL is having today, it may be laggy when you go. I'm praying they have their server issues fixed soon!)

All the merchants have at least one item set for sale at 50% off or more, and a lot have more than one! Right now you can get 5 of Kabuki's Creations wonderful animated poses for 1/2 off. Naku has two couple's poses, Nothing Compared to You & Forever, his gorgeous copper antiqued Lover's Bath, his sexy 3some Rug, and the beautiful Waterfall Shower & cuddles pose scene (shown here).

From SLC you get your choice of this smoking hot lace dress in red, black, or white (shown). The dress comes in all layers with a prim skirt and is copy/mod, for just 50L each.

Palais has joined LOW again and Cake is offering these wonderfully textured Taza chairs and rug. If you love mixing and matching colors and patterns, you certainly won't want to miss this find! The chairs are just 100L each and the rug is 50L.

For those of you that love Eye Candi quality skins, you're going to absolutely love the fat pack Candi has on sale for 1/2 off. I always get so excited when I see skins for blonds, it seems a lot of designers just don't like making them. And it's very hard to find a designer bold enough to not only make them, but give you a choice of different color eye shadow to go with your different color lipsticks!

Lok's Low Prim Furniture has a super fun tree with 2 swings on sale for just 100L, so much fun.

::Eclectic Firefly:: has a great resort house that usually sells for 2000L on sale for just 200L, along with some outfits for men and women.

Interazzo has some cool sneaker fat packs out for men and women at 50% off, and you can only get them at the LOW Bazaar. (Male pack shown here.)

Piece of Mind is offering fat packs for just 149L each, 3 choices of color (Blueberry, Rasberry, Mocha), and with each pack you get skin with cleavage option, top, jacket, & shirt layers, pants, capris with cuffs, resizable sash, and colorable sandal shoes with HUD.

Park Place Home Decor is practically giving away this stylish foyer table and mirror (accessories included) for just 50L.

Carrie from Snowpaw Fashion is offering this elegant lipstick color, lace evening dress for only 180L.

And just look at this lovely and stylish jewelry set from Diamond Dreams Jewelry, you get the necklace, earrings, and bracelet for 60L.

I wish I could show all the amazing deals to be had at the LOW Bazaar, but that would just take up too much room and spoil the surprises! The other designers you will find at the bazaar are: Carrasco's, Magia, JAIRIS, Jazmyn D, QQ Creations, Frosted Myst Designs, X-Clusives Animations, Lemania Indigo Designs, Ear Candy, Fabulous Finds, IGNITION, Spyralle, Unique Clothing, FD Decor, Elsbeth Writer Photography, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Dolome Designs, !Right Fashion Mainstore, The Babylon Design, Sexy Swagger, SILVER SHOP OF PASSION, Rusty Nail, Embody Shapes & Poses, Hime Gyaru Couture, Cero Style Creations, LACE La Femme, Artic Storm, and setting up very soon will be Hatpins and A&k Creations.

As with every LOW sale, you can only get these amazing deals for the next week. All items will be changed for new ones next Thursday at midnight. Head over the the LOW Bazaar today, you'll love the new way of sales shopping!

Psst...You should touch a LOW Bazaar scribo while you are there, soon there will be some fun games, awesome freebies, and an all around good time to be had. You can also look for the in world group link in local chat after you touch the scribo for even better fun and excitement. (As soon as the new in world group hits 100, that's when the real fun begins!)