Monday, April 30, 2012

Tread Softly at The Retreat

This isn't me, but isn't she cute? She hides in amongst what's on offer in the very first round at The Retreat.  The Retreat is the absolutely new and freshly opened little discount store offering goodies from a range of established and well known designers. Turnover will be on a monthly basis and everything is 50L or less. Clothes...skins... furniture... poses... even some stuff for the guys... there's a little bit of everything in a spacious bright setting.

To celebrate the opening, there's also a big bunch of gifts out for group members!

Retreat 1

I was playing around with all the stuff that generously has been provided for the bloggers and was trying to find something suitable for an androgyne when I by 'accident' met this lady. The softness and colours of the hair and skin is a perfect match and the skin could have been custom made for this shape... or the other way around. Even the teeth looks perfect between the ever so slightly parted lips. I sort of just go soft inside when I see her.

The white flower bracelet was all she needed to be picture perfect. The eyes are the only item that's not from The Retreat, even the pose comes from there.

I'm rather smitten with this av. Maybe it's because she's a product of pure chance or maybe it's because she so cute! Somehow she has earned a place her a place in my growing 'menageri' of avatars I don't want to delete out of my life.  By another curious coincidence, the offers from Piddlers Perch just happen to include an antique curiosity cabinet. Only five prims, but with two opening doors and three shelves. Simply perfect for a little personal collection. 

Retreat 2

Cabinets of curiosities are the precursors of museums and used to be the pride of the wealthy and powerful. Originating in the renaissance, they were originally whole rooms dedicated to collections of natural and archeological objects and reflected the new hunger to explore and understand the material world. Later, they could take the shape of furniture and as such survives to today... in various forms. My FL one is a coffee table XD

I spent a pleasant thoughtful day choosing photos and objects that could describe my personal natural history and archeology. It's not a reduction of a life, any 'this is all you are' kind of thing at all or a showing off. It's more like gathering the facets so you can contemplate the whole. We change all the time, but everyone we've been on our journey has given us something. When we take a moment to remember those gifts we are rich.

Isn't it amazing what's really a random 'pile of stuff' can result in something this personally meaningful? I really love blogging. A warm thank you to all the designers that made this possible.


The Aged Elm Curio CabinetSouthern Comfort Cuddle Sofa and the Floral Tapestry above are all by Piddlers Perch

Hair: Eeva - Facepalm Designs
Skin: Jazmine 007 - NVious By GG
Eyes: Sunrise Deep Hazel - IKON
Lipgloss: WoW Skins (included with shape and skin)
Shape: Bambola - WoW Skins
Bracelet: Flower Pearl Bracelet Polkadot - Zephyr FREE!
Pose: Kiss Me 1 - Fluke

Starships were meant to fly...

If you want more, more than here I am.   oh, I really can't sing to save my life, so um... you don't really want more.  :)

Loving this hair !

Style credits :

Hair : Magpie at Culture Shock (soon !)
Shape : Curvy Silhouettes for The Retreat (50L)
Bag : Zephyr for The Retreat (50L)
Pose : BENT. The Retreat Exclusive (50L for 6 poses)
Top : Coldlogic
Jeans : LWL
Skin : Mynerva

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dulce Aphrodisia

Dulce Aphrodisia

Dulce means sweet and that is just what this Aphrodisia set from Seldom Blue is. IndigoBlue Dagostino is one of my favorite lingerie designers on the grid and she doesn't disappoint in her newest set. This lovely set features sensuous satin with classic black lace overlay. Delicate bows accentuate the garter belt that holds up the silky lace top stockings. However, the real show stopper of this outfit would be the prim options that are available. Here I am wearing the corset option, there is also a skirt option and a corset/skirt as well. Simply stunning. Right now for a limited time you can pick up this caramel set for half price. Also be sure to check out her exclusive classic collection and special gown made just for Freebie Fashionista at The Retreat.

Dulce Aphrodisia

Here you see the limited edition 1L version, although it doesn't have a corset it does have sexy fishnet accents and lace trim on the bra. The glamorous Lyric skin pictured above and seductive Rowena skin pictured here are both new releases currently on special at Dulce Secrets. Dulce Secrets recently moved to a brand new location, with lovely grounds and a free public photo studio with some of the finest photography equipment in sl available to all. Lots of mini hunts and fun coming soon, I would like to take this time to wish Anne Maertens a very happy 5th rez day. I have known her most of my sl and she is honestly one of the loveliest people you will ever meet in any world. There are direct tps to Dulce Secrets as well as the free photo studio available at The Retreat. Hope to see you all there sometime.

See you around the grid

Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Dulce Secrets
Eyeliner: Les Petite Details 
Piercing: Forsaken
Jewerly: U&R Dogs- Earrings are a subscribo group gift, and lots of great items, very resonably priced.
Lingerie: Seldom Blue
Shoes: GOS 
Poses: Bent!, PNP,

Busy Bee at Fantasy Faire

Hehehe... the Fantasy Faire has opened with an enormous bang and for everyone involved it's a big party. Personally, it has 'provided the impetus' to learn about new things, such as petites and other little fellas... in a confused haze while figuring out what is and what should be and where you get it.

The very nature of these little ones is story making by just being, you can't help but to become someone else from a world of magic where the impossible is most likely.

FantasyFaire 1

I became a farmer living in close cooperation with the natural and working for the fun and rewards of creating with my own hands, letting a life take form using what I had at hand.  My focus would be on sunflowers, honey mead and breeding rocking horses. Oi! This is fairy land, ok. Where do little rocking horses come from anyway?

I had repaired a couple of old hives that some big fellas let fall in disrepair. A couple of bee colonies had moved in. In exchange for some help, two hands are sometimes more useful than six legs, they would provide me all the honey I could need, which considering the physical scale of the operation, wouldn't be very much. With the honey I would make honey mead for sure *nods nods* 

A little greenhouse would be a must to give seedlings a helping hand every spring and of course a little wagon would be needed to transport produce. I have been spending hours contemplating (no kidding, I've had such fun with this stuff) if rocking horses can be used as draught animals, but I think I'll just leave that particular issue unresolved XD

FantasyFaire 2

I would, of course, have a little house... fully furnished with all the comforts of a big fella house. 

Since little fellas aren't stupid and know about nature, they all have a range of wings for different purposes, just as insects and birds with different lifestyles vary. Wouldn't it be cool to moonlight as Cupid around Valentine? Just imagine the fun and mischief. An elegant pair for that and a second of short broad ones for manueverability when working. Dragonfly wings would be the racing alternative, of course.

FantasyFaire 3

Even if plants look after themselves to a large extent, some patrolling and check ups would be needed... of course sunglasses would be necessary, 'sunflower' as in 'sun', yes? 

Well, that's how my life of choice as a little fella would be. Missing is my partner. Being french, her first question when she sees this guy will be 'is it edible' Again, no kidding.

Credits: Again, my thanks go out the designers, Napolde Vella, Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee who generously provided me with these hours of fun.

Little Greenhouse, Little Manor, Little Barrel Wagon: Fairy Pearls

Eternity Blue and Wishing Well Wings: Fairy Pearls

Sunflowers: Relay For Life Item,  The Looking Glass. Group of three. Copy/mod. Two versions 
included, one with particle bees, one without.

Rocking Horses: Field of Rocking Horses. Pack of five, each with a different pose. Sizes for both petites and normal avs included, The Looking Glass

Avatar: Petite avatar: Petites + Fallen Gods Inc.Male Crystal Violet.

Hair: Orion Petite Mesh Hair, Wasabi Pills

Jeans, tee, belt: From Petite Male Jeans and Tshirts,  The Looking Glass

Sunglasses, Sneakers: From Petites Bryson,  The Looking Glass

If you haven't been to Fantasy Faire yet, this link will take you to Fairelands Junction. This is not only the gateway to the eight faire sims, it's also the place where all the auction objects can be found.

Have fun!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Once Upon The Time At The Fantasy Faire

Once upon the time... ok ok... it was an early morning last week and I got geared up to go hunting. I came across this big wagon in a meadow. Full with barrels and bottles it looked kind of fun. There was no one around so I sat down, rather curious, to wait for the owner's return.

Pink Elephants 1

The sun rose over the horizon, with nothing but the attention than from the local residents coming my way... Still, no one came to chase me away either, which was good. I looked at the rows of colourful bottles and the temptation got the better of me. I started to pull corks, sniff and sample. After all, waiting makes thirsty work.

Pink Elephants 2

The bottles were all neatly labeled... I soon discovered there were more kinds than it had seemed at first. Some were good, some were not *shudders and makes a face* Some I recognised, others not. Some were divine *smiles dreamily at the memory of the Laphroaig* while others most definitely came from other places... I mean, who drinks bat bite?

The day became a warm one and soon a sort of a little bit too large pile of empty glasses, horns and cups and tankards littered the place. Ooohps! Well, no matter... I'd only tried a fraction anyway.

Pink Elephants 3

Then, out of nowhere these two purple guys rocked up... jeeeez... I mean, what happened to pink elephants? That's when things gets a bit hazy...

Either I asked them to go away or they asked me, can't remember. I remember being somewhere, though... *frowns thoughtfully* There was something huge and fiery... and some fighting... don't remember who fought who or why, though... And there was running... NO!... There was this woman first... yes... Not a thread to cover her body, quite a babe... Then she opened her mouth *wiggles hir fingers in front of hir lips* THAT'S were the running came in... that was freaky! *laughs nervously at the fragment of a memory* Then something else happened... don't ask me what... BUT, it must have had an happy ending because I came back to the wagon. *nods* I definitely remember I woke up under the wagon... *laughs somewhat pained and cradles hir head tenderly* I'll NEVER forget that part!


Pink Elephants 4

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is all about the Fantasy Faire, 21-29 April, opens TOMORROW! Eight sims full of it! All in the good cause of raising funds for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Credits: I'm indebted to the creators behind Kittycat's Creations and The Looking Glass for these fantastic items. Thank you! The Looking Glass is one of the official sponsors and are the artistic talent behind one of the sims,  Meandervale.

Traveling Medicine Wagon

A truly mind boggling and generous creation from Kittycat's Creations. Auction item but also available at her store. There must be hundreds of different drinks (and poisons) in it, all of which has been researched and picked from literature, history, myth and different cultures. Each drink has it individually designed drinking vessel and there're some individual animations beside the drinking/sipping ones.


Corset and pants: Parts from Earth Child. I'll blog the items not covered here later, the textures are just ab fab! Available The Looking Glass' clothes store.
Boots, cape, belt, armor and circlet: Parts from the Morgana,  The Looking Glass, whose store at the faire is right next to the landing spot. Outfit is complete with pants, top and jacket and comes in a range of colours.
Hair: Atlas, Discord Designs. Fantastic slender mesh that sits just right. Bought at the Wear Grey event, don't know if it's available at main store yet.

Petite Unicorn:

Petite avatar: Petites + Fallen Gods Inc.Male Chrystal Violet. A little purple hottie.
Legs, tail, mane, horn and jewellery: La Licorne MauveThe Looking Glass. A few other bits and pieces are included in the set.


Complete avatar from The Looking Glass. Looks real cool when dancing on the spot btw XD

There you have it... or rather, there you have just a little part of this fantastic event. It's a feast for the eyes just to walk through the sims. SLURLs and designer lists can be found here => X. Have fun!

Flawless Spring

Flawless Spring

 The Flawless Spring Sale is on now. Over 50 carts set up by great creators, each offering an exclusive items for only $50L. There is also a hunt with about 50 or so prizes hidden around in flowers . One of the awesome items you can pick up at this fantastic sale is this lace Friction dress by Artic Storm. Shown here in the mini dress option, it comes with a few skirt and pants options. All yours for $50L. You can also pick up this FreshBreeze Sunkiss skin by Modish, shown here with Crystal lipstick 3 by Pekka now at Stuff in Stock. The Flawless Spring Sale is on til the 29th. So make sure you get down there and check it out.

Flawless Spring

The tranquility necklace and delightful dangle earrings, are another example of more great jewelry from Addiction Jewelry. The necklace was on special it comes with 2 versions and the earrings were one of  3 gifts there. I am sure that you are all aware that The Pose Fair is going on now. One of the must have items you can pick up there is the Tillies Posing stand with Hud. I bought this when I was new in sl and to photography. It is seriously some of the best linden I ever spent and it is even better now!!. I personally use it for everything. It comes with a hud that controls all aspects of the posing, positioning of the stand, camera lock and options on the included photo back drops and lighting. Too many options to list here but please you owe it to yourself to check it out. Also the newest version of that stand now comes preloaded with poses from Glitterati and Diesel Works. So be sure you check out the info on this amazing stand. Well that is all for now. So much more to cover.. So ....

See you around the grid

Hair: Arata Shouten
Skin: Modish- The Flawless Spring Sale
Makeup: Pekka- Stuff in Stock

Piercing: Forsaken
Jewelry: Addiction Jewelry - gift and special in the shop
Outfit: Artic Storm-The Flawless Spring Sale
Nails: Finesmith Designs
Posing/Poses: Tillie, Glitterati and Diesel Works

Monday, April 16, 2012

Testing... Testing... One Two Three...

Ohps!!! Should never had explored that sigil on the floor up close.... A sudden flash and...  Pfftt!! Spent the rest of the day running through fantastic passage ways with my sword held high, giving the odd noob a chance to shake their head in disbelief.

Nah, truth is I'm in training. Your's truly has been given the honour to be official blogger for the upcoming Fantasy Fair that starts the 21st this month. My mind is already flying high in otherworldly realms. Imagine the fun! Imagine the stories that will be unleashed!

Testing Testing... 1

While we impatiently wait, why not a couple of freebies to pass the time? Like these wings? Or what about the magnificent hair piece?  Together they're an outfit in their own right with the rest just for modesty as they say. 

They're both free for the picking on Alpha Point. The Akashiya Wings are among the other gifts that can be found at the landing point. The Alpha Bird Hair is the local prize for the Crazy Hair Hunt... You'll might just have to find that one yourself, however...  *winks*

Testing Testing... 2

The rest of the stuff is from the most dusty depths way way in my past so I'll just leave them there to snooze me thinks. 

 I've blogged another one of the gifts at the landing point before. If you wish to see a photo of the free Ms Art Deco avatar, it can be found here

Alpha Point also provided the photo spot. It's a brilliant place to get lost in... as is the neighbouring Omega Point.

Forsaken Bent Truth Atomic Boom Addiction

Bent Truth Atomic Boom Addiction

Been very busy lately, but not too busy for a little shopping. First stop was Collabor88 where I picked up this adorable Marin Ray lingerie set from Boom. So cute you will not want to get dressed. Available in several colors and only $88L. While you are there be sure to scoop up the great Collabor88 group gifts from The Sea Hole you can see one of them here. I am sure you have seen this cute Bunny hair, a group gift from Truth, all over the grid. Comes in all colors and the bands are color change. Slap the subscribo and get your bunny on!

Bent Atomic Boom Addiction

I picked up a few things at another favorite shopping destination The Dressing Room Blue, including this lovely exclusive Grace-Spring skin from Atomic for only $70L!! The Charming Life- Rose jewelry set, was a Lazy Sunday offering from Addiction Jewelry, however if you are quick you may still find it on special if not there are many other awesome specials available. This new to me shop has some fantastic jewelry, many of these items I wished I could wear in rl, so treat yourself and check it out. Speaking of treating yourself, The Retreat will be opening soon. One of the great brands you can look forward to seeing there is Bent!. These lookbook poses from Bent! are a group gift. Their is an annual fee to join the group but if you love poses then it is a great investment. This snake bite studs piercing by Forsaken adds a little bit of rebellion to this super sweet look. Well that wraps it up for this time. Enjoy all these goodies!!

See you around the grid

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Existential Rock

A portion of randomness today, I'm afraid, but beside burning to a fizzing cinder, what else can you do in a spluttering vulcano? We don't have any role models for this situation after all. The colours were too beaut to ignore, though, and fortunately heat isn't a problem in pixel paradise. One thing I discovered you don't do for intact self-respect, however, is try to look cool.

Existential Rock 2

The Narcissus' Room is a month and a bit old discount store/event. In theory it's for men only, but that remains a theory since the two items I picked up could as easily be unisex. Or am I wrong? The black Short Jacket from Rotten Defiance, no? The Sheer Black/White Leggings by [LV], no? The jacket got some pretty strong shoulder pads that's not really clear here, but I had too much fun with the pics to worry about such things :P

Existential Rock 1

The other stuff I'm wearing might not be discounted but it's still provides a lot of bang for your lindens:

Hair: Sydd hair from Discord Designs is a new release at the Wear Grey For A Day event. It's a prim hair, for those who wonder, and can easily be adjusted to fit anyone. Since Kallisti Burns added the extra ranges of colours, I dive on the Dark Essentials whenever available, the Cast Iron is simply me. 180L for a packet of colours, which is a good price for a top notch hair.

Make up: Darkly but still soft, the Darkened Mood Makeover from Mock Cosmetics - 75L. (I got mine is one of the many spontaneous gifting attacks that is a common hazard in the group.) Brilliant for some existential angst.

Lace top: From Poet Jacket and Shirt by A:S:S. 85L for one colour or 255L for 4 colour fat pack. Comes with two shirt options plus a lace trimmed cropped jacket.

Belts: Own modifications of COCO's copy/mod Slim Jeans Belt, 50L

Ankle boots: Gaga Platform No Heels from Blackburns, only on market place and only for 29L

Jewellery: Piano rings from Accessory Bone, one for me finger and another added (81L for a pair) over a modded loop tie from something very old and probably free.

A few times I've had my fingers slapped by Marg for making my posts too long. Very softly and kindly, of course, as is her nature. Today I'll behave and if you want to find out about the last thing, which isn't fashion related, you can go here.

Photos were taken in the Fire Element Room in the Village to Heaven on Alpha Point.

The Retreat

The Retreat

MD StyleWatch would like to present The Retreat. A new discount shopping destination, featuring great quality items to spoil yourself with all for 50L or less. Opening soon!!!  Now accepting designers and bloggers!!! Please contact Margaux Dufaux in world for more info or to reserve your spot!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Reckless in the City

BeReckless in the City

It is just Tuesday and it has been a long week for me already, I don't have much to say. So I will just give you the facts!!

Dress: My Sexy Lace Dress - in red by BeReckless  the name says it all, great lace textures and sexy with out going overboard.

Shoes:  MANA Miranda Wedge in Red by Nardcotix  All I can say about these are Yummy!!  A welcome high from my shoe addiction. I love the bows on the back especially

 BeReckless in the City

Hair: Amylee - in Dirty by Catwa. Long and flowing with the hot rocker bump in the front.

Skin: Lelani- april goldfish in sunkissed by AlVulo - Current group gift, group free to join!! Great gifts often, and fun fresh skins.

Makeup: Prim Eyeliner  in black by Les Petite Details one of 3 free gifts in the skin shop, as well as group gift skin (not shown)  group free to join. Also Pauline Makeup - red full by Pekka  now at Stuff in Stock
going on til April 15th

*Earrings: Double Drop Earrings in  Polka Black/Red by Zephyr New to me shop with lots of great jewelry, you will be seeing more of this here for sure. 

*Necklace: Beadbox necklace in monotone by Nzuri now available in the gatcha at the Wear Grey for a Day event going on now til the  April 22nd to benefit the American Brain Tumor Association. Read more about it here.  Many super designers are involved, snap up some great swag and make the world a better place at the same time!! Should also mention there is a mini hunt with some wonderful items for $10L each. Pics of most on the official website.

*Ring: Dressed Stone Ring by EyNo. This lovely clunky ring is color change comes with one for each hand  now at BDE.

Bracelet: Orion Hand Belt w/chain  in black by Gabriel - Free group gift. Many other nice ones too for men and women. Group free to join

*Nails: Solid in red - Finesmith Designs - I have the whole set and they are a definite staple in my wardrobe

Phone: Mphone  Hot Pink by Mstyle. Awesome phone holds your own pics and songs, even better with the phone addict ao  from Gaeline each for boys and girls also

Poses: Sexy by Glitterati
           Naomi by Purple Poses  now at BDE

Thanks for reading!!!
Until next time

* denotes review copy. Thanks to all the designers

Wear Grey for A Day

The Wear Grey for A Day event opened the 6th of April and runs to the 22nd and raises funds for the American Brain Tumour Association. As all fund raising events, it's a fantastic collective expression of creating change where people takes part at so many levels... organising, donating, blogging... and shopping, of course. You actually don't have to have that many lindens to help this cause, a sim wide hunt with many participating stores offers items for 10L a pop. The hunt item is a small grey brain... and will provide a lot of entertainment while trying to find them o.0

I had great fun walking around the event the other day putting together an outfit from only Wear Grey vendors, the special offers that donates 100% to the charity. Of course it had to be in the greyscale colour wise.

Wear Grey 1

This is what I came up with. There's a fem dominance but that's just SL fashion, no? 

Agnes Finney's Summer Bliss Blouse is just too fresh and frilly to ignore and it goes beautifully with the part mesh Jolee Capris Elymode offers up. Only the cuffs are mesh and with a range of different sizes are included, there's no real shape issue. 

Sigma Jewels has some real neat subtly textured Eyelet Bracelets in pearly grey-pink or blues in the hunt, a real find, despite my rather crappy depiction of them above.

Yet another buy that's worth their lindens anywhere are the Rawr! spiky wedges by Forsaken. There's some pretty wild flouro leopard patterned ones as well beside my Snow Leopard colour that's worth having more than one look at.

Wear Grey 2

Last, but not least, Mockie of Mock Cosmetics has some soft event exclusive eye shadows up in soft glittery blue, grey or pink. She deserves a pat on the back since she produced these while being real sick in FL but refused to let the cause down. The result won't let anyone else down either.

Poses are my own. Art work in the back ground are by a talented FL artist, avatar Skye Hye, who has a very solid schooling to say the least and works in the 'traditonal' style in drawing, print making and painting. Her life studies and her little gallery is a great visit... as is the Greenhouse on the neighbouring sim. A couple of personal favourites in the 'realistic' genre.

The official web site for theWear Grey for A Day event can be found here => X.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Euphoria

Hiya :) I don't know if you've heard of the pre-spring sale they're having on Euphoria. Irrespective if you know about it or not, it's about to finish... sort of at midnight... so there's no time to dawdle.  Most shops have put out at least one quality item from their regular stock for only 50L. I landed in the thick of it quite by accident and as usual very late, but I was as excited as a child running between the stores exploring the goodies.

Spring Euphoria1

TokiD has this ethnic patterned Portland Shirt out, among a couple of other things. It comes with a body prim but I like it as a tank tucked into the high waist Tweed Black Pants that's part of the offer from CIA Designs (belongs with a colourful feather patterned low cut top). And yea, guys could wear this with good effect, too.

Other 'old' stuff, not from Euphoria but still available: Wanderer Bracelet from League, Clara hair from Truth

Spring Euphoria 2

One of the most exiting items on sale, in my humble opinion, is the all prim Black Leather Jacket at Shi.  There's a resizer script but the prims can be edited manually if needed. This is the fem garment but there's a similarly stylish deal for guys, too. 

The white Ynuit Jump Suit from sYs is fem but the relatively straight cut across the chest makes it quite unisex... without loosing the 'sex'. It's subtly but intricately textured, creating the perfect contrast to the simple, but still fanstatically yummilly thick, soft leather texture of the jacket. Oooohps, I'm salivating again.

Other stuff yet again 'old', even if still available. Miss Shippe's Cyborg Inserts (face part only) over Niven's Monochrome - Mask and black Lip over sYs' Cyber Tattoo - Digital.

That's it for this time... found out sort of five minutes ago how soon this event is over so pardon any mistakes worse than the usual. 'Management' seem to believe the store owners to only gradually remove the items, however, so hopefully there's no panic. 

Until next time... take care and have fun!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resort Time !!!

Resort Time!!

This is a holiday weekend for many, the nice spring weather is calling us all outside. This lovely Eros Spring gown by Lili's Couture Collection seemed like the perfect thing to wear to the resort. This 2 piece gown features a wonderful peacock print in pastel colors that is as fresh as spring itself. Currently on special for $125L, the gown alone is worth that and more but that is not all you get. This special package includes the gown, shoes, prim hands, make up, jewelry, lashes and eyes (not all shown). It normally sells for $650L, but until  April 9th ... you can get it for the special price of only $125L. Here I show it with the Metalic Violet nails I picked up in the Dress Me Purple hunt at PurpleMoon going on until April 15th.

Resort Time!!!

The Pink Star skin by WOW is a group gift and looks great with the make up included with the dress. I picked up this Vicky hair from Truth at the Truth District. It is a little short notice but today is the last day of the 50% off spring sale at the Truth District. So if there is anything you are wanting from that sale, you better get it today. Ok guys not long for all these offers so better jump on it, before it is too late.


Hair: Truth @ Truth District
Skin: WOW
Dress: Lili's Couture Collection
Nails: PurpleMoon
Jewelry: Ticky Tacky
Poses: Diesel Works- New Colleen poses

Knickerbocker Glory

Despite recent criminal implications on this here blog, I am an innocent man. Well, mainly innocent, I am guilty of something - getting way too excited at packages of stockings! Not like that though, perverts...

No, I have been giddy with time travelling goodness! In the fading embers of La Venta Eventa was a treat - an 18th century period outfit from A:S:S. But as fun as that was, it was just a taster. Yes, just in time for chocolatey Easter fun we can comment on Photos Nikolaidis's ever expanding A:S:S, and he takes us back in time with his new store A:S:S Decades. That noise you just heard? It was a squee through the ages!

So... where to start? Well the store is still petite just now, but there's a fair amount happening. When the sun finally arrives I may grab one of the nightshirts, but even with the stockings they'll be too chilly just now. Instead, another Louis! You can pick from many colours (179L each), but let's be honest here, if you're going to start a new life as a romantic the only sensible choice is rose. Which is why it's surprising I have it actually, but I do!

A:S:S Decades - Outdoors

Now me being me it's never too simple. Given my trip to the gallows I thought it just a bit tasteless to be too flamboyant, I wanted to be a little sombre so as not to upset my fans and groupies. That needed some serious thinking, luckily the new store had everything I needed (except the shoes...) and I grabbed the Gerard Shirt at just 75L which has a few less ruffles and seemed more appropriate. I also changed my stockings. They're rather nice mid-thigh offerings btw, Louis was white with a subtle rose emblem, but I went plain green as I felt they compliment the greens in the knickerbockers and vest rather well myself. Just 50L for a pack of 5 (and yes, the butterfly ones may be a fun summertime purchase if you ask me) so you won't break the bank if you get a hole in the toes.

"But wait" I hear you cry, "with all this spending have you missed the 'Freebie' in the URL up there?" Well have no fear, for my super snooping nose found not one freebie in the new store, but eight! Okay, technically it's two packs, but one does have seven freebies in so don't be picky, they're free okay! First up, gloves. Simple, elegant, what more do you need? Secondly, Mouches!

Decades Up Close

No not the moustache, the mouche! The beauty spot above my eyebrow! They were very popular in the 18th century and thankfully your freebie fatpack includes a notecard telling you the meaning of all the different locations. This was handy for me. I tried the flirtatious one but the hangman didn't seem to appreciate my charms, so I switched to dignified instead. That'll teach him.

So there you have it. A new store, full of old stuff. It's great! Even if being associated with Margaux gets you hanged...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling like a Criminal ..

Feeling like a Criminal

It is that time again and I am a little behind so let me get right to it and tell you about all these great things in the latest round of Stuff in Stock. The theme this time is Vintage so I channeled my inner Bonnie ( of Bonnie and Clyde fame) to bring you this post. First up this Vintage Strapless dress by Picarra,with it's classic polka dot print and red sash, this mini dress is a new take on vintage. Sexy and fun these platform mary-jane Zoey shoes by Chandelle  are just right thing for any vintage look.

Feeling like a Criminal..

Rounding out this vintage look also from Stuff in Stock, Sis3 skin by Jesylilo, this fair skin with strong red lips and beauty mark is classic beauty personified. Miss Prudence's Unlucky Locket by Sugar, shown open here so you can see the cute pic inside, has bat wings and some great details to add a little vintage darkness to this look. All of the items mentioned here will be available at Stuff in Stock til April 15th so don't miss out.

Enjoy and see you around the grid

Hair: D!va - 25K gift
Hair Flower: Atelier Am
Skin: Jesylilo  at Stuff in Stock
Prim Eyeliner: LpD -free gift in shop
Necklace: Sugar at Stuff in Stock 
Dress: Picarra  at Stuff in Stock
Bracelets: LouLou & co.
Nails: Virtual Insanity - past gift
Shoes: Chandelle  at Stuff in Stock
Poses: Eternal Dreams

Monday, April 2, 2012

Out from the Shadows

Hiya again... A little quickie with some more personal favourites from last week's MensWear Fashion Week... and a bite of the humble pie for me as well. I usually moan a lot about mesh and am generally paranoid about shapes and the necessity to conform to whatever basic shape the mesh item has and how I never expect to find mesh items that fit me...

I got too hungry, however, when Ladies Who Lunch showed their new collection for men. There was some 'unusual lines' that just screamed 'HAVE!' Mesh, of course, but I had to try and guess what... and that at the event that filled me with doubts about me and the future of SL fashion?  Talk about things meant to happen. So without further ado as they say...

LWLEgoisme 1

The Men's Euro Skirt, mesh with prim attachments, has clearly scottish kilts as inspiration, although it's fashionably shorter and made of more sprighty material than wool. I'm wearing it over a new new release from Egoisme, Whisper Spring, black leathers and yet another colour of those smexy Bi Laces tanks that's already a cornerstone in my wardrobe.

LWLEgoisme 2

Equally yummy as the skirt is the Prom-Tux Tee.... also LWL and with ruffles down the back for a refreshing change (included collar not worn). A definite must-have. Goes real well with their Drop Waist Skinnies. Even if the mesh pants shave a pound or two off me thighs, they sit easy on my inter gender butt so I'm a happy puppy.

Conclusion: Some real fresh breeze to gladden an andro soul for sure.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Start of Something...

I have a couple of goodies and events to share with you today. First up the Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt opens today 1st April. Lots of wonderful shops and goodies abound for all such as this Di Bodysuit from PurpleMoon. This bodysuit features a high waitsted bottom with contrasting trim and a bra top that ties in the back. It also comes with the beautiful co-ordinating flower tiara. Just a little taste of what you can expect from this great event. To see a couple of other items from this hunt previously blogged please see Rockstar

Another great event that starts soon is the Monday Mania 100th Celebration. Monday Mania is a weekly sales event with items priced $25L-$50L , marking their 100th round. In celebration vendors are leaving out gifts,and/or offering special priced items.One of the gifts this beautiful Willow Skin by Style by Kira. You get this gorgeous skin with and with out freckles. Here I have it with Peach lipgloss by LpD one of a few free gifts in the shop. That is all for this time. Check out these awesome events and enjoy some great gifts like these. Enjoy.


Hair: D!va 25K group gift
Skin: Style by Kira Monday Mania 100th gift
Lipgloss: LpD gift in the shop
Outfit: PurpleMoon- Fashioncentric gift
Nails and Jewelry: PurpleMoon
Poses: Glitterati,
 oOo Studio,
 The Muse Poses-group gift