Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Light in the Dark... Being a Thank You!

The sweet rich time of this season's advent calendars is over and for me it has been time to go through and sort all the gifts. Together with the little bit of hunting and the unavoidable extra shopping I've been doing, there's a few thousands items to explore. I thought I would dedicate this post to extend a big warm THANK YOU to all the creators who has worked so hard for this Christmas. THANK YOU for all the gifts and special offers you've put out across the grid.

Maybe the strange economy of SL might demand such things to stay in customers minds... but... it WORKS! From a consumer point of view it's not only about getting things for free. For me personally, it's more to explore, for me, new stores and catching up with old ones.... AND getting things for free! ;)

A gift is the best business card a store can distribute. The gift can be small, size doesn't matter the least. The quality of a freebie is sometimes the only clue a potential customer has about the craftmanship hidden behind an often photoshopped vendor image, so they are important. Generosity creates a wish to give something back, to show support by joining group and/or buying something/s in the store.

Yet again, to all creators, a big THANK YOU and all my wishes for a fruitful 2012 to all of you!

ALB Christmas 1

There is one content creator, however, who stands out for me. 

You all will know by now how fond I am of AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion's stuff but I don't know how many of you visited her calendar and fully enjoyed the rarity of her generosity. It is true I didn't visit many calendars so my sample size isn't too great, but still... By the time I'd unpacked the last, I was so touched I had tears in my eyes.

The ones of you who did go to ALB Dream Fashion on a daily basis, you'll recognise the carousel. It was assembled over three days. Cushions with relaxing poses, candles and champagne flutes in the centre and a surrounding ride ready to go around with a single click. A couple of the horses even have romantic couple poses. How sweet is that?

ALB Christmas 2

Everything you need for a romantic Christmas for two is found among the gifts, including a bath and a little house (to be honest, haven't rezzed tat one yet), complete with Christmas tree... under which were stunning outfits for both genders. I fell instantly in love with the male... black leather pants, frilly shirt and a rich red coat with marvellous black leather inclusions in the long 'skirt'. Boot are included as well. I'm wearing some others in the image above because my legs are simply to scrawny for certain sculpts. Not only is this outfit a keeper, but it's also already a favourite.  With this one it will be my dear lady's turn to dress to match me for sure...

... and immediately realises the more painful side of big FL holidays in SL... the absence of someone loved that's being kept busy by FL commitments. *Smiles and sits down on a comfy cushion* Well... that gives me time to find that matching round rug from wherever it's hiding in my inventory to give even more colour and warmth to the scene for when she comes back. 

ALB Christmas 3

All sadness pushed aside, there's simply too much beauty around to enjoy. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

To AnaLee Balut, THANK YOU for a most astonishing round of gifts for this Christmas. *Tips hir imaginary hat and bows deeply*

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas continues

Santa's busy day has passed and with that also the hard work for his elves. One of them had time to take me on a private tour around the North Pole. He must have heard about my sloppy kisses, however, because he insisted of walking around with this spiky holly leaf between his lips.

Lame introduction? Yup. Bear with me, it's just an attack of good mood.

There's a lot to be in a good mood about now as we emerge on the other side of Christmas. Both big and small things, for sure. One of those... and notice how I skilfully avoid attaching any judgment of value to the event... is [sYs] Designs little inhouse christmas hunt that's still up. At least it was still up yesterday.


There're eight packets to find in an easy trail of hints and the stuff above is what you'll have when you've found them all. Poncho, pants and a pair of stomper boots (given in six bits). The quality is very high.

The gifts are free, but group membership is needed. This cost 50L but any of these bits are worth more than that. You pick up the first hint and gift in the big sign advertising the hunt by the group joiners and off you go. There's no having to spend ages looking for little obscure titles or items in a back corner... it's all inspired by the season and the many colourful decorations the store has been filled with.

Bashly 4

I didn't go to the North Pole... but almost. I spent my morning exploring the arctic installation by Rebeca Bashly on MetaLes. For a few more pics, follow the link to my FlickR account (click the image). Better still, visit the sim for some of your own ^^ 

The holly leaf comes from the calendar at Orage, the pose is a christmas present from Diesel Works.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope the holiday is bringing peace and hope to you all... or relief for the seasonal indigestion at least... or comfort to those for whom Christmas isn't the glitzy silly season we're being sold left right and centre... or divine patience to those for whom Christmas doesn't mean a thing. Poouu! Christmas is complex when you start to think about it!

May the new year see the protests and awakening that's sweeping the planet come to fruition so we can get on with building a fair world for everyone.


I've spent a few days in front of a lucky chair trying to win certain goodies while busy in FL (as if you would need an excuse :P ). The store is Davinel and the chair in question randomly switches between seven different items (a mix for both genders, change every 10 minutes, no wild cards). There's a MM board as well that changes gift on a daily basis and well worth keeping an eye on.

It wasn't hard work to be patient. I love this build - a post-apocalyptic derelict cathedral in grey and rose which is part of a small tableaux up in the sky. It's worth a visit in it's own right. 


Then there's the clothes, of course. I hungered after three of the prizes because they make up a complete un-gendered outfit (if barefoot). Add some site-inspired wings and bobs your uncle as they say. I did win two of the items, doubles even... plus a pile of other things. My chances of winning were down to 0.5% for the last item, that's the point where my wallet came out.

Outfit consists of: Ferocious Sadness coat, Second Skin Half Dirty pants and Unconditional Crawler leg bands (seriously modded to fit left thigh). 

Poses are from Davinel as well (20L, found upstairs somewhere while exploring).


The red 'woodland' is only one of several stone/bead options of the Triple Strand necklace that's in the sale at RookHold for 75L a pop - round and friendly to go with that innocent face of mine XD

Below a somewhat photoshopped image to show you what the place looks like through my eyes. Pardon the obvious mistakes.

A big sloppy christmas angel kiss to you all. Have fun!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Men and Angels - Discuss

Okey... so I'm working on this rather important report in FL that's sort of just due now... hehe... or rather WAS due in past tense. What better way to cool the nerves but to plant oneself in front of a lucky chair or two to keep the pixel-self happy? See? Busy!

It has, in fact, resulted in a staring contest between my wallet and Lady Luck...  At what point does one give in and simply goes an buy the object of one's desires? The result will be next post.... together with some improbable probability calculations to prove me right in being stubborn or excuse me for giving up. Which one is, of course, dependent which one I need to feed my ego.

But even late reports require breaks so why not a little reminder of that there's just one week left on the big Menstuff Hunt that finishes the 25th this month. 

MenStuff Hunt 1

Somewhere around exactly more or less 150 stores participates. As the name suggests, 'Menstuff', it's stuff for men... but hey!... when has that ever stopped the ladies? (Come on guys... Occupy Evening Gowns!) 

The stuff is good quality. Might be mainly solid, everyday things... but the mix is fab.

MenStuff Hunt 2

This is some of the stuff I've found this far. SLURLS and hints can be found on the Menstuff web site.

Black outfit above:

Make up: #147 A:S:S
Necklace: #65 Dark Water Designs
Shirt: #89 PEER
Pants: #13 Legal Insanity
Chucks: #45 CODED

MenStuff Hunt 3

Light outfit:

Sunglasses: #12 SB Menswear
Scarf: #67 22769
Cardigan: #12 SB Menswear (Doohh... messed up on this one, two items from the same place)
Gloves: #11 MOHNA LISA
Jeans: #40 Connors
Boots: #55 7Style

About the men and angels? At least I have proven they CAN be mentioned in the same sentence. For the rest... you tell me ;P

*Looks at the calculated probability, shakes hir head and stomps off to the vendor.*

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Countdown and Cards

Since I've been a bit quiet there's lots going on in this post, and unfortunately some of it is now ancient history. So I figure while I show you gifts you may have missed out on (don't worry, I missed one too) I'd also brag a little. You see, everyone does year end reviews, everywhere you look it's the "Popstar whose name starts with a K of the year Awards!" and other such stuff, but I must admit I was very flattered to be nominated for the Best Of Blogs show at Show Me Yours. Now yes, it's true I know the committee, but I still needed a nomination to be included so it filled me with pride when someone suggested the shot from my post This Is England. That was the first time I actually admitted I was English on the blog; I would've happily kept on using Atlantic agnostic words but when it came to a story of my childhood there was no avoiding it - I had to come clean! The post meant a lot to me, so it was great to have that response from it.

Which brings us to this post in a double whammy funday type thing! You see, whilst nosing around the SMY hall (and I recommend you do go visit, there are some stunning shots in there from some amazing people) there is also a little side room with guest vendors. This is great if you're pushed for time or slightly lazy, but as the guest vendor in there right now is actually the big store across the bridge I'm going to recommend you take a little trip to Background Check if only because they have a nice little advent board giving away... backgrounds. The hint was in the name of the store really.

So yes, this is a little reminder of Marguax's extremely handy Advent List 2011! Which has proved helpful in making myself a little Christmas card!

Advent Card

The background is from the aforementioned Background Check, and given they made the parka that got me into the show - I raided the 22769 unisex advent for my outfit. On the 12th I picked up that shirt, the 8th gave me my Christmas kilt, and the 7th offered up earwarmers that obviously had Christmas music in judging by my face! Actually they didn't, the face is thanks to the free emoter HUD I picked up while grabbing advent gifts from aDORKable. Now these are largely female poses, aDORKable do make male poses too, but the advent seems to be female offerings, however as with much in SL if you ignore the packaging you'll quickly find that there's a lot of unisex goodies available - this one came from the 4th (and if you're lamenting not having these items then be glad you weren't trying for them - for some inexplicable reason I don't have one for the 5th from there...). And really, poke around just inside the door - there are a mountain of freebies for one and all!

I must admit though - I did cheat slightly. I was too lazy to find a font for my card and Background Check had a nice little Merry Christmas alpha texture that I could put in front of myself, it even had a sprig of holly on it so I splashed out the 25L and rezzed myself an extra prim. It really was easy, here's the set-up shot.

Card Setup

And as a bonus those snuggle winter boots are the 22769 group gift this month so you can still grab them. But honestly, December is a great month for freebies in general - if you've not been adventing yet get cracking, a lot of stores take the gifts down after one day (although it never hurts to try the old boxes...). I've managed a handy collection of poses, frisbee games, snow games, clothes, accessories, furniture, avatars, musical goodies, ornaments... who knows what else - this is more gifts than many a hunt and no brain power required! Thanks to all the vendors being so generous - you've given me much to cheer about this Christmas.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wild, even if not woolly

I seems to be into something of a animal skin themed coat run here... This is the latest that's crossed my path. I stumbled upon this one on during my ramblings and it's such fun I just have to share.

Zebra Coat 1

The Zebra Tuxedo from Siryelle's Dreams is actually part of a whole fem outfit complete with red pants, shirt/vest plus heels. A must have for me. Push it towards the male and it becomes glam big time. I love the frill around the neck and the bold red under coat reaching well below the zebra texture. 

Zebra Coat 2

The rest of the clothes are from A:S:S. Pants are the gift in the Menstuff Hunt and therefor free. Comes with a pretty cool makeup. The leather corset I've featured before as well and the boots... well, you can't really see them so they can be ignored... but they are from there as well.

Dread updo is from the constant source of fun hairs, BooN

Drama for drama for sure ^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Warmers

BUKKA has made it again... offering up some real beauts for nothing more than some luck. They've generously put two colour variations of a very well made coat are on offer in lucky board/chair. Only problem is that strange reversed probability... where does your letter go as soon as you park yourself in front of a lucky item?

Winter Warmer 1

The red coat is part of a christmas outfit containing, santa hat, scarf and leg warmers, all mod and   available on lucky board in satellite BUKKA's stall... on a snow covered tropical beach XD 

The loose christmas Lazy Boots are a MM prize from Death Row Designs a short while ago. Unfortunately, these boots are gone, but two other pairs (one unisex) has taken their place instead. Worth checking out. Needed group membership is free and you can join on the spot. Ohhps.... I can see mine on sale down stairs (80L) with the option of red/green socks.

Tee and jeans are fundraisers for Japan from Legal Insanity. The loose Clara hair, makes me feel like a Boticelli painting, is one of the new releases (I think) from Truth.

Winter Warmer 2

This colour version of the same coat is from a lucky chair at BUKKA's mainstore. The two other chairs are still running the knitted 'poncho' and boots I blogged a month ago

The retro green norwegian Marius Knit Sweater comes from Artelleri. It's very close to traditional men's sweaters... the variation that became fashionable a couple of decades into the 20th century. Available in a range of solid colours.

Discord Designs has a 15L offer out atm, black dreads that's the result of experimenting with sculpted dreads. I apologise for not showing it better but I simply enjoyed this pose to much *yawns* Maybe next time *Turns over and goes back to sleep* Good night, all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Precious as...

It's pretty amazing that fur in SL seem to need the same luxuary treatment as in FL. There's something about the texture, soft and precious even in pixel land, that asks for special attention... or maybe it's the subtle textures of this one that does things to me.

DreamFashion 1

AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion has an unusual knack with textures... always rich and varied but never garish. This Antiguo Coat of hers is no different, soft subtle natural greys and silvers blends with some as gentle browns and golds until your finger tips itch with the imagined feel of it.

The lower part uses a combination of system skirt and prims attached to upper legs and hips, creating a garment that moves with you but which still can be lined with fur along the bottom hem. Do I like it? This is my fur coat for this season for sure, I love it... really do, no sales talk.

DreamFashion 2

Such a coat needs the right stuff to go with it. These quirky red crocodile skin Merle ankle boots comes from ALB Dream Fashion as well. The high waisted jeans from the New Hope outfit by Envious (market place) picks up the colours of the coat in a very delicate way (see what this coat does to me?). I found them, of course, in my inventory after only a few hours running between stores failing to find something else. Quite fast for me.

Red Nif Nif gloves by LeeZu, crimson neck tie by DCNY (market place).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

#10 Fashion Icon

It's the very last week of my personal Finesmith challenge. Ten weekly instalments that have been great to see through to the end! The learning curve has been steep and I feel like I'm graduating from an intensive course. I think that I'm actually ready to take on that 10 weeks challenge Finesmith ran last year... :P 

The last theme is 'Fashion Icon'. No need of a theoretical introduction to that. There's only one possible figure on my shortlist of fashion icons, the hauntingly beautiful androgyne beau Andrej Pejic who has stunned audiences the last few years with some serious gender bending. In fact, he wears a lot of fem clothes better than women does, while no one can doubt his gender when in male.

Now, he happens to be pale and blond and I'm not... but source of inspiration is true, down to the lace catsuit.

Fashion Icon 1

This outfit just exploded into place, no searching, no doubting, just a wham bam. It's a red version of an outfit Pejic has posed in. The jewellery set, Finesmith's Asia, was the very last to be chosen and so because of the soft feminine look of the pieces. 'Matching' the Docs from Gos perfectly.

Fashion Icon 2

Yummy catsuit, Velvet Elvis "Vampire BOY" Lacy catsuit, from Faster Pussycat and scrumptiously textures red Henna Jacket from Miamai. Finally the hair, HSO388, from BooN with it's big wave down the face. All together a feast of different textures and resulting in an outfit that's great fun to travel around in.

I can hardly believe this challenge has come to the end. To be 'forced' to face a theme that might not be your favourite thing to think about and still deliver on time... even if it's only been for my own pleasure and time has been a little bit elastic. But, hey!... what are deadlines for, if not to be missed?

Now I need to figure out what to do with all this free time... any ideas?

Until next time, take care and have fun. For those who might have followed this challenge partly or fully... thank you, I hope you got something out of it, too.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dreaming of White Christmas and Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas, possumsss....!

It is a little bit odd, to say the least, to approach Christmas time in Australia. Dreaming about white christmas here is as close you'll get to one for sure. I mean, we have summer with cherries and mangoes in season... and flies... Forget the roo, flies are the true icons of Oz. If you think 'aussie wave' refers to surfing, think again XD 

White Christmas 1

So what more australiana but some Dame Edna personification to boot? Seriously, the silly season is in full bloom here too. *nods nods* There's nothing silly about the dress, however, or anything else in the photo above... with the possible exception of myself. I'm only wearing the pieces that turns the outfit into dress pants. The full dress is more.

ALB Dream Fashion and other creators now active on the sim, have a fantastic calendar on the go with something worthwhile behind each little door. Even the the wraps/boxes/thingies are keepers, consisting as they do of these little german wooden christmas figurines. Just over one week in, these little cuties has delivered a sweet mix of clothes, jewellery and decorations with a touching generosity. There's stuff for guys too, just so you know.

White Christmas 2

ALB Dream Fashion is also taking part of the Peace On Earth Hunt with a gift catering for both genders. I'm wearing one of the male options above. Yay! A new colour of her sarouel pants I'm so fond of and which keep turning up in my posts. Here in a dark rich red/brown version worn with a bright jacket with extravagant sleeves.

The necklace by FabCat and the rust unisex Parade The Snow Boots by ShuShu are calendar gifts... as is the big version of the snow dome I'm prancing about in.  Just to be fair to any other involved creator who's gifts are still wrapped, here's the limo to the little market place... or maybe, more in style with the sim, the bejewelled elephant all dressed in brocade.

To finish off... some obligatory aussie high culture. Take care and have fun.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I might need a ride back


Hi! It's been like 10967835154367 days lol! I told Margaux that I was divorced with becuz it wouldn't let me post, but I wanted to come back and try it again.

Yesterday I was jumping around SL grabbing freebies and goodies there and over there:

Like my black cable knit sweater dress that is the currently Where is... hunt FREE gift at Sticky Fingers

I matched them with the new Kristica Nina boots, I really like they're rounded and the design, and they come in many colors. Thank you Kristic Furman!

Let's talk about my makeup, I went to Kosmetica and grabbed the Dollarbie by Doremi, it comes in two style but the same color.


Well enough from me! Take care!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

#9 'Contemporary'.. or 'Farewell my love'

It's week nine of my personal take on the 10 week challenge Finesmith Jewellery had one year ago. The theme is 'Contemporary'... which is great because that could mean just about anything.

For me, living in the post-post-modern, everything is kosher as long as you're conscious of the narrative to which whatever belongs. There's no more any real 'high' or 'low', all is on the same level. It's just the  implicit meaning and conscious or unconscious choice that remains.

Contemporary 1

So... here is my little story. I found it while doing my research for my last post on the Meta Body Project on Delicatessen. Finders keepers as they say. *nods nods*

The focus point for my outfit for this challenge is Finemith's Lorena shawl. It's natural looking without a hint of being contrived and is one of my absolute favourites of hers. The organic feel about it is what makes it 'contemporary' for me, the new getting back into touch with life. Pure goodness and good for digestion. Plenty of fibre :P

Contemporary 2

I enjoy how 'ethnic' material and ideas are gaining increased popularity in the 'west' and how the internet helps designers in the developing world to reach out. Inworld, I lap this meme up in whatever dose I can get it. It reminds me of the handmade and I like such things. The human contact, something rare and precious with today's mass production.

Contemporary 5

The whole look is obviously inspired by ethnic material. I can't imagine any greater riches than a patchwork of material from all over the world... just imagine the colours... the textures... the histories and traditions captured in a single garment. 

The stuff:

Hair: Ouzy from LoQ, one of two fatpacks that's the present subscriber gift

Jewellery: Lorena Shawl and Nola Bracelets from Finemith

Belt: Harem Sash by Ladies Who Lunch

Pants: Boho Pants from ALB Dream Fashion (former group gift)

Boots: Engineer Boots from COCO

Finally, some music to set the story telling going:

Friday, December 2, 2011

What am I today? *Checks the mirror*

Sometimes my relationship with my av needs a reality check. I mean a real reality check... as when I consider I've been changing outfits where I used to change species. Avatars are after all metaphors. Just like the land they stroll through they are the result of choices where every detail is laden with meaning. Sometimes we're not aware of those choices or sometimes they are made by others for us.

Fancy 1

Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu explored these thoughts in the crossworld  Meta Body Project during October. Gifting a rich and varied range of arty and quirky avatars, they invited us to explore ourselves and share the results of our visual musings with them.

Fancy 2

That part of the project might be in the past now, bottom line was the 20th October... but the work still lingers and the results can be enjoyed in FlickR. Action creates re-action and somehow and personally I can't believe the artists has said their last word on this subject yet. Avatars are simply too interesting in their every pixel for any last words.

The FL show the work took part in on the invitation of Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) can be enjoyed here in FlickR and is blogged here.

Fancy 3


Ok... ok... ok... something's put me in philosophical mood today. *Hides in the tall grass and waits for this inflicted moment to pass*

The avatars, while you're waiting, can be found above the artists' sim Delicatessen => X. The sim at sea level is mighty interesting as well. I am, however, on Immersiva, the always changing lair of Bryn Oh. 

Fancy 4

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Event List 2011

With Dec 1st upon us it is the start of the advent. Many shops celebrate this with daily gifts and goodies. Here is a list compiled by Tinka Bondar and myself, to help everyone get into the holiday spirit. Keep in mind that the time of day the gifts change or update may vary by creators time zone. This list will be updated as I confirm new locations so please check back for updates :)) Thanks to all these generous designers. Please check out these shops for some of your holiday shopping as well.

Ivalde- Advent Hunt





ALB Dream Fashion

Baby Monkey (Starts Dec 13th )

Diamond Downs (Small Fee)

Isis Boutique

Krouse's Sanctum (Small Fee)

Cero Style

DeVicious (small fee 99L)

KIttyCatS Winter Wonderland can also get gifts here  BOSL Country Club (less laggy)

Orage Creations


Lily's Garden Decor

 Sinful Temptations Boutique

Volkshochschule Deutsche


Skye Qi's  Vintage


AKA Ass Kicking Angels

C&D Designs (Group Gifts 1-10L, group free to join)

Weekend Salvage

PinkMares House Lucky advent

G&N Quality Design

Earthly Delights

YM Dezignz  Lucky advent

 FallnAngel Creations

 GINZA jewelry Kohime

Luckenbach Texas 

Virtual Impressions  ( Group gifts, free to join)

The Delectable Doll  ( Group Gifts, 50L fee to join group)

Lois Allen Designs (10L)

LaRosa (Gifts for men and women)

Yasum Design 


Viviane Fashion


Sacre Bleu

Mabinogion and Adore&Abhor

If you have info on other shops or would like to be added to the list please im Margaux Dufaux in-world

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Diamond

Fall Diamonds

I am a big fan of the fall, I so look forward to the fall and winter fashions when this season comes around. This Sugar Sweet ensemble by Ali Couture is a great example of the fall fashion I love so much. One of the awesome prize from the DIMH3, includes great knit sweater, tights, and leg warmers. Some sexy fall shorts and shoes completed this outfit.

Fall Diamonds
It almost seems unfair to show you this Chen skin by Al Vulo in blackpearl coco, since it was a group gift that is no longer available. It will however give you a little taste of the goodies you can get in this group. It is free to join and Hlin Bluebird is so generous, the gifts are plentiful and great way to sample some of the beautiful skins she has for sale in her shop. Be sure to check out the new shop when you go there.

The pics for this post were taken on the Pickle sim, new home of Concrete Flowers and a beautiful fall build. Gorgeous place with many little sweet spots scattered around for you to enjoy the splendor of  Autumn.


Skin- Al Vulo
Outfit: Ali Couture- Shoes included
Nails: Finesmith Designs
Poses: Exposeur

Monday, November 28, 2011

#8 White

Almost there... week eight out of ten of my Finesmith challenge. A little bit late as well, but life's been busy.

The theme is 'White'. I'm 'in talks' with a very talented skin creator for at least one new skin, one that would do better justice to this colour... but here goes anyway...

White 1

White has, as every other colour, different associations in different cultures. In mine, being western, the colour is associated to purity, innocence and everything good while in the east it's the colour of death. Death is, I suppose, also a kind of purification. Of course, white is the illusion of death the winter snow brings with its slumbering potential. I wanted to express the purity of the colour in some cool elegance. Looking at the result, I think 'pure soul' was in my mind as this outfit slowly developed.

White 2

I chose Finemith's Black Nile set consisting of a goatee and ear rings as a starting point. The immediate associations to a white cross can't be ignored as a westerner. Beside the colour itself, these pieces presented a challenge in themselves... where are the role models for bearded ladies? The slinky line and feel of the goatee creates down the chest is different and refreshing. Personally, I would have been happy to have a gold option to choose between, but artists have very specific visions at times.

The goatee brings the thoughts to those little beards of the east... and maybe that's why I haven't actually ever seen these pieces worn. It's very brave to take such a male icon as a beard and make something utterly female out of it. It falls in the same category as my pet peeve, skirts for guys, where traditional gender values stands in the way for innovation.

In retrospect, the white cross do combine east and west... it's becoming clearer day by day the role various churches has played in oppression, exploitation and crimes against humanity as instrument of death and despair. What more erie stones but white diamonds in a cross shape to illustrate all that? Hee... I could write and essay on possible, and perfectly un-intended, symbolism of the design. That's not my intent nor do I want to associate my dark broodings with Yula's jewellery. These are beautiful, unique pieces... I mean, who else but Finesmith would make such perfect nipple shields and call them ear rings? *winks*

White 3

The other bits and pieces...

Hair: New Tower Hair from L+N Signature. Comes with hair base that has this cute little forelock that's worthwhile in it's own right

Make up: AstroGlam, black, from Nuuna

Jacket: From Cassie Outfit, Diram

Corset: Santina from ALB Dream Fashion. Comes with the alternative of continuing half way down the thighs as pants

Pants: Gatsby Pants, obviously the white version, from Tableau Vivant

Shoes and Bustle: Precarious Platforms and High Tea Gown, both from Ladies Who Lunch

Photos were taken at the beautiful art deco Cotton Club, one of my and my SL partner's favourite places in SL. My apologies to the lady who arrived in the middle of this who must have thought I was nuts while working with the pose. XD

Last but far from the least... the music. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Like Flynn!

Sometimes you make a post with greater implications than you expect. In my case it was a rather harmless enjoyment of a nice moustache. I casually mentioned my desire for a thin little pencil moustache and my soon to be new best friend Kalli of the aforeblogged Discord Designs read this, and asked "what do you mean?" I was soon to learn I had missed an entire alcove in the November sale! Now give the amount of wall space I'm not entirely sure why she has these on the other side of the door but I am glad I found them! The Vega, the Gomez, they all caught my eye, but there were even greater treasures lurking that way too. Like the HG!

HG Wells

Why that is perfect for the time machine I needed for this adventure. You see SF Design have recently put some Elysium waistcoats up as their monthly free gift. But even better than that, they have also started selling them as part of a Victorian style suit! You get everything, from shoes to tie. Now it's a little more expensive than the Tasche Dash sale, but it is also truly stunning. HG enjoys it in brown and gold, obviously. But let's assume you're more of a villain. A rogue up to no good. Well then you should look to the red and black version.

Dick Dastardly

Of course HG is a good guy, so we turned to Salvadore for this facial wonder. He looks as Dastardly as Dick and you just know that brain is up to something. But truly, if there was a combination I would turn to it was obvious.

Errol Flynn

The blue and silver suit with a Flash on my top lip. Yes, what better for Flash than a tash to for that Flash harry look? It's perfect, I feel like Errol Flynn! I had to grab the full fat pack instantly for that one, on a day of great finds the Flash is easily my pick. Huzzah!

It should be noted that the moustaches all come in packs of 4, 12, or 36 shades, and the suits all come with numerous options of layers for jackets, shirts, and waistcoats, plus they have two ties for those who want more choices.



Just a quick post to tell you about some of the great goodies at this months Collabor88. This sexy little Ever- High waist mini dress by Boom. Available in 4 colors this sassy little dress is cute and also sexy with the sheer panels on the sides. All yours for 88L until Dec 8th, So don't miss out.

Another great find at Collabor88 this month, Paige skin by Illusory is a very pale skin with soft make up and sexy beauty mark by the mouth. Fantastic and only 88L it is true!! Told you it would be quick!! Hurry up and run over to Collabor88, where there are all these great goodies and more for prices ending in 88. New collections come out on the 8th of each month. So pick up all your favorites from this collection before they are gone. See you there


Hair: Analog Dog -
Skin:Illusory 88L at Collabor88
Dress: Boom 88L at Collabor88
Jewerly: Artistry by E
Nails: PurpleMoon
Poses: Exposeur -

Friday, November 25, 2011

I love you til the end of the world...

RMK Sweetness
I am sure most of you have seen or heard about the opening of the new shopping area on the RMK Goth Sim. There are many great shops many offering generous gifts such as this fairytale sweet Le jardin des Roses gown from World's End Garden @RMK Goth Mall .

RMK Sweetness

I love the barely there softness of the pink . The thoughtful feminine accents such as the lace trim on the bodice, floral accented waistline, and full skirt with sheer tulle overlay.

RMK Sweetness
So ladylike and detailed even down to the underclothes. Sexy sheer stockings with soft lace trim and ribbon garters. All with a satin soft glow of sweetness. Get this while you can and be sure to explore the mall some when you swing by to pick this up. See you around the grid,

Hair: D!va- DIMH3
Skin: Filthy- Nov Group Gift- Fee to Join but totally worth it
Gown: WEG @ RMK - Opening Gift
Jewelry: WTG @ RMK- Opening Gift
Eyes: Sorry.Asia- Group gift- Free to join
Shoe: GOS- not free
Poses: Magnifique Poses and D!va

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bring On The Violins

Ok, so the Vintage Fair is on. Not news anymore. It's a colourful, drool inducing experience and a good zen practice as it brings you down to the pace of the inevitable lag.

Despite the riches on offer, I was struggling to find stuff suited for the androgyne. This might be fair enough, to be honest, but still made my day a wee tad gloomy. The more fanciful the female outfits, the less extravagant the male... if present at all. And for the androgyne? He he.... well... not.


I realised this after I came across three theatrical creations from LG Concept Mademoiselle collection, sweetly suggesting commedia dell'arte and carnival. For once, my standard personal challenge at these events, 'create three outfits', failed and I had to leave the fair to find stuff to wear with them. 

Not that I'm complaining... in the end I had real good fun putting this lot together... keeping my initial gloominess as inspiration. For a larger version of the image above to see the outfits better, just click the X


The Violin Collar... sweet number one. Not yet available at the store but can be found at the shop at the fair.  Miamai released their new Linda Jumpsuit just in time to stop me tearing my hair out. White shirt and black opera gloves from the historic depths of my inventory. 

An old maiko skin became perfection with the black/pink Drama Eyes and Devil May Cry tears from Sorry Asia. Hooray for multiple layers, tears for Sorry Asia that's about to close the doors the 27th November. 

Last but not least.. my funny favourite PYO902 hair from BooN.


The Floral Napoleon... sweet number two. The original is a bit smaller... made to sit daintily on a fem hairdo. Comes as no mod and without any resizer... too many prims are already at their smallest size I was informed so mod was a risky business. Thank you LaGyo for this copy, making it possible for me to wear it in the male way on my larger head.

White Bow Shirt and Balloon Pants are both from COCO. Boots with stockings from ALB Dreamfashion, the 'seashore' Joy Boots.

The thematic Columbine Apres La Danse cosmetics is my latest purchase from Miss Shippe's Studio and hair base with the forelock comes from a new release at L+N Signature.


The Blind Mask - sweet number three. Perfect fit over a multiple layered makeup. The Devil May Cry tears and Nuuna's Astroglam Pink Makeup over the Clockwork Geisha from Tableau Vivant.

Cropped New Hope Sweater from Envious and Elaine Bell Bottom from Bliss Couture.

The backdrop is a photo of the de Chirico inspired tableau at the surrealistic Flashman's jazz club. Photos raw from SL... except the top one where three images was superimposed over each other.