Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brittany BloodRed Leather

This sexy leather skirt outfit is group git from aDIVA Couture and it comes with everything you see here from the necklace to the stockings. There is $250L membership fee to join this group.

I've added TRUTH Kalista hair, MANDALA Takayama silver earrings and TIK TOK eye shadow. (not free)
Skin: Belleza - Elle
Eyes: Poetic - Gold Flakes Tourmaline
Eyelashes: Pulse - Diva

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wonder Woman !!

♫ Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
Now the world is ready for you,
and the wonders you can do.

Make a hawk a dove,
Stop a war with love,
Make a liar tell the truth! ♫

Wonder Woman!

Outfit: Wonder Woman from A&k Designs - FREE in shop (thank you Saint Resistance for posting it as a group notice, I can NOT live without this outfit)

Photo Studio:
Art Box - incredible photo studio I meant to blog for ages... I quote: 'Three-dimensional renderings of famous paintings and photographs ☆starring☆ you!' (they even give you all the props you need!)

I couldn't help taking a snapshot of the owners Frankie Rockett & Violet Sweetwater, plotting their next scene, no doubt :-) Check out their
Flick gallery.

Frankie Rockett & Violet Sweetwater

Fall Delights

I love the fall season, and all the beautiful warm colors . The gifts from great designers are falling like leaves from the trees. Check out the latest goodies I have gotten my hands on

Fall Delight

This fun Cleo hair from Truth in Streaked - fire, is a group gift and comes in festive colors and includes plain and streaked options. An awesome gift of some of the best hair on the grid, hit the subcribo and it can be yours.

This great jacket and leather shorts are part of the Jennifer Moss Halloween Hunt gift from Adiva that includes the jewelry. Also includes a skirt and stockings (not shown) . Currently there is a hunt going on where pumpkins fall from the sky with a letter on them, when it is your letter you hit it and win. The gifts are being refreshed from time to time so there are lots of great outfits to win.

Fall Delight

This awesome Kawaii- pumpkin pie skin by cupcakes by Cupcakes in copper keeps the flow of great fall colors and really ties the look together. Will be available in the group notices until Nov 1st. The group join fee is $100L but this skin alone is worth that and more. Also if you stay in the group will get get great gifts regularly so if you love Cupcakes skins it is a awesome investment that will pay for itself time and time again.

Enjoy these awesome gifts from some of the best designers sl has to offer and the crisp fall weather.

See you on the grid

Lashes: Long EyeLashes Model by Nikita Fride and Innocent. eyelashes - gentle by Glow

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween gifts

Busy like mad in RL but couldn't resist blogging a couple of Halloween things. Everything I'm wearing here is free.

Gorgeous sleepy vamp skin from
Mango, Mango! (Bad Blood hunt)
'The Precious' tattoo from
Tacky Star (Bad Blood hunt)
Chione light eyes from
Ibanez (Group gift)
Halloween hair from
CheerNo (Gift in shop)

Bad blood hunt

Bad blood hunt

Thursday, October 21, 2010

LeeZu Treat

LeeZu Treat

Rut-Roh Cinders, looks like we are in a real spot. I am not sure what it is but I think it is hungry. This super cool tree monster lizard thingy is at the new Jabberwocky. Super cool and has to be seen to appreciate just how cool it really is. Incredibly detailed and also a little interactive. Be sure to check it out here (get close to see what it will do) .

LeeZu Treat

Cinders and I make a quick get away on this Flying Broom by ... TorridWear & Kari. This is so neat and you wear it so can use it anywhere, it has some really great animations in it to for floating and flying anywhere you need to go. If you are like me and don't like to travel alone it does come with sweet little passenger, I named mine Cinders.This was a group gift from the subscribo not sure if still available. Making my fashionable escape in this super cute Annie Dress Halloween gift by my favorite designer LeeZu. This awesome dress is a group gift available in the notices of the update group or the history of the subscribo group. The details are amazing, the fun skully motif on the trim, the open shouldered shirt that will also look great with other things and the flirty feather accents on the skit and jacket (Not shown here) all all hallmarks of LeeZu Baxter's eclectic couture. Muah

LeeZu Treat

Playing up on the fall colors of the dress this Kawaii- Pumpkin Pie skin in copper from *Cupcakes. It is a group gift and it cost $100L to join this group but it is work every single $L and will get that back and more with the first gift. I love the glossy lips and if you look close just a hint of freckles. To add a little smokey drama to it I am wearing Makeup 6 from TikTok Body Care. Also some great gifts out in the store including tattoo layer birth marks (moles). Mia hair from ::RubisoHo:: in majestic was a luck board win. I love the sweet little bow that is color change. Take your friends and mob the place, with 9 group lucky boards you are all bound to leave with some sweet hair, and affordable if you just want to buy it too.

LeeZu Treat

Last and totally not least these super cute Sophie square-toe shoes by G Fields in autumn leaf are a perfect accent for this fall outfit. A fun play on a favorite classic these square toe autumn hued mary-jane pumps with big buckle and leaf green trim were a lucky board win at the Petite Pas Mall location. There were many lucky boards there from many great stores.. You really must check it out!! Marg and Cinders out..

See you around the grid

Eyes:MADesigns EYES_PROMISE ~ brown 7- Past group gift
Lashes:Long EyeLashes Model by Nikita Fride -Not Free

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sugar and frizz

I SO had to blog this 'Sugar' skin from MiaSnow, free from the Mini Mania in her shop. Had to find the craziest hair (Free from Arata Shouten) to go with it. Job done. Skin sugary, hair frizzy, me happy.

Sugar and frizz


I briefly found out about ::Poised:: a while ago, while doing the Make Him Over hunt and thought I'd go back and explore. And I couldn't believe my eyes. I make a point of only blogging stuff I would wear (been wearing the grey outfit all week) or designers I respect, for their talent and generosity (you would be surprised at the amount of designers blaming freebie hunters for too much lag and not enough money, I will not blog those, obviously).

Poise Collins is a fantastic designer, and a lovely person. You will not regret paying her
shop a visit. Too much to list here, she's got 3 hunt prizes at the moment, lucky chairs, MM board, group gift, subscribo gift and I'm sure I forgot some. Here we go. Snapped in shop too.





Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Biker Chicks Rule!!!

Felt like being a bad ass chick today so I ran over to Envy Designs to grab up this Outlaw Complete Avatar they have on there Group Gift Wall!

Its amazing what you get for free in this pack!
Pretty Rocking Black Stilletto Boots, An outfit with lots of pieces so many different ways to wear it!
Picnik collage5
Comes with these two Skins from the Wrath Skin Line
In Frost and Red Lip Color!
Also 2 Shapes that you can Mod any way you like!
Picnik collage
Did I mention the Bad Ass Bike you get with this Avatar? OMG! Of course any bad ass chick needs a bad ass Chopper right? Comes with a HUD and lets ya do lots of stuffs!
Heres a close up of the Boots!
My Hair is from: Zero Style and its Free for group members!
Enjoy this Gifty while it lasts!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

LaVie + Fascino + Mynerva

For those of you that are into peacock-y things.. Check out the new release from LaVie !! (500L)

If you are a group member you will want to check out the hunt going on at the moment, check the notices for the details !
(group fee is 250L)

lavie + mynerva + fascino

Hair : Fascino (not free but was on sale at 50L when I scooped it up)
Skin :
Mynerva (not free.. but one of my fave skins ever !)

Superman was born Superman

Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S”, that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes.

Superman was born Superman

Flash and I are wearing the same Superman outfit from Bleh. Free Superman pose from same shop and in fact everything else is free there, superheroes eh!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Japanese whispers

I love Japanese things, I love Japanese things, I love Japanese things. Have I told you today? I love Japanese things. Check out this look I put together, and psst, it's all FREE!!
Japanese whispers

Japanese whispers

Hair from Boudoir (Free gift in shop)
Skin from
Heartsick (Free gift in shop)
Eyes from
Ibanez (Free group gift)
Kimono from
Milk Hall Fair's Attic (Everything is Free in Fair's shop)
Geta shoes from
Umi Usagi (Free camping item)

Crazy for Apple May

Apple May Designs is having a 55L Sale!
Of Course I had to go scoop up some of the goodies and show you!

I love how flirty and bouncy her skirts are....and the colors!!!
Picnik collage3
Accessories like bracelets, Earrings, and Sculpted Belts come with each outfit!
Picnik collage
Lots more colors and designs not shown here so hit up this sale before its over!!
Picnik collage2
Skin: Pink Fuel :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fairy Dust

HeartSick is becoming one of my Fav Skin shops lately!
Group Members can grab this Enchant Fairy Dust Skin Free in the shop now!
Comes in many tones, cleavages, freckles and birthmarks!
Envy Designs has just released there October Group Gift called Addison!
Comes with Boots, Belt, Prim Skirt, and Jewelry in this oh so cute plaidish pink!
I paired it with the Fairy Dust Skin in Rapture Tone and it seems to go Fabulous together!

Envy Designs is also having a 50% off sale on the entire store if you want to grab some deals while youre there getting your Free Gift!


I love Fall!

Hi Everyone!!! Its been a little while since Ive been here...but I got some great goodies to tell you about :) Im really in the fall spirit today for some reason so Im bringing you some fall gifties available now!
This Skin from Fang Candy is a free gift at there store! It comes in 2 tones and its pretty amazing! Im wearing it throughout this post :)
The dress Im wearing is a free gift from RBZ Design!
The Gold color goes really well with the Shiny Things brand new Delphine Pumps in Gold that are available now in the subscribo for..yes you guessed it Free!Heres a close up of these cuties!
The last goodie is from BlackLace and its a free lingerie set for fall that is just to die for!!
Im really loving the Oranges and Golds seen all over the grid at the moment!
Happy Fall!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Those were the days...

We were young, we were free, we pranced about without a care in the world... Like sand through an hourglass, so does the world turn... ok enough of that rubbish *chuckles* Hey! Everything you see here is FREE, hurray!


On Flash (bless him):
Skin: Shawn skin @
Belleza (Group gift, L$250 to join group but you'll get so many gorgeous skins out of it...)
Shape: Andy @
Miyoko Magic aka Miss Fat Cow 2010 (Free MHO hunt prize #29)
Avoid (Free from previous MHO hunt)
Boxer shorts:
Concrete flowers (Free MHO hunt prize #26)
Monkey tattoos:
Aitui (Free in Tattoo section of the shop)

On me:
Mango, Mango! (Free 'Blame it on the Pop' hunt prize)
Hair: Reed @
Uncleweb Studio (I love this shop and this male/unisex freebie, high quality and available all year around)
Tank set:
T Junction (Free gift in shop)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moo silly cow!!

I remember being deleted once after calling a 'friend' of mine a 'silly cow' but it's affectionate! So here we are, Miyoko aka Miss Fat Cow 2010 (Miyoko LOVES being called a cow), Flash aka Sensitive Udders, me aka Moo Moo blogger and Mummy who carried on eating. The farm is Dutch, the milk is fresh and the pyjamas (including slippers and the cow-toy) are FREE!! Moo heaven!

Silly cow!

The whole shop is free, explore it, it's fantastic, they have all sorts. Me loves Japanese designers, A-LOT. It's called Milk Hall Fair's Attic and here is your tractor. Oh and if you haven't been to Miyoko's shop either, shame on you, she's got fabulous stuff in there, mainly animation poses for photos or AOs. And she will be waiting for you with some milk and music.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More From The Call for Couture

As you know the Call for Couture is now officially open and I am so excited about all the great things that are there. If you have been anywhere around me you have heard me raving about it and how you simply must go. Chic Management and many talented and generous designers have worked hard to bring this to you, so don't miss out. Head on down and snag some really awesome designs for an even better cause.

League Call for Couture Close up

First up from the
Call for Couture this yummy Rita Shape & Skin from Tik Tok Body Care by Miah McAuley. I usually do not change shape too much but this was so cute I could not resist. I love the sweet full face a little flushed with a hint of freckles and the petite shape really complimented this outfit perfectly. Tik Tok Body Care regularly has some great gifts and also does some nice make-up layers so be sure to stop by there sometime.

League Call for Couture

Another delectable treat from
Call for Couture is this gorgeous Burlesque Rose Outfit in Vintage Plum from League. League has long been a personal favorite of mine for some of the sexiest designs on the grid. Nena Janus really went all out in designing this beautiful outfit with tons of great details and features. I really liked that it also comes with several nice options, 2 different skirt lengths , 3 different sets of stockings (with and without sweet pink ribbon) and 4 bust drape options (in both regular and risque), so you will always be able to make the look your own. The deep plum corset with draping skirt and bustle adorned with colorful roses that also are featured on the matching boots are sure to make even the hardest chick feel like a total femme fatale.

League Call for Couture Boots

Topping off this look is this classic and stylish *Suki* bob in Umber from ::RubisoHo:: . A very nice lucky board win. They have 9 group (free to join) lucky boards there with some super cute hair. If you ever have some free time take your girlfriends and stalk the place, you will not be disappointed.

I think that about covers it for now but stay tuned for for great goodies from
the Call for Couture

See you there

The Call for Couture Festival

A not to miss event, The Call for Couture by Chick Management! Over 180 brands that will be selling an exclusive item only found at the event.

Be sure to check out the auction items for which 50% will go to Samaritans. Visit them at

Here are just a few items... more to come if RL permits :)

From Magoa @150L exclusive item

call for couture Magoa

From Fume @250L exclusive item

call for couture Fume

Skin is from Imabee @ 900L exclusive item

Hair :
Mikan lucky board

Supporting a great cause!

Because woman are worth it!

The LOW sale group is showing their support for breast cancer awareness and have gone pink this week. You will find lots of pink items on sale at 50% off or more, and even some free ones! Several of our amazing merchants are donating some or all of the proceeds they receive from their pink sales to Strides - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

I have decided that I will be wearing pink as much as possible this month as another way to show my support. And this great sale list sure is helping...LOL I blogged one of the outfits and lots of the shoes in the sale yesterday, and today I would like to tell you about a few of the items you can get from The Sacred Roze.

Roze has went all out for this wonderful cause creating new items and even deciding to put everything pink in her store on sale for 50% off! Not only can you get a beautiful gown for just 70L, but you can buy the matching shoes for 40L and a gorgeous necklace for just 50L. That's only 160L for a complete outfit that not only makes you feel beautiful, but shows your support in an amazing way. The gown and necklace are brand new just for this occasion, and have never been sold before.

The gown is full around the hips and legs, with sheer layers overlaying solid layers, totally making you feel like a princess. She has added the pink ribbon design to the bottom part of the layers and the adorable bow in the back, also completely around the top of the bodice. I love the three straps holding up the sweetheart shaped bodice, they really help draw attention to the objects of our support. *grins*

*Raises the front of her dress so you can get a close view of the shoes.* Aren't the heels beautiful? And a perfect match for this dress. They also have the pink ribbon design, but with added words of encouragement like "Hope, Life, Care, Faith, Cure". How inspiring is that?

I fell in love with this necklace as soon as I saw it. I love Black Hills gold, and Roze used it in an amazing way for this creation. She has polished up the gold ribbon until it gleams and added the lovely rose and leaves in the center. The pendant hangs in front on thin gold chains wrapped delicately around your neck.

You can get these creations at The Sacred Roze, and remember, all of her other pink items are on sale also!

And don't forget to visit the LOW Bazaar for your one stop sale shopping. We have LOTS of great pink items for you to choose from, as well as a number of other wonderful creations. Please take a moment to donate to one of the Strides kiosks in the area, even if it's just 10L, every little bit helps!