Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Fairy Tales

Hi there! Pyrrhic here, and have I got a story for you! Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She wandered through many a hot & steamy sim looking for her prince charming, but to no avail. However, on her quest she found something even better. Our princess found a lovely new frock! Cinderella's New Clothes is a beautifully detailed mesh skirt and corset set, shown here in sand. Check out the rich detailing on the corset.... You can pick up this little gem at dirty.little.secret.

Cinderella's 2 Moons

Our poor princess was feeling a tad bit blue about the lack of princes in the land when she found something that perked her up quite nicely! There's nothing like a brand new shape, (without the work of a gym, of course), to get you feeling good about yourself. And Anna Shapes curvy little Elisa fit the bill! Busty, curvy, slightly petite, with a beautiful face... Oh yes, she was feeling much, much better!

Cinderella's 2 Moons

Still our princess wandered in world, searching and searching for a prince, when she stumbled upon the 2012 Hair Fair Flower sim and the ISON booth! The gorgeous Viviana, a blond mesh hair tipped in a soft princess pink, was just waiting for her in the form of a free gift! Although the Hair Fair is no longer going on, you can still find this style at ISON. Every princess needs perfectly coiffed hair if she wants to snag a prince. But my oh my... where are those princes??

Cinderella's 2 Moons

And then she got lucky! Not with a prince, oh no... She got lucky on the lucky chairs at Formanails and scored a free mani in Blume. So happy was she... But something was yet missing! And then she stumbled upon a sweet skin from APS Skins, Estell. Perfectly pouted lips and delicately arched brows with a dewy finish... She was starting to feel a lot better about... huh, what prince?

Cinderella's 2 Moons

She had almost given up seeking out prince charming... But who was going to put a glass slipper on her feet?? And then she saw them. Cygnette Shoes in bisque by Scadenfreude at Collabor88! There's no need for glass slippers when you have these precious pumps! Classy & sassy, the beautiful satin bows keep these elegant slippers securely on her feet. Who needs a prince anyway!

Picture taken at Two Moons Garden
Ikon Horizon Eyes v2 - Pale Glass (group gift)
Poses by Fluke and Frozen Panty

Monday, July 30, 2012

Twisted Heart

Twisted Heart
When I saw this  Ciara Gown a new release by DK Designs, I fell in love with the delicate lace work on the low cut bodysuit and the long flowing bustled train in the back. It comes in 6 rich colors and right now until the end of August, everything in the shop is 50% off ( except new releases) Topping off things this lovely and dramatic Cordis hair by The Stringer Mausoleum, it really makes a huge statement with its heart shaped silhouette and pearl accents. Currently available at The Retreat , you get 12 color pack for only $50L. Be sure to check out the other items she offers there as well as some great offerings from some great designers.

Twisted  Heart

The perfect foundation for this dramatic look Julia-dating on the dark skin, the current group gift from Al Vulo. The group is free to join and great new skins regularly!! Here I am showing it with the After Dark tattoo eyeliner by Lucky #7 for the Hope for Emilia event going on now, read more about it here. These expressive poses, part of the  Fashion Icon3 set from Bent are just the thing to really show off this look. Bent has many creative props and poses, if you are a pose junkie like me or just enjoy taking pics you will want to have a look here. That is all for now. 

Thanks everyone and 
See you around the grid

Jewelry: Alienbear 
Shoes: NCore
Nails: Mandala    

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dont' Miss Out!!


Hi all it is me again with a brand new post and some goodies you will want to be sure not to miss. Starting with this adorable White Lacey Dress by Piccara available for just a few more days at Stuff in Stock


You also have just a few more days to find this wonderful Basma Skin from WoW, a fantastic hunt gift for July, look for a tiny box with the WoW logo. Last but not least this Funky Color Block Prop by Bent. I am sure you have been seeing all over the blogs. This colorful wall comes equipped with 10 lovely poses and is sure to add some interest and depth to any photo op.(looks great with shadows)  You can snag this for just a few more days at The Retreat for a cool $50L. If you would like to see what else is at The Retreat, you can check it out here.

Thanks to all the designers and thank you all for reading.
See you around the grid

Hair- LoQ- Now only $70L for fatpack TDR shop of the collection
Shoes- SLink- courtesy of Gregory Mauer
Nails: Mandala
Necklace and Earrings- Addiction Jewelry
Ring- FuLo 
Bracelets- LacieCakes

Lost in the Jungle

Lost in the jungle

Hi there my name is Beautifull Princess and I am the newest blogger here at StyleWatch. I am excited to have the chance to share my finds with you.

When I tried on this Idol II outfit (here in camouflage) from Sassy! available now at The Retreat for $50L, it inspired me to go on a little fashion mission. I got these rugged Timber Boots from Miel, my rations, then my trusted guide/escort Monkiki and I set off for an adventure. Let's see where we end up!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Retreat


For warm weather dressing it is hard to go wrong with a simple tank dress.  This Simple Tank Dress by 1Hundred is one of the newest items available at The Retreat for just $50L  The classic design is easy to dress up or down and suits nearly every body type there is.


Also currently available at The Retreat, Nadine skin by Panda Punx. Here I show it with Bed Time Stories tattoo liner makeup by Lucky #7, that was made especially for the Hope for Emilia event that starts this week, to help benefit victims of recent earthquakes in  Emilia, Italy. Read more about it here.

Wrapping up this look the Temple of  Light necklace by Addiction Jewelry, with great details, this design can be worn with a endless range of styles.  Be sure to check Addiction Jewelry, she has amazing specials regularly. Tatiana II hair by Tameless with it's soft flowing locks, tops off this casual summer look.

Thanks to the designers and to all of you for reading
See you around the grid

Bracelet: The Stringer Mausoleum
Poses: The Muse Poses- Eupharie
Nails- Mandala 
Phone: MStyle
Eyes: KMadd
Piercing: Forsaken

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Retreat

The Retreat

The weekend is here and it is time to relax. What better way to do that than a little retail therapy?  At The Retreat, with designer goodies for $50L and less, enjoy self indulgent shopping in the beauty of nature. Today new items available including exclusive skin by NVious and more... see pics of the new items here What's new at The Retreat, July 21st 

Enjoy and Happy Weekend all!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Andie wants a cupcake!

Yay!! I'm back on the road with some freebies, goodies and not to miss offers!! Have you been to the HAIR FAIR 2012?? Well now is the time!! Show some linden love and get high quality hairs to help Wigs for Kids. Each designer will donate at least 15% of their sales. Plus being so kind designers have set up tons of freebies around!.

Like my Elizabeth hair in supernova tone by GOTZSCHE, freebie bag comes with 5 galaxy tones.

I matched it with the cutest yummy fluffy bow ever!!! And it's not heavy trust me! I got it at LaViere's booth at Hair Fair, it's a dollarbie: 10 bows like these and one mesh hair style in two colors!! You read it right all that for 1L!!!. They are copy so you can use it however you want.

My shirt is mesh and it's from Le Lolo, I like the color and shoulder part of the top and guess what? Solostah Scientist the designer has set items like this one as Limited underpriced items! Yes, she has picked up 8 different items including jackets, tops, shorts, jeans and has put 55 items of each at 55L each!!. Hurry up since once they are sold out they will be gone!.

Offers offers, I LOVE them, like this cool treat by TokiD: solo jeans (mesh) for 99L each, the offer runs this weekend only and includes light colors such lilac, green, yellow, so have a look, try a demo and happy shopping!.

Other featured items:
Eva skin by My Uglydorothy, old old old lucky board.
Ankle lace up boots by Anexx.
Cube ring by Lagyo.

Hope you have liked this look, take care!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinkie Promise

Pinkie Promise

The only thing more fun than playing with dolls is being one. The Promise lingerie set by BlackLace here in soft pink, features a sexy body hugging slip, with crossed spaghetti straps and key hole opening in the back.

Pinkie Promise

Made from deliciously sheer lace the slip has a fully lined bra top with sweetheart neckline. Adorable ruffle and bows accents, bring out my inner dolly. As most things BlackLace does it comes complete with garters, panties and stocking options. This wonderful jewel is Mariska Simons'  offering for the TOSL2 Hunt, that is coming to a close. You only have til July 15th to get this and other great goodies offered to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of  Taste of Second Life. Congrats to everyone at TOSL, thanks for the great work you do to offer quality events in sl!!

Pinkie Promise

The supporting cast for my dolly incarnation. Nana hair, a new release by D!va. It's loose soft curls, side swept bangs and dolly-rific color change bow adds a bit of sweetness to a variety of  looks. MiChi III LB skin by Mother Goose's was an awesome lucky board score and with over 30 lucky boards it is not hard to win some of the sweetest skin on the grid.

Pinkie Promise Eyes

 Look deep into my eyes, these awesome Hollywood Eyes by The Stringer Mausoleum here in Evening  currently  at The Retreat, where you can treat yourself with great items for $50L or less. Many great new items, come to shop or just enjoy the beauty of our gardens. Thanks to Eve Bellic for the use of her doll house to pose with and all the designers for the items I used to produce this look...

back to reality
See you around the grid

Shoes: GOS
Nails : Mandala
Poses: Tillie's Pose Stand - Glitterati and Diesel Works poses included

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy

Hello again :)

The letter F in my survey of the classic outfitS by Ronja Pera of RDesigns, which has become a labour of love for me. For more of an intro, if you need it, you can check out the very first post here.

The letter F stands for Fairy, Fairy and Fairy. Even if they've sharing the name and are based on the same texture, there's more than their colour that differs so I'll present them as three different outfits. None of them came with footwear. 

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy 2

F is for Fairy, Pink Fairy... quite obviously. It's using an embroidered flower as base and it's just the colour of it that differ between the three variations. 

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy

F is for Fairy, plain Fairy for this one ^^ Beside the colour, it's only the length of the two included shirts that's different from Pink. I enjoy how she worked/works with textures, there's a lot of imagination evident and looks a lot of fun.

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy 3

F is for Fairy, White Fairy, which has shoulder attachments rather than wings and yet another version of skirt. This texture is the nicest in my humble opinion, white with a little pink in the stitching.

None of these outfits are available at the three big freebie palaces I've visited, they were included in the collections I've received from Ronja. The footwear, however are easy to collect, from the top pic: Summerdream Pink ShoesSummerdream White Shoes and Medieval Boots. All three can be found on the fourth floor of Freebie Galaxy for FREE.

Since Ronja's old stuff are freebies now, I don't think she's mind too much if I spread them on. If anyone would like any of these outfits, please drop me a NOTECARD inworld and I'll forward them, FREE of course. Please be patient, though. I'm off travelling in a couple of days and even if I'll probably have access to SL now and then, I might be slow in responding.

That's it for today. I'll most likely not be able to post anything for a few weeks so take care and do all the things I wouldn't do.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Cannot Tell A Lie

I Cannot Tell a Lie

 George Washington said these words when asked about chopping down a cherry tree. I am not lying when I tell you I didn't have to chop down a cherry tree to get this sweet Cherry for the mouth (part of the Cherrytree set) by Pepper, currently available at this round of Stuff in Stock. Lovely and sequined this Red Haldana dress by Eluzion, will make you a sparkling treat. You can pick it up right now for a cool $50L at The Retreat.

I Cannot Tell a Lie

 Also from The Retreat this smoking Red Pearl skin by Wow. Here I show it with The Doll Eyeliner by #7 one of the newest designers to come to The Retreat. Delicious!! The Retreat has many designer goodies all for $50L and less, in a relaxing atmosphere to take you away from it all so come treat yourself. If you would like to see a few of the other things available now at The Retreat you can check out here. Time to make the doughnuts so I will see you all again soon ...

See you around the grid

Hair: Tameless
Nails: Mandala

Born Again

Hiya... I'm having a busy life not blogging... indeed *nods nods* I've been sorting out stuff and when I looked last that was the stuff from the Femboy Hunt.

I have been looking around for some kind of definition what a 'femboy' is. It's one of 'those' words everyone understands perfectly, until it's time to define it. My vote goes to: 'same as tomboy but opposite' XD No need for sexual orientation or kink to be involved even since a girl being a tomboy has nothing to do with her sexual preferences. It's quite obvious that real men can be soft and have fem mannerisms since it's real guys we're talking about. Plain logic.

For more info on the hunt and preview of the prizes, here's a link to their page... complete with hints and previews and all. The hunt items are 2L each.

Born Again

This is my compulsory ALMOST-everything-from-the-hunt-look, mix of course:

Hat: Bunbun Hat - Limited EditionActuate Eden
Skin: Femboy Hunt 2012 ExclusiveTableau Vivant
Makeup: Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow and Stellar Star StickersTori-Tastic
Top: Fashion BitchKre-ations
Nets: Mesh ArmwarmersDark Water Designs
Tape: Tintable Scotch BandageKre-ations
Pants: Pretty In Ice PinkDark Water Designs
Boots: ehmmm... from LOoLOo

Born Again 2

Rather beguiling, no? The skin is very beautiful. It's a bit on the young side for me but it sure sits sweetly on my shape. It goes well with the make up as well, I feel very much the part indeed :) A cutie!

I use this post to make a little announcement as well. Due to everything going on, both in the wider world and inside me, I'll more or less stop blogging for Marg. There's been no drama or falling out or anything negative happening behind the scenes, it's just me and how life is unfolding. I'm a staunch admirer of our Marg and I feel a bit bad for leaving her. I'll have a presence here for stuff like the stuff above plus I 'must' finish the Ronja project. For anything else, IF it happens at all and if so will have a wider scope I've been doing here, it will happen in my own blog, Down the Rabbit Hole. I'm NOT trying to divert your attention from MD StyleWatch, I've got Marg's blessing to inform in case someone need a dose of hermaphrodita and this blog is great for the variety it offers :)

Whatever happens in your life, take care and have fun :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

River girl


Hello there! It's been AGES yes I know, maybe you don't even remember me but I used to blog and have fun here once lol, and I still have fun blogging, so big thanks to Marg who gave me the oppotunity to belog to Freebie Fashionista a little long time ago *hugs!* Well I have a little bit of everything, a freebie included even so let's begin:

I found this freebie few weeks ago and didn't have the chance to blog until today, in fact I'm only using it as inner shirt (green 3/4 sleeve top) but it's a dress by [Label Mode] which comes in 2 colors: green and yellow. Buy it for FREE at the Marketplace.

I layered it with the new Simple undershirt by :::Le Primitif::: in grey scale, what I like about Yani Tryce's releases is the color options she has such coral, lime, navy, etc. So go and take a look of all her products.

*EyeLure* has just released these Balloon shorts, they are mesh and I like the pattern pretty kawaii, I knew this brand as a makeup one but it's cool to know designers such Willow Markova try different things like clothing too. Thumbs up!

Another new release I'm wearing are these Moccasins in grey too by Kristica, these are unisex so you can get a pair and your boy can get another one, comes with little heart patterns or solid color too. Thank you Kristic Furman!.

For this cute look I chose this Sarang skin by Mother Goose's that I bought at Bomi's event but I'm sure it's available at mainstore.

My hair is from BOON, I went today and found she has released some cute really short hair styles, maybe some of you will love it.

Last but not least, my pose comes from the Model pack 74 by Focus Poses, I'm becoming addicted to these poses lol, so great for blogging.

Kisses and thanks for reading! xoxo

One Voice

One Voice

One Voice

Curio's Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process in Second Life requires that when there is legal action taken against your content, Linden Lab will remove it from the grid until a ruling is made. Gala's fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the enormous amount of legal fees she will have to bare in order to fight these baseless claims.
The fundraiser will be held from July 9-15, with a blogger preview on July 8th.
Some participants include Flowey, BareRose, Black Lace, Belleza, Ingenue, Laq, Luck Inc, One Bad Pixel, Gos, Truth, Bent, Fawn, Cupcake, evolve, Glam Affair, ely, Lassitude & Ennui, Zanzibar, Adorkable, Ikon, League and many more.
This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it's necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn't.
Please contact Sophia Harlow or OMGWTF Barbecue if you'd like to participate as a content creator or blogger, and join the inworld group One Voice for updates and the LM when we open!
More info here: curioonline.org/2012/07/05/curio-news-release/

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Being Mindlessly Naughty

I'm not supposed to be blogging...

There are so many excellent blogs by so many dedicated people about every aspect of SL and especially about SL fashion. In fact, there are so many that new releases can get boring before one even have a chance to get to the store, and sometimes that's even BEFORE they're released, it makes me wonder about what makes one keep it up. (Of course, we all know the answer, the passion for the subject and the simple fact we're human and like to share.)

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a paradigm shift happening in FL and I'm running out of time for everything. Consequently, I woke up this morning having decided that my blogging days were over. Instead, my SL life would consist reducing my inventory by 16 000 items for a while and revisit a little inworld art project I did over two weeks in the first quarter last year. 

I'm concerned what's happening with SL, how it's shrinking and of some aspects of its changing nature. Last year I visited 500 sims (in a systematic order to remove the effects of any choice or preference) and recorded them with a simple snapshot. Ah, thought I, let's revisit them... let's see how many still exists and if their use has changed and take another snap shot... of the same feature if it's still there.

Clearing1 1

Well, I DID manage to throw out well over 1000 items, but when I came to my senses again, not only had I put an av together, but I was on the first of the 500 sims in the middle of a photo shoot. Talk about mindless... or should it be addicted? *Face palms*

So I suppose I'll continue blogging, but it's likely to be a somewhat different. Oh, and the sim? Well, I'm happy to report that 0 0 Abbathax is still intact and still is a residential sim, even if my original photographed feature is gone. There's a few plots free for renting if you're looking for land ;)

Only 499 to go... 

Clearing1 2

But shhhh... I'm obviously trespassing, the colours of this place just happened to match my stuff.

Stuff (Links only where I know they're still up):

Horns: Aries Horns, Illusions, Texture change menu AND mod
Hair: Madison 2, Analog Dog
Mask: IRA - Destruction Mask, Fallen Gods Inc, 7DS Hunt item, will apparently become available in store, but it doesn't seem to be as yet
Shrug: Irinushka Bolero, LeLutka. Lightly tinted for better matching
Latex: Bound In Latex, Red Devil, Mini Mania FREE
Tail: From Faun by Riann Maltese, From inventory, colour modded
Legs: White Satyr, Gilded, Old hunt gift, re-textured
Pose: Del Mey

0 0 Abbathax

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Ya know what? I should do a big awesome post about something very cool and impressive. But it's an item in Lazy Sunday so I kinda wonder... do I have the energy?

I mean... that's the point of Lazy Sunday right? It's not about buying cool things cheap - it's about Sunday being a day for not working too hard. The designers don't? They work hard Saturday getting the stuff done! Then they too can have a Lazy Sunday.

But yeah, this is a big one so... a quickie. That funky funster (Oh I wish he was Finnish too...) Pho over at A:S:S has released another of his stunning skyboxes... but this one has something a little different...

Magpie Cottage

Magpie Cottage - 70L for today only - it's cool, and will get more expensive. It's a little forest cottage type place that will suit anyone who wants to hide away from the world. Although if you really want to hide be careful... this skybox has doors! People might come knocking or try to communicate with you or something!

Anyway, that's my work done for the day. I'm so lazy I'm still wearing the VITAMEN freebie boxers from last month. They've not changed yet. It's a great day for lazy shopping!