Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fantasy China Dynasty Land

Hello my lovlies. I have had some rl issues, we all know how that is, that have kept me from being able to post for a while but I was on and found this place and could not miss the chance to post. It is a Chinese role play sim that offers lots to see and do. If you want to read more about that then feel free to check out my other blog Misadventures of Margaux Dufaux. This post is primarily about these yummy and incredibly detailed freebies that they are giving away. They have some beautiful ones for sale and as I could see most were about 1600L so that makes this gift even more special. They are only out for a week so hurry down and get them. They even have some nice things for the guys and we all know that they are often neglected. So that being the case I enlisted the help of my friend Mango Mubble, representing for the guys.

Also they just added a new outfit so if you went there during the initial rush now have a reason to visit this incredible place again. First off on me we have the generous and lovely princess out wear of tang dynasty and on Mango ancient chinese scholar, both very detailed and a true gift created by Stone Ryba. The sencond get up that we put on while we explored this beautiful sim, I have on princess yang of tang dynasty and on Mango another out fit for the guys Ancient Chinese scholars. As Mango enjoys a musical selection by moi. After a little more wandering around we found this nice quite spot and here I have on Feel China-Bena blue cheong and Mango has on Zen Robe.

Ahh what can be much better? How about a dress made from art and also getting the print that it was made from? That is right it is in the store now so pick it up. While you are there be sure to have a look around and the art museum is not to be missed. A little more about the attractions of this unique build on an upcomming post on Misadventures of Margaux Dufaux. Be sure to check it out.. Thanks to all the great artist and generous folks of China Dynasty Land ... Enjoy Bisous..