Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spirit of the Season

Hello Pretties, Has been waaaay too long since the last post, but have been so busy with new studio. Be sure to come by M2C Photography and pick up Globe 212 in the POE hunt. The Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt is a fine example of how people from all over the world can come together in the spirit of unity and giving that seems to be almost universal during the holiday season. I for one am truly thankful to all the talented and generous vendors that are participating and also to the lovely ladies of Mode Rage for putting all this together, which was no small feat!! Thanks.

That being said.. on to the goodness..!!! First stop Insolence.. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, some of the most if not the most beautiful lingerie in all of sl !!! If you do not have at least one set of this stuff you are missing out. For anyone that doubts this they are currently offering a super gift of Jaime Christmas Outfit. Ohhh look!!! Such incrediably rich detail. The lingerie is a fine gift on its own but with the awesome shoes, hot dress and cute necklace it is truly not to be missed.

Next stop and old favorite and some new ones. Who doesn't love a little Sn@tch from time to time? I loves them, 2nd post was on Sn@tch, awesome designs great prices and nice details and the HoHoNo gift from there is not lacking on any of these components. A lovely classic sweater dress and socks. Be sure to get yours and while you are at it be sure to run to Mia Snow and on the coco tray treats abound. There are some skins and yummy treats like cupcakes and for your inner ( for some not so inner :P) dork there are these cute and tasty candy cane antlers. Also if you have not already noticed my J's gift UNISEX Engineer Long Boots are sooo nice. Very generous unisex gift at J's to get them join the group and be sure to take your man friends so that they can enjoy these as well.
I do have somethings I have to get back to but there are a few more things I want to tell you about to I enlisted the help of 2 of the Freebie Fashionista members, Leora Levee and Charity Richez to help get this all done.

First up Charity has on the awesome Son!a Winter Dress Gift. Great shop for elegant gowns and this one does not disappoint. I am wearing PixelDolls Elizabeth Group Gift dress and Leora has on *Alchemy* Snowflake (Christmas 2008 gift). All great gifts from some of the best designers sl has to offer. Let's all be thankful and look fab doing it ... I wish all the best of the season to all of you and yours. Also if you are in the holiday spirit and want to come to Christmas Costume party we will be having one at M2C on Dec 20th. Feel free to stop by will be good time and good company, also will be taking pics with Santa !! What is better than that I ask you? Also before I forget to keep all that Christmas Booty in order use the A&A inventory butler , this nifty little gadget allows you to pack your things into a prim and when you touch it , will list the contents, you put what you want in chat and it give you that item!!!You can pick one up at Alli&Ali Designs Now really, what would be better than that for the new year?Many of us have and the rest of us should have a resolution to get a grip on inventory bulging from all this holiday kindness. ...