Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ticket to Elegance pt deux

ticket to elegance pt deux

The Where is The Concert? Hunt, has 52 of sl finest offering goodies. One of those generous vendors is PurpleMoon. Besides the ticket, there are always many nice specials and group gifts that are amazing. This Rusalka Cocktail in Deep Purple, the group gift for reaching 11K members, is a perfect example of what you can expect for the small fee (50L) to join. An investment that will pay for itself many times just with this dress. The rich color and texture on the full skirt topped off with contrasting ruffled bodice and ruffled tie at the waist oozes elegance.

Ticket to Elegance Pt Deux

Adding still more elegance to this look the full length gloves with ruffles at the top as well. Also from PurpleMoon, this Ser hair attachment. Elegant and smooth, reflecting the ruffles on the dress this hair features this sweet lightly jeweled hairband. It also comes with hair bases for the basics and the hair is color change as well. Gift from the Where is the Concert? hunt, it seems to be made for this dress. Right now until the 15th there is also a Cherries on Top, minihunt going on there. There are 10 cherries hidden all over the shop and boho shop with some awesome gifts just for fun, who knows some of it may show up here.. anyway .. until next time see you around the grid


Hair: PurpleMoon
Skin: Atomic
Dress: Purple Moon
Shoes: GOS

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't Look At Me!

I feel I need to talk to the people who struggle to grasp my SLife since it's come to my attention that some people think it's pretty good.

Now I'm not denying there are benefits in being me, but really, sometimes it is just plain hard!

Case in point; you can simply stick your head out the door and grab the newspaper, but not me. When I open my door the paparazzi jump, hoping for a shot of me with egg on, if not my face, my dressing gown. I have to comb my hair and shave else tomorrow you'll see me all over the Linden Enquirer with headlines of my descent into madness and sloth.

Luckily I have a solution. The group gift at Contraption is called Blank Void - a nice black mask with gold cage (well really, I do need some luxury) that is perfect for hiding any toothpaste I've drooled on my chin. Ideal.

Of course, I can't risk a gust of wind blowing my robe up and showing the camera what's usually hidden in my pants, so I pull on a nice pair of comfy trousers, in this case the Light Chevron Pants that 22769 is selling for La Venta Eventa (only 69L).

For that added privacy? Why, I pull out a paparazzi pose from Stakey - the pack of 6 only cost me 50L since I'm in the group, but anyone can grab them for 100L.

Of course, all the privacy is great except one for one thing. No-one can see me! Lucky for me, those paps are determined folks (especially when I give them tip offs and bribes) so even as I recoil in terror from the flashing bulbs at the end of the driveway I can be safe in the knowledge, one of them is hiding in the bushes just for me.

Don't Look At Me!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ticket to Elegance

Ticket to Elegance

The Where Is the Concert? hunt going on through Feb 4th is a 2 week long hunt for tickets all over that grid. Collect all 52 tickets, snagging some awesome swag from 52 of sl's best content creators, and get invited to exclusive sl live music event. Learn more about it here. The Dita dress here in emerald is Tres Beau's generous offering for this hunt. Sleek and elegant, dress is classic design with fitted bodice and pencil skirt.
Ticket to Elegance
The off the shoulder neckline adorned with clunky jewels and fine scroll work is what sets this dress apart. Also elegant and sexy is this Jan Group gift skin from Filthy with smoldering beauty mark, (shown with lipstick layer ) . There is a nominal fee (199L) to join the group, but worth every $L with just one gift. There are monthly gifts for both men and women so check it out. You still have a couple of days to pick this one up.

A finishing touch for this classic look are these simple double stranded pearls and earrings, group gift from Alienbear. Free to join and lots of special high quality goodies and monthly gifts for members. Besides being generous Alienbear has some of the very best jewelry on the grid in my humble opinion. You should go there sometime and just look around.

Just a quick post to tell you about these great things, be sure to get them asap as time is running out. More to come soon. I have missed you all!! Mxx 

Skin: Filthy
Dress: Tres Beau
Jewelry: Alienbear
Shoes: NCore

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Letter Luck at Yasum

Yasum Design has added new stuff to their lucky chairs. Heee... there is some time since I was there so it probably be all be new to me anyway. Anyway, 17 chairs loaded with prizes for all genders, how about that? With so much stuff on offer, the 20 mins between letter changes are hardly noticed (no numbers or wildcards).

While waiting for the thing I really wanted, I managed to get most of the other stuff as well. Outfits, foot wear... even some unisex mesh dungarees.

Below are a few mix and match outfits from my visit. I apologise for those awful stripes in the photos, I think I understand them now anyway... see bottom.

Yasum 1

Sun glasses: Baggy Invasion
Top: Baggy Invasion
Gloves: Steam Baggys Male Edition
Jeans: Jeans Flash
Fishnets: Gruffy Urban
Belt: Urban Nitted (sic)

Yasum 2

Top: Slash - single garment
Pants: Punk Pants - single garment <= what I had my eyes on. Lots of potential me thinks.
Gloves: Steam Baggys Male Edition

Yasum 3

Armor: Steam Claw
Arm scarf: Steam Baggys Male Edition
Pants: Steam Baggys Male Edition
Boots: Steam Baggys Male Edition

Hair in the top photo is Dias, a new release at CheerNo over a past hunt gift hair base. Middle hair is Alain, also CheerNo but not as new and finally an old favourite, Rosa from Discord Designs.

My apologies again for those dreadful lines in the photos... I'm in a quandry there since I don't do any post production beyond cropping and light levels. It suddenly struck me I had an adventure with them in a former life.

I'm sure that if I counted pixels I would find the lines would make a rectangle exactly the size of my screen and the 'extra' pixels outside it show the proportional 'enlargement' of the photo format. It's therefor a side effect of the viewer. Both Firestorm and the linden viewer has that 'bug' or whatever it is, but from what I've heard, Exodus doesn't. That Exodus and Mac isn't a brilliant combination yet is a unfortunate misfortune, which I hope will improve with coming versions. 

This effect can be used with some advantage in other circumstances.... like my old pic below which is a raw SL photo. Yup... the photo format was 3 x 5 my screen size. Nifty eh?

The Dream 10

Anyway... there you have it. Take care and have fun.

Monday, January 23, 2012

When things go POP!

Big news - LaGyo is having a massive 50% anniversary sale this week... on ALL jewellery and accessories! Perfect opportunity to stock up on both old and new designs. It finishes the 27th, so there's only a few days left.

I find even some of the older stuff wonderfully fresh and new and went sort of wild... which is exactly why I'm wearing something I've actually have blogged before. Talk about imagination... :P

Seriously, the Floral Blind Mask is stunning. It also great with the lemon F*CK U - LYR Fur Jacket, which, together with the SKES Monster Pants, is result of another foray at CheerNo. The 'fur' might be a misnomer, but you can't deny the impact. While the pants are from an older collection, the jacket is from this winter's, even if not the latest, release. Not that it would do much against any winter cold, but it sure looks good.

Hip decoration is scavenged from a copy of the mask.

Pop 1

Tried to continue the wild colours all through. The colour change Waves Bangle comes from the LaGyo sale and the Piano ring from Accessory Bone. The ring comes paired, meant to be shared. 

Pop art Colourable Laced & Strapped Boots are my own mod of a great modifiable pair I bought from Blackburns on the Marketplace for the massive sum of 49L.  They come with a colour change hud so each part can be coloured in whatever hue... or retextured with a little bit of care. Brilliant for the tinkerer. and, YES, I've got my shadows back!

Photo location is Fuschsia Nightfire's installation Not Everything is Plain B&W on MetaLES

All for this time, I just wanted this out before the sale ends XD Take care!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Now depending on your point of view, my last post was either too stringy, or not stringy enough, but either way this post will hopefully please both viewpoints. You see, string is fine by itself, but you can craft it into wonderfully useful items, like fishnet! I have fond memories of a childhood pond dipping, rock pooling, crabbing, and probably a whole bunch of other things involving a little piece of netting on the end of a bamboo cane. Truth be told, I probably even wore a few of those nets as hats or gloves from time to time. But now... No more stealing stockings to get that delightfully knotty (or should that be naughty?) feeling against my skin!

Gone Fishin'

Yes! Jump into the latest round of Mens.Select and there on the Graffitiwear vendor are four delightful colours of fishnet briefs! Only 100L for the pack and no judgemental changing room assistant either. Okay, delightful may be over-selling really, we have masculine standards black, grey, and white, with green thrown in for a little extra delight. So more... underwear with 33% more fun? It makes up for the lack of material.

Now, if any of you have ever seen the nets they use to catch eels you may be wondering if I'll address... the issue. Well innocents turn back here!

To avoid entanglement the netting comes complete with a fine mesh between the strings. It's most noticeable on the white pair, although personally I think the effect is nicest on the black - it's such a good traditional colour for both fishnet and mesh. But the green is more fun. So safety has been addressed, but what about visuals?

The briefs come in both "junk" and "non-junk" versions (their name not mine). This is one of those strange tricky areas really since it's no secret that male avatars come rather lacking in this area, and although there are no shortage of prim options they can't be worn under your underwear layer. It really is an issue if you want to wear anything low slung or transparent. So you can wear non-junk under some hipsters maybe, but if you're wearing only briefs you'll appear a eunuch. Or very, very cold. Which brings us to the junk version, and an inherent problem with trying to put something distinctly 3D onto a 2D texture. If you play with the package on your shape you can help a lot, but ultimately you're going to look rather tightly wrapped.

The other problem is that of matching skin tones, or more accurately, hoping for the best. There's only one shade in the pack, and it's paler than the rest of my skin. Not by much, but it could be problematic if you're much darker than me. Of course it's one of those things, provide 64 shades of junk and confuse buyers, or a limited range and figure it'll be a reasonable match for many. I suspect the best solution is a tattoo layer solution combined with the non-junk versions if you intend to spend a prolonged time on display. Or stick to the white pair, the more visible mesh makes the skin tone less pronounced.

These are fun underwear. I must confess I doubt I'd use the grey, but then it's not my choice in RL either, so I find myself wishing it was a blue instead. Or if I'm really honest, something really fun like red or yellow. I probably wouldn't wear them very often either, but they'd make me smile simply knowing I owned them. It's Valentine's Day soon so you could buy them underwear you want to see them in, or you could each buy underwear they'll like to see you in. Or, you can buy flowers and chocolates. Your choice.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink with attitude

At the Modavia Fashion Week event in August last year, Gizza had me jump back a couple of steps at the visual impact of their group gift... a VERY pink outfit called Jolly. It was available as  gift for quite a few months. This was lucky for me, because it yo-yoed in and out of my inventory several times before it stuck.

I sort of can't get over the pants. I now fondly think of them as my pink aluminium foil pants. The material most likely have a proper name but be what it may, the hard shine takes some beating... and they're PINK! You've gotta love 'em. This outfit is no longer a gift, but is available for purchase, 250L if I remember correctly. I saw it on the Marketplace, but I assume they're available at the store as well. The outfit is complete, including vest and boots and everything in between, and the range of colours has increased to include purple, baby blue and black.

Before I continue, I would like to express my deep irritation when blog ads and vendor pics are so photoshopped they hardly resembles whatever they sell. What's the game? PS can't replace bad workmanship. Beyond one sale, it simply doesn't work.

This outrage comes after a disappointment, to put it mildly, with a pair of purchased boots that promised to have these pants on their knees and failed to deliver... badly.

Those are not the ones I'm wearing below, however. I found these beaut zebra WedgeChogs at GoK once I got my search image up and running. They're available in a range of colours and each comes with a choice of gold, silver or black spikes... and a LOT of them.

Pink With Attitude 1

I haven't got a clue how new/old they are, I don't much care about such things. I'm happy if they're available when I 'need' them. By now I suppose 'everyone' has at least one version of something using these sculpts. I really like these ones, though, some attentive texture work has resulted in a comfortable 'feel' when worn. Not a blister in sight.

The similarly zebra striped Rider Leather Jacket is a new release at Poison. Both male and fem versions available and, of course, in other colours than zebra as well. The lining is treated with the same care as the outside and is mirrored as tiny colour details elsewhere, a sure way to woo me. 

Pink With Attitude 2

The wall of free tees at Guarded Cross provided the aggressively pink tee. Intense colours and good strong male shading. 

A quick trip to Mandala sorted out the rest. The new unisex Smexy Tie Necklace and the not as new unisex Kookai Belt and all's done!

Hair is another new old purchase, Vanessa from Truth. Guy liner from A:S:S. Various piercings so old they may be excused. Finally, poses are both my own.

It's with some regret I have observed that shadows no longer seem to be available for me. I'm no sure if it's my ageing computer or the latest Mac version of the Linden viewer, but... it's back to the beginning for me :(

Oh... the photo spot... it's the Guarded Cross store. Pretty yummy, eh?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

String Theory And Time

Earlier I lamented to Siss that I don't find more time to blog, which apparently doesn't bother anyone else, so I figured if no-one is that bothered I'd get all physical and post about string theory. Luckily I'm not actually that daft and I know that I'm the blog's beefcake, and if in doubt, I should get my nipples out! So how better to fulfil all these post options than to head to the beach with my string vest on?

String Theory

Yes, I'm over winter, take me down under and give me summer!

Luckily, I had just the outfit to balance nipples with science - Squares by Alexandre! It's 200L for the shorts, shirt, and bandana. Not too bad really, although I must admit I had one wish, that the bandana had a resizer script. It was about two times too big for my punny arms (and I'll actually say I prefer prims to come big rather than small so they don't vanish into my flesh) so I tried resizing it. A simple edit revealed I was shrinking the size of the knot though. This was... not helpful. Edit Linked Parts ended up resizing 3 prims, which are great for detail, but if I'm resizing three loops of the same item I probably want them to scale constantly, and more easily. I know there are arguments for and against, I'll probably sit both sides of the fence depending on the item and my mood, but today, with that, I wanted to click and resize. But I did it manually, and it's not a bad little bandana.

String Theory is 'armful

Yeah I know, it probably needs a bit more tweaking; the knot is a little too big and distant now, it's maybe not as snug as it could be, but for a speedy edit it's not bad. However... The watch? That has a resizer script and it took even less time and fits even better. Now you see why I'm cynical about the bandana. Officially the watch is part of Graffitiwear's unisex range, and women can wear it, but it's at the more masculine end of the range (it's one to click for the bigger image if you're interested - it's only 100L so a pretty decent price for such an accessory). Graffitiwear also sell the necklace... actually I'm not sure it's sold as unisex now I think of it, but it is very unisex anyway, and only 75L. It caught my eye because it's called Voodoo Fetish, which is just hard to ignore even if you're busy watch shopping. Personally I think it makes a fairly decent beach necklace on the chaps, but any ladies wanting bones or faces in their cleavage can probably pull it off with a few more outfits. But women are usually more flexible than men anyway.

Of course this post largely failed what I hoped. Sure I got myself a watch so I would keep better time and blog more, but the first chance I got I went straight to the beach, and everyone knows nothing productive ever happens at the beach! I made time to sprawl in the sand in my string vest, and while frolicking in the surf is great fun, it's not going to help me prove string theory... And, while it may not turn me into a blogging machine, it did get this post out of me. So what I'm saying is, don't expect me to win any Nobel prizes any time soon, but maybe the odd wet T-shirt contest or beach volleyball game, and who knows, maybe some blog posts too.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Being a Little Distraction

Okey... so I've sort of taken a few days off from the usual routine to do something different. The zebra's stripes never wash out, though, so here I am again with something I just have to share.

There is these place called the College of Scripting, Music and Science inworld, which offer free on the spot tutorials in the form of these huge posters you can study at your own rate. Or, you can buy them as books if you prefer another format.

My better half, pulled, teased and blackmailed me to their new book on level 10, The Book of Free Will. It is a mental defense class against manipulation by advertisers, cults, politicians or whatever other kind of predator who's out to get you. It's a quick easy read and an investment time wise... once you get there ^^


Okey... so that's not fashion, even if scams alway are fashionable. BUT, a friend pointed me in the direction of this new (I think) Otoko Oiran Miira kimono at BareRose (who's apparently is in need of some linden love. *Hint hint nudge nudge*) Doesn't the big board in the back ground match the colours in the outfit just brilliantly? Yup, there's blue details if you look closely. Big and billowing it is, the kimono that is, off one shoulder and with plenty of sexy wraps. High sandals are included as well. 

There are special versions for girls and boys and each comes with a black and a red choice. The Renkai sword is not included, I bought it on the market place for 10L or so. It is scripted for fight, but was chosen entirely for its colour scheme. Dramatically over sized, but the details are pretty.

My skin is the very pale version of my new custom skin from Blush

Heee... that's it, won't distract you any further. Take care and have fun!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Post Scriptum

Just a little PS from my last post. Osakki responded very promptly to my notecard about the missing jacket prim. I think I owe it to everyone to show what the Artica Voluminous Cropped Coat REALLY looks like... and to use the opportunity to show off another purchase from her sale. The Osakki closing sale is on until the 14 February.

Post Script 2

Thank you Osakki for your prompt response. Now the coat looks just as it should, with a dramatic collar and a wee body prim making the garment a solid voluminous furry hunk of good looking luxury.

I've left the midrib bare, again, just to show off one of my two my new custom skins from Blush Skins in a better light. I love the different feel of it.  This skin, based on her Elle line, is more mature and is just that little bit sharper than my old ones. Simply beautiful! Hush, stop the sniggering!  I rely entirely on custom skins so this is a BIG event for me! It has opened up new doors for me, seriously.

Makeup, Imperial Eyeliner and Mizu Gloss Copper Rose, are both from M.O.C.K. Beaded jewellery with several options with or without discs, is the black set of Wanderer from League.

Post Scriptum 1

The spiked Noxious Leggings - Phantom of The Opera are another purchase from the sale. There's a whole range of these dramatic leggings, none of which are the best to snooze on a waterbed with. The spikes are copy/mod so they have great potential. I copied some and made spiky matching additions to my sans heel Activa Ankle Boots from Neurolab Inc.

There you have it... one little PS that became much more. Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do. 

Take care and have fun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There's a wave of store closures washing over the grid. It's always sad to see both familiar and unfamiliar names make their announcements. I'm hoping that, in the other end, there are as many new names opening their doors for the first time. 

For some creators, happily, closing down is just the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. This is fortunately, for us, the case with Kayami Osakki (Kayashi Piers), who's closing the door to fashion and taking her talents down other creative paths. 

Consequently, Osakki is having it's last fashion sale, until 14 February, with some of her stuff available for seriously slashed prices. Her avantgarde outfits, the Kurai collection, are out for 100L a piece and other things, like the Grid Python Necklaces are going for 45L. An opportunity to experiment!

Osakki 1

Sometimes I feel like a vulture attending these sales... at other times ready to hit myself with something hard for not having visited before. With Osakki, I feel earnest sadness.

I usually can't wear an outfit as is and sometimes even not at all... so I can be a bit shy taking the plunge when it comes to paying full price. The result is that I far too often just keep looking without much else happening.

With this sale, I can have a real party without any such concerns...  I really like the stuff and with some mixing and matching I've discovered I can wear it pretty well. That discovery, just as she's getting ready to leave, is a downer. *kicks hirself*

Anyway... I only have myself to blame and I have a lot of fun. Each outfit comes complete with a matching face paint make up, 'must haves' in their own right. The outfit above is Discipline with its fantastic shoulder/arm pieces. I'm wearing it with black leggings from another outfit but out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Osakki 2

The glorious Ombre High Waist Pants from the Flow Jumpsuit can be worn separately (phew!) and I matched them with the Artica Voluminous Cropped Coat from Artica/Ena. The sleeves are huge and have a luscious black bear fur texture. 

There is an issue with the cropped coat, however, at least the prim collar is missing. I'm sure this is a mistake, Osakki has shown herself to take such issues very seriously in the past and I've notified her. Then, of course, considering it's a closing sale, I'm not too concerned to be honest... I LOVE the coat as it is.  BUT I did fashion my own little jacket layer since the one provided doesn't offer the same modesty level when worn alone as shown on the vendor pic. SO... I took some liberties with her texture. I solemnly swear I respect creators rights and beside this little consumer issue, I don't have any further plans. 

I just couldn't blog this without mentioning this little issue. For full fems, modesty is provided by the included bandeau and Ena Highwaist Bodysuit :)

Osakki 3

 The jewellery is Osakki's Grid Python Necklace from the sale and the retired Hamured Metal Cuffs in gun metal. Hair in the top outfit is, of course, MADesign's Tera. Hair in bottom outfit is Liberty HP from Vanity.

AND... this will sound weird to all pure gendered peeps that change skins as often as their underwear... may I present one of my new skins. It's the second time this year I'm fortunate to get something new. Marie Whitfield of Blush skins has very kindly created a couple of custom skins for me, using the lovely face of her Elle line. She has created her own vision of a true androgyne body... more defined and slightly more male-ish than the others I'm wearing... and they are stunning! To announce this with a huge splat of bright coloured face paint schplat in the middle might not be the best introduction but... Thank you, Marie!

Beside the different, slightly sharper 'feel' of her skin, the tones are 'cooler' and opens up a new world for me without having to compromise anymore. Of course... it also means I'll have no excuses now when I get the colours wrong XD

So... in all... a bittersweet mix of news. Osakki is closing but her sale is great and I've got new skins making me VERY happy. 

Take care and have fun! Oh... and the sims are of course Insilico, a place with worlds within worlds and getting lost is the standard, for me anyway.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boots and not much else

It's the time to be weary now... anything labeled 'christmas' can be expected to be gone any day. So it's prudent to feel some urgency if anything worthwhile turns up labeled with that fateful word.

So... if you want these white Fur Boots for only a little bit of luck with the resident lucky board... you should make it down to Pelletteria Morrisey. In fact, the only luck you need for free goodies is to have read this and taken the time to visit the little store. There are several freebies up, covering sun glasses, bags, boots and shoes. When I visited last, the Christmas gift was still out as well (which was sort of three minutes ago when writing this). 

It is a fem store, so any guys who're still resisting the latest FL trend for high heels for men, won't find much here ;)

Boots and Very Little Else 1

It's not only for the free stuff I find this store attractive, there is a certain knack with textures on display among the vendor pics. Not all is brill, but there's enough of it to warrant a visit. The prices are low so there's even a chance of a bargain. 

For example the Leather and Snake Skin ankle boots below are 220L but that includes a matching bag as well. The fur boots above, four different colours, are 160L each and as you can see on my photo, you can almost smell the lanolin on that coarse sheep fur texture. Yup, that dripping sound is me salivating again.

Boots and Very Little Else 2

After the styling nightmare of my last post, I've kept the rest real nice and easy for myself in this. Both hairs, even if only the top one (Andrej) is at all visible, are new releases from Exile.

White Leggings - old group gift, COCO, still available
Leather Woven Belt - included with Leather Woven Pants, Mr.Poet, 170L
Avana Fur Jacket - blogged before, Designing Nicky Ree, not free

The Andrej Pejic inspired pose is one of my own (I'm feeling lazy so I used the same for both photos). I'm including it as a group gift in the group notice announcing this post. Just join Freebie Fashionista (a bit of a misnomer nowadays) and it's all yours. I really hope you'll enjoy it... *chews hir nails nervously*

Friday, January 6, 2012

On Thin ice

Sometimes you just have to admit that you just might be in the wrong place... or not quite knowing where you're... or... ok, I'm lost! I'm sure it was around here SOMEWHERE...

Being lost is not too bad a place to be at times, though... this place is quite pretty in it's freezing winterness. Unfortunately I can't tell you where this is. If I could, I wouldn't be lost.

Yup, another pathetic introduction from yours truly. It's true I'm feeling lost, though. There are different sub-species of humans evolving in SL it seems. Sub-cultures are affecting body type and it really seems to be such a deep divergences developing that 'cross dressing' is becoming increasingly tricky.

The effects are even more pronounced when one takes gender into account... and if you belong to neither, life gets interesting, to say the least...

On Thin Ice 1

There's nothin 'wrong' with this, it just is. It's in fact really fantastically fascinating. It's not as fun, however, when you realise that your favourite shape might not be the best to show off something, even if that something is a nice little booty in it's own right from a store you'd like to support.

Like the stuff I found at D R O P, a tiny store with a few generous things out. The red knitted sweater above and the grey long sleeved tee below are both group gifts (no joining fee). I've only seen them modelled on full males and they don't seem quite have the same modding issues as I have when it comes to a bulky body prim *hits hir hips with fists (repeat fast ten times)*

Life was made easier by creating a bulky 'shirt' under the jacket layer just to give my upper body a bit more volume and making the garments looking as bulky all over. That's a good trick in fact. Some very naturalistic effects can be created by a sensitive use of under garments to give some bulk to the clothing layers above. The best thing is that those are all free since you can make them yourself under appearance... nifty eh? Since they are out of sight, there's no need to worry about texturing, only sizing and amount of bulk matters.

On Thin Ice 2

The knit pants with grey leggings are bought... I liked the look of them but was down on the floor laughing (as usual) when I saw my skinny knees. I really don't understand... my legs aren't that skinny... they just manage to look it when I want it the least! Well, anyway... those knees where shaking as I made my way across the thin ice... going to all those weak spots you're warned about as a kid if you grow up in a country that goes real winter in winter.... BUT... the very same spots are the most picturesque ones... Sort of no win...

The patterned sock are an re-opening gift at NoaR. Bum Boots from a sale at Death Row Designs (not anymore - now 189L a pair or 699L for fat pack, 8 colours). The Yellow and Purple ones are up on MMs right now! There's a Lucky Board (changing prizes, 5 mins, wild card) at the same location, too.

On Thin Ice 3

The tartan flannel shirt is the Lucky Board prize at D R O P and is one of the items for sale in the store. Very carefully done up all the way, it reminds me of very cold winter days. The mittens are from BUKKA (90L, several colours and patterns to choose from). Being copy/mod, the cuff and band can be removed so they slip neatly inside a sleeve like here.

Other bits and pieces are from old purchases, lucky boards and hunts and the like.

The Great Leopold!

Lurking in the Mens.Select room this week is a fun 80L bargain from the chaps at 22769 - a gorgeous black leopard fur sweater (with some lace and feathers and who knows what else for decor). I suggested it was a very strokable sweater, and upon being spotted in the wilds I was greeted with "oooooo I DO WANT TO PET YOU"

Despite my animal magnetism it soon became clear that the only reason for wanting to get me out of my clothes was to steal the sweater. Wearing the sweater I'm cool, but it's January so without it I'm cold! I did the only thing any self-respecting man can do - I ran, I ran fast and I ran far! Given my giddiness over the sweater made me feel I was away with the faeries, I actually ran to a faery forest.

The Great Leopold

Luckily the faery folk were far happier to leave me frolicing (with the able assistance of the Knees pose pack from HelaMiyo). Partly because the sweater is too big for them (luckily they don't know how to resize prims, I had to bump the waist up a little hence the pinched waist) and partly because my majestic posing works well for all this fun. I have a hunch they quite liked the stars on the Mephisto pants from A:S:S too (not in a sale but only 105L). Rounded off with some basic eggplant socks from [hate this] and shiny new shoes from SaWoDe they have been very welcoming. I just hope I can find my way out again... there's more shopping to do!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year of the Dragon

 Wow! This year is going fast! Several days into it already and I've hardly noticed. Later this month, the chinese new year will bring us into the year of the dragon... what a massive bang that promises to be in conjunction with the 2012 of the Mayan calendar thingy.

Of course, the end of one world and the beginning of another can't detract for things that really matters... like a good freebie or a newly discovered thing of beauty. *nods nods*

Year of the Dragon 1

Like this unisex leather jacket that's the end of 2011 group gift from Opium... Too good to miss, even if the name suggests I'm a wee tad late to find it. Good things can't be too late, though, good gifts are very generous gestures that deserves attention as long as they're available... I think anyway. Group membership is free. Another group gift consists of grey stripy shirts for both genders. Two MM bords adorn the walls as well. 

Year of the Dragon 2

The real find, however, is this new release Dragon Fes ear piercing from WTG (not free, for left ear only). The naturalistic depicted dragon will go with any 'level' of outfit, from urban to haute.

I have feeling the release of this beautiful little beast is because of the chinese calendar. The 'ball' it holds in it's paw is the Pearl that asian dragons are usually shown as pursuing but not having caught. Considering that the Pearl, to summarise it suitable for a SL fashion blog, symbolises the wisdom and creative potential associated with enlightenment, I find this piece of jewellery very inspirational for a year that's started out so tumultuous. Wtg WTG!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sleepy Sweater

Sometimes I feel I get way too many group notices and subscriber alerts, but today I caught a very important message; Sleepy Eddy has moved! Now this was useful to know not only because it means I can tidy up some LMs and partly because the notice also mentioned a new group gift in the new store! I only just got a few hoodie from the group over Christmas, so I was a little surprised, but I ran straight over and I can report the new store is nicer than the old, it really appeals to my taste, but then so do the clothes. Which is why I'm so excited about this crew neck sweater.

Sleepy Sweater - Front

I love that detail, the epaulettes are incredible, the texture has great... erm, texture. And while I'm not likely to wear them often I am impressed that I can wear a glove layer and get long sleeves - perfect for any ladies stealing their boyfriends sweater!

Sleepy Sweater - Back

The sweater even got back! It's great, and it's free, what more could you want? Join the group, visit the new store, and grab it - it's warm!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rags to Riches

Hiya again... hope everyone survived New Year. The feeling every year of turning over a new leaf never ceases to amaze me. Today isn't really any different from yesterday, albeit forecasted to be slightly hotter, but it still feels like I opened my eyes to another world. Then of course, I had a LOT of 'help' from one of the cats to crawl out of bed far to early this morning... Maybe that's why I'm having this otherworldly feeling.

The otherworldliness resulted in a morning on Bladerunner City, a sim that doesn't cease to amaze me either. While there, I decided to 'shoot' a few outfits I've had fun putting together from a mix of free and bought stuff, with special focus on CheerNo.

Rags to Riches 1

I don't pay CheerNo enough attention, I've decided. They have a lot of fun fashion on the haute side, all querky and edgy. *Blinks* I'm talking on the male stuff... I actually don't know what the fem side of the store looks like. <== Disclaimer *face palms* Not afraid to push a few boundaries, CheerNo is like a chilled beer on an aussie summer's day.

The luxurious fur 'poncho' (and necklace and, yup, it's male stuff) from the Prince Experience outfit created the perfect calm balance to the more busy black Malik Pants (in newly released male Blackbeard pirate outfit) from ALB Dream Fashion and Rococo Shirt from Gizza. Gold stud Wrap Skinny Belt from COCO, Finesmith's H2O ring and ear rings and gold streaked Audrey Hair from Calico Ingmann completed my blissful sense of absolute richness.

Rags to Riches 2

None of the things above was free, BUT.... don't despair... CheerNo has a couple of great free gifts available as well. 

Rags to Riches 3

I found the Tricot Coat in the subscriber history which goes very well with the rust version of the Malik Pants from the ALB Dream Fashion calendar... have I mentioned that one before? :P Hopefully this gorgeous range of cut out pants will be fully available in her store in a near future.

Rags to Riches 4

The single piece if jewellery is the latest group gift from Earthstones, the necklace from the Aculo set. 

Rags to Riches 5

The CheerNo inworld group gift consists of this urban/utilitarian suit Ana - with a certain twist - a generous bow at the waist. It can be found in the very back of the boys section. I continued the theme with Loose Socks from Klamotte and golden Docs from Gos and felt perfectly at home on the dystopian streets.

Rags to Riches 6

Sculpted dreads, EDO998, from BooN and some different pieces of jewellery, Signs of the Time from N@N@.

Well, that's it from the first day of 2012... may it be a good one. Well.. it is up to us to make it so. World peace is after all just one collective decision away and we don't need politicians or banksters for that. War with Iran? NOT in my name!