Monday, May 31, 2010

Gorgeous Lingerie @ Dimbula Rose*

Hello fashionistas! I thought you might all like to know about this smexilicious* selection of lingerie which can be found for $30 each @ Dimbula Rose. They are all beautifully made in sumptuous colours as you can see. I have no idea how long the special offer is likely to last but I would hurry and scoop them up if lingerie is your thing ;). Thank you so much to Sylwia who tipped me on this find. Oh...btw... if you like unusual "fun" skin (well, in this case *clown* style skin hehe) then you will also find the opening gift just by the is pretty cute skin! The hair above is YunA's Hair (previous giftie but you will find similar at YunA's for only $50). Bargain! Check out their other $50 hairs.

I love the oriental bikini above which I thought matched well with the dark Juliette* Magika Hair (previously $20 special). Magika regularly features special hairs for $20 and you will find a hatted red hair also for $20 at the time of writing. Am gonna check it too out as soon as I finished this post!

The short, boyish, unisex hair below is Mischief Boy. Love their hairs which are great for pics as they avoid that dreadful "invasive" effect in your skin..lolz. Great hair which goes very well with grunge, urban or neko looks.

The hair below is the current group gift @ {Trico} (Free!). There are lots of free hairs @ {Trico} if you haven't already got them. The ultra curvy Olivia Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes which is a soft, sexy shape if you like to look natural & realistic. Skin is League and Eyes Umedama Holic. Love their eyes which are some of the best eyes I have found in SL (alongside :hsh: & Poetic Colors).

That's it! Have fun looking smexilicious! More here.
Xanthe xx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Feathers have a way of adding regal elegance and dramatic flare to anything they are added to. Especially when used in Haute Couture the effects can be quite stunning.

One such example is the Jen The Hen by Eshi Otawara ($1000L) Gorgeous gown with lots of beautiful flowing feathers in the skirt, the black bodice with sweet flower pattern also comes with feather head piece. It moves so gracefully and it commands everyone's attention.

Not much can rival the majesty of the peacock feather, Queen Mayur Grandeur ( $880L) by My Precious features this famous feather but in black. In high contrast with the white silk like base of the gown and fantastic train, this new take on a much loved feather appeals to my inner sense of sophistication. If the long train is a bit much for your uses but you love this gown you are in luck. It also comes in shorter Mayur gown($680L) that I featured in earlier post .. check that out here. Each gown is available separately or as a combo($1480L)

Also featured in that post was the awesome Mayur matching jewelry made for this special gown by my fave sl jeweler Alienbear. As there is a more grand version of the gown only natural that she would step up with something very special to go with this version too. For this offering she has the stunning Alienbear's (Mayur forehead tiara (black)) (Prices start at 400L) . Also playing off the black peacock feathers it is the perfect compliment for this very special gown.

Thanks to our feathered friends for being the inspiration for such great design. Although we cannot fly these designs can make you feel a little closer to heaven.

Skin: MangoMango previous gift
Hair: Maitreya

All pics taken at Pixel Dreams look more info on this place and others in upcoming post on The Misadventures of Margaux Dufaux

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I (heart) LeeZu

The word is out that I love LeeZu!! Now I am going to show you a few things that will make you love her too. Besides being a fabulous designer she is also a very generous one. Right now there there are not one but 2 special gifts there for the taking.

First up is [LeeZu!] Yann`s le Coeur Babydoll Dress /black. A super sweet babydoll dress with this striking red flower on the skirt, and it also comes with plain black skirt for the times you just want a little black dress. This is currently available in the subscribo at the store, if it doesn't give it when you join check the history and it has Gift in the title of the notice.

Shown here with *Ticky Tacky* Chipotle Love Child Necklace. The sweet red flowers on golden chain looks like it was made for this dress, yours for all of 1L in the Ticky Tacky discount area and lounge on the 3rd floor. This pic really doesn't do it justice. They recently opened up a new shop and to celebrate there is a secret sale, the secret is you have to find what items are marked down. The good news is almost one of every set in the store it marked down up to 50% so all kinda chances to get what you want at a great price.

Up next a the gorgeous [LeeZu!] Noell Sculpted Dress/rust GROUPGIFT. Beautiful gown with sculpted petal like accents and kaleidoscope of colors. You are sure to turn heads and stop traffic in this very generous gift, available to members of the LeeZu update group. It will be gone this week so be sure to join the group and it is in the notices.

As if that was not reason enough to fall in love with LeeZu as I have there is one more thing I will tell you about. There is a drawing for 500 hot linden EVERYDAY for people that are in the subscribo OR update group, AND also have LeeZu in your picks. I have won and so can you!! All just for showing a little love for someone that is so generous to us all. A total win-win!! I love when that happens..

Enjoy kittens and until next time

All pics in this post taken in Lost Town
Hair: Magika


Everyone should have something beautiful and light in their wardrobe... Equus has a new release that mimics the movement of cirrus clouds on the skirt. Although not free, it is simply beaufiul. She does have a free gift of tattos and her dresses are prices from 100 to 200L.

You know you want to just slip into this one on and feel light as air...


It is so unfortunate that I can't show you the movement with an image...

eqqus 1

equus 2

Skin : previous gift from Curio
Hair : previous gift from Amacci

Black and Blue Fair

From JUNE 4th and JULY 3rd

:: T HE P U R P O S E ::
The purpose of this fair is twofold... firstly, FASHION. Who doesn't love a good fashion event? Brand new items, some at discount rates, all in one glorious place. Lovely. Secondly though, there will be information about all sorts of mental health issues and illnesses throughout the venue. Mostly these will be visual aids around the precious couture so that people don't have to read huge chunks of text. The main purpose of the fair is to de-stigmatise mental health issues. A lot of people in Second Life have unhappy "real lives"... for whatever reason. Some of us are unwell, disabled, depressed and other people are just lonely or don't like who they think they are; but no one is alone and in SL we can be ourselves. So don't let it beat you black and blue... couture can help!

A few teasers.....

Ela Design has moved/free gift

Hey all you Ela Design fans! Elara asked me to tell you that her store has moved. It is a good move for the store and she is excited about it. See how great it looks? Click the store name for the slurl.

But she feels bad about moving and making you all get a new LM, so to compensate you, she is giving you all this great bangle and ring set free! Now how sweet is that? Just head over to Ela Design and pick up yours today.

Not an Ela fan yet? Boy are you missing out! Head over today to check out all the great accessories she sells. Her items are very well made and unique, you won't find a lot of them anywhere else in SL. And be sure to stop by her discount building right next door, 50% off all items in that section.

There are also some great earrings on her MM board, target is low at just 50 clicks. I've made no secret that Ela Design is one of my favorite So be sure to head over today and check it out.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 22/23 May 60L sale

Here's two more wonderful poses for you from Kabuki Creations for the 60L sale. You can get "Baby I Love You" and snuggle up next to your honey, feeling the warmth and love radiating from them as they feel the same from you. Press as close as you can against them, your thighs tight as you move your leg over theirs, their arms around you holding you close as your hand presses against their other thigh. This is a super sweet cuddle pose you can use anywhere, it shows your love with out being offensive to others. It comes with this awesome pumpkin, but you can also use the pose with out it.

Also on sale for 60L is Naku's "Stay" pose. Snuggle up against your lover's back as they lay on their belly, the full length of your body pressed against theirs, your arms wrapped around their chest, your fingers playing along their skin as you move against them, placing soft kisses against the sensitive skin at the back of their neck and shoulders, you feel them shiver with desire and you can't stop your own leg from moving up and down as your need grows.

I talked my sexy friend Kipp into going on a little hike with me. He was thrilled when we came to this beautiful waterfall in the middle of the woods. As he was checking out the area I quickly stripped out of my clothes and jumped into the water in my sexy bathing suit. He was speechless as I swam over to the falls and let the water cascade over me, droplets dripping from my skin and sparkling in the sun. I winked and told him to grab a suit from my bag. (This gorgeous waterfall can also be found at Kabuki.)

After we played in the water for a while, Kipp decided to warm his mouth watering body in the sun while I sat on a rock and dried my hair. The sight of him laying there got the better of me and I couldn't help moving up behind him and laying down. I could hear soft moans escaping his lips as I moved against him, his sun warmed skin sending jolts of electricity through my own body.

*coughs* After we let the sun warm us both, Kipp pulled me down to sit next to him on a rock. He held me very close as the thanked me for a wonderful day with plenty of exercise *winks* and relaxation.

Mmmm, now I ask you, what better way is there to spend the day? Better get over to Kabuki Creations this weekend so you can create your own special memories with these awesome poses.

Ear Candy, 22/23 May 60L sale

It's Casual Friday from Ear Candy, couldn't be more perfect. Not only do you get a necklace, earrings, and a bangle, but you get a belt and 3 pair of shoes also...Wow! The necklace is made of a thin strip of deep brown leather with two separate groupings of different shades of brown balls as a pendant. The earrings are silver loops with the same groupings of different shades of brown balls dangling, of course they are big and long enough to see with long hair. *grins* And the bangles are different sizes of the brown leather strips hugging your wrist with one of the ball pendants attached close to the hand.

The belt is made of the same deep brown leather, so soft and supple looking. It has great stitched detailing with very dark metal adornments. The buckle is a round ring make of the same metal with a hook clasp on the other end....casual but classy. With three colors of shoes to choose from, it's easy to match this set with LOTS of outfits. All are made of the same yummy leather with thick soles, the top part covering the shoes giving you contrast and style. You can choose from a lovely brocade style orange color, detailed snake skin in different shades of brown with black accents, or a medium tan color with lovely stitched reddish orange flowers.

This set is perfect to wear on casual work days or even to the park on a warm spring evening. Maeve has mixed class with casual perfectly with this set, so don't miss out. Head over to Ear Candy this weekend and grab the whole thing for just 60L.

Snowpaw Fashion, 22/23 May 60L sale

Bargain shopping at it's best from Snowpaw Fashion. Mix and match looks and styles with this lovely Scuff Mosaic outfit. It's made from a soft, shaded gray, velvety looking material with white, tan, yellow, and maroon mosaic design stitching. The top is a tank style with the straps going around your neck and the mosaic covering your breasts. The shorts have the mosaic design around the top and bottom and the panties and pants have a strip at the top. You will also find the mosaic design at the bottom of the skirt and pant cuffs. The skirt is light and flowy as well as the flexi bodice attachment.

So you can wear this as a lingerie set, a short set, a pant set with boots, a pant set with heels and cuffs for the pants, or a skirt set. You can add the flexi bodice attachment to any of the styles you choose and add a bit of flirtiness and grace. Yesterday I wore the pants set for working all day, then did a quick change into the lovely skirt to meet friends for a drink to unwind. And when me and my guy went back to his place after, I had the perfect lingerie to tease him with and put him in the right frame of mine. *grins*

Rush over to Snowpaw Fashion this weekend and snatch up this whole set for just 60L. It's too good a deal to pass up!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dimbula + SYDS + Xoomp + Meghindo's + Dutch Touch + D!va + W&Y

First off the group gift from Meghindo's (Join fee of 100L) Sexy and sophisticated !!! The dress is normally 300L so, group membership has it's priviledges.

Skin : Dutch Touch VIP gift (join fee of 250L)
Hair : D!va old group gift

Meghindo's + Dutch Touch + D!va

Next, Dimbula Rose is celebrating it's arrival at Petit Pas and the has two gifts available. One is the Pink Clown Skin (opening gift) for 0L (avail at the shop) and the other, the Dark clown skin on a lucky board at the main tp point at le Petit Pas. You will need the Petit Pas group tag to use the Lucky board.

Skin : Pink Clown
Hair : SYDS lucky board (group tag required)
Dress : Group gift from Xoomp

Dimbula + SYDS + Xoomp

Skin : Dark Clown
Hair : W&Y 1L (back of tp board at W&Y)
Dress : same as above

friday 4

Enjoy the weekend !!
For my fellow Canadians... enjoy your LONG weekend :)


.::: I CE COCO :::. new group gift

Are you the girl next door type? Just tired of your avi being completely made up? Ready for a lovely natural skin? Well join the .::: I CE COCO :::. group free and grab this gift from notices. Leona just made a lovely new skin called Scarlett natural, comes with and with out freckles.

Look how fresh and lovely it is. I personally like the freckles, but I know they aren't for everyone. And I LOVE the eyebrows, being a blond it's hard to find nice light eyebrows that look this great!

Leona said she wanted this skin to look super natural, not like a doll from SL. Well it looks like she accomplished her goal. Way to go Leona. This is a group gift only, so search in groups or join from my profile. You can also visit .::: I CE COCO :::. in world for two cute 1L skins, Doudi gift 2 and Adriana skin.5.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vivaposes and Oceane's Boutique

New from Vivaposes... the Vanity prop Box. It contains 12 built in poses and for a limited time only300L. Then, it will be at it's regular price of 500L. So get on over there and pick this up and save 200L.

Skin, Lingerie and eyes from Oceane's boutique.

Skin : New from the glitter and glam collection .. version of her Shye Skin available in other shades of makeup as well. The one I am wearing is Pink Sugar.
Eyes : Cotton Candy liquid eyes (CURRENT GROUP GIFT)
Lingerie : 275L Apris Sexy Lingerie in pink

Group fee for Oceane's boutique is 100L but with any pay memebership, you do have perks. Oceane has always been very generous with her gifts.. thanks Oceane :)

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

Great detail on the desk with little girly things :)

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

And here is a better look at the skin and eyes. I love the glitter on the eye lid !

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dirty Word + Imabee + Seldom Blue + Candy Doll + Vivaposes + Pacadi

All skin in this post from Imabee newest Group gift
Jeans : Pacadi (no longer avail.)

Shirt : Dirty Word closing sale 5L (50L or less and 200L on fatpacks)

Dirty Word + Imabee + Pacadi

Dress : Seldome Blue 1L (50L sale on blue items 4 days only)

Seldome Blue + Imabee

Shirt : Candydoll subscribo gift (two versions)

CandyDoll + Imabee + Pacadi

Pose Prop : Vivaposes 400L (Dirty Bath)

Vivaposes + CandyDoll + Imabee + Pacadi


D&V Creations 2 day closing sale!

I am very sad to say that Veronica has decided to close D&V Creations. If you've read my other blog posts about her store then you know she makes some of the most awesome furniture with amazing detail. While she will still sell some stuff on marketplace, her in world store is closing. Of course that means it's time for you all to get some great deals. Almost everything in her store is on sale for amazing discounts for the next two days.

Here are some pictures and prices for you. Of course this is just a sampling of what she has to offer, I couldn't fit it all on
Beds were 2800, now 500L...beds have 216 poses & are Xcite & Sensations compatible
Complete bedroom sets were 3000, now 700L

Living room sets & complete living rooms were as much as 1100 - 1500, now 600- 750L

Dining rooms were 350-500, now 200L

Offices were as much as 350, now 100L
Kids bedrooms were as much as 1000, now 400L

The bigger sets -
The 3400L Next Gen set is now 850L

The Hope Collection was 4200, now 1500L

Hope bedroom was 3000, now 700L
Hope Style was 600, now 450L
Hope Comfort was 1200, now 750L
No individual item sales full sets only except for the adult beds.

There is so much on sale here, but this gives you an idea. And if Veronica doesn't have her houses and club buildings on sale when you go, she will soon. Honestly it's hard to find better quality items than at D&V Creations, she has always taken great pride in her work and used very realistic textures. So don't miss out on this great sale, but hurry, doors close Thursday at 5 p.m. SLT.

For those of you looking for property, she is also selling her sim, it's hard to beat the price she's asking too...seriously low! So send her a note if she's not online before it's all gone...Veronica Weiser

I know this stuff is not free, but it really is amazing deals that won't happen again and you won't want to miss!