Friday, April 30, 2010

D&V Creations, 1/2 May 60L sale

D&V Creations brings you A Touch of Brass, hall table and mirror set, for the 60L sale that will really add a touch of class to any setting. The table legs are long and thin, carved with all the right curves...Hmmm, that sounds sexy *winks*...holding up a half moon table edged in brass. Just touch the drawer to open and hide away any clutter, then touch again to close smoothly. It has a beautiful cherry wood finish that is to die for...cherry wood has always been my favorite. The mirror is a large oval shape that is edged in brass and matching cherry wood. You just can't go wrong with this set in your home or office. It's perfect for your hall way or entry way, or really any room you wish to put it in.

I put it in my office originally, but it made my shabby desk look so sad that I just had to move it. *laughs* Now it has a home in my entry way and is the perfect way to show off my classy style to all our guests. And while I'd love to pretend it's all credit always has to go to Veronica for her sense of style and attention to detail. I have never found anything in her store that wasn't made with the utmost love and care. So be sure to look around while you are at D&V Creations picking up this great deal, there are lots of other creations you just won't want to miss.

Ear Candy, 1/2 May 60L sale

Maeve from Ear Candy is a woman after my own heart! She has this beautiful Paris Nights jewelry set in the 60L sale this weekend. I would swear she heard somehow that I wanted to go to Paris for my Rez Day this month...LOL But just look how classy and beautiful this set is. You get the gold cluster earrings with good size smoky diamond jewels dangling to catch the eye, a necklace that has four gold clusters with three smoky jewels caressing your skin, and two matching gold bangle sets. One of the bangles is made for your left wrist and is wrapped gold with gold clusters all around for decoration. The other bangle set comes with two wider gold bangles, one having the gold clusters, and lots of smaller bangles to spread up and down your wrist. This set is so gorgeous and classy you'll want to wear it all the time.

This set is perfect for that Black Tie event you've been dying to go to, or a romantic dinner your lover has been promising you forever. And can't you just see the flash and sparkle it will make as you strut your stuff down the run way at your next show? Not a model? No worries, it's perfect for a Sunday tea, or that ladies luncheon you have to go to next week. Imagine all the envious stares you will get when wearing this. *sighs* The set I'm wearing has different colored stones than the one in the sale, but I just had to show off my Rez Day present. *grins widely* Thanks so much Maeve, you're awesome!

Don't miss this wonderful deal at Ear Candy this weekend, you'll be crying if you do!

Snowpaw Fashions, 1/2 May 60L sale

Are you ready to make all the girls jealous and have all the men eating out of the palm of your hand? Well then you better head over to Snowpaw Fashion this weekend for this awesome 60L deal. Carrie is offering a wonderful creation, her dress called Organza Cloud in opal blue. Not only does it have the soft and translucent effect of clouds, but it makes you feel like you are on cloud 9 when you wear it. It's a transparent tube style dress with straps that go from between your cleavage, over your shoulders, to the center of your back. The bodice of the dress is pretty sheer with a light plaid pattern. It has ruffles that go around the top of your cleavage all the way around your back for a bit of modesty, also longer ruffles around your lower hips. The ruffles and the sheer overlay around your waist provide a bit of whimsy along with the perfect cover so you aren't totally exposed. Let me tell you, this is certainly the dress to make anyone you want sweat and pant wanting to be with you...I'm not kidding.

The only way for you to understand the full affects of this dress is to wear it for that special someone. You will have him all tongue tied and drooling too! Or you can be daring like me and wear it to the club. Just make sure you are ready for all of the attention. Lord let me tell you, I had so many men crowded around me I thought I was going to have to find an oxygen bar just to be able to breathe! But then I think some of the men could have used the oxygen more than me, so much

See what I mean? *grins* This dress really should come with a warning "Designer not responsible for causing heart attacks in those who look at you while wearing this creation." *laughs wickedly* Don't miss this awesome 60L deal at Snowpaw Fashion's this weekend.

Kabuki Creations, 1/2 May 60L sale

Ohhhhh, two wonderful animated poses from Kabuki Creations for the 60L sale this weekend! First up is "So Deep"...snuggle close in your lover's arms as you kneel on the cushion in front of him, one hand resting on his shoulder as your other hand moves through his hair while you gaze deeply into his eyes, his hands moving slowly and sensuously over your lower back as he gazes up at you raptly, the heat of your body pressed to his driving him wild. Mmmm, what a great way to start an evening. *sighs softly*

Next we have "Never Too Far", a super hot pose that will get your juices flowing. Imagine your lover pinning you against the wall, his strong hands moving around your waist as he presses his body against yours, moving closer as he leans down to give you a hot sexy kiss, your hands moving up to his chest to caress his rippling muscles as your leg moves between his to try to get even closer while your desire rises higher and higher. *wipes her brow* Whew, I can feel the sweat building

I know I don't have to tell you to hurry over to Kabuki Creations this weekend and pick up both of these great poses for just 60L each. These are such super great deals I know you can't pass them up.

Don't forget the photo contest !!

You can find all the details in the notice I sent out in the Freebie Fashionista group. Last day to get your images in is today !!

Since this is new, next month will be a bit different... :) I'll be sending out a Notecard tomorrow with all the details.

FF Contest April

Tinka Bondar - Freebie Fashionista - April


A mix of freeness and some specials...

First off, I've been telling you all week in chat about joining the ::Dutch Touch:: group, it's free to join now !! In May, it will be 250L.. !! The last two images have the group gift skin from Dutch Touch, however heavily photoshoped in these pics, the skin is devine with it's orange eyes and caramel skin.

The photoprop I used in the first two images is a group gift from Alpha.Tribe. (join fee 0L, check notices) visit them inworld, they have some very cool Avatars !! Did I say cool ??? I mean freekn' cool !!!!

Ok, so some 50L Friday yumminess.

The hair piece in the first image is from Split Pea.

post 30 04 2010 3

The Tulip Dress is from SMS (I couldn't resist, it was black)

post 30 04 2010

Next, a subscribo gift from Jazmyn's, check notices in subscribo. New subscriptions also get a gift. Hurry to get this one, it will be replaced soon. Pose prop from [doll.] Thursty Thursday special.

post 30 04 2010 2

Last up, the Mashooka 3rd aniversary hunt. Oh, such generosity, it's incredible. This is but only one of the many gifts she has out. Find little gold presents scattered around, they are not hard to find.

post 30 04 2010 4


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lemme show you some skin ;)

So, here we go... a skin bonanza of sorts.

First off, skins from Eret!ka... All these are lucky board skins. (group tag required) 0L join. (thanks Xanthe for the tip) You will also find a lady Gaga skin for 1L close to the lucky boards.

skin 1

skin 3

skin 2

Next up, My UglyDorothy skin. (group tag required, join fee 0L) I was only lucky enough to pick up one skin from the 6 lucky boards she has out. Pouts.... pouts big time !!


Moving on to Miss Murder skins.. all 0L. I'm only showing two, but there is so much to choose from !


skin 6

Home of Sanu has an interesting skin in her subscribo (check notices). This skin was a thank you for the flikr challenge she had going. I also picked up a cute little skybox (1L)and some balet flats (lucky cupcake) while I was there. Couldn't resist.

skin 7

Lastly, Mother Goose. These are mostly lucky board wins, with the exception of the first two at 1L. Her skins are cute.. I can do cute sometimes :)

skin 11

skin 10

skin 9

skin 8

And there ya go !
The Lovely brow hair was a subscribo gift sent out today by Amacci.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Corsets and lingerie, Oh my !!!

What better to feel a little sexy then some lingerie ??

First off Pink Posh, formerly SkinSane. She has made a collection of quality corsets and has even put out a lucky chair with the Burlesque Corset in Nature, Black, Pink and Teal. It's only a 5 min wait between letters... Here is the black and pink. This corset sells for over 300L, thank you Pink Posh !!

lingerie 3

The pose box is a new release from Vivaposes. It's similar to the Glitterbox, but with an Urban feel. I was at the store today and she has a lucky board out with 100L gift cards and a limited edition new color on the Pipe prop. Get that while you can, I'm not sure it will be there for long !!

lingerie 2

Next is a new special skin release from Oceane's Boutique in honor of the Dutch Queensday on the 30th of April. This royal skin has shimmering orange lips and Oceane has given her a special crown wax :) This skin will only be available for about a week, so scoop her up quick !!

lingerie 5

For this royal skin, you have to have some diamonds and pearls. Vivaposes has the perfect prop. Not free, but just over 100L.. and as previously can win gift cards on the lucky board.

The lingerie is from Chanimations, and was an old group gift. (adult sim)

lingerie 4

This last number is from &Bean. When I picked this up, they were having a sale in a skybox above the store. Discounts can be found on clothing and skin. In this image the skin was 25L and the lingerie was 99L. I love the caged skirt, absolutly love it !!

lingerie 1


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pretty in pink

I'd like to show you a few things I picked up over the weekend. I'd love to show you more, but I should be working on some rl contracts right now...

Pretty in pink 1

Skin is the Reopening gift from Romi Skin. Group join is 100L, but she's so kind, there is a lucky board set up with the gift skin. You just need a little patience. The gift comes in 3 shades and there is a shape in the package as well.

Dress is from SpellBound (0L) It has many options of skirts, fun to play around with.

Grey hair on above image is from KMH and is an old lucky board win. Pink hair information on next image.

pretty in pink 2

Next, a beautiful gift from Vita's Boudoir. She has a new store, it's beautiful.. check it out. Her creations are stunning and this is again, a very generous gift.

Hair 0L from Tukinowaguma

pretty in pink 3

Skin is a group gift from Oceane's Boutique. Her new skin line is available and this is the Shye in Honey group gift.

pretty in pink 4

Pose Garden : Virtual props and poses (not free)


Get your Steampunk on !!

If you have never heard of Rag Dollz, well.. you are seriously missing out. They have an wide range of items from Steampunk, Goth, Lolita and much, much more.

The first item is a gift for reaching 3000 members in the Rag Dollz group. It won't be up long (one week), so join the group inworld and tp to the store to pick up this beautiful period gown. There is also a male gift as well in the same box :)

Rag Dollz 1

This next gown is an MM board win (group only), they also have a non-group member MM board. I'm so glad I won this because I didn't have a parasol in my wardrobe yet.. and this gown is divine. (I'm very partial to black)

Rag Dollz 2

rag dollz 3

Rag Dollz has MM boards, lucky Chairs, Random Money boards and always has someting on their sale board !! So visit and visit often. Oh, and they have freebies here and there for you as well :)

Congrats on the 3000 Members !!

Skin : Tuli group gift (250L join fee)
Hair : KHM lucky board (old gift)

Friday, April 23, 2010

What Cat dragged in today...

All the pics taken in this post with a SecondSnaps Studio. Really impressed with the backgrounds, compact build and prim count. A total of 11 prims !! Perfect if you don't have a lot of space. Only 299L

Lo*momo has set out a lucky board (for only a few days) with this gorgeous Alice dress. So get there asap for your chance to win this beauty. (The board is group only, but 0L join)

Alice Lomomo

And also, pick up the group gift by the counter.

Lomomo group gift

ArisAris group gift :

ArisAris group gift

and the 0L outfit they have out :

ArisAris 0L

Subscribo gifts from Mischief : (Jeans and a full set of casual camis)

Mischief subscribo

Skin is from Glam Affair group gift (50L join fee) check notices.
Hair is a group gift from D!va (0L join fee) check notices.


D&V Creations 24/25 April 60L sale

Ohh, what a great office collection from D&V Creations. The maple wood is just lovely, and the design details on the wall unit doors are a beautifully added bonus. The straight, backed chair has a menu with 5 sit poses...a regular sit, a male sit, a female sit, a cool typing sit, and even a board room sit for those annoying meetings. *laughs* With this set you get the wall unit with cabinet doors that open and close, books, and a built in desk, the chair with 5 animated poses, the pretty throw rug for decoration and to cushion under your feet, art work for your wall, a striking ceiling lamp, and it also comes with a great ledger and pencil for your desk. That's a whole lot of value for just 60L!

The art work is a beautiful lake scene that you can gaze at while you are trying to figure out what you are supposed to be working on, or just day dream about when you need a break. *grins* The throw rug is tan, gold, black, green, mauve, and pink with a pretty flower and leaf design and goes with almost any decor. The ceiling lamp is gold with four prongs coming down to help hold up the elegant, crystal lamp shade, it turns on and off with a touch. I love the typing animation that comes in the chair, I put my laptop on the desk and am plugging away for you all right now! *smiles* And the way each door on the wall unit opens individually is great, most units like this are static and have no interaction. Well it's back to staring at the lake scene for me, but for sure not to miss the amazing deal at D&V Creations this weekend!

Ear Candy 24/25 April 60L sale

Mess of Nature set from Ear Candy for 60L. When you think mess, you don't usually think jewelry, or pretty, or fun...but this set is all three. It's silver with light and dark blue, and light and dark green with all kinds of fun designs mixed in with solid colors. You have a single, thick, ridged bangle for your left wrist and multiple small bangles for your right wrist. The necklace and earrings each have a dove holding a safety pin, yes a safety pin *grins*, holding a butterfly, a flower/sprocket looking object, and a leaf. It sure does sound like a mess, doesn't it? *laughs* But just look how pretty and fun it is! And Maeve has designed the earrings to be worn two ways, she provides two sets so you can wear one facing forward or one facing out...isn't she so thoughtful?

Ohhhh, I've been wondering what to wear for my niece's spring, school picnic...this will be perfect! All the kids are going to love this set, and all the mom's are going to be jealous from all the attention I'm getting. Hmmm, and I know Tyler's single dad will be there, this will be a wonderful ice breaker. Maybe I will "accidentally" break the strap on the back of my sun dress and ask his dad to help me fix it using one of the safety pins from this set. Sweet...thanks Maeve, you're the best! Now should I wear my hair up so he has a constant view of my graceful neck and nibble worthy ears, or down so he has to brush his fingers across my skin to move my hair when he attaches the pin? *shivers* Decisions, decisions! Go show your odd-ball, playful, sweet, whimsical side and head over to Ear Candy for this great set.

Kabuki Creations 24/25 April 60L sale

My Favorite Place in SL is Kabuki Creations, but Naku is right, My Favorite Place with my lover is with my head in his lap. *sighs* Imagine laying there curled up with your head on his thigh, his warmth spreading across your cheek as you rub his thigh muscles, his hand playing in your hair and rubbing your scalp, his other hand moving along your side, lightly caressing your skin as his fingers graze the side of your breast, his eyes only able to leave the sexy line of your neck and shoulders long enough to skim down the curve of your side to your sweet butt. This is a super sweet and loving animated pose that has many uses.

You can use it to snuggle in front of the fire, to watch your favorite TV show, the lay on the beach and watch the waves crash, for the deck to watch the sun set, in the park to watch the fire works at holidays, for cuddling in bed for a long private chat, or even around a camp fire to snuggle close as everyone tells scary stories. But most of all you use it to show your loved one how much you care, love being with them, and that there is no place in the world you'd rather be. And to think, you can do that for just 60L! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Kabuki Creations this weekend, and don't forget to look around for all the hunt items and other great poses.

Snowpaw Fashions 24/25 Apr 60L sale

Sizzling, Steaming, Hot, Hot, Hot! Mmmmmm Mmmmmm, you HAVE to see this dress from Snowpaw Fashions. It's a form fitting, very deep red, crocheted dress that will have everyone's mouth and women alike. It's tube style, so it leaves your upper breasts and shoulders bare, and comes with long detached sleeves. It's sexy, lovely, and hot without being trashy. And crochet is just a beautiful weave that allows you to keep cool under any pressure. *smiles* Just remember not to wear it in the sun too long. I remember when my mom had a crocheted swim suit. It was two piece style but with a strip down the belly connecting the pieces. Well her tan lines after that day were just hilarious!!! *laughs loudly* Not that you'd wear this to the beach, it's definitely more a cocktail party or club dress. But you can wear it anywhere you want to turn heads!

Yes it will take a daring woman to wear this dress with all the holes from the needlework, but we could all use a little daring in our lives every now and then. And looks how sexy it is? I mean, how could you pass this up? Your man sure won't pass me up when I walk by wearing mine. *laughs*

Mmmmm, I'm definitely taking this on my trip to Paris next month for my Rez Day. Hmm, wonder how it would hold up sky diving from the Eiffel Tower? *giggles* Yes I'm kidding, I'm going to wear a skirt that will fly up and show my whole butt for that one...lmao Kidding! Kidding! Get your sexy booties over to Snowpaw Fashion's this weekend and snatch this dress up quickly.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion and Furniture :)

I rarely blog about furniture, I should do it more... yes I should !! I have lots to say.. so read on my darlings :)

I got a heads up for a wonderful freebie at Elite Couture Designs. (available tomorrow) The set includes two wicker chairs, a table and plant. You can pick up this gift on the second floor I put mine out on the deck of my skybox. I was in need of some patio furniture. It has 3 cute poses.. perfect for relaxing after hunting and blogging :)

ecd lime 1

Elite Couture is also releasing some living room sets. This is the Lime set. I think it's funky urban, perfect for spring. The patterns on the pillows are something I would do in rl if I had a loft.

The colors are cheerful, love !! The set comes with 10 pieces, including sofa, lamps, plants, art pieces, rug, center piece a cuddle lounge and shelf.... For a total of 53 prims. My man wasn't around to try the cuddle lounge :(

The price for the Lime set is around 800L

You can visit the Elite Couture designs blog Here and visit them inworld Here

ecd lime 2

ecd lime 4

Other goodies to talk to you about ?? Oh yes, there is more.

Earthstones has put their group join fee to 0L for today only. Normally the group fee is 250L. I'm wearing their earthday bracelet in one of the pics. Be prepared for mega lag !!

Skin is from Oceane's Boutique. She has slashed prices on the Veronika and Aimee skin lines.
- Single packs with free eyes : 200L
- Full pack with 9 skins and free eyes : 1500L
- Full pack with shape, eyes and lashes : 2000L

She also has these eyelashes on her MM board (let's get slapping): Showgirl in yellow. I may not give these ladies justice since I'm new at adjusting eyelashes. Forgive me please.

The dress is from Icing lucky board. I'm sooooo glad we finally locked it ! Thank you.

oceane lashes and skin

Cat sits on her wicker chair and closes her eyes for a moment :)