Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chasing butterflies


I love butterflies in RL too bad I can't see many of them like in SL so this shoot was lots of fun plus I had the best matching outfit for that.

Angelina Eizenberg from
Indie Rose has released such a beautiful work that I wanted these photos to be 100000% good, background had to be something gorgeous too, and what could be better than Allirium gardens? Better impossible...

So let me tell ya a little more about Indie Rose creations, on the first pic I'm wearing the 7/8 High waisted chinos in red that I find soooo cool, specially the hip ruffled pockets, I adore those pants and what is better is that I can find them in many other colors, like the one I'm wearing on the next pic


I took this pic without any flowers on the lower part so you can admire with me the little buttons on the cuffs, aren't they cute?? I love that detail.

Another amazing item is this Rhinestone Batsleeve blouse, I love the texture over it and the sleeves of course... I like cuz it's tight where it should be and loose on the rest, pretty comfy


This set is something a girl should have on her closet, I HEART FLORAL CLOTHEEEEE, big flowers, tiny flowers, all of them are just too gorgeousssss, if you agree with me this Floral skirt + Frilled Linen blouse set will make your dream come true


Have you noticed the buttons on the front part? They are a cool detail I think.

Nothing's left to say but VISIT
INDIE ROSE!! Touch the SOM for FREE gifts, join the group for 300L and get MONTHLY exclusive gifts or just shop until you die :D

Big thanks to Angelina Eizenberg again and kisses to all!!

Belle of the Ball

You don't have to wear pink to be the belle of the ball, as Osterhase shows with her lovely olive green Sadie Dress from ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;. This beautiful creation is not available in world yet, but you can see it in person along with many more brand new creations at the Fashion Show on Sunday, May 1st, 4 P.M. SL time. This will definitely be a show worth fighting the crowd for. *smiles*
Cero Style & Glitterati Use 1

I not only showed up at the ball dressed to kill in my Sadie Dress and Rozy Heels, but I got to arrive in style with Katey's new GLITTERATI VIP Group gift! What girl wouldn't be thrilled riding in a Princess Carriage drawn by two lively horse? *grins widely* Of course, having a dapper man help you down the steps is always a plus too. *wiggles her eyebrows* The full version of the carriage will be released this weekend.
Cero Style & Glitterati Use 2

Oh, and when the clock strikes 12 and it's time to go, slip on your free gift from the ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; Fashion Show. It's perfect for the after party!
Cero Style Free Gift


Formal Dress and heels - ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; - Sadie Dress, olive green & Rozy Heels, olive green - will be released at the fashion show
Short Dress - ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; - Cleom Outfit, pink - FREE at fashion show
Pose - GLITTERATI - Princess Carriage - FREE VIP Group Gift
Lipstick w/formal dress - Piece of Mind - Rose Red tattoo - FREE in Best Selling Creations Hunt
Lipstick w/short dress - Piece of Mind - Sunset tattoo - FREE in Best Selling Creations Hunt
Jewelry w/formal dress - N@N@ - Bella necklace and earrings - $L 200
Earrings w/ short dress - N@N@ - FREE to anyone (Don't know how long)
Nails w/formal dress - CCD - Long Prim Nails, Diva Yellow - $L 100 on discount wall
Nails w/short dress - Studio Nails - French Pinks, Square - Was past gift
Hair - TRUTH - Zoe, driftwood - $L 250 a color pack
Skin - [dekade.] - No longer in business

GLITTERATI Princess Carriage VIP gift

The Last Stash

The Last of the Stash Bash

Yay Stash Bash 4.20 Hunt goodies make me jump for joy!! However all good things must come to an end and now this hunt is in its final hours, it is time to scramble to get this awesome swag before it is too late. Like this super Stash Bash Balloon from TERHO. The gift actually has 2 balloons in it, one for each hand, and some really great poses!!! Fun and functional... get it before it is gone.

The Last of the Stash Bash

Another favorite from this hunt is this Lacy Blouse in weed green from So Many Styles. I love this shop anyway so to get this awesome gifty from there makes me happy. I love the casual simplicity of this blouse with the great leaf lace inset that is on both the back and front!! Too cute. Well I am going to say peace for now and chuck my deuces!!! Be sure to get your stash today or you will miss out!!

Up in Smoke

Hair: Boon
Shoes: Akeyo
Jeans: Whorish

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is in the air... I'm breathing nature

Hello darlings, it took me a while to find a perfect location for these amazing creations that Nevery Lorakeet have made for her brand called Les Petits Details.

The floral prints on her skirts and the texture of the yummy Boho boots inspired me to explore SL a little more, so I took the online SL guide and landed on every single spot until I found an enchanted fairy sim that captivated me.

These are the new Dalia Dresses in blue, purple and brown, I couldn't resist to try all of them, hope you don't mind the pic spam XD. I matched them with the also new Boho boots in many colors, I'm sooo happy with them cuz they look so real and they weren't any trouble when I took the photo, cuz other shoes take a long to rezz but these boots were amazing... I can't take them off actually XO.


As you may know I like delicate and cute clothe, something that looks sweet, that keeps me "awwwing" all the time and these Pretty Patty skirts with that BIG cute bow make me feel darling :)


Big thanks to Nevery Lorakeet for these awesome designs, and thanks also to these stores that completed my look:
Skin by
(Mamboo)Chic - FREE on LB
Jewelry by
[Fairy Tail] - FREE Group gift

Les Petits Details to find this and much more!!.

Died and gone to Mynerva Heaven

Mynerva birthday hunt...
5 cupcakes... 4 regular skins... 3 drow skins
ONLY until 2nd May

What are you waiting for??

Thanks Rhapzody.

Night drow
Night drow skin scar 2

Little Beckie
Little Beckie

Hair @ Rubisoho (Free from Lucky Boards)
Teeth layer @ Mynerva (Free group gift)
Pose is Measure of Affection @ Bent (Cat, you rock)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twisted Spring

Twisted Spring

I have really been enjoying all the spring post that have been popping up on the blog. I was so excited about this classy little jumpsuit I picked up at Twisted and Spoiled I just had to share it with you. This strapless capri length jumpsuit with great little ties on the cuffs was a group gift, and can be styled to suit most spring parties and occasions. These pics don't do justice to the texture and details of this. As if that were not enough the gift also includes this sweet butterfly necklace. Twisted and Spoiled has great designs that come with all the trimmings. Be sure to check out the place and see if you can get lucky on the chairs. Always good stuff there.

Twisted Spring Time

To go with it for my classy casual look I picked up this Arielle hair by Milana (<3) one of my new favorite hair shops. This medium length hair is swept over the shoulders with color change hair band. So many great hairs I will be broke again soon. Be sure to check out the shop and super cute gifty hair too!! Well that is all for this quick post. Enjoy the spring for those that are having it now!!
See you on the grid

Makeup: Smoky 2 - Tuli
Shoes: Sense- N Core ( awesome group gift, free to join)
Poses: Bent!

Writing Love On Her Arm

in case you missed it, I kinda got a bit heavy the other day. What surprised me was when I was inworld a little while after that post I got a message from the A:S:S subscriber telling me about To Write Love On Her Arm, which Andie mentioned yesterday.

I popped over and poked around in the early hours of the event and was impressed at how much was crammed in a small place without seeming crowded. It's a beautiful, peaceful skybox with some wonderful goodies. I picked up furniture, poses, and clothes, and that was while being fairly fussy and some of the stores not fully set up yet either. I was overjoyed at how many names I recognised and am able to say I know, and I really enjoyed my little shopping trip too.


Pictured above are the shipwreck shorts from A:S:S and the Love Movement T-shirt from [w]under, both took a bit of prim tweaking to sit just right but I'm happy. And in case you're wondering... that's the love on my arm, and thanks to a pose from Embody I know she's Got My Back.

TWLOHA Got Your back

TWLOHA is a nice small unit you can look around quickly, a wide range for most tastes including some exclusive items, and based on my visits and talking to others it's the most lag free event around! Go feel the love.

Toast love ❤

I just LOVE ❤ toast, don't you? So I headed for the Artilleri kitchen as I HAD to show you those Fire Good Toast antlers, in a fabulous kitchen, where they belong. They're now nicely snuggled in my 'Crazy bits' folder in my inventory.

And after all: 'If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen!'.

Shall we toast now or later?

Shall we toast now or later?

Shall we toast now or later?

* Toast Antlers @ Fire Good (Free part of Yeah Toast Hunt)
* Mood toasts and toast and coffee t-shirts @ Babycakes at the Rumor sim (Free gift-box on the floor, full of goodies)
* Sera hair @ Rubisoho (Free from lucky boards)
* Capri trousers @ Tutti Frutti (Free gift)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

L.O.V.E me

For who I am, for who I'm not, for what I'm trying to be, love me with all of you or just leave me alone... (Last part reminds me of what Marg told me once, ty friend!)


To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

For this event, Angelina Eizemberg, owner of Indie Rose is offering two floral overlay dresses in blue and pink, I like floral texture things as yoy all know and I also love the movement of the skirt, it makes it more real.


I also found out Indie Rose has a new VIP Group gift (The fee is 300L but you get pretty monthly group gifts) like the ones I'm going to show you. I love ruffles and the texture of these dresses is darling, one is white for you to use it maybe during the day and the other one is black for night. I'll wear them depending on my mood also hehe.


And remember, love yourself so other can love you too. Big hugs!!

Here are your Limos

To write love in her arms

Indie Rose

Fun With Balls

Okay, light orbs, but it got your attention. *winks* Here are a few more from the Best Selling Creations Hunt. View the blog here for hints, LMs, and photos!
BSC Hunt 3

BSC Hunt 6

BSC Hunt 7

Poses with orbs - GLITTERATI - Lightbox - 10 poses, 2 light orbs
Skin - Oceane's Body Boutique - Jade Black Lace Honey Cleavage
Lipsick - .:Glamorize:. - Cold Day Makeup Kit - Lips 6 - 6 lips & shadows with combos
Lingerie - Carrie's Lingerie - Jonie Silver - stocking, bra, garter, top, & panties all layers
Jewelry - Eden Jewelry - Marine Moonstone - earrings, necklace, & 2 bracelets
Heels - Kenny's - "Pumped" Color Changing Heel - sole, heel, heel tip, side trim & front & back of shoe all change colors, 27 choices
Eyes - Amacci - Real Eyes ~ Hypnotic - big & small

BSC Hunt 5

BSC Hunt 8

BSC Hunt 9

Here is your limo to the starting location, TPE @ Synergy Square.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having my cake and eating it

Not much online these days, but I simply could not resist this piece of strawberry cake. Served with a delicious cup of tea. I'm happy. And it's all free from the lucky boards @ Poche. The Japanese have rocked SL with the best freebies since the very beginning of it all. Thank you for proving that free does not mean lack of quality.

Having my cake and eating it

* Skin, teeth and ears from my beloved Rhapzody @ Mynerva.
* Rush Hair @ Elikatira (L$250 for the Essentials collection)
* Barbie sequin top from my equally beloved Drinky @ The Sea Hole.

Tons of Amazing Gifts

The Best Selling Creations Hunt started yesterday. Here's my first contributions to show you what all is available. There are some amazing gifts in this hunt, AND it only lasts for 2 weeks. You don't want to miss it!
BSC Hunt 1

BSC Hunt Giftshttp:
Dress - *Ashli Designs* Alesis Rose, Purple
Skin - BODYLINE - Zanna bright - sahara
Eyes - Amacci - Real Eyes ~ Hypnotic
Lip Color Tattoo - Piece of Mind - Lavendar Lips
Earrings - *N@N@* - Amethyst earrings

BSC Hunt 2

Here is your limo to the starting location, TPE @ Synergy Square. And be sure to visit the blog for LMs, hints, and photos.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Back on the road

Hello!! I'm back on blogging yay! Though I spent the most wonderful family vacations, I wanted to blog ASAP, so here I am with my freebies, special offers, goodies, etc. Just a girl who loves SL & Fashion :D Hope you like it XD


My top is from So Many styles and is the current Seasons Hunt FREE prize, look for the bee!

Cynful has these pants for the Best Selling Creations FREE hunt, sponsored by LOW Group, check the blog for more info.

Have you checked my yummy furniture??

Get this free skybox from Lo*momo and visit Comfy Within's marketplace to get for 99L the whole silver bedroom set (offer will last 2 weeks only!!)


And just to top it all, FILTHY released the new Kiona skin line with gorgeous faces as always, this is me wearing them in pale tone, remember you can get them in other 4 tones to be the most gorgeous avi :D

Kiona Candy Makeup

Kiona in Passion and Peach makeup (from left to right)
Kiona in Smoked and Natural makeup
Kiona in Mauve makeup


Bunny Hop

Okay, after the earlier heaviness we need to have some fun, and given the date what better than an Easter Monday Mania?

Bunny Hop

Yep, Swafette over at SF Design has a pair of super bunny outfits for 25L each so I grabbed one, and then I grabbed my bunny girl and took her to bed! Admittedly we just jumped around on it for a while but it was fun!

Dress up like rabbits and maybe if you're lucky, act like them too!

Hearts On The Outside

The other day I found out about an "event" on Facebook that's actually happening today, right now. The invite was titled "<3 on ur wrist" so I was ready to ignore it as, without wishing to seem cold and heartless, I don't do charity wristbands or suchlike. Then, because these things bug you until you respond I went to the page and discovered that much as I generally don't do such things, this one seemed like something I should maybe make a nod towards.

On april 25th, 2011, there will be a day dedicated to poeple who are battling depression and suicide and to advocate a lifestyle of unconditional love. on this day, draw a heart on your wrist, to symbolize that you are wearing your heart on your sleeve. ask someone how they’re doing. tell someone you love them. nobody should have to feel so bad about themselves that they take their own life. take this challenge. save someone’s life

Now I am a great believer in mental health awareness, but I also hate things like this "event" where people tend to make some small gesture out of obligation or a sense of "doing the right thing", certainly by the blurb I don't truly feel they "get it". Can I claim to be doing much more? Probably not. I'm not trying to be preachy, I just realised that no matter what is done, it's a topic that I feel I can't ignore.

So this morning I went to The Survivors Of Suicide Project sim. I must confess I don't know how official it is or anything but there seems to be a lot of very good information around. I made my way to the candle hall, where you can remember those you have lost and started reading the sea of hover text above those pixel flames. A reminder of many lives, some with a simple name that means something to the person who placed it, and some with names we can all relate to, such as "Mother", "Dad", "Sister", and "Me".

Hearts Outside

But much as I believe in suicide awareness the advice of this event holds true in general. Ask someone how they’re doing. Tell someone you love them. Things I freely admit I don't do often enough. The latter has especially been praying on my mind lately due to a close friend's recent (non-suicide) loss, and over the weekend I watched an evermore frail family member bleeding after a fall.

There are many people in our lives; all are precious to someone, and some are very precious to you. A smile can change the world, in both directions (and sometimes it's just a really cool way to freak people out).

This post has been presented with the assistance of my friend at HelaMiyo's the "Just Saying" pose pack ('cause I'm just saying), Aitui's Day I Died T-shirt, and the Silver Heart Bracelet (admittedly a little small for my big chunky man wrists but I'm confident you can get adjustments if needed) which lets me wear my heart on my wrist comes from Little Ones Gems run by my very loveable niece. Musical accompaniment has been The Rolling Stones' "40 Licks".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stash Bash at Last II

Stash Bash at Last II

Margaux here again from my super Hooka Hideout by The Sea Hole. As if it was not great enough this awesome Comodo Lounger from Mudhoney fits right in and is a good place to hang out with friends, work or just jump. With candles and incense to set the mood, this great Stash Bash 4.20 Hunt gift would look great in any space. Ready for action with my stash baggie, I put on this laser cut suede skirt set also from The Sea Hole.

Stash Bash at Last II

Besides the delicate laser cut design on the skit and matching cardigan Drinky Sorbet wanted to make sure you never have to go with out the essentials. Mason Jar of the good green? Check. Smiths CD? Check. Bottle of who knows what with instructions? Check. This great bag is also part of the gift as well as this awesome linked belt with little MJ embellishments. It's all in the details .

Stash Bash at Last II

Tying up this look this Ganja Luv'in set ,Stash Bash 4.20 Hunt gift from Ripe, has a mens and ladies version. Great beaded necklace, earrings, rings and bracelet feature little hemp leaf. Well you have 9 more days to get er done! So get out there and start grabbing the stash!!

Hair: A330- Tram Group Gift, Free to Join
Skin: Sylvan cafe- Exodi group gift for April. Fee to join group