Monday, November 19, 2012

The Retreat is looking for designers

The Retreat

The Retreat is recruiting designers!! We are looking to add to our diverse group of quality content creators in sl. The Retreat is a great discount shop that offers shoppers relaxing retail therapy though a wide array of special items for $50L or less that add to all areas of sl living. New goodies available in the shop every 2 weeks. For designers it is a chance to gain additional exposure on the grid and introduce people to your products and brands. We do promote the shop heavily in several major groups in sl and on the web, we would love to work with you. You can find details and apply for upcoming rounds by clicking here X. There is some remodeling and restructuring going on in the shop at this time, the next new round will take place at the beginning of Dec, hope to see you all there!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Posy of Poses

Ciss' Poses November

Hiya, just a quickie to say I've done the monthly changing of my poses The Retreat

As you'll know, I only create a few poses to use in my own blogging so I don't have a store but only this vendor. If you like any of them, this might be your one chance to get it. They're only 20L each. 
Needless to say, have a look around while you're there ^^

Take care and see you soon again :)