Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miriel the end of an Era

When I first started sl and I started to take notice of things and wanted to have some nice jewelry as a finishing touch to all the nice things I had to wear one of the best and most generous gifts I received was from Miriel. See previous post where these gifts were previously blogged on here.
Besides her exquisite jewelry Miriel Enfield is also well known for her photo real eyes. When I was training to become a model the trainer gave me a set of her eyes and they became the focal point of many photos of me to come after that. Also she offers many options. Unfortunately due to rl circumstances Miriel must close and with it goes all of her wonderful creations. If you are interested in owning a part of sl history you don't have long to get what you want of this place. Also there is a mini hunt going on there. I have the slurls for it and it is still very challanging but some really nice things so worth the work.. Be sure too to get a last look at a really cool build. The hunt gives you a chance to explore that.
Also found a little place called Yess Designs ..with a little help from Mr G.. Very generous designer offering many great gifts including these silks complete with jewelry and shoes.. check out it. Enjoy

Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Pewter 1L as part of the demo pack
Hair : WindBlown (LightBlonde) from Aden ( now closed )
Skin: :::L'ORING::: Jorden skin//2B' free
Outfit: Yess Designs Free Dark Mysterious Silk

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SL Discovery Hunt

The SL Discovery Hunt may well be the largest grid wide hunt in SL history. With 2 months to explore and discover SL and 500+ vendors... there is guaranteed that there will be something for everyone. This hunt started with a small idea, to showcase smaller stores that were sometimes over looked by other hunts in sl. Also to be kid friendly as to include some of the shops that cater to the kids at heart. With 11 "official" starting points to help spread out the participants of the hunt. The hunt is circular, so when you get to the end, the last notecard will direct you to the first location. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU START!! :) "Official" Starting Locations: There will be magnifying glasses that you will be looking for.

#001: Aud-Mart Gestures
#050: Cilian'gel
#100: Repose Furnishings
#150: Steel and Ink
#200: Precious Memories
#250: 333 Designs - only half evil
#300: Maynard's
#350: Wildz Creations
#400: Aurora Borealis
#450: Baby Monkey
#500: Eolande's

More information on the hunt and its participants can be found at

I myself have been sooo busy lately and have not had the time to hunt as I would like so I am relying on group members to help me spread the word about all the goodies out there. This time Rene Caerndow heard my cries and has come up with an awesome post for you all. She has featured some nice things from the current SL Discovery Hunt. What are you waiting for? Check out at least one leg of the hunt you may discover something you never knew was out there.. Enjoy!! ~ Margaux ~

Outfit#1 :

**Angelwing** grey Missy dress , discovery hunt #08.
*W&Y Bunny Hop GIFT*TEX Lady's hair - from bunny hop
[ Love Soul ] Prim nails*Cherry blossom* - from bunny hop
* Pretties by JB * Riva - Radiance flat shoes -from bunny hop
Toeless Slouch Softs2 Maitreya- paid for - about $L100 i think
WhoNose: Pearl Bracelet Black (resizable) - from bunny hop
WhoNose: Pearl Necklace Black (resizeable) - from bunny hop

**Angelwing** Opening Night dress, discovery grid hunt- #08
with prim sleeves and jacket.pants stockings, skirt,top,pants -all
Maitreya Slinky Stilettos - Black (red) -Subscribo gift in 15 colors
Jordan - bitter chocolate from HAIR HOH New release gift April 15th (free gift)

CS Fandango pink jewels sunglasses-discovery #254
Hair: Macey - wheat HAIR House of Heart new release gift Oct.3rd from hairspray, i tinted a bit darker.
leggings sculpty bottoms - :: M * A * ii * K * I ::Legging Black- from Maitreya- about 150$L
top -NoaR PC tank *pink - free group gift from **Anuenue -sculpty bottom and collar.
Shoes kk heel chucks black kakaue vb - discovery hunt#267
~Lithium~ Lip Ring/ Diamond - discovery gift #10

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here is a super quick insomnia driven post, was playing around and happened to get this together and was too cute to keep to myself. Here is a really cute dress I found at a little place called Djunk! where just about all is free. I loved this sweet little Sharona babydoll dress. I like the colors and the textures on it but beware I realized when I was working on these pics that there is a 2nd skirt option and the top is a little sheer!! Still supa cute.. comes with sweet little hat and cool cane with animated textures on it. Here with it I have Indy & Co.: Black Pearl Necklace that I picked up at the new shop at Sxy2nd. Really nice mall and lots of really nice gifts. To finish this look up I have it with my own shape and :: Genesis :: Candace Apricot "Glitterati" skin (was set out as a one day deal), *Clover* Real Eyes #32 (I love these eyes) and = Hal*Hina = [almond] Hair -priscilla- (that was a special gift from the bunny hunt) Hope that you liked it. Also if you have found something super cute and would like to share let me know and you could be here. Well enjoy all and be good to each other.