Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello kitty

Hello darlings!! Here I am to bring you two looks made with freebies I grabbed from 7 stores (I think lol)



Skin:Chaisuki - Paris Xmas 1 skin - FREE (There is a Xmas tree with 9 gifts, all for 0L, two skins and tattoo lips) I LOVE the way the lips of the picture look :D

Kishi - I need a new hunt prize, part of a complete outfit including pants, boots and hoodie - FREE (You have to look for a pair of black & white dices)

American Bazaar - Mix and new year hunt prize - FREE (This store was no longer part of that hunt but already had the prize so it's for free to all who want to grab it, it's at the entrance, pants are unisex, there's also two tshirts inside)

Look 2:

I couldn't resist to make another look cuz goodies are everywhere! yay!


Skin:Heartsick - Reverie folding stars - 10L This store is having a 10L and 50L event, so everyday at 12pm SLT there will be one 10L skin and another at 50L
My hints, one is on the first floor and the other upstairs hehe.

Hair: Truth
- SOM xmas gift - FREE

Sweater: Clematis - Knit cardigan pink - FREE (Comes a blue one too)

American Bazaar - I need a new hunt prize - FREE (Look behind boxes is the hint)

Troubled rebel - Great mitten hunt prize - FREE (Look for a mitten, my hint, is on a dress)

Well, enjoy your freebies and keep having fun during the holidays! kisses!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Receiving this new year with a whole new avi

Hello!! Getting ready for 2011? How about you run to Sebis and slap the SOM to get this complete avi??


Hair, shoes, skin, clothe and shape :) For FREE SEBIS

I'm not wearing the skin of the gift, I'm wearing Filthy past group gift because I wanted to tell ya that this group will only be free until Dec 31st, then Filthy's group will have a fee of 199L, so what are ou waiting for?? Great skins for free if you decide to join the group NOW that is FREE

I'm also wearing the Muse Lashes, which are part of the Xmas gift from Cheap Makeup, look for the present at the store
Cheap makeup


Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Special Xmas Post

Hello!! I wanted to make this post as a gift for ya all: not one freebie look but TWO Freebie looks! haha, I really wish you all love them:



Hair: Maitreya - Lauren charcoal - SOM Gift
Scarlet Rage body shop - Prototype III Pale - FREE (Also another one in sunkissed tone for free too)
Star face tattoo:
a.e.meth - Star eye Tattoo - FREE (Buy a white box at the store, is the xmas gift)
Meteorain - Long stole gree limited xmas gift - FREE Group gift
Tailleurs Putains - Xmas gift Camisk - FREE SOM gift (3 shirts)
Skinthesis - Faery leggins - FREE (I bought some boxes with the logo that were 0L)
Okeydesigns - Wesco female boots - FREE (Male version for free too)



Hair: Curio - In space Black - FREE SOM Gift (two other tones)
Laq - Vilda Xmas gift - FREE SOM Gift (other tones as well)
Jacket and jeans:
Airflow - Xmas Group gifts - FREE
Ambrosia - Gray knitted set (in the photo I just used the shirt part) - FREE

Oh well, I wanted to take this post as a chance to wish you all MERRY XMAS!!! Be happy with your beloved ones, and for this new year I really hope all fo your goals and dreams come true.

This will probably be my last post of this year, RL issues will take me away from PC until Monday, so TAKE CARE YOU ALL!!!!

Last Call for The Snowflake Experience...

BabyCakes at the Snowflake Experience...  Snow Umbrella, Shoes, Shirt... awesome !!

The event is Closing in about an hour.. last chance for those exclusive items that help Toys for Tots.. go go go...

baby cakes 3

baby cakes 4

baby cakes 2

baby cakes

Have a great Holiday everyone !!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Props and Poses Fair !!

Here are the talented designers involved with the Props and Poses Fair!  Each have exclusive creations for sale and some are additionally donating personal favorites from their stores to help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. Please be sure to take a landmark to their stores and visit them all year round!

Props and Poses Fair - January 1st to 8th 2011   

psst....  don't spend too much during the holidays so you can get something awesome at the fair !

pose fair

Exclusive items to be found from :
2 .Gnarlic Plimpton
4.Strictly Runway
5.The Color Wheel
6.Hate Me and Eat Me
10.Morgane Batista's Pose Shop
11.Cookie Cutter
12.Just a Pose
13.Intrigue Co.
16.Studio Sidhe
17.nestle my bosom
20.Body Talking
21.I <3 Posey
22.No Strings Attached
23.Essential Soul
24.The Sweaty Badger
25. Del May
26. Nox
27. NLimbo
28. Stylas
29. WDK
30. Wrigglesworths
31. .:GALLUS:.
There will be Music and Entertainment all week long !!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Favole + W&Y + JASstore

favole xmas group gift

Outfit : Favole Xmas group hunt.   Group is presently closed until the hunt is over :(
Hair : W&Y 143
Snowman Puppet : JASstore 35L  (he's been keeping me company this past week, love him !)
Pose : Olive Juice White Queen

This will probably be my last post for a bit....  take care everyone and have a real safe holiday !!

Purple rules


Hello all! Not many freebies on this post but this free coat was enough for me to make it a post XD, hope you enjoy it too:

BBD - Curly fro - FREE group gift (There is another curly hair and some unitards as group gifts too)
Liriope - Memories of period coat - FREE (Only at this location I think)

And before I go I wanted to say something about Catherine's and Claire's post, I agree with all what you two have said, although this is my first account I had felt sometimes hurt and sad, but now I'm glad I had the chance to meet you all and find what I really love to do in SL which is posting, otherway I would have left SL forever. So thank you all!! *I call group hug!!*

Catherine, I couldn't have said it better.

Catherine, your post 'No Image this time' touched me. I'm also an alt after getting hurt too on main account. However, I do believe everything happens for a reason and if all the pain was necessary to meet you and Margaux and Flash (who's been such a good friend listening to my RL recently), then it was all worth it. Wonderful post Catherine.

No Image this time

I'm going to take up this little space within all of cyberspace for a few words...

I haven't always been Catherine Fairport...  and at one time I was hurt so bad I became someone else and created a much needed alt.  Then after some healing, I was able to find Catherine again and she took on a new life... the life of a blogger.  I wanted to steer clear of bringing my rl passions to sl.. but the call was strong and the inspiration was all around me...

I truly admire my fellow bloggers, here on this blog or elsewhere... we all can't be everywhere all the time and I love what each and everyone of you bring to the table.  Your images, your words, your finds.. You inspire me and I'm sure others as well. 

If you follow any of my posts, you know I'm a blogger of few words... In my rl just as here...I tend to express myself with images.

This may sound corny, but each of you who have passed through my world this year have touched me immensely.. from your kindness, your generosity, your time, your spirit for life,... well, just being who you are really.

So, no image.. just a Christmas wish to all of you....

May the Christmas spirit fill all your lives.. everyday !


Monday, December 20, 2010

From head to toes, freebie look

Hello! Hope you're all doing great! I'm sleepy but that wouldn't let me stop blogging! XD

Here's a freebie look for you all from skin to hair to clothe to shoes ALL FREE (Well we better call it my one linden look haha Enjoy!


Exodi - Isolde - FREE (Exodi and Woe are having a 12 days of xmas event so they are basically giving something each day for free, which make me really happy XD. By the way the Exodi gift includes different tones of this skin)

Nodoka - Mao-umber - FREE Group gift

Who? - Xmas poncho hunt gift - Dollarbie 1L (You have to look UP for a white ball, it goes until dec.25th)

Woe - Graecyn jeans, part of an outfit for the 12 days of xmas event - FREE

Hani - SOM gift - FREE (Don't forget to grab other freebies around :D )

See ya all later! *runs to bed*

Boudoir + Glam Affair + LoQ

This gown was created for the Miss Virtual world contest and is now available in Boudoir ! (3rd floor)   If this is just beyond your price range, Vita has a little hunt going on and two items for the so 2011 event.  Join her group or subscribo to get all the details !! 

There is one dress at her mainstore for 50L and the other on the Liberty sim location.   You just have to search through the vendors to find the dress for 50L !!   I found them.. and I'm not telling.   gna gna.   I just think it is important to look at the awesome creations that the designers have taken their time to produce.. and maybe you'll put something on your wish list as a must have...

vita australia

vita australia

Hair : LoQ so 2011 event on Liberty
Skin : Glam Affair Jadis   (glam is also participating in the so 2011 event on Liberty and also sent out a group gift today...  just say'n!)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grunt + Shi + Glam Affair + LoQ + Curvy Silhouette + Di's Opera

Outfit : Grunt - new store check out their blog HERE 189L
Hair : LoQ so 2011 event 50L
Skin : Glam Affair new Jadis natural 08 a
Boots : Shi Black Ballet Boots (love that the laces change color) 186L
Shape : Curvy Silhouette Emina model shape - new
Pose : Di's Opera Happy Holidays hunt 10L for the pack.

grunt, LoQ, Glam Affair, Shi

I love Japan

Hello! Being half japanese I've always been curious about asian culture and SL is no exception, I visit from time to time japanese sims and guess what? Today I took part of two hunts with some goodies, check this out:


Skin: Quicksand - Need sleep skin - FREE SOM & Group gift
*MTU - Kohana Coat (I completely love it!! reminds me of origami paper XD) - FREE for the Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunting (I prefer to call it The Little Cat Hunt XD, you have to "obviously" find a black cat, at some stores the cat is visible but some other is too small so good luck! is a sim hunt)
*amato* - Flower socks - FREE for the Mochi Mochi Mall Xmas hunt (Amato store and Dimbula Rose have this hunt until Dec. 26th, you have to look for candy canes hidden all around the sim, whatch out some of the candy canes are empty, the ones with prize in it have a number on its name. Amato has 5 candy canes and Dimbula 8)
Purse: Curea - Tesage - FREE

This look is just a little mix of some prizes, there are a lot more including skins, eyes, etc. Plus at Little Cat Japan Sim are LB in every single store, so you can win nice goodies while doing the hunt :)

Good luck!

Secret Store + Glam Affair + LoQ + W&Y + Morantique + Ys & Ys

secret store euphoria event

Dress : Secret Store Euphoria event 50L  :( event is over.
Skin : Glam Affair : Holiday Hill event
Hair : W&Y

secret store euphoria 3

LoQ, Glam Affair, Secret Store, Swansong, Ys&Ys, Morantique

For Style info on the above/below image : HERE

LoQ, Glam Affair, Secret Store, Swansong, Ys&Ys, Morantique

Saturday, December 18, 2010

More From The Happy Holidays Hunt

Son!a - Holiday Dress (10L)
Di's Opera - Pose pack (10L)


AtomicBambi - Romaana Skin Sunblush (10L)

Baiastice - Happy Holiday Dress (10L)

Items added not from the hunt:
Hair: Mirone
Jewelry: Mandala
Shoes: Bax - Red Suede Boots

Denim rose

Hello all!! Hope you're having a great great weekend, in RL I've been running from store to store(just like in SL all the time LOL) trying to find the perfect gift for my beloved ones :D At the end I think I got what I wanted so let's wait if they like it too haha.

Well enough rambling, let me tell you more about my look:


Skin: JD'esigns - PorcelainDoll Smokey Purple - FREE
Simply Britnee - Xmas gift SOM - FREE (There's another hair style for free at the SOM)
Orion - Denim coat - SOM Gift - FREE
Orion - Mr O's Boots - 50L I LOVE THEM!!! And they are 50L for the So 2011 event, blogged by Catherine before.

Tons of love :D

Happy Holidays Hunt

Plastik - Lionheart Skin, Ears, & Eyes (10L) [comes with several tones with matching ears]
Hair: Truth-Sylvia [not from hunt]

CheerNo FEMME - Drud Dress (10L) [amazing textures on this dress]


New Limits

Maverick Designs have put out a male and female shape for their group, plus a female skin, plus as a bonus for the girls out there the Men's Styling Gift is a set of 8 free eyes so perfectly unisex. They've also got a half price sale this weekend, so lots happening there. Anyway, I put on my free Watcher Shape, and my free Maverick Classic Jeans also included, and the free eyes they included (meaning I've got 9 sets from them today, no sneaking up behind me!). He's a bit more muscular than my usual look but like many Maverick shapes you can't go much wrong, and the group gifts are a great way of finding one you like and then paying for the mod version to tweak to your own personal tastes.

Then it was on to -Limits- men designs, a new store that I got a notecard about yesterday from Tyrek Resident. The notecard looked impressive and he gets points for referencing The Big Bang Theory on his profile, so this morning I decided to take a little peek. The store is looking good, and I've got to give him extra credit for the festive decor outside too.

The clothes inside look impressive too. The vendors look pretty sharp, although I've learnt to be a bit wary of that, but at 169L for the Plaid Sweaters (with integrated shirt) I had to treat myself, and I came away one happy shopper. And the Fat Pack with all 6 color combos is a very respectable 600L too. I must say I like what I've seen so I will be watching this store carefully in the coming months. I would have happily paid a premium to have had the shirt and sweater as separates, although the few places that do that tend to charge considerably more, so I can understand why Tyrek is keeping prices low for now. There are a handful of items out just now and I'm already excited about what might come next - Limits will be making a few of the competition a little nervous based on the first efforts.

New Limits

Friday, December 17, 2010

50L Sales event on the Liberty Sim

Um, did you look at the list of designers on this ad ?   Don't think.. just tp over there or here .. well, it doesn't matter as long as you make it a point to get there any way you can !!!

Each designer will mark down a minimum of two items to 50L.. you will have to hunt for the items though the vendors in each store.

The event starts today and ends on December 29th, so you will have plenty of time to find what you are looking for !!

so 2011

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boom + Pulling Strings

boom + pulling strings

T-Shirts : Boom Flakes Tees (unisex)  15L
Center shirt says : My friends are Flakes
Other shirts say : Flake

Transfer gift shop on Existence : tp HERE

Pose : Pulling Strings 12 days of xmas event 1L Where you go I follow pose set. 

Special thank you to Isis and Zorah for helping me out with the pic !!

boom + pulling strings

Mega Mix

Hair : Snowflake experience LoQ
Sweater : Modd.g Happy Holidays Hunt 10L
Flats : Magoa Happy Holidays Hunt 2 different colors in the pack 10L
Skin : The Obscene, with and without open lips Euphoria sales event 50L
Ears : iPoke Happy Holidays Hunt 10L
Settee : Second Spaces 12 days of Xmas event 1L - everyday for the remaining of the 12 days of xmas.. most of the vendors on the sim have an item out for just 1L (settee was yesterday...)

mix of events

E U P H O R I A Xmas Sale Poster Final

Euphoria   Blog with tp points HERE

The Happy Holidays Hunt (Poster) copy

Start Here ! Ispachi

* Christmas Tummy Festival! *
Last tummies: Margaux & Just's tummies

Last but not least, I LOVE this snapshot, you can imagine the fun Margaux and Just must have had doing it. But then, they seem to always have fun together, great couple. Margaux is looking very muscular on the left and Just is very pwetty on the right ... or is it the wrong way round? I don't know, and it's SL after all *grins at Margaux*

Margaux & Just

Contest is closed now, Flash and I will be deciding of a winner next week and I'll buy a Christmas Tummy pressie.

WAvE + Posh + Modd.g + Dark Mouse + [ m ]

Hair : 50L from Posh (pack of 4 colors !)
Skin : soon to [ m ] .. more details on the way ;)
Gloves : Modd.g gift 0L
Poncho : lucky board at WAvE  or purchase for 75L
Earings : 12 days of Xmas gift from Dark Mouse 0L
Pose : Diesel Works Celeste on sale now

posh modd.g, dark mouse, glam affair, [ m ], WAvE

Most of these vendors have a hunt or an event going on right now.. be sure to check those out as well !!

* Christmas Tummy Festival! *
Girl's tummy

This is Girl Monday's tummy and it has to be the FUNNIEST tummy, it came with a notecard saying 'fat is the new black' LOL. Then I open the snapshot and the description said 'needs to be pulled wider... oh wait no, its fine.' Thank you, Girl Monday, that's the spirit *still chuckling*. Oh and she made her own skin.

Girl's tummy