Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ronja A-Z: E For Egypt and Exotica

*Counts on my fingers* Time for the fifth part of my documentation of the classic outfits by Ronja Pera of RDesignS. A full introduction to this little SL fashion history project can be found in the first instalment, here.

So without any further delays, let's dive straight into letter E... E for Egypt and Exotica.

Ronja Egypt Black Latex

E stands Egypt Black Angel. As with most of Ronja's outfits, there's enough bits and pieces to wear them in a few different ways. Boots have bling, of course.

Ronja Egypt Nights

E stands for Egypt Nights, created with repeats of an egyptian mask.. some with very strategic positioning... Boots are called Semjase and were probably not originally intended for this outfit but they came included. 

Ronja Exotica

E stands for Egypt Exotica, the colours of which suits this avatar just excellently. There's not much to say, it's based on repeats of what seems to be some belly/tribal dance piece of jewellery. The boots have impressive bling from a row a decorative elements down the back. I'm mentioning this because a) it's not visible against the white back ground and b) because of it's placement and organised excessiveness it's visually very interesting. That's the kind of stuff you don't say or talk about when you can't see it, isn't it? Well, go and collect some and see for yourself *winks*

These outfits can still available for free at the old freebie palaces:

Egypt Black AngelFreebie Galaxy (4th floor houses Ronja's stuff)
Egypt NightsFreebie Island 
Exotica - Freebie GalaxyFreebie Island

Poses are all from Behavioural Body.

Friday, June 29, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There

I was wrong but now I'm right.

Finesmith will be closing temporarily soon to close on some "bad decisions and open new path that is better". This announcement really is exiting and I can't wait to see what this new path will be. I'm expecting to enjoy it to be honest. I wish Yula the very best with whatever she has in mind, though.

But that is not yet... Until the end of July, according to the group notice, there's a massive sale. All single items is going for 100L... as well as some of the sets apparently. The group joining fee has been lowered to 100L, too. It wasn't that before which I mistakingly mentioned in a few posts ago even if I played it safe and added I didn't really have a clue but NOW it is so all is well *breaths in*

It's a Jungle 1

I, for one, intend to use this opportunity to catch up and purchase the pieces I've been oogling but not quite got around to buy. Resize scripts doesn't guarantee a perfect fit so I'm a slow and awkward customer at times.

Yula's titles tend to get me thinking and Back to Nature most certainly is one of those and it was a deep pleasure to create this post. I might not agree with adorning oneself with bits of large predators, it somehow clashes philosophically with the realisations someone going BACK to nature would have me thinks, BUT the idea of using organic materials is very attractive as it suggests a re-connection with Gaia.

It's a Jungle 2

Then there's of course the alternative 'nature'... a dystopian future where the majority becomes deprived of rights and resources, looses it's humanity and sinks into violent urban animalistic barbarism. I know what path I'd choose for sure :P

Anyway, I really enjoy these pieces from Finesmith. The decreasing use of old fashioned prims creates more freedom with sizing, which is real good. These pieces are all for SL men, huge as they tend to be, but I had no problems reduce them to fit me. 

Styling, links only where I know the stuff is still available:

Horn Ornament: Back To Nature Earring (male), Finesmith
Necklace: Back To Nature Necklace (male), Finesmith
Arm Band: Safari Bracelet (male), Finesmith
Bracelet: Jungle Bracelet (male), Finesmith
Hair: BMB103, Boon (mesh)
Horns: Walton's Parade: Wrecked Horns, Contraption, past event exclusive
Mask: Devil's Mask *Carnival A*, ContraptionLucky Board
Armor: Xylona Steam Claw, Yasum. Lucky Chair, blogged before
Body Paint: Shardul Fire, Adrenaline Rush
Dirt: Digging In The Dirt, Miss Shippe's Studio. Still in mid-move, I THINK
Knives: Dagger Of Assassin, RLWeapons, scripted for fighting

That's it for today. Take care until next time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hiya, so many events and hunts and soooooooo little time but a hunt for guys is something that can't be stood up.

Neatly organised and a friendly chat group makes Make Him Over Hunt a pleasure. Hints are available at most stores and the hunt item is pretty easily spotted. Official hunt page here and starting point here. Items are all 0L but requires group membership, which of course is free. MOST stores give hints on the spot. Contines until 15 July. I THINK that covers the basics so off you go *winks*

There is/was also a little extra MHOH mini hunt on SL9B with 10 hunt items for both genders. By the time this post is out, that will be over... almost. The last day is 27 June, that's today. There's 10 items hidden on the parcel, no group is needed. As I write this, there's a few hours left.

Below is my pick of the lot, (almost) exclusively using hunt items and as many as made sense. Out of the 76 stores that participated when I did the hunt, 12 where gendered mesh and unfortunately went straight in the bin even if some is real good looking. A further 10 consists of shapes and skins, male of course, but it's a male hunt so fair enough. The rest is pretty open and there's some real treasures among them. 


If i was to choose a couple of absolute favourites, the necklace and boots in this mix would be them.

Hat: Straw Cowboy Hat, Part of #11 TK Designs
Hair: Samson (with hair base), # 41 Amacci
Necklace: Steel Necklace, #25 K!ng
Shirt: Part of #2 Young, Rich & Beautiful
Shorts: Pop Flowers Denim, part of #10 RGDW
Boots: Troy Boots#37 Muism
Pose: Casual Men_7, part of #51 Focus Poses


I couldn't resist adding a few pieces from my inventory, this persona inhabits this place just so:

Hair: Noel Male, part of #16 Pocket Mirrors
Corsair: #40 Air, both male and female sizes included
Outfit: #7 Vero Modero
Pose: Casual Men_6, part of #51 Focus Poses

Gloves, ring, nets and sans heels from inventory.


When Innocence walks the Earth, all s/he needs is a trusty stethoscope to deal with the sickos:

Hat: Chavez Fedora, #45 Le Primitif
Hair: Hunt Exclusive, #4 UW.ST
Stethoscope: #10 Kumaki, SL9B Minihunt
Tattoo: Lotus, #70 Tattoo Art
Shirt: Jester Black Shirt, part of #58 Klam Design
Shorts: Solar Black, part of #3 SartoriaSL9B Minihunt
Shoes: Chill Trainers, part of #30 LovecatsDesigns
Pose: Aimless 06, part of #34 Stakey


For once I would like to acknowledge and thank the creators that's put out skins and shapes, even if I'm not male enough to use them:

Shape: Fibonacci L, #47 Spartacus
Skin: Dark,  #54 8 Designe
Necklace: Bikers Necklace, #28 Cyber Gem Jewelry
Tank: Pop Flowers Tank, part of #10 RGDW
Shorts: Man's Sexy Shorts, #76 Jomo
Shoes: Sive, #38 Latreia
Pose: Casual Men_8, part of #51 Focus Poses

The photos were taken while I tried my luck in the funhouse at the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns. Any similarity between this place and the hunting experience is strictly coincidental... unless there's something I haven't told myself.

To everyone involved, a big THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bent. for The Retreat

Bent. offers up the Funky Color block prop for The Retreat.  It has 10 integrated poses for only 50L.
Be sure to get it while it is at this insane price ! 

The prop is copy/mod/no transfer.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black, but not at Heart

The very reason I started blogging fashion was all about gender, something I forget sometimes when I get too involved... when mesh isn't involved at least.

A couple of posts ago, I went a bit lyrical about that Salsa Wrap from Vextra Fashion. In checking out the store to see if it was on offer there, it was a pleasant discovery to find a simple black version for free.

Black, but not at Heart

The chest is usually a serious trouble spot for me as half man/half woman. I have no issue walking around bare chested, but I know other peeps will. I would have an interesting time, me think, persuading peeps I'm wearing my male nipples while hobbling about in heels. Is it only me that is bothered by gender stereotypes?

I have constant trouble is to find something that doesn't turns me into a failed drag and match all those cool couture cropped men thingies that proudly displays their manly chests. This wrap provides some good looking cover ups without having to resort to duck tape so I'm very happy. This wrap deserves two posts ^^ You can get an idea what the whole thing looks like in the first post => X.

Black but not at Heart 2

The whole cha bang:

Hair: Stampede, Discord Designs - hunt prize in NN City Zombie Hunt, running until 25 June.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes - Deep Hazel, IKON
Makeup Layer 1: Kati AquaNuuna
Makeup Layer 2: Lucid Copper Nights Makeover, Mock Cosmetics, limited edition 
Makeup Layer 3: Makeups v11 11Nuuna
Piercings: Takayama, Mandala
Feather Fluff: Velvet Goldmine Top, Faster PussyCat, colour modded
Body Wrap: Salsa WrapVextra Fashion, FREE
Pants: Tokyo Hotel PantsFaster PussyCat included with the Goldmine Top


Hiya again. I'm sure that by now everyone is familiar with the Stand4Love logo that's spreading like a wildfire among blogs. It's heart warming to see the overwhelming grass root support for same sex marriage that's being expressed in this way. 


I give my full hearted support in favour of this, rather basic, human right. We live in a society built on a religion that claims to profess unconditional love while imposing fear based and misogynic conditions in which said love can be so.

Ciss' gender is a mythological one, I've finally settled on 'esoteric hermaphrodite' since what I've tried to achieve with the body sliders and infuse with a matching personality is a biological impossibility - the union of the male and female principle. My second life in this avatar have given me a taste of the pain a society of dogma ruminating sheeple can inflict while calling themselves 'decent' and 'loving'. Yup, it makes me angry. 

I get my fair share of 'those' IMs from complete strangers. Most often, however, in their great courage, those are dumped on my sweet and gentle SL wife... after the sender is safely away from the sim, of course. It's also pretty common if and when I fall out with someone, the other person immediately goes for my gender and spew not so pleasant FL insults and suggestions until their typing fingers cramp. They usually don't get to me, but sometimes I feel ashamed when I log out and leave these problems behind... knowing that for too many, the respite would be over and they have to return facing a unsympathetic society in FL.

My experiences might not exactly reflect what Stand4Love stands for but they have brought home as first hand experience how fundamental and deep the hurt can be... for such basic things as what gender we are and who we love and want to commit to... Who we LOVE!!! Give me a break!

I stand 4 love 100%. I actually do believe that deep inside somewhere, even the staunchest opposition to same sex marriage do as well, they just don't know it yet. 

Anyone interested can add their support for this cause and submit an image the the rapidly growing collection of amazing images on the support page on the Stand4Love site.

Since this is a fashion blog after all, here's the styling, but without links:

Hair: Boys&Girls 31, Dura
Necklace: Waves & Sun Necklace, Dark Mouse
Shirt: Off the Shoulder, Mr.Poet
Tank: White Whispers Laced Tank, Egoisme
Belt: Leather Woven Belt (modded), Mr.Poet
Pants: Gatsby Pants, Tableaux Vivante
Boots: Desire Bootie, Gos

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrapping It Up

Last call!!! Ladies and gentlemen, a last hint hint nudge nudge for the SVPAP Project Rescue event. After tomorrow, the 22nd, the doors will close on this fundraising event in support for Sociedad Valencia Protectora de Animales y Plantas. 

BUT, it's not closed yet and I've got one last thing I really really REALLY want to show you which is available for one more day... this exclusive colour of the Salsa Wrap* by Vextra Fashion:

Wrapping It Up

The texture can only be described as stunning. You can really FEEL the silk against your skin and the wrapping complements one's shape in a rather luscious way.... even mine... I'm only saying... look at the curve of that hip. It also leaves something to the imagination, which is maybe fortunate in my case ^^ Other colours of this little beaut are available at their store.

The hair is another little bit of news that's quickly will be dated. This might be your only chance before it's too late even. There's an unusual little hunt happening between 22-25 June, the NN City Zombie Hunt. What makes it different is that you actually have to hunt zombies and destroy them for points with which you 'buy' the prizes you want. There will be music as well so this weekend will be full on. Participation is FREE, HUDs and guns can be picked up at the starting point.

Nineteen stores participate if I counted them correctly. Discord Designs is one of them and is putting up two of their hairs in Essential Colours and fatpacks, the Mackenzie* (above) and Stampede. Both hairs are available at the store in the standard colours.

Nuuna has some real fun new cosmetics out in their store which are possible to layer in the most fantastic combinations. I'm wearing a selection from the Zion 2Kati and Makeups v11.

Last, but by no mean least... I've discovered this brazilian jewellery store recently, FZaPP, which sells pretty wild and fun stuff with strong latin/african inspiration. The things I'm wearing here is a selection from the Faces Collection, all in woody/natural textures and forms that suggests rainforest. Each piece can be bought separately, as sets or as the whole collection (at a massive discount) for mixing and matching. 

That about wraps it up for this time. 

* Marks review copies. Thank you Vextra and Kalli <333 Love your stuff I do!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ronja A-Z: Arriving at D with a Froobatta Tree

It's slowly happening... fourth part of this little SL fashion history project, Ronja A-Z, which is all about documenting the classic outfits of Ronja Pera of Rdesigns. All of us might not have been wearing her stuff but most will know about them and remember them from their noob days. For more introduction, see the first part.

I was going to have the figure floating against white background as a theme in this series but then I found this Froobatta Tree by Fluke at the new round at The Retreat. Quirky and with 10 poses to choose from, PLUS a poem, it offered some colour to what otherwise would be a monochromatic post. 

Without any further bleather: 

Ronja A-Z D 1

D is for Dragon, Sexy Dragon with the separate Dragon, Black Dragon Boots... with plenty of bling!

Ronja A-Z D 2

D is for Dream, White Dream, with a couple of alternative ways of putting the stuff together.

Ronja A-Z D 3

Maybe there are shoes or boots that goes with White Dream, but they are not among the things I've hoarded.

Ronja A-Z D 4

D is for Dream, Black Dream, in a couple different combinations. Complete with boots.

Ronja A-Z D 5

That's D. These outfits are still available, for free of course:

Sexy Black Dragon: Freebie Island
Black Dragon Boots: Freebie Galaxy
White Dream: Freebie Dungeon
Black DreamFreebie Island

I'm very grateful to Ronja Pera who has donated a LOT of her old resell gear and for GM Nicolaides for the tree. 

Until next time, take care :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colour Me Brightly

I checked in on the Finesmith Summer Hunt the other day. Her work is going down another path than mine nowadays, so we've sort of parted ways. It's therefore very nice to have a chance to try out her latest ideas in this way.

You need to be a member of the inworld group to be able to do the hunt. Does it cost 100L to join it now? I honestly don't know, I'm a long standing member, but whatever it is, this hunt alone is worth that many times over. It would be even for me, without taking the many group gifts into consideration. There's 20 easy to find 0L hunt prizes and the content is mind-blowingly generous. Drool time.


My personal favourite of them all is this ring, Seeing Colors, that's included in three different colour combos. It's large, the design fresh and minimalistic and the colours are carefully chosen. They alone would have made the joining fee worth it for me. Actually, put the Drop of Turquoise necklace in that category as well, especially considering there's two colours combos included. 

There're more colour news to share. Nuuna has some new ranges of makeup out, both in the category of major colour splashes and in the one of quirky line work. With layering... wow... the potential!!!! Really worth checking out.

The stuff:

Hair: Leroy, KMADD 
Hairbase: Standard Hairbase -  004: Fem, Autui (from inventory)
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 - Dark Gray-Green, IKON NEW!
Makeup layer 1: Kati Aqua, Nuuna NEW!
Makeup layer 2: Light Grey (Wear Grey Exclusive) eShadow, Mock Cosmetics (from inventory)
Makeup layer 3: Makeups v11 3Nuuna NEW!
Makeup layer 4: Guyliner - 01, A:S:S (from inventory)
Necklace: Drop of Turquoise, Finesmith - present hunt item, 0L
Ring: Seeing Colors - Ring PastelFinesmith - present hunt item, 0L

Hehe... I would like to make a little statement here. There so much talk about postproduction with SL photos. Beyond cropping, adjusting light levels and eradicating those ugly lines that happens due to large formats, I don't modify my photos. I want SL to look like SL and not something else and prefer to see it in other peoples work as well. A question to ponder... when does a SL photo stop being a SL photo and becomes like a digital images, beside the 'little' point they're digital in origin? I'm not talking down heavy postproduction or the stunning results. It's all personal choice, but it does change the meaning and nature of the result.

Just Browsing

I don't visit The Gallery Gift Shop often enough. It's cool. It's sophisticated and trendy too, which is why I have to wait for it to be quiet and no-one can see me there...

But, it is nice there. The garden/courtyard is always worth exploring and the gift shop has some great finds too, both artistically and shopping wise. It's great, window shopping has never been more acceptable! Luckily, I even looked the part today! The 22769 chaps can be relied upon to offer something manly for this event and it's kinda stylish and trendy too.

Just browsing

And for an outfit made of mesh I was both warm and decent in public! And it really is a whole mesh outfit for 180L - trousers, and a combined shirt and jacket. Yes, it's a bit of a pain that you can't wear the jacket with other shirts, but I'm not trendy enough to actually match it up any better. It has a nice ombre dye pattern which is very chic and most of my shirts just have "clever" jokes on them... So not all bad. And really, for 180L who can complain? Even if you only ever wore the jeans you'd be happy at that price.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not Just Any Textures

'Not Just Any Textures' might be somewhat of a non-event as a title, but while getting this post together, my thoughts has stubbornly lingered around textures.

After I was praising how far mesh has come in Coming of Age, I've read a very valid argument about mesh that Vaki made in one of her posts on her excellent blog, Insert Funny Name Here. Her observation about mesh is that all's swell and good, except now that the templates constitutes the whole garment where they formerly were used as parts, they leave little creative space for designers beside to add a texture. And that's in theory true.

Hopping around the grid, you can recognise many of the mesh templates. Sometimes this is real handy because you know at a glance if something is of even theoretical interest for you or not. But then there's the aspect of textures and you as quickly realise there's more to slapping on a texture than slapping on a texture...


AnaLee Balut of ALB Dreamfashion, I know you all know I love her stuff, has 'adopted' some of these templates and my my ... As usual she puts her unique twist on whatever she touches. You'll recognise the pants, you've seen them... but you haven't seen these. Well, in fact I hope you have and already own them because they're jewels. She has released two editions. What makes them stand out is that each come with a texture/colour change HUD. They're no less than 27 pants in each.

The textures have not been taken lightly as can be seen in the pants above. This is one of the colour/texture options possible and my personal favourite of all the alternatives she's created this far. Another factor that's adding to my pleasure... these pants actually fit me. 

Hair: Ohna, Discord Designs (mesh)
Makeup: Astro Glam, Nuuna (from inventory)
Henna 'tattoo': Tattoo 12, Peace and Lol (from inventory)
Jewellery: Bracelets and Rings PY, FZaPP
Pants: Leilah Harem Pants Multimix, ALB Dreamfashion (mesh)
Sandals: Slouch Sandal, Pelletteria Morrisey
Pose: My own, soon available


The other edition, the one which was released first in fact, is solid coloured ones with a shine across. 27 colour options here as well and even if most of the palette works its way through the rainbow, there's some nice more discreet options for when such are preferred.


Hair: Atlas, Discord Designs (mesh) 
Makeup: SmogBucked eShadow and Dark LipSmacker, Mock Cosmetics, past group gifts me thinks
Jewellery: Mwezi Gold Set, Uzuri - shop no longer exists :(
Jacket: Alyssa Wilderness Leather JacketALB Dreamfashion (mesh) Part of Mimmi Show 2012 Special 7 available for a limited time. (mesh) NEW! *
Pants: Leilah Harems Pants Colour ChangeALB Dreamfashion (mesh) NEW!*
Boots: Hamburg Boots Red DottALB Dreamfashion (mesh) Part of Mimmi Show 2012 Special 7 available for a limited time. (mesh) NEW! *
Pose: My own, soon available


Hair: SyddDiscord Designs
Fur sleeve: Zebra Arm Fur, Handverk
Ring: Knuckle DusterHandverk
Pants: Leilah Harems Pants Colour ChangeALB Dreamfashion NEW! *           
Boots: WedgeChogs Zebra, GoK
Pose: TurnrightHandUp, Ciss' Poses, The Retreat - my own that is. Yay!!! The first ones are out!

* Marks review copy (pants) or gift (jacket and boots). Thank you Ana!


You don't need to spend much to enjoy Ana's pants. The ones in the pic above are part of the group gift (group dollarbie) for June. See how neatly the construction and folds of the garment has been worked in? A simply fantastic garment and a very generous gift. Yet another pair is available for free as one of her famous wearable demos that can be checked out on the market place.

Hair: OhnaDiscord Designs (mesh)
Makeup: Guyliner 2, A:S:S (from inventory)
Jewellery: Afromoon Necklace and Bracelet, New Age. Sold separately at the SVPAP Project Rescue event. *nudge nudge...*
Vest: Microfibre Vest, BoHo HoBo. Texture/colour change with this being the most subtle option.
Pants: Leilah Pants, India CreamALB Dreamfashion, group gift for June, 1L
Sandals: Boho SandalsALB Dreamfashion, past group gift
Pose: RightHandHipCiss' Poses, The Retreat 

Jeeeezzz... ended up a pretty massive post this, but with a further 52 available pant options I could have made it even more so for sure XD

My own conclusions about what effects the greater reliance on other people's templates for the whole garment is having. Serious ones those are. I don't wish to spread doom and gloom and I'm not condemning mesh. As this is still a technology in development, it is, however, important to keep the discussion alive. Serious critique is vital for the future development to move in positive directions. There's simply too much 'daaaahling!!!! -this-is-WOOOONDERful!!!!' around for my liking.  

Vaki's making a strong point, a very strong point indeed. Mesh is having a negative effect on the creativity and variation among SL fashion designers. Many stores are starting to look disturbingly similar. There are gold nuggets like Ana's pants here thanks to her extra-ordinary efforts with textures, but there's no denying that the templates takes on their own life...'oh, it's those pants... oh, it's that jacket'. I love these pants and for me, they will be Ana's. Only she could convince me I need some more versions, but for other worthy designers I'm dead meat as in loss of potential income because I already own these pants.

Yours kindly,

Devil's Advocate *winks*

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Retreat and The PurpleMoon

The Retreat and The PurpleMoon

I would like to congratulate Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon on 3 years in business in sl. What started out as a little shop, has over the years gown into a major sl fashion label. Poulet's prolific designs, are very detailed and cover a huge range of styles. In edition to being talented Poulet is also very generous, as evident by the ever present specials and group gifts she lavishes her members with regularly such as this Ninde gown, gift for the 14K member mark. It even comes with this super sweet flower tiara. There is a modest fee to join the group ($50L), but this gift alone is worth every linden and more.

The Retreat and The PurpleMoon

The  Ninde gown also comes with these gorgeous jeweled armbands and is adorned with roses on the chest and down the leg. Shown here with Eeva hair by FacePalm Designs, now available at The Retreat for a cool $50L . The Retreat is the newest self indulgent shopping place in sl, featuring designs from some of the best up and coming designers all for $50L or less. The shop is currently updating items so be sure to get this hair before it is gone and check out the new items now available. As well as great shopping The Retreat boast some gorgeous gardens with great places to sit and think, take pics, or spend a little time with someone special. All the pics in this post were taken in the gardens of The Retreat and if you would like to learn a little more about the gardens, you can check it out here.  Time to make the dounuts!! Until next time

See you around the grid

Skin: AlVulo - Debbie- Oh Deer  Previous gift
Nails:PurpleMoon- Winter Nails
Pose: Creative Insanity- Angel AO

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's the little things

So I got all excited finding mesh trousers that fitted me. Then it went downhill - I tried a shirt. Apparently I'm too chesty. Not the scary triangle thing, just... moobs. Of course much of the problem is the style of shirt - a tank. The very nature of the straps means alphas can only do so much. And indeed, if they aren't cutting into my chest the whole thing is stupidly large. I'm wearing a tent.

And this is something that bugs me with mesh. Apparently I have a rather flash bum, it's had compliments. Mesh alphas merge it into the same as everyone else who shops at that store. Maybe I am a bit mooby, but I want shirts that fit them!

Anyway, on the plus side today resulted in a couple of mesh freebies that had me nicely mesmerised. Sweatbands!

No, I had no idea I wanted them either. But the Hate This subscriber sent me a pair of Hazard sweatbands. I slapped them on and thought "Cool". Then watched hypnotised as my AO creased them, bent them, and generally showed off the rigging. So I zoomed in, and as always with small mesh the texture detail was again 10 times better than anything else.


The small items are really where mesh is impressing me, such detail deserves good praise.

Anyway, if you don't want to carry a warning, they've also launched national bands for the Euro 2012 tournament. Yes, that means only 16 European countries are on offer, but Germany are free and the favourites to win (behind Ireland) so go grab a pair. Honestly, it's so easy to spend 5 minutes just watching them move.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Little Things in Life

Hi, it is I, the little purple guy again.

I've got a new job... I'm the Man in the Moon. It's an easy job, just BE the moon, man.


The quirks are good as well... like the housing, which is simply stunning! Like a carpenter's retirement dream on the outside...


... and with a suitably gentlemanly comfort inside. Two rooms and a roaring fire for chilly nights. Yea, the nights can be a bit chilly this high but the views are unbeatable.


If it get's lonely? Nah, never! You know what they say about moths and lights. Well, some are more like butterflies to be honest, those tropical ones.


The life here is never dull nor lonely and the company's always quite delightful. 

Now, would you please excuse us? *Takes off his glasses and and putting them aside, blows out the candles* 

All soppy story telling apart... The scale of this petite stuff has that irresistible pull of FL miniatures with their delicate construction, with the added charm you can be the doll that inhabits this mini world of magic. Quite enough to pull you in and the stories out. Shhhhh... I didn't say anything about the QUALITY of the stories :P

There's no question about the quality of the things above, however. Beside the male outfit everything comes from The Looking Glass. The details are amazing. The details are impressive enough on their 'regular scaled' things, but pull that down to petite size and you go all 'ooh!' and 'aah!' I mean, just look at the clarity and details of the embroidery on that dress! Or the attention to details in the house... the fire in the fire place even crackles. With some of these things it might 'just' be a matter of resizing prims, but other would require good jewellery making skills to pull off.

The 'stuff'', the 'petite' in all the names excluded:

House: Moon House, The Looking Glass NEW!

Furniture: Moon House Furniture PackThe Looking Glass NEW! Includes two comfy armchairs with sit menu, bed with single and couple poses, chandelier with candles on/off and, last but not least, a mirror. 

Avatar: RoyaleFallen Gods Inc.
Hair: Shiki, Wasabi Pills
Outfit: DynastyThe Looking Glass NEW!

Avatar: Chrystal, Fallen gods Inc.
Hair: OrionWasabi Pills
Outfit: Gothic Penance, Avatar Bizarre

Feel the lure of the petite? Remember the wisdoms, 'small is beautiful' and 'less is more'. 

Until next time, take care and have fun.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ronja A-Z: C For Chelsie and Crystal

Time is overdue for the letter C in my little project 'Ronja A-Z', documenting the fantastic and now classic outfits of Ronja Pera of RDesigns. If you're interested, more of an introduction can be found here, at 'A' => X.

Since I've promised to keep down on the bleather, lets just dive straight into the letter C... As usual, there's a few different ways to combine the content.

Ronja C Chelsie

C is for Chelsie which is quite complex conceptually. It's made up of repeats of a silver version of what looks like a classic western tattoo. That's three layers of meaning, not bad. 

This outfit doesn't seem to be available anywhere... at least I haven't found it when out and about. However, because of the nature of these outfits I don't think I would commit any crime if I offered it freely to anyone interested. It's among the stuff Ronja very kindly passed on to me. If you would like a copy, contact me inworld.

Ronja C Crystal

C stands also for Crystal. I...RONJA... is wearing the red version but this outfit also comes in pink, blue and white. Tattoos and nails are included.

This outfit, and colour variations, can be found in the Freebie Dungeon and Freebie Galaxy (4th floor).

All the poses are by Fly Lily and are donation items for the SVPAP Project Rescue. Bottom left is from the Caliope set 1, the others from the Elfie set

Until next time, take care :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge...

The SVPAP Project Rescue event has opened it's doors. The rescue center of Sociedad Valenciana Protectora de Animales y Plantas (SVPAP) is in dire economical straits and the home and lives about 500 cats and dogs are at stake. For more information, please visit the official blog

A number of stores have joined forces and are donating their creations to this cause, both at the event itself (100% of sales as fundraising) and in their respective stores (50% fundraising), see blog for list of participants. 

Beauty And Beast

To celebrate the diversity of all the donations, here's a couple of picks that caught my eye.

She: Purr gown from Sascha's Design. This is just one option that's included.
He: Complete Demonic Unicorn by A.R.C + F.N. It comes with alternative everything and then some. This is just one of many alternative looks and it still doesn't tell you anything about the sounds effects and hoof prints... and other things. It's available in fem version as well.

Thank you guys!!!

So please, come and show that we care and can make a difference when we put our hearts and minds into it... here's the limo => X.

The poses were created inworld using Animare. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look At Me

It's a funny relationship we have with our avs for sure. In theory I can only speak for myself, but I've noticed on countless occasions how friends shift in their personality when they move between alts. Give me three alts and I give you three people. It seems we project different part of ourselves into our various pixel dolls... and that seems to be true even for people who claim they are the same whoever they're 'in'. My relationships are different with people's alts as well... I can be very partial to one while luke warm to another, even if I know there's the same person at the keyboard. I decline to mention one in particular that gets BOTH my bitch and asshole going.

Look At Me 1

As far as I understand from self observation, our behaviour is very much based on our role models and expectations how certain people act, especially when we change into someone we're not. In fact, changing avs and alts have made me realise the importance of role models for our behaviour. I think it would be a good idea for prospective partners to swap genders for a while and try each other out before committing. According to Jung, we have both genders in us... maybe meeting the 'other' in the intended could be quite 'interesting'... the 'inlaw' we never know until it's too late.

I'm writing this because I've got one persona throwing tantrums at the moment. Yup. I've been doing some av swapping lately to be able to show some particular stuff and the herm is NOT happy, so s/he's here to get things into balance again. This is a portion of ME ME ME to keep the peace in the household so to speak.

I couldn't find a spot light, but I did find a microphone, which will have to do. As you can see, I do have a few yummy things as well to show and tell. I'm especially proud to show you the facial makeover - I modelled for the vendor picture. How's that for a 'look at me'?

Look At Me 2

Hat/hair: Bonomo, LoQ, present run at TDRB
Makeup: ZOMG IT'S GOTHIC Mida's Dark Shadow, Mock Cosmetics, Black Market
Extra Lip Layer: Dark Kiss LipSmacker, Mock Cosmetics, Group gift
Bangles: Silon, FZaPP
Collar: 'from inventory'
Tattoo: Mystic Square, CoLLBlack Market
Pants: Woodcutter's Overalls, Doppelgänger Inc

The pose is mine, modified with the help of Animare.

Aaaahhh... that seems to have settled the itch a little. I think s/he... I... will accept a little bit of more dabbling with other avs for a wee while longer. Seriously though, I've encountered something new - 'av rivalry'. Would this be a variant of the sibling one?