Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Picture

Im in love with this One Shoulder Dress from COCO. I think the polkadot frillyness of the top is just amazing and sooo my style :) The Skin is from the Sofia Skin Line at Glam Affair (free in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt- which is now over sadly) I thought it gave this dress a more glam dramatic look! Hair is called Maria from!

Also played a little bit with the lighting features in SL (On Margaux's recommendation) so I am hoping this turned out better then my previous post :)

❤•❤Teena <<< Newb Photographer :)

Eshi + Ilaya + LaVie

I'm back after being a ghost for over a week.

Thanks Teena, you rock.. big time.

I still have loads of work to finish in rl, but.... I'll take a break from time to time and come visit :)

A real quick post...

Sexy red little number :
Ilaya has some vendors set at 1L, all you have to do is find them.

Hair : new profile pic reward @ Eshi - I love cool hair.

Skin : LaVie Demi V2 011 Normal. Remember, enrollement is free @ LaVie and will end July 5th !!

ilaya eshi

Monday, June 28, 2010

[kusshon] Yoga/Meditation Mat (Giftie)

Hello all! I thought you might all like this latest gift @ [kusshon] which is a Yoga Mattress with the cutest little animations (depending if you fancy a little "Hawaiian" swivelling of the hips, or perhaps a little contemplative meditation). It is a simple mattress (only 1 prim) so you can park it in your home or garden & "hop" on for a little "alone in good company" solo relaxation while you chat to friends online. Super cute!
The Hair is only $30 @ [kik] and suited the Laq Julie skin perfectly. Shape is new (Bluebell) @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. A really adorable shape if you like to look pretty & flirty. She is a quite petite & perfectly curvaceous. Eyes are Mardis Gras which are free @ Shine. All the backdrop textures you see in the background are from lovely Khan Omizu @ Framelight [K.O] Texture House. Khan produces some of the best quality seamless textures you will find in SL and all at extremely modest prices! Some textures are only $25! Lots of gifts in store too!

There are 2 other animations in the yoga mat (all animated) which are also fun...including the "tree" stance & "Asanga" yoga stance.
That's it! Sorry it is such a quick postie. I am about to start the *Good S***t Hunt so hopefully bring you some more goodies soon. More info on the *GSH* here. *GSH* blog here.
More posts & fashion tips here.
Have fun!
Hugz* Xanthe x

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dress Me Up!

My First Blog Post :) Thanks Marg for letting me post here!

My first find for today is the new group gift dress at *Towa*! Its so very pretty and flowwy and the amazing neck piece is so adorable! Its all flexi and just great to dance in! It fit me really good which Im picky about cause I dont like when the pants layer sticks out of the back of the skirt and shows my butt! This dress is wide enough and flowwy enough to cover all underclothes! *Happy Dance*

Also found a really great hunt gift skin at CandyDoll as part of the Fashion is Love Hunt. Im loving these soft pink lips and pretty eyeliner and the skin tone is great too!! Also here is a close up of the neck piece from the dress. Very pretty and dainty :)
Enjoy! :) ❤•❤Teena

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fab Urbanista

Just a quicky post with some goodies that came to me today, First up this *Urbanista* Cruisin' bodysuit in green is belted and has the checkered racing stripes down the sides and cute little double checkered flag motif right on the front. Group gift all for you, just head down to the store and tap the subscribo, and then hit the little mailbox posted on it and it will give you a list of all the notices in the past 7 days, so get it while you can. This Adore Tone 2 Firefly skin was a free gift from Envy Designs, she has out a group gift, MM boards, riot vends and lots of great goodies so swing by there when you can.This fair skin has rosy cheeks and cute little firefly freckles.

Topping it all off FAB.PONY "Hawke" Hair here in ~Candy Apple~ now on sale for an astounding $70L at The Dressing Room- Blue . Who doesn't love The Dressing Room?. The bangles and earrings part of the *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set - Steel. So if you are feeling sporty snap up these great items and check out some new stores ... enjoy M xx


It's summer time and the living is easy.... The Summer time trikini & dress set from GG&MM works station makes summer living easier with all the options available in this amazing set. When you consider included in this set some chunky bangles (not pictured above), gorgeous matching multi-strand black pearl necklace with choker, and these super nice matching prim feet shoes that were a snap to match to my skin tone. The shoes alone are worth more than the $390L price tag on this awesome summer wardrobe. Here I have on the cheetah set but also comes in leopard and snake prints to bring out the animal in you. The set has multiple swimsuit, dress, and shirt options that include these great leather pants. This new to me shop has some other really nice multi-piece wardrobes you can get that come with all the trimmings at a great price. So be sure to check it out in world, you can also get these things on Xstreet if that is your prefered shopping method. See you at the beach Mx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ear Candy, 26/27 Jun, 60L sale

Maeve is bringing you two more lovely jewelry sets from Ear Candy for just 60L each this weekend. They are called "Just Breathe" and you can get them in gold or silver. They come with a necklace, earrings, and two different style bangles for each wrist. You get a necklace with three lovely strands of beads, two in solid gold and one strand with a darker whimsical pattern..the pattern is also followed in the large drop pendant at the end of the necklace. The has also used the same gorgeous pendant in the earrings. And I just love how they are large enough to see through my long hair!

The bangles for your right wrist use smaller versions of the pendant as one bracelet, then are combined with three solid gold metal bracelets attached with a band using the patterned design. The bangles for your left wrist combine two larger bracelets, one using the same patterned gold and one with a different pattern, also 5 different colored smaller bracelets and a chain bracelet that matches the chain hoops in the necklace.

These sets are beautiful to wear with almost any outfit, especially since you can get gold, silver, or both! Again great options for mixing and matching. I can tell you I will be turning heads at the bar tonight. I'll be fighting off the men and definitely having to tell them to "Just Breathe". *winks* Just look how these jewels set off the outfit I chose to wear tonight.

Don't you agree the men are in trouble? *grins* See you at Ear Candy this weekend!

Kabuki Creations, 26/27 June, 60L sale

Naku is in a heart-felt mood this weekend, so head over to Kabuki Creations and pick up these two sweetheart poses for just 60L each. You can get this wonderful "Heart of Mine" pose that comes with the modifiable ottoman. This pose is great to snuggle up by the fire or place out on the deck as you gaze at the stars. Though I doubt your mind will really be on the stars *winks*, especially with your loved one touching you so sweetly. Relax against your lover's body, their warmth seeping into you as they caress you lovingly. Their hands are held directly over your heart like they are going protect it from anything and everything. Show your appreciation as you caress their thigh and arm, letting them know this is the only place you'd want to be. Revel in the fact that they can't take their eyes off of you as they hold you tighter against them.

Also pick up the adorable "You Hold My Heart" pose. Don't you just love it when a man is relaxed enough with you to put his head in your lap and stare into your eyes? Run your fingers through his thick silky hair as you gaze into his eyes and tell him how much he means to you. If you aren't good with words then just let your touch, your face, and the look in your eyes express all you are feeling. As he lays there looking at you, slide your eyes down the length of his body, letting them linger on the places that really turn you on so he can see the affect he has on you. *sighs softly* I bet it doesn't take him long before he pins you to the floor, or bed, or couch, and shows YOU just how much he appreciates being wanted by you.

Now don't both of those poses just grab your heart and make it melt? Yeah, me too. *smiles* Head over to Kabuki Creations this weekend and pick them both up.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Having some issues...

For the moment, I can't log into my account. Catherine seems to be logged even if she is really not. So if you see me online... I'm not really there.

I found it bizzare and used my alt to check out what was going on. I was able to take a picture of Catherine and I... she's not doing anthing but standing there and blinking.

So here is the pic.... Hope this gets straightened out real soon.. I need to shop !! ;-)

me and my alt

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favole + Cupcakes

Favole has a few new releases you should check out... if you are a member of the group, she has some super nice gifts.

Check notices for the collar and fun strawberry shown here. (the lucky chair also has a version of the strawberry) If you ever see me, go ahead, you can touch my strawberry !!

Boots : in store group gift from Favole

Skin : June group gift from Cupcakes (group join fee 250L)

favole 3

favole 2

LaVie + Cupcakes

Yummy Skin from LaVie Designs, perfect for the summer. Group fee has been waived for the moment, but it won't last long... therefore make a slot available for the LaVie group in your profile.

The new gift is "summer fun" Demi Reloaded with tanlines and beautiful face tats. As with all the LaVie gifts, they are 1L avail. at the LaVie store.



The bathing suit is from Cupcakes, purchased at a previous 50L bake sale. I couldn't log in on Monday.. so I missed out on this weeks goodies. :( Sadly, this will be the case most of the summer since rl will be extremely busy... a good thing, but I'll miss my sl fix. ;-)

Vita's Boudoir + Indyra Originals+ Sotd + Eshi

From Vita's Boudoir, The importance of being called Alice. What I love about Vita's designs is the flowey pieces in her gowns. Shimmery, delicate ... always so femme. (650L) She also has a guest designer featured, Eshi Otawara. Eshi has been featured on the blog b4 and has a profile pic reward for some boots.. find the post HERE.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vita's Boudoir, she has given out some generous gifts in the past... find the post HERE. Vita's inworld group if free to join or click the subscribo.

Skin : hunt item from Sotd, key doll skin 0L

vita's boudoir

Indyra Originals sexy net lingerie, International Fashion Fair hunt item
Skin : same as above

Indyra Originals

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 19 & 20 Jun, 60L sale

Stop by Kabuki Creations this weekend and make it possible to get closer to the one you love. Naku has two great poses on sale for 60L each, first is called "Listening". How sweet is it for you each to lay with your head on the other's shoulder, your hand caressing their hair and neck as you gaze into each other's eyes and tell your deepest secrets? It's such a sweet and relaxing position, and after all, if you can't tell the one you love your biggest secrets, who can you tell?

The next pose to bring you closer to your loved one is "Why Love You So". Have your lover lay in your lap, feeling the warmth of your thighs as you caress their hair and chest, looking them straight in the eye as you tell them all the reasons you love them. And of course you can have them reciprocate when you are done making them feel like a king or queen. This is also an awesome pose just to comfort someone you think may need or want it. Imagine having a bad day and your lover or close friend pulling your head into their lap as they listen to everything you have to say. Who wouldn't love a friend like that?

As always, the poses are animated, you can show or hide the pose balls, sync movements, and are easily adjustable. Naku thinks of everything when he's making his awesome poses for you all! Head over to Kabuki Creations this weekend and pick up these two lovely poses.

Ear Candy, 19 & 20 Jun, 60L sale

Congo anyone? Maeve and I say yes! For 60L this weekend you get a choice of silver or copper Congo inspired jewelry from Ear Candy. You will get a cool set of shades, a necklace, earrings, and two different bangles. The size and design of these pieces will put you in mind of the Congo...big, bold, and strong. I love the spiral affect she's created in the earrings, necklace and one of the bangles. It puts me in mind of the Kayan tribes women that used coils of copper to stretch their necks to make themselves less desirable to avoid becoming slaves. That's one of the theories anyway, now-a-days they would just take their machete's and chop off...uh, never mind. *laughs* The boldness of these pieces come from Maeve's creative use of the materials more than texturing.

The scalloped effect of the necklace is great, rustic but elegant at the same time. The bangles are larger and, as always, give you contrasting colors, shapes, and textures that compliment each other so well. The sunglasses are two toned, a great shape, and frame your eyes very well...and what self-respecting woman would go to the Congo with out a pair? You can buy a set to wear as one, or mix the pieces with your other favorite accessories. You can also buy both sets and mix them together, the black in each set makes them very interchangeable!

Just be careful when you are floating down the Congo River with this beautiful jewelry on, wouldn't want you to get mugged at spear point, or have a crock mistake the flash of your jewels for a tasty treat. *winks* Don't miss out on these inspiring sets, see you at Ear Candy.

Cupcakes + Pig + W&Y

Another quick post.

Bikini : Pig fatpack 0L
Hair : Lucky board prize from W&Y 0L
Skin : Cupcakes group gift (250L join fee)

Note : Tableau, where the Bikini is located is having a festival called "The Tableau Summer Festival" some vendors are donating proceeds to The Center for Biological Diversity to help animals effected by the BP Gulf oil spill and to help put a stop to offshore oil drilling. Remember with any event, there will be lag.

This was also blogged by Xanthe in white...

june gift

Mahogany in HOT MOOD* & WOE* ;)

You have to forgive the inane title..I couldn't resist..giggles*. It will all make sense in a minute ;). The fabby hair featured in each pic is from *BP* ....each one for $1! (all 4 hairs are absolutely adorable & wearable). I haven't featured the 4th style which is blond/braided hair. Well cute!). Find each hair in the buckets OUTSIDE the *BP* shop. Bit of a slow rezz on arrival but worth it. Really fun hair!

Lots of other goodies in this blog.... hope you still reading... :)). Top pic "Noir Bangles" are free @ COCO & CO. The pale "Sable" version of the bangles are in the pic below). The slinky Dress in top pic is *Hot Affair* from Hot Mood. (Not free but deliciously sexy dresses which come in lots of shimmery shades). The Shape is the exotic Mahogany Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (Always original, always unique shapes). Mahogany is a very international shape that transcends the usual cliches about shapes designed for dark skins. This shape looks great in both dark (in ICONIC skin above) as well as pale skins ( e.g League below).

The cute bikini above is free @ PIG (lots of shades in the pack. Find bikini in cart outside shop). You will also find a guys shirt (also free). Bangles above are free @ COCO & CO. These bangles will look great with the floaty summer dresses so worth scooping if you can. Tae Teal Earrings are new @ Darkmouse. Not free but lovely. White Sunglasses above are a giftie @ AIKANE. You will find tons of gifts there so do pay AIKANE a little visit if you have time.

The outfit above is new @ WOE which is a label that creates beautifully detailed & intricate casual wear. Jeans are cuffed & scripted for resizing. Brown Sunglasses above are also free @ AIKANE. (Find them in the sunglasses display area near the dedicated freebie wall). Poses are Everglow & Miyoko Magic.
That's all for now folks!
Have fun. Hugz, Xanthe xx

Paris Metro + Eshi + Mango Mango + Amacci

A quick post b4 things get crazy here in rl... (if links don't work or send you to the wrong place, please let me know.. I'm using a new beta viewer)

Paris Metro complete hunt outfit. (hint : look for bug on 3rd floor under sunflower)
Hair : Amacci previous gift
Skin : Mango Mango subscriber gift for 3rd rez day.

paris metro

Boots : profile pic reward @ Eshi ... super cool SCHMIDT liquid boots


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vidal Fashion + Fairy Tale

Have you been reading your group notices ? You should, go on... check out the one from Vidal... I know you want to :) Seriously. I'm not going to say it again. lolllll

The skin is also from Vidal, 1L on second floor and it comes with the shape. (diffferent tones avail.)

Two very hot looks just released from Vidal :

The sexy Rave dress (50L)

vidal copy

The ruffled babydoll (50L)

vidal 2

Delicate jewlery : new group gift from Fairy Tale (avail at store, 0L join fee)
(I know, I should blog jewlery more often) - EDIT (LM FIXED)

vidal 3

Hair : Xstreet 1L special

Psssst... Check the group notices.

SYDS + Cupcakes + Rainbow Chaser

A few things I've thrown together...


Top : Lucky board @ Rainbow Chaser (cute little shop, check it out)
Hair : SYDS profile pic reward (new)
Skin : Cupcakes previous 1000L club skin

Cupcakes is having another 1000L club skin at the moment, you get three random deliveries and if you have previoudly purchased a 1k club, you get a surprise :) This time, the theme is fantasy and the lines will be EMBRACE, FANTASY and DIAMOND. As always, the skins will never be sold again. (1000L skin club from June 16-18th)

On another note, I'll be quite busy in rl for the next few weeks.. I'll blog, but just less often. I'll most likely send you all some NC in the group of some great finds and promotions.

Vita's Boudoir @ The Black and Blue Fair

Here is another quick look at some of the finds at the Black and Blue Fair for mental health awareness.

Brainstorming Boudoir is just one of the wildly creative gowns you can find from Vita's Boudoir. Vita does haute couture with an elegant femme feel. You can't help but feel beautiful when you are in something she has made.


If you also have the time, you can also find her at the Zombie Popcorn Carnaval where she has a 0L gift out. :) That even ends June 30th.

vita 2

Previously blogged :

vita boudoir

Brainstorming Boudoir : 850L
Feather Dress : 550L
Hair : Vanity Hair 1L, previous release gift

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Static Beauty + SYDS + Blue Blood

New place for you to check out - Static Beauty.

All skins are 10L each with a free gift set out for you (turning Japanese) shown here and a pose set as well :

static beauty 3

Here are two more skins shown with a dress I won at Blue Blood (clickwars prize) also, the hair is a lucky board win from SYDS (new).

static beauty 2

static beauty

They also have an MM board and Lucky board at Static Beauty, drop by and check them out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashion is Love Hunt

Just showing you some of the items available on this hunt. Start point HERE.

Hunt info :
June 15th until July 15th
Brought to you by LP Design and Garage

The hunt object is one yellow gum with cute gemstone like heart since our love is FASHION and Fashion is our Love.

Hair is the new lucky board item at W&Y, all the rest is hunt items.

fashion in love 4

fashion in love 3

fashion in love 1

fashion in love 2

Shown in no particular order :
Sassy Kitty Designs

Lots going on @ Mynerva

It's no secret that I love freckled skin and when I think freckles.. I think Mynerva.

She has a few things going on right now that you should know about.

First off.. This generous Fashion in love hunt gift in a special makeup. The hunt is on until July 15th.


Hair is a profile pics gift from MINA

You might also want to pick up the special crying skin she has out for only 100L. It's from her new line, Elise. (Available for a limited time)


Other skins you might want to check out.. Cynthia. I love the eyebrow and lips. The eyebrows on one side are different from the other.. fun !



The eyes really pop here and they are 100L. (also avail. at Mynerva)

Other Hair : Kyoot 25L (sale)
Lingerie : Lingerie boutique (not free)