Saturday, April 11, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Donna Flora

The work of Italian designer Squinternet Laria , Donna Flora is making it's presence felt on the sl fashion scene. With designs that range from cute and quirky to downright sexy and everything in between she is sure to have something to suit every taste. One thing that all the clothes have in common are the rich textures and incredible attention to details. When designer Squinternet Laria started sl in June 2008 she says she fell in love with it almost immediately. With years of rl graphic design experience as an architect and 3D designer, has dabbled with some rl jewelry design as a past time and has now turned her expertise to designing some of the nicest clothes you can get in sl. She would describe her style as retro vamp. Her philosophy on design is "I do only things I like...and I guess that if I like what I do, others will like it too". I know I do. Feast your eyes on the wonderful gifts she lavishes on her customers and also some of her offerings for sale...

Top Pic: On Tinka and Margaux Donna Flora BONITA corset 1L and Donna Flora BONITA boots 10L
2nd Pic: Donna Flora designer Squinternet Larnia wearing her design Holly 350L
3rd Pic: On Kat: Tasha(Red), On Linaye: Coco, On Moi: Wanda, also comes with great necklace. and lastly On Christina Tasha( black) all 10L each
4th Pic:On Tinka: * Donna Flora * LINDA pants 350L , On Moi:* Donna Flora * MARGOT 1 350L , and on Darianna: * Donna Flora * EDITH 300L

I would like to thank Squinternet Larnia and my lovely Group Member models.... Tinka Bondar, Darianna Alonzo, Linaye Allen, Ekaterina Tolczyner, and christina1618 Zerbino
Poses: LAP, Maitreya, and Striking Poses

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