Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miriel the end of an Era

When I first started sl and I started to take notice of things and wanted to have some nice jewelry as a finishing touch to all the nice things I had to wear one of the best and most generous gifts I received was from Miriel. See previous post where these gifts were previously blogged on here.
Besides her exquisite jewelry Miriel Enfield is also well known for her photo real eyes. When I was training to become a model the trainer gave me a set of her eyes and they became the focal point of many photos of me to come after that. Also she offers many options. Unfortunately due to rl circumstances Miriel must close and with it goes all of her wonderful creations. If you are interested in owning a part of sl history you don't have long to get what you want of this place. Also there is a mini hunt going on there. I have the slurls for it and it is still very challanging but some really nice things so worth the work.. Be sure too to get a last look at a really cool build. The hunt gives you a chance to explore that.
Also found a little place called Yess Designs ..with a little help from Mr G.. Very generous designer offering many great gifts including these silks complete with jewelry and shoes.. check out it. Enjoy

Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Pewter 1L as part of the demo pack
Hair : WindBlown (LightBlonde) from Aden ( now closed )
Skin: :::L'ORING::: Jorden skin//2B' free
Outfit: Yess Designs Free Dark Mysterious Silk

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