Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Day to Night!!!

One day I was out scouring the grid for some great goodies to report and I ran into Teshan2222 Wycliffe, group member and newest model. I was looking for some things for a post and when I ran into her she looked awesome and she had on some nice goodies that I recognized and some I didn't so I asked her to pose for me and she came with 2 looks. One for daytime work and one for evening time casual.

First the daytime work look. I recognized right off the gift from MEB 0 button down corporate shirt w/ black skirt + bangle ($1L or free from the MACOS/HipHop mall). Lots of great goodies at this mall be sure to have a look around. Maybe more to come from this mall . Not to be missed. Added to that she had on Ginza - mini birdcage gold jewelry - necklace + earrings (Slice of Summer hunt gift - free) by Ginza Jewelry. I loved this adorable little necklace with great details. The sweet little birdy has a flower on it, soooooooooo kyoot. Also Zenith Fashions ballerina platforms (Slice of Summer Hunt gift - free) by Zenith Clothing. The finishing touches to this outfit are Free Speerit Eyes-10 colors look again (wearing Sea) - $1L, Alady prim lashes (free from Alady Island), Glance Adriana skin (was free from the mirrors hunt), and Damselfly - Fallyn-Brown Caramel (not free).

Carrying over the accesories and finishing touches into the evening for a more casual look she changes gears with low-cut sweatpants, cutoff top + shirt: Twisted & Spoiled group gift (free when you join group). She also added Cynful gloves kiss - white (not free).

Thanks to Teshan2222, all the great and generous designers and to all of you that support us. Enjoy and new post coming up soon including wrap up of our very first fashion show.


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Teshan2222 Wycliffe said...

Just have to say that Margaux is the most talented photographer on the grid!!!! I feel very lucky to have posed for her . . . :O) xoxoxo Tesh