Friday, September 18, 2009


I know it has been
too long since my last post, I have had lot going on. Now that I have had a chance to take a breath, I am glad to be back and share the goods.

The first one is the V-Fashion Group Gift August. Available in the new V-Fashion LookBook. I don't if you know about these yet. Many places are using them and this was my first experience with it. I will have to say that it was most pleasant and it offers a host of options. Like being able to shop from the comfort of where ever you want to be to making it super easy to send gifts. This book is long be warned and the gift is on the last page, but there is a search option and if you search gift it will bring you to the correct page.

This is a lovely gown has a lace bodice and satin skirt with lace panel. It is very sleek and elegant and would serve well for any formal occasion or even as semi-formal wedding gown. To complete this look I have [the oBscene] BRAELYN ~ Seraphina OP GIFT ~ tone2 skin. I love the smokey makeup and glossy lips. It is a grand reopening gift and it comes with 4 tones, including one Vamp tone. Do not miss out on this very generous gift. Also while you are there be sure to pick up [the.oBscene] Opening Gift 2 ~ glitters to wear. lovely layers of glitter to enhance the body. This lovely hair ww*hair-086:Cherry(LB), is a special lucky board prize from White Well. There are also some other hairs there that are free, wrapping this look up are the much talked about and coveted clover eyes here in *Clover* Real Eyes #6.

This sexy and sophisticated gown is V-Fashion - Silvester Lace Dress White (not free) , with its sexy lace bodice that is V cut in the front and cut to there in the back it comes with a few options. There are 2 skirt options and you can wear it with or with out the train. This dress was not free but worth the linden for that WOW factor. Also the awesome jewelry I have on was made especially for this dress and it accents it wonderfully. Alienbear Design (Silvester set white) has these lovely flower like enhancements with flowing streamers coming down. The necklace also has some stone on the front and in the back a beautiful cascade of streamers that come all the way down. When I saw the ad for the dress I had to have this set. To complete this look skin is :::L'ORING:::Sophia skin 04B , hair ETD Loraine 2 - Copper and eyes *Clover* Real Eyes #21

Although this gown is not free there is however at this time a 50% off sale going on at V-Fashion, it was extended to Mon and is your chance to get this lovely gown and other delights at a super price. Sale Ends Mon Sept 21st.

xx M xx

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