Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The First Frost @ Le Cirque

Another great fashion event brought to you by The Fashion Circus.

This event is aptly named “The First Frost” I fell in love with the theme, there is something about the frost template of colors that speaks to me. Clean, pixie, dreamy, ethereal, ….

Let me show you some of the wonderful creations you can find at
Le Cirque… exclusive creations that you can only find at this month long event. (Nov. 18th until december 18th)

From Swansong, the Frost Dress in black. It also comes in an ICE tone as well. 325L/ea..

Swansong @ Le Cirque

From Vita’s Boudoir, Pink Winter Dream 400L. Also available from Boudoir, Frozen Bite.

Vita's Boudoir @ Le Cirque

From Magoa, so excited about this because it fits my skybox perfectly !!! Table, chairs, lights, fireplace, accessories… for 250L. Everything is coordinated so well. Love, love, love. I guess I love the fact that I don’t have to run around sl finding things that just fit perfectly together. Yay.

Magoa @ Le Cirque

Skin (1 and 2) : Birth Isis Skin in honeytone ocean ribbon This goes so freekn' well with the Boudoir dress it is crazy !! 1000L per tone.

You will find items from sl top designers :

The Shak
Tutti Frutti
{what next}
Style by Kira
e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
Bliss Couture
Vogue Style
Vita's Boudoir

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