Friday, March 22, 2013

Death Becomes Her... Not

Being of a sort of male-ish kind, I have struggled to understand why women have embraced the bitch/whore/slut labels with their traditional derogatory meanings. But then, of course, there are no positive or even neutral words for a woman that demands the right over her own body, is there? *shrugs*

I've been sitting staring at this for days not knowing how much to include or how to put it in words. My interest in the Whore Couture Fair has been for mainly 'intellectual' reasons and for me the equations presented has not been resolved exactly. The place is full of very powerful fem bodies and almost eerily devoid of men, which makes the few existing references to guys the more puzzling. The few that are there are totally calling the shots.

Death Becomes No One 1

I suppose the bottom line is quite simple. Women and even the law might have changed towards gender equality, but as far as the male culture is concerned, the changes appears miniscule, IF they exist at all. Even if women feel empowered endorsing their inner 'sluts' and the right to behave 'badly', men tend to look at them through the same old eyes of the same old patriarchy and the result tend to be the same old nasty. This has finally been acknowledged, however. The guys that's on the forefront and joining the cause to stop violence against women are probably doing more than all legislation together to change attitudes on the streets. 

I know, this post is coming out all weird. I channelled my inner asshole for this and did some 'deep exploring' together with a friend. We quickly entered pretty frightening territory (and some pretty hot) and were left rather unsettled. That's why it's just me on the photos ^^ 

To sum it up: I can't help feeling confused with the mixed messages at the Whore Couture Fair. I happily accept there might be something I'm too blunt to pick up as well. 

Death Becomes No One 2

Beside all this thinking material, there's a long list of freebies and dollarbies to pick up at the fair, several of which are real keepers. I'm aware I'm probably the last blogger to deal with them but so what? Above are my picks to illustrate my 'story'. I'm only giving links to stuff I know is still available.

Top 'fem':

Outfit, includes bangles: Delirium Style, Whore Couture Fair gift. Includes mesh.
Boots: Luna Boots LaRoche, MishuMishu, Marketplace. Mesh
Necklace: Steel Necklace, K!ng, old hunt gift
Hair: Dico, CheerNo

Top 'male':

Jacket: Black Blazer with Tee, Corvus. Mesh
Hair: Jason, KMADD
Gloves: Ferocious-Jackal, Davinel. I keep using these, they're simply the best around of their kind.
Jeans: Store gone... so simply 'from inventory'
Boots: Cowboy Half-Boots, Immerschoen

Bottom 'fem':

Hair: Karyn, Tameless Hair. Thank you, Nita :)
Glasses: Cool Shades, Sour Pickles, Whore Couture Fair gift.
Dress:  Red Leopard Stripper Dress, Hard Candy, Whore Couture Fair gift. With appliers. I know, little dresses makes my butt look real SMALL!
Pants: From Black & Chains, Ellette, Whore Couture Fair gift. Comes with appliers.
Ring: Mouth-Ring, Psycho-BytsWhore Couture Fair gift.
Shoes: Hussy Spike Pump Shoes, TaraWhore Couture Fair. Not Free! 
Handbag: Quilt Metallic Chain Hand Bag, Starbow
Necklace 1: Gold Cross - Long, Maxi Gossamer, Marketplace.
Necklace 2, Earrings: Multi Strand Necklace Earrings - Color Change, Lazuri. Free gift.
Bangles: BoHo Bangles, Maxi Gossamer, Marketplace
Nails: Square Nails, Cult of Belgar, Marketplace. Colour change and resize menu. Good for us that have hands larger than size 20!

This will be the last post for me here. Nothing bad has happened, only life twits and turns. I am, of course, not trying to 'steal' any of you from Marg, but if you fancy any more hermy fashion adventures in the future, you'll have to sneak a peak on my personal blog, Down the Rabbit Hole.

Thank you for all and my best wishes!!! Take care and have fun :)

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