Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Songkran!!!

Happy Songkran

Today is the start of Songkran festival, it is the time that Thai people traditionally celebrate new years. Water battles and foam parties are a big part of this celebration in current times. In the beginning they would collect "blessed" water that had been poured over Buddhas for cleansing.  Pouring this "blessed" water was seen as a sign of respect and to give good fortune for the coming year. Now the water is just part of the fun in the hottest month in Thailand.

Happy Songkran

  Today the good people at Rangsit University are hosting a celebration all day. Swimsuit dress is suggested, and there is a free swimsuit available from MAMD if you need one. This celebration will be going on all evening long so be sure to stop in for some of the fun.

Happy Songkran everyone!!!

To learn more about Rangsit University check out their blog here 

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