Thursday, June 11, 2009

OMG !! Cupcakey Madness

Well here is the long awaited post for the huge OMG!! it's another hunt, gride wide hunt. Again brought to you by the fine folks at the Katlene Niven Agency. Soooo many goodies abound that it took a little time to get my post ready but I am doing my very best to include as many generous merchants in the post as I can. Here you can see me and fellow freebie fashionista models Tinka and Rene and a little of the Omg!!!!!! cupcake overdose madness... With over 200 vendors participating sooo many good things hard to know where to start. First of all as you can see when I come in from my shopping Tinka is chilling with Pixie my baby on this great "The Office" Chaise Lounger - Charcoal (3 pos) from C&D Designs. It looks great has 3 cute poses and also comes with tray that includes book and drink, not clothes but too fab a gift to leave out of this post. Our lovely Tinka has her own mash up of OMG!! hunt goodies. She is wearing .:DLD:. Faded Zippered Jeans and .:DLD:. Dragon Tank Baby Blue from Dragon Lady Designs (OMG #44) , Black Have a Heart Boots from Deviant Designs (OMG #129), and .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. BaNgLeD uP dRaGoNfLyZ bracelet from Troubled Rebel (OMG #62). She completes this OMG!! hunt ensemble with OuT.Rage! - Black PVC Belt from OutRage (Top Designers Hunt) , *~{Frick} Tan - Pink Glammy from Frick and armbands PARADISIS Babe : End of Sleeves $0L from x-street . X-Street has a plethora of freebie goodness if you take the time to look.

Rene has a very colorful and fun find, she has on a delightful rainbow Mod 009 outfit from Freda's Fine Fashion (OMG #18) . She added to it bangles from Music outfit featured in previous post from Spork (OMG #96). Non hunt items that rounded out the look were alexa brown free gift hair from Adora Shapes and Skin , Awesome Alina Slingback Pumps - Gold 5$ special gift with hud to change heel shape, sole colour and add bow from SKGShoes , and skin she made herself.

Last but not least I am showcasing from the hunt the Return to Sender set complete with postage tats and shoes!!! by *~*HopScotch*~*(OMG # ) I love this dress. In my hair I have the lovely : BC : Rose Hair Accessory from Burning Chrome (OMG #103 ) who had a box of things in thier cupcake. It has many options to change colors of the flowers and also the little strings on it, makes me feel pretty. Loka Design (OMG #20) offers a box of goddies that included this Lippiercing - 2side/3middle - colorchange set. To round out the look I have the bracelets on from ::::QC Designs:::: Time Zones - Gogo Pink Set , .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Haver - Cinnamon hair, {CIPRIA COUTURE}*HEATHER* Skin #1-Pale, (Elate!) Hazel Eyes, Lashes and for something really different Neeley - Medium - 2009 by eXtreme Make Over Shapes all from DSN ( Designer Showcase Network) it is a service that you can subscribe to to have samples of many things sent to you. There are several channels that you can choose from so you only get things that you have interested in. You can sign up anywhere you see the sign for it with large red DSN . I finish it up with La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes free gift at the store comes with a free set of eyes. There were sooo manythings that I wanted to blog here and there may be more to come but too many good things to mention so make sure you check it out. Special thanks to Greatest Love for putting in the time and effort to organize this and also to the designers that participate... show your love when you see them or drop them a message to show your appreciation. Enjoy ...

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