Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun!!!

Summer is now in full force and not that anytime is not swim suit season in sl, now seems like a good time to let you know where to get some great swimwear at prices that will allow you to get some cool glasses or save up for that surf board you want. Anyway I enlisted the help of some member models to show off some of what is out there. As we all converged on the beautiful Mori Pwani - "Friends Beach" for the shoot we enjoyed the great scenery, awesome people and some of the best surfing that sl has to offer. You should definitely check this place out sometime. Lots of great stuff to do. I was on the neighboring sim Tuli Bahari the other day for a live show!! Take a little time to check out this cool place. That being said onto the awesome swim wear that we found.

first up Morgane Batista and Sophie Lavecchia. Morgane has on Thalia Bikini purple $1L from Thalia, and our sweet little Sophie is super yummy in RM embroidered bikini from Rosy Mood $30L. Super cute and reasonable Japanese shop, offer skins and lots of great stuff at even better prices.

Next Gem Henly and AlexandraM Guisse turn plenty of heads looking for a surfboard. Gem has on a Limited Edition little polka dot bikini courtesy of DCNY that is part of the SXY2ND Magazine Launch Gifts, to pick up this super cute suit just go to SXY2ND Magazine subscribo and select #3 from May 31st and it is yours. AlexandraM is wearing Hawaii Bikini Teal from Alexohol Fashions $100L, really cute new store with lots of great and resonably priced things, do check it out when you can.

The rest of us are looking for lifeguards!! Willa Shoreman, Elfe Jewell, Greg Mauer and I are happy to see that one is on they way for some hot Baywatch action... not!! Anyway Willa wears St. Tropez Swim Suit from !WigWamBam $125L, nice suit that looks great on and is a little more full coverage for those that don't want to be completely assed out. Cannot see the back but has low cut back with sweet strap. Elfe snagged this hot little Summer Heat Bikini- Green from First Look $1L, they have lots of suits and also some sarongs to go with them and some other cool stuff. Greg the only man smart enough to show up for photoshoot with all chicks is sporting red bandana short shorts from the Men's Red Bandana Bundle from SWIM, that includes tank top and long boardies all for $100L. This place has nice things for men and women and some cute couples sets. Last but not least... I have on the Nani Suit from Short & Sweet $100L my favorite suit and comes with sweet flower for your hair. They have great suits and a MM everyday, stop by and have a look. I think I have almost all the suits there. Also trans too so I can share with my friends. These are just a few things to help you out with preparing for all the pool parties and beach get togethers..Enjoy!!!!!!
Group Poses: By LAP

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