Friday, November 6, 2009

FreeSexyCool: The Plastik, Magika + Maitreya

After the hunt + costume madness that was Halloween in SL, some really cool gifts have surfaced on the grid this week. If you haven't done the Trapped in the '80s hunt, do it. This free giant hovering vinyl record seat from Concrete Flowers is reason enough. It spins you round 'n round. In the immortal words of Dead or Alive: "You spin me right round baby right round . . . Like a record baby, right round round round. . .". I totally heart the cheesy synth madness that is '80s music. Here I am chillin' with my Rubix cubes (two, unsolved) and Butterfinger (loose, still wrapped). Such insane things are hugely necessary in any life.
Check out this free giant color-changeable Legos seat from Mudhoney -- another Trapped in the '80s hunt gift. Comes with lotsa built-in poses too, like this chillax one here. You wouldn't think it, but giant pink Legos are very well-suited for lounging.
I was doing the Changing of the Seasons Hunt when I happened to see one of my favie dresses from this summer being given away for free on the The Plastik's lucky board. This killer dress comes complete with near-scandalous decolletage + an even more daring barbed wire belt. I also love how the dark teal hue being gifted is such a flattering color on all skin tones.
As part of the Changing of the Seasons Hunt, Magika is gifting this free winter "bobble hat" hair with sexy long ponys trailing down either side. These free black pump-boots from Maitreya that everyone + their mother have been parading around totally channel Prada for me so I heart them much. And here are those brand-new boy sox from Naive again. Their cam-worthy, micro-detailed ribbing textures are downright yum.
YV's silver-rimmed Lady Gaga-like gloves + Kosh's free adorable "vinyl record charms" bracelet capped off this look. And the mouth razor blade? Just seemed like a badass touch. Didn't hurt at all, either.
Hoops are essential wear for toughie chicks + my beloved go-to jewelry store U&R Dogs has put these free gorgi oversized ones in their 10-minute camping chair this week. Finally, this simple, fluttery white feather necklace that I found for $1L at the (now over) Designer's United showcase is so smex. You know something's good when you want one in RL. I just love posing in impossible places. Zooming up 20 stories to pose provocatively on a narrow steel beam? Eh, no probs. These pictures were shot in Sick, hands-down one of the most eye-popping cityscapes in SL.
All this high-altitude posing set my tummy to rumbling, so I skipped over to RazzBerry for some tasty yummies, like this jumbo maraschino mouth cherry. Not sure why this pic looks so naughty, but it kinda does, doesn't it?
A grilled cheese sandwich and giant chocolate chip cookies followed. Stop it, rumbling tummy!
Check out my continuing foodie adventures here (my fellow fashionista + SL foodie Sileny's site that focuses on SL foodstuffs).

Back to fashion, Gavin seemed to like this dress too. Here we are gettin' our squeeze on. I changed hair for better nuzzling. Hee hee.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to download some supercheeze '80s tunes + air-guitar it somethin' fierce when I think nobody is looking. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who is eternally grateful that '80s hair didn't come back too)

Dress: The Plastik - Infinity Dress (Dark Aqua) - lucky board gift - free
Hair: Magika - FallWinter Black A (Changing of the Seasons Hunt gift #2) -
Boots: Maitreya - SoHo Boots PatentMixBlack - subscribo gift -
Knee-high socks: Naive - Double Socks Fatpack (black)
Hoops: U&R Dogs - I'Isle Joyeuse Pierced Earring- 10-minute camping gift - free
Initial charm necklace: Fairy Tail - Initial Necklace (T) - in-store diamond hunt gift -
Bracelet: Kosh - The Gloomy '80s (Trapped in the '80s #6) -
Boob tape: Dark Eden - Bloodrage Pasties - free
Gun thigh strap tattoo: I<3> - "Power Doll" - lucky board gift - previously free
Feather necklace: Gabriel Flower - Designer's United II showcase - previously $1L
Mouth razor blade: Nightly's Bloody Mouth Razor Blade (no sLURL, unknown where I got this)
Gloves: YV - Vivien - Shiny Black Short (Silver)
Thumb ring: Gabriel Flowers - Thumb Cross Ring (pictured right) - free
Knee-high socks: Naive - Double Socks Fatpack (Pink)
Skin: Curio - GP Sundust Frex [Dark] Beach-Crude2
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large -
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Jumbo mouth cherry: RazzBerry - lucky cupcake gift - free
Hug animation (photo with Gavin McGinnis): Kabuki - profile pick rewards gift - free
All other poses by: Posies
, Flowey and Sycophancy
Hair in hug photo: Hair Solutions - Shae (Sable) - previously free with subscribo gift card

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Great pictures Teshan. That hair is so cute ! When is the list coming