Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pink Triple Threat

Pink is the ultimate girlie girl color + sometimes I just can't get enough of it. Whether a rich berry fuscia or a paler carnation hue, this feminine color totally touches me in my special fashion place.
House of Hucci has become one of my go-tos for elegant yet provocative dresses. I love how the clean simplicity of these designs totally turn the hardcore sexy into something elegant. A perfect example is Hucci's newest minidress: a wickedly short number that inches up on the hip and sneaks up just past the butt, yet feels sophisticated+ modern, and of course fits like a glove. Oh Eboni Khan. Your clothes make us feel like such 21st-century take-no-shizz goddesses.
This simple, striking design (and playful color) is such a perfect canvas for whimsical accessories, and there's tons of superfun gifts now. Love this free handheld iphone + these free adorable Rubix Cube, Magic 8-Ball and vinyl record charm necklaces. See how these black fingerless gloves, rimmed with silver or gold metal, totally channel Lady Gaga? And the brand-new Naive double-striped boy sox are just the ultimate in tomboy smex. The lucky board at Americamura has been packed for this superfeminine sweater dress with Miel-like ruffly miniskirt. Paired with the free ultra-large "L'isle Joyeux" hoops from my beloved go-to jewelry store U&R Dogs, this look is full-on winter comfy cute. And don't even get me started on these free Mary Jane boots from The Dominion. Not only are the ribbon + strap parts color change, but this style is just the perfect blend of coy + classic (see a larger pic of these fabby boots below in the credits). Ahhhdore.
Sascha's Designs has got to be one of the grid's most generous stores: once you become a group member, you also get each prior month's gifts for free (look for the wall near the giant red arrow). Me, I'm not so much the formal ballgown type o' gal. But when I spied this stunning top -- which OK, is maybe a smidge revealing -- I knew it was create-a-pink-look time.
The wrinkled texturing on this top is yummie + I love how the dark berry spaghetti straps totally work with the bottom of that same dark pink Hucci dress for a versatile, non-gown look. Aren't these bowtie stockings just precious with this ensemble? The Vinyl Cafe/The Dominion is one of the best groups to join for generous free gifts + I find myself constantly wearing their stockings. Just to keep it from being too matchy-matchy, I slipped on these brown multi-textured lace-up boots (featuring these thick, sporty stripes) from PixelDolls for that extra smexeh touch. In general I find that life is all about those li'l special extras.
As you can see, pink is best in multiple doses for us girlie girls. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(the girliest girlie girl that ever was)

1st pink dress (on left): House of Hucci - Dance Darling (Pink)
Knee-high socks: Naive - Double Socks Fatpack (Pink)
Gloves: YV - Vivien - Shiny Black Short (Silver)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Kavika Sheen (Hot Pink) - previous $50L everything sale
Skin: Pink Fuel - Skye (Honey) - Blood Red Bees (dkbrow/freck)
Hair: Truth - Gretel (Fudge)
Initial charm necklace: Fairy Tail - Initial Necklace (T) - in-store diamonds hunt gift - free
Rubix cube, Magic 8-Ball charms necklaces: b. nuts - Trapped in the '80s hunt gifts - free
Phone: Mstyle - Mphone 1.0 (Pink) - free

2nd pink dress: Americamura - Hiyori - Warm One (Pink) - lucky board gift - free
Boots: The Dominion - Vintage Bow Boot - group gift - free (shown on right)
Socks: Peppermint Blue - PB Socks/White - free
Hair: Truth - Rachel (Walnut) - $25L sale
Skin: Curio - GP Sundust Frex [Dark] Beach-Crude2

3rd pink ensemble:
Top: Sascha's Designs - from November 2009 gown - group gift - free
House of Hucci - from Dance Darling (Pink)
Shoes: PixelDolls - Ribbon Boots - group gift - previously free
Socks: The Dominion - Red & Pink Ribbon Socks - previously free
Hair: Truth - Rachel (Walnut) - $25L sale
Skin: Curio - GP Sundust Frex [Dark] Beach-Crude2

Worn thruout:
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) - Large - $30L
Hoops: U&R Dogs - L'Isle Joyeuse - 10 min camping gift - free

All poses by: Flowey


Anonymous said...

So great for Pinkophiles. Keep up the great work.

Caia said...

great list last week tesh! huggles..........